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Simple Change ShenVADA is a Chapter of the Virginia Dressage


									                                                                                                                                                      _                                 September 2008
                                                                                                                                President’s Message
                                                                                                                                Hello ShenVADA,

                                                                                                                                How is everyone doing? With this beautiful cool weather around, it’s
                                                                                                                                hard to believe that it’s August. I am writing this letter just before the
                                                                                                                                Fantasy Freestyle and according to the weather folks, we are supposed
                                                                                                                                to have beautiful weather right up through the weekend. For once, I
      Simple Change
                                                                                                                                am going to believe them and pray too!!
                            VADA is a USDF Group Membership Organization and all members are automatically USDF Group Members

                                                                                                                                The Region 1 Adult Competition was an incredible show.
                                                                                                                                Commonwealth Park in Culpeper is really nice and when I got there
                                                                                                                                to help out a bit, I was really impressed with the facility. Anita, Jane
                                                                                                                                and Tabatha were already there and the horses were comfortable in
                                                                                                                                their stalls. Watching them schooling in very nice warm up areas set
                                                                                                                                the mood for a really great competition. Arriving early the next
                                                ShenVADA is a Chapter of the Virginia Dressage Association

                                                                                                                                morning to video, I found a good spot to observe from and be ready
                                                                                                                                                                  with my camera. I was not
                                                                                                                                                                  disappointed!! Our ShenVADA riders
                                                                                                                                                                  did a fine job and were awarded some
                                                                                                                                                                  really fine scores. I am so proud of
                                                                                                                                                                  each of them for their hard work. I
                                                                                                                                                                  have also apologized for the audio on
                                                                                                                                                                  their videos. I could not help myself.
                                                                                                                                                                  Judith Harroun-Lord and I were the
                                                                                                                                                                  cheering squad.

                                                                                                                                                                 So far this year, we are doing very well
                                                                                                                                with our shows too. The volunteers are doing a great job and we will
                                                                                                                                be looking forward to more of you signing up for the September show
                                                                                                                                at Sunset Willow Farm. All of you volunteers planning on signing up
                                                                                                                                for that show, be sure to sign up early as the positions I had for July
                                                                                                                                filled quickly. The entry secretary is Vicky Germroth so get those
                                                                                                                                entries in to her as early as you can. Our last show was filled to
                                                                                                                                capacity and if this keeps up, we could have too many entries. So
                                                                                                                                sign up early so Vicky can get the schedule put together and we will
                                                                                                                                know early if we are going to have to start earlier to complete the day.

                                                                                                                                We are gaining new members as we go and we are also receiving
                                                                                                                                entries from new people that are potential new members. I would say
                                                                                                                                ShenVADA is well on its way to becoming a much larger chapter.
                                                                                                                                And the reason for all of this – It’s the fine members who make this
                                                                                                                                club what it already is, a great club to be involved with!!

