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									                   Low Sodium Diet? Try An Electric Pressure Cooker

 We hear so much today about cutting your sodium intake. The dietary guidelines for sodium is
2300 mg for an adult with no health problems. If you are over fifty, have high blood pressure,
diabetic or have kidney disease the daily level recommended for you would be 1500 mg. One
teaspoon of table salt has 2325 mg of sodium, more than the daily recommendation for an adult.

Dont forget about all of the hidden amounts of sodium you are consuming. If you are eating
prepared or processed foods, you are consuming large amounts of sodium that is used to
preserve the food. Foods like lunch meats, cheese, canned soups, and bread. Condiments are
another large source of sodium. One tablespoon of soy sauce contains 1000mg of sodium. Some
foods also contain natural sources of sodium. These sources of sodium can come from milk,
meats and shellfish.

So, as you can see there are many ways for your daily consumption of sodium to add up very
quickly. Even by sticking to the natural foods, you are consuming sodium. Probably without even
realizing it.

While some sodium is good for you body, most Americans are getting about 3400 mg of sodium a
day. If you are one of those people with high blood pressure, or other diseases that require you to
watch your sodium intake, that 3400mg is more than double the amount of sodium you should be
consuming. Even if you dont have health problems, high amounts of