      Mission Statement                                                                                                         See you soon,
A group that emphasizes education,
support, and friendship for dressage                                                                                            Linda
enthusiasts in the Shenandoah
                ShenVADA Board Meeting                           New Business:
                       August 8, 2008                             A committee will be formed to maintain and update the
Present:                                                         This committee will take effect January 2009
Linda March, Ellen Simonetti, Anita Scruggs,                     Judges Contract will be reviewed by Linda and updated as
Vicky Gerrmroth, Judith Harroun Lord, Jane Palmer,               needed
JoAnna Bryant                                                    Tabled to next board meeting the scheduling of judges and
Excused Absent:                                                  setting attentive 2009 show schedule
Nick Yarnold, Leslie Sebers, Stephanie Daly, Deborah Cross       Still have one judge purchased via silent auction @VADA
Location: Judith Harroun Lord’s home, thank you Judith!          2007 that can be used in 2009
Meeting called to order: 7:30 PM                                 Tabled to next board meeting class ribbon placing to include
Treasury Report:                                                 5th and 6th
Total Income = $5,245.05                                         Discussed ideas for educational options for volunteers
Schooling Show Income = $1305.00 Expenses $776.26                Positive feedback received from SRF schooling show
See attachment for break down                                    Show manager was a wonderful asset, guide lines are needed
Motion to accept Treasury Report                                 for job description
Fair Show: August 23rd at 1PM                                    Rule book is needed for the show box to handle unexpected
Leslie is bringing ring and setting it up August 22nd no later   issues
then 5PM,                                                        We want to congratulate our Adult Team competitors we are
4-H group is prepping the footing and setting up spectators      so proud of you!
tent                                                             Board Meeting September 12th at Ellen’s Home
ShenVADA will use our canopy for the sound system                Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm
Ellen can provide table and some folding chairs to be picked     Respectfully Submitted by: JoAnna Bryant (Jodie)
up if needed
Discussed volunteers needed for the fantasy freestyle
Clinic Information:
  VADA’s next meeting is August 24th; representative will
find 2009 clinic update
Linda sent to all members’ letters to encourage them to get
sponsorship ads                                                                     September 7th
Discussed what will be awarded to the member with the
most sold ads
Juniors: No Report from chair holder                                            ShenVADA Income & Expenses
Volunteers/Hospitality:                                                               July4-August 8, 2008
Discussed volunteer assigned hours some are as needed               Balance Forward                          $ 5,245.05
bases                                                               INCOME
New positions to add to volunteer list: Adult volunteer               July Schooling show       $ 1,305.00
coordinator, show day manager and announcer for sound                    TOTAL INCOME                        $ 1, 305.00
system and delivery with set up of canopy and system with           EXPENSES
tear down                                                              Arena Fee L Sebers       $ 50.00
As needed bases: Judge Hospitality, Ring delivery with set             5 Star Credit Center
up and tears down                                                        Canopy for sound system 86.10
Awards: No Report                                                        Hodges Badge-Numbers 37.50
Membership:                                                              Hodges Badge-Ribbons 159.50
 Membership Brochure was approved at the July 3 rd board                VADA/ATC Bronze Spon 100.00
meeting                                                                 Arena Fee R Hall            125.00
 Brochures were available at the Shenandoah River Farm                  Charles Musco-judge         498.70
Schooling Show                                                          Holiday Inn/lodging/judge     98.96
Currently kept in the show secretary’s box                              Show Supplies-L March         53.60
Blue Book:                                                              Postage Newslett/A Scruggs 16.84
Discussed the future of the Blue Book with ideas to change                 TOTAL EXPENSES                   $( 1,226.20)
its current functions and utilize the web page
This was tabled to the September 12th board meeting                 Balance As of August 8, 2008               $ 5,323.85

September                                        Simple Change                                   Page 2
                                                                September                                         Simple Change   ww
                                                                                         -Tabitha Baker-
            Region 1 Adult Team                                 Well it all started with the announcement that VADA was
                Championships                                   looking to fill slots on a state team. I asked and asked if
               August 2-3, 2008                                 anyone from ShenVADA was interested in helping to fill
                                                                these slots or to create a team of our own. No such luck.
Articles submitted by Jane Palmer, Tabitha Baker and            Being a beginner in Dressage, needless to say I am hooked,
                    Anita Scruggs                               so I sent in my application for consideration to be on such a
     USDF REGION I ADULT TEAM CHALLENGE                         team.
                   -Jane Palmer-
                                                                Thus I waited and waited! Finally, I got the news that I was
  On August 13-14, 2008, the Virginia Dressage                  accepted to represent VADA on their own Intro Level team.
Association hosted the USDF Region I Adult Team                 I was so excited! Little did I know what was in store for me
Challenge at the HITS Commonwealth Park near Culpeper,          that weekend.
VA, with 25 teams from four states and over 90 riders
participating in the event. Three ShenVADA members              A few days past and Jane Palmer decided to submit her entry
applied for and were placed on VADA teams, Tabitha Baker        as well since VADA was short a few riders, I am glad that
and Jane Palmer on the VADA Intro Team, and Anita               she did this too. Jane was then also selected to represent on
Scruggs on the VADA First Level team. This meant that the       the state’s Intro team as well. If this wasn’t exciting enough
VADA paid the entry fee for each of the teams it sponsored.     that two members from ShenVADA were going to be riding,
                                                                Anita Scruggs stepped up to bat and was selected for the
   On Saturday, each rider of the four-member teams, Intro      First Level team!! So away we went to planning our
through FEI Levels, was required to ride the top two tests at   weekend at the VADA Adult Team Competition, held at
their level. The average scores of the two rides were then      Commonwealth Park in Culpepper.
combined to determine the team score. Anita’s VADA First
Fluorescence team placed first at First Level with a team       With three ShenVADA members in tow, we headed down
average score of 59.975%. The VADA IO Intro team had to         the road on Friday afternoon. Once we arrived, it was hot,
compete with only two riders, Tabitha and Jane, and placed      really hot. We got settled in and then our president, Linda
third at Into Level although, unfortunately, Tabitha’s horse    March came to assist Jane and I with our braiding, and boy
came up lame and was unable to finish the test at Intro B,      can she braid. The woman truly has a talent for braiding!
and the other two team members scratched.
   Based on Anita’s and Jane’s personal average scores,         It was already a long day by now and thanks to my fiancé,
Anita at 60.425% and Jane at 66.250%, they qualified to         Charlie, he fixed us a feast fit for queens…. Dressage
ride in the individual championships on Sunday, where the       Queens to be exact. So we ate and filled our bellies to
six top riders at each level competed against each other.       prepare for show day.
Anita, riding First Level Test 4 placed 4th with 63.158%.
Jane, riding Intro Test B also placed 4th with a score of       Five o’clock came way too soon on Saturday morning. As
64.500%.                                                        the day started, there was some speculation of rain, and well,
   It was an exciting and challenging weekend for the three     more like torrential downpours. So this was an unforeseen
riders as well as Le, Myia and Kate, and they were all very     issue that we had to battle. We started our preparation with
grateful for the help of Paula Everett, who groomed,            warm ups and they seemed to have gone well for us all.
mucked, and coached, Linda March, who came Friday night         Then the rain came, and pour it did. Pushing the schedule
and braided our horses and then came back on Saturday to        back an hour due to the rain delay.
film our rides, and Judith Harroun-Lord, who was there on
Saturday to help groom and cheer ShenVADA on. There             First to ride their test at 10 am was Jane Palmer with her
were also many friends and family on hand. For sure,            horse My Israela, known as Mya. Jane was going to ride her
ShenVADA was well represented and can be proud of its           Intro A, and she scored a fantastic 71.000%. Way to go Jane
contributions to the Adult Team Challenge. Go                   and Mya! I was next at 10:15, riding my mare, Yours Truly
ShenVADA!!                                                      Kate, with the rain just missing us again; we scored a
                                                                60.000% on our Intro A test. Now mind you, there were
                                                                four different rings going all at once. As we have rested up
                                                                from the rain and the morning rush, it is nearing 2:50 and
                                                                time for Anita Scruggs and her horse, Leurielis to ride, also
                                                                known as Lee, riding First Level, three. Anita and Lee did
                                                                very well and scored a 58.000%. Next in line was Jane and
                                                                Mya again to ride the Intro B, again they looked great and
scored a 61.500% which gave Jane an overall score of            riding the last year that she did it that it would have been a
64.500% and also seated her a ride on Sunday.                   tad bit boring job. OF COURSE it did not sound bad so I
                                                                agreed to be the “CHEF”. The next email came from Tina
                                         Continued on page 4    Longaker saying that a meeting was being held at 6:00 on

                                                                Friday for all “CHEF”. This should have been my first clue.
                                                                   September                                          Simple Change   w
                                        Continued from page 3   I arrived at the meeting not knowing my job. Met some
Now here is when it gets interesting… I was to ride at 4:05,    other “CHEF” from the other teams and they had clipboards
the Intro B. Kate and I had a great warm up. So we entered      and ink pens. This was my second clue……after being told
the ring, and we didn’t have such a great ride as I was         the rules and regulations I was responsible to tell these same
catapulted off of my horse shortly after we got started. It     rules and regulations to my VADA TEAMS which there
was then not a fun day showing for me as this was very          were four teams with supposedly four team members on
unexpected. (I think she wanted to try her hoofs at a round     each which translate into finding 16 people to give them
of being the rodeo queen, I later told her that she had the     their numbers, packets and rules and regulations. Oh by the
show confused with the rodeo and she was obviously              way I was also supposed to keep up with their tests and how
watching too much RFDTV!) So we gathered ourselves up           each team was doing in comparison to the other teams
and headed back to the barn, with strawberries on both          competing for the weekend.
elbows and a sore butt. Come to find out, Kate has the          Needless to say I tried my darnest to keep up with the job
“Kissing Spine Syndrome”. So she had plenty of reason to        and ride. There were times my team members were getting
say “get off of me”! However, to make up for my mishap,         the test and scores because I was behind the eight ball. But I
was Anita, who was riding her First Level, test 4. She did      was very pleased to give Jane her first ride score. I know
very well and scored a 62.105%. Now Anita will also be          that I was mean in how I done it but I was so very proud of
riding on Sunday! Her combined scores were 63.158%.             her. This was one time the scorers had the score before a
                                                                person could unsaddle a horse. I found out her score and
Way to go ladies of ShenVADA! On Saturday evening, we           came back to the barn and she was untacking Mya. I asked
had a mounted awards ceremony and a lovely competitor’s         her what she thought she had received and I quote what she
dinner to finish out a great and eventful day of showing.       said , “It had better be a 60+ or I quit.”. I said Jane you
                                                                better sit down. She looked at me and with very sad eyes
Sunday had lots of exciting things in store for us all. As      and said, “I guess I got a 50 something”. I said Jane you had
Jane and Anita both are riding in the Individual                better sit down. She would not sit down. But when I told
Championships’; Jane rode her Intro B test extremely well       her she had received a 71…….imagine this SHE SAT
and scored a 64.500% and placed 4th overall in her division.    DOWN. I have ridden with Jane and watched Jane from the
Anita and Lee rode their First Level, test 4 and scored         time she first got Mya. I do not know which one of us was
63.158% and also placed 4th overall in her division.            the happiest. I know that it was one of the best moments of
                                                                my life for that weekend.
This concludes our weekend of showing and it truly was a
fun filled weekend spent with horses. Thank you for giving      The second best moment was when Tabitha’s fiancé fixed
me the opportunity to share my weekend with you all. As I       our supper on Friday night. I just wish I could have eaten
send thanks to you, I would also like to send thanks to those   more because that was one great meal. I told Charlie on
who helped myself, Jane and Anita that weekend… Linda           Saturday night when we were eating wraps that it was a
March for braiding, your support and the wonderful dvd’s        shame he could not have cooked for us that night also. I
that you created for us. Judith Harroun Lord for coming to      would like to thank Charlie and Tabitha for that wonderful
see us all ride and for your call to check on Kate and I, and   moment.
last but not least, to Paula Everett, who keeps us calm and     As you have read from Tabitha and Jane we had support
quiets our horses when needed. You are a blessing to me         from ShenVADA members but I was blessed to have my
and to many others. Thank you                                   daughter, her husband and my two muskeers that ride with
                                                                me at home to come on Saturday to show their support also.
                                                                My daughter took videos and her husband took pictures. I
                                                                guess the fact that my daughter dragged her non riding
                                                                husband to a horse show and Faith and MaryAnn came the
                                                                distance to Culpeper and riding in the victory gallop was the
                                                                most memorial things. Yes I did receive a voice mail on
                                                                Sunday after the individual ride that I needed to come home
                         -Anita Scruggs-
                                                                because my father had fallen in the night and fractured two
As you have read the other two stories we had a great time.
                                                                vertebras in his neck and he was being transported to
But Jane and Tabitha just had to ride. On Monday before
                                                                Winchester Hospital to be evaluated for surgery. I am happy
the weekend Wendy Murray emailed me asking if I would
                                                                to report he is not paralyzed but he has been in Consulate
fill in for her as the “CHEF”. I asked her just what did she
                                                                Nursing Home since his fall. I hope and pray that he will
mean by being the “CHEF”. She emailed me back and said
                                                                recover to come home.
basically every thing was done that all I would have to be is
a person for contact. She also said that if she had not been
This weekend was a bitter sweet weekend for me but I did
very much enjoy myself and enjoyed being with ShenVADA
members…….ShenVADA does know how to have a good
time.  Thanks everyone and you know who you are!!!!!!!

    Just a couple of pictures from Region 1 Adult Team                                          In regards to how Simple Change
                                                                                                                   well           w
                       Championship                                                             ShenVADA has members
                                                                                                that compete, we have a
                                                                                                rider that has qualified to
                                                                                                ride at the BLM’s in
                                                                                                October. If you missed the
                                                                                                chance to come and cheer
                                                                                                on your fellow ShenVADA
                                                                                                members in August you
                                                                                                can come and volunteer
                                                                                                and cheer on Laura Cross
                                                                                                and Civan at the BLM’s.
                                                              Laura and Civan qualified at the EEMI show at Morven
                                                              riding Third Level with a score of 61.795%. Get ready and
                                                              put the date on your calendar. If you volunteer two days
                                                              VADA provides the motel room for you. It is always a hoot
                                                              to volunteer at this show. You never know what to wear or
      New breed of horse, best kind, hardly any upkeep        what to pack. One year it was high 60s when we left the
                 VADA First Level Team                        house but when it came time to show on Saturday we were
(on bike Susan Aiken, Robin Criswell, Holly Newman,           calling home and asking someone to bring the insulated
Anita Scruggs)                                                coveralls and heavy blankets for the horses. When we left
                                                              on Sunday we drove home in a light snow storm. Another
                                                              year we were thinking about building an ark. It became a
                                                              guessing game as to where ring 3 was, ring 3 just kept on
                                                              flooding. By Sunday it had been moved a total of 4 times.
                                                              The date is October 23-26 at Lexington VA. To volunteer
                                                              contact Holly Veloso at or
                                                Does           (540)556-6649
                                                happy?                                    Far A Field Acres and
                                                (Jane                                       Pierucci Dressage
                                                Palmer                              Training, Lessons and Clinics
                                                & Mya)                                  In
                                                                                  Ruckersville VA
                                                                                Pati Pierucci
                                                                            USDF Gold Medallist
                                                                  Long listed and developing list in 99-2000
                                                              Listed in BCM rankings as high as 47 in the world
                                                               Strong emphasis on rider position preparing for
                                                                               upper level work
                                                Looking                Now accepting riders and horses
                                                forward to      All rider levels welcome. Will travel for small
                                                the next                      groups to your farm
                                                Baker &         Also Quality well started Holsteiners, German
                                                Yours           Olympic bloodlines, winners at Dressage at
                                                Truly Kate)        Devon, talent for dressage and Jumping
                 Call for Availability                         Levels: Intro-Fourth, Musical, Pas de Deux,
             561 628 0018 - 434 985 8544                       Entry Fees: $20 per test for ShenVADA Mmbers
                                                     10/08             $30 per test for Non ShenVADA Members

                                                               September                                        Simple Change   w

               ShenVADA Calendar
                                                                            Volunteer Time
                                                             The following members have accumulated
September 12     ShenVADA Board Meeting at Ellen
                                                             volunteer time will you add your name to the list?
                 Simonetti’s place in Mt Jackson at 7:00                    (as of August 23, 2008)
                 pm                                          Lynn Lambert Clarke 4          Ellen Simonetti 8
September 20     ShenVADA Schooling Show at Sunset           Jane Palmer 7                  Kim Emswiller 4
                 Willows Edinburg, VA Vicky Germroth         Annie Emswiller 8             Bethany Emswiller 8
                 17582 Old Valley Pike, Edinburg, VA
                 22824 540-984-9529
                                                             Stephanie Sheridan 8           Jana Miller 8
October 4        ShenVADA Schooling Show at                  Linda March 20                 Anna Showalter 9
                 Lighthorse Farm Linville, VA Ellen          Jodie Bryant 12                Polly Capansky 12
                 Simonettis Entry Secretary and Volunteer    Judith Harroun-Lord 20         Vicky Germroth 8
                 coordinator contact 540 481 0551 or         Lisa Wolters 12                Anita Scruggs 18
October 28       ShenVADA Board Meeting at Jane
                                                             Tabitha Baker 4                Paula Everett 8
                 Palmer’s Mt Jackson VA 7:00 pm              Felicia Phillips 8             Deborah Cross 10
November 7       ShenVADA general membership                 Donna Hepner 6                 Nick Yarnold 20
                 meeting at Polly Capansky’s Woodstock       Laura Cross 4                  Maddy Carmain 4
                 VA 7:00 pm                                  Amanda Carmain 4               Annan Hepner 6
December 6       ShenVADA Holiday Party at Lighthorse
                 Farm Linville, VA
                                                             Stephanie Kopcinsky 18         Dave Palmer 3
December 12      ShenVADA Board Meeting and                  Mike Kopcinsky 6               Samantha Jacob 1
                 Scholarship @ Judith Harroud-Lord’s Mt                     IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!
                 Jackson VA 7:00 pm
                                                                 IT’S TIME TO SUBMIT NOMINATIONS FOR
               VADA/Region 1 Calendar                                   THE SHEL GAFFORD AWARD

September 13   VADAF Dressage at Rose Mount,                            Each year VADA honors one of its members with
               Spotsylvania, VA Contact Suzanne              the Shel Gafford Award for Excellence in Sportsmanship.
               Rowdon (540) 752-2103 E-Mail                  This Award is voted on by the VADA membership based on
                                  nominations submitted by VADA members. The purpose of
September 20-21 VADA/NOVA Autumn I, Leesburg, VA             the Award is to recognize those of our members who, like
               contact Susan Trivers (202) 927-7843          Shel, personify the characteristics of good sportsmanship,
October 23-26 BLM’s Championships at Lexington, VA           and to encourage all our members to aspire to the principles
               contact Holly Veloso at (540)556-6649 or      of good sportsmanship that were so much a part of Shel’s
      to volunteer                personality. We lost Shel 13 years ago, but hopefully
October 25-26 Potomac Valley Dressage Association,           through this Award, his influence will live on. Please take a
               Leesburg, VA Contact Betty Thorpe (301)       few minutes to nominate someone that you feel upholds the
               774-3756 E-Mail              spirit of this award. Nominations should be 200 words long
November 22-23 VADA/NOVA Autumn II, Leesburg, VA             and should be submitted by October 15, 2008. Details are
               Contact Michelle King (202) 927-7843          available on page 28 of the 2008 VADA “Purple Book”.
               E-Mail:                  For anyone who cringes at the thought of a written essay,
                                                             200 words go by really quickly. Most people write two to
             ShenVADA Schooling Show                         three times that and then have to edit it down. The slate of
                                                             nominations will appear in all the VADA Chapter November
                Sunset Willows Farm                          Newsletters, and each chapter will tally its members’ votes
                    Edinburg, VA                             by December 15, 2008. So please take a few minutes and
                  September 20, 2008                         nominate any VADA member you feel is deserving of this
                                                             Award. This is definitely a case where it’s an honor just to
 Entry Secretary: Vicky Germroth
                                                             be nominated.
                17582 Old Valley Pike                                   Submit written nominations to:
                Edinburg, VA 22824                           E-mail (preferred):                   Snail Mail:                 Louise West              policy and cover the cost if they decide it is needed. As an
                                      29400 Secretariat Rd.    alternative to a D&O policy, it was suggested that chapters
                                      Ruther Glen, VA          investigate the costs of bonding their financial officer.

                                                               Robin moved that VADA buy the coverage for D&O       Simple Change   w

VADA BOARD MEETING                                             insurance offered by Dietrich for $998.00 per year. Tina
August 23, 2008                                                seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.
                                                                  New Business: Publishing the Purple Book vs. making a
   Members Present: Alison Douglas, Jane Palmer, Sarah         CD was discussed. All agree that chapters should provide
Kern, Dianne Boyd, Janet Brown, Katherine Graman, Robin        more support by purchasing more ads. Robin will present a
Dannels, Alison Head, Beth Rippel, Melyni Worth, Tina          proposal on ways chapters could contribute. There is
Longaker, Tammy Hryczaniuk, Casey Hobaugh, and Sharon          definite interest in continuing on with the hard copy and
Ackley.                                                        various ways of financing it will be considered. The
   The VADA Board met Saturday, Aug 23, 2008 at the            printing cost and mailing is approximately $5000.00. In
Double Tree Hotel in Charlottesville. Minutes of the last      regard to the 2008 Purple Book, Robin clarified that there is
meeting were read and approved. Melyni added that she will     an FEI award for the schooling shows in the VADA awards
not have a booth at the Equine Extravaganza in Richmond as     section. A total of 3 scores must be submitted.
stated. Beth advised that USDF will however go forward            Alison Douglas requested that drop off places be
with a booth.                                                  established by chapters for donations to the silent auction for
   In the absence of Jessie Ginsburg, there was no official    the VADA banquet. Each chapter should designate a person
treasurer’s report but Alison Head reported a combined         (coordinator) to be the collector. She will send a form to be
balance of approximately $72,796.00. Tina provided a profit    used. The Feb. 8, 2008 awards banquet will again be held
and loss statement for the USDF Region I Adult Team            at the Double Tree Hotel in Charlottesville. It will be a sit-
Challenge that showed a gross income of $20,810.00 and         down dinner this year.
expenses of $21,931.74 for a loss of $1,121.74. Nancy             Chapters were encouraged to contribute to the USDF
Lowey, as show manager, provided a written report of the       convention basket by bringing items to the next VADA
event, which hosted 24 teams. She has applied for a USDF       meeting. Members interested in attending the Dec.3-6
grant in the amount of $500.00 which would lessen the loss.    convention in Denver should contact Beth. The meeting
Mostly positive feedback was given by those who had been       was adjourned at 1:25 p.m. The next VADA Board meeting
at the event and all agreed the footing and setting were       is Nov. 16 at the Double Tree, 11:00 a.m.
ideal. VADA will present a proposal at the November 2             These minutes are subject to review and correction at the
Region I meeting at Morven Park to host the event again        next VADA Board meeting.
next year at Commonwealth Park. More participation by             Respectfully submitted , Jane Palmer, Secretary
VADA chapters will be encouraged.
   Dianne Boyd reported on the planning progress for the
2008 BLM Championships. Holly Voloso is the volunteer
coordinator. Casey Hobaugh has created lots of interest in
sponsors this year and is working on local support. Chapters
are asked to again contribute $45.00 for the breakfast cars.
Casey reported there are twelve confirmed vendors. There
is still a need for class sponsors which costs $35.00 per                       John Lyons
class. Chapters are encouraged to be class sponsors. Robin
Dannels is publishing the program and stressed that the
                                                                        Coming to Shenandoah County
deadline for the program is September 15. Sharon Ackley is
again handling the awards and ribbons for the                  On Oct 4, John Lyons will be giving a FREE
championships. A variety of items have been secured for                        presentation at the Shenandoah
prizes as well as gift certificates. Diane has been working
on various menus with the new food vender at the Horse
                                                                               Country Fairgrounds in
Center. VADA will provide all the drinks for the duration of                   Woodstock, VA. The program
the event, which will help to hold down food costs. Alison                     will run from 10:00am to
will do the stabling layout in coordination with the VHC,                      4:00pm and will include music,
which will handle the daily stable management.                                 pony rides for kids, food, and 2
   Alison reported that the 2009 clinic contract with Anne
Gribbon has been signed. The clinic is scheduled for April
                                                                               demonstrations by John Lyons.
4-5, 2009 at Morven Park. Format and the rider selection                       More specific information can
process are still under consideration.                                         be found at
   Beth provided a quote from Dietrich Equine Insurance
Services for D&O insurance coverage for VADA and for         
those chapters who submitted financials. Due to the high
cost, individual chapters will have to purchase their own
                                                                            under News & Events.
                                                     up the show Friday evening and Saturday

                                                      September                                    Simple Change   w
       ShenVADA’s Fair Show a Success                How you can help your farrier do a better job.
             By Nick Yarnold
                                                                                 1. Have your horse
In spite of some butterflies concerning the number                               close and ready; meaning
of riders who had signed up for ShenVADA’s                                       in the stall or in the barn
Show at the Shenandoah County Fair on August                                     haltered.
23, most who attended felt the show went off very                                2. The horse should be
well. Two weeks prior to the show we had only 4                                  dry and clean, meaning;
riders and about $400.00 in ad revenue. All this                                 when it's raining bring
changed in one week when we improved to 6                                        your horse in at least an
riders and close to $1,500.00 in ad revenue.                                     hour before the farrier
                                                                                 arrives, so his hooves
The weather cooperated extremely well for mid-                                   and legs can dry.
August and in spite some miscues by the                                          3. Your farrier needs a
incredible DJ and a few sound effects from the                                   CLEAN, LEVEL
tractor pull and watering truck, the show went off                               and SHADED place to
on schedule. The music ranged from Pink Panther                                  work. We don't mind
to Tina Turner and the movements from trots to                                   fans.
half passes to flying changes on long reins.         4. Good lighting is also needed.
                                                     5. The horse should have no problems picking up
Our top ad seller was Ellen Simonetti – ably         his feet. This is something the owner should work
assisted by her husband Rick – who raised            on daily.
$700.00, and her award is a $250 gift certificate    6. It's NOT your farriers job to train your horse.
from VTO. Our Second place and Honorable             The owner should be in control at all times, which
mention ad seller was Anna Showalter- ably           means not being distracted by cell phones or other
assisted by her dad – who raised $465.00, and her    people.
award is a $100 gift certificate from VTO.. Way to   7. Fly spray is always good to have on hand.
go ladies… and husband… and Dad.                     8. If you can't do any one of the above, it's harder
                                                     for your farrier to do a good job.
As to the riders, all of them graciously rode        9. Lastly have checks ready if you really
second rides to extend the show – even though we     appreciate what your farrier does for you
lost most of our audience during our intermission    include tips on your check. Most of the time the
– ShenVADA extends its profound thanks. Our          bill usually just covers expenses of the farrier (i.e.
riders were: Anna Showalter riding Don’t Push        shoes, freight/shipping cost((how do you think the
My Buttons, Stephanie Kopcinski riding Snickers,     shoes arrive at the farrier’s house)), rasps, hoof
Samantha Jacobs riding Coco-Frost, Jane Palmer       knives, nails, tools, all the propane for hot shoes,
riding My Israela, Linda Bertschinger riding Rode,   time, and of course the gas expense of the vehicle
and Tammy                                            to come your house)
riding Reagan.                                       The more of steps 1-7 you do for your farrier the
                                                     closer to 100% of quality work you will receive
ShenVADA                                             from your farrier. Try and drive a nail in a piece
would also like                                      of wood and have someone move the board just
to extend its                                        when you are ready to hit the nail. I bet that you
thanks to the                                        will appreciate your farrier more after you try
individual volunteers who helped organize and set    hitting the moving nail. Without good farrier
work your horse will not perform or stay sound.
Thanks to my farrier David Kaschel for the above

      Does Your Horse Look Like This……
            Part 6-Scalloped Braid

                                                        The fourth braid you add the second braid

                                                         September                                         Simple Change   w
                                                        Continue until you come to the last section of hair.
                                                        This section will have the next to last and third to
                                                        last incorporate into the braid. This type of braid
                                                        is hard to explain. If you wish to see how to do
                                                        this braid call me and I can arrange to show you
                                                        how it is done. This braid allows your horse to
Close up of braid-this is three days after being        stretch his neck and does not pull like some
braided. This is the type of braid I use on Lee. He     French braids, when the horse stretches his neck
has a thin mane and he likes to rub it out. I do not    the braid will stretch and look like a French braid.
need a lot of hair to create this braid. All you need
is yarn the color of your horse’s mane and rubber
bands. I cut the yarn into lengths of approximate                    VADA Year End Awards Banquet
20-24 inches. I fold the yarn into half and insert
into each braid. This is want gives you the length                    Will Be Held February 8th, 2009
when you do not have enough hair. You braid the                                   At the
first and second section of hair. The third section                  Doubletree Hotel in Charlottesville
you will add the first braid into the third braid. .
                                                        We are requesting that each Chapter coerce a member
                                                        into becoming the drop off designee for members who
                                                        will not be attending the banquet.

                                                        Please remember the Silent Auction is a fund raising
                                                        activity, not a yard sale. The form that should
                                                        accompany each donation can be found on our website.
                                                        We are requesting that you download and complete the
                                                        bottom section, marked “To be completed by donor” so
                                                        we can streamline the accounting functions that must
                                                        be completed that day.
Third braid with first braid added
                                                        Large items or items that you think would be of
                                                        particular interest to other members (i.e. stallion
                                                        breedings, clinics, etc) can be promoted beforehand by
                                                        emailing Alison Douglas at
                                                        She will make sure all of our members get the word
                                                        and bring their checkbooks!!!!

                                                        Also remember one of those very special items
                                                        available is the coveted “Cover of the Purple Book”.
                                                        What a great holiday present that would make. Just
leave this memo in a conspicuous place where you’re
better half will find it. You will need to make several               VADA Year End Awards Coordinator
copies as we still have several months left of hints to
drop. We know the auction isn’t actually till after the
holidays, so your argument for that one is – “If you
love me, you’ll spend as much as it takes to make me
                                         -Alison Douglas

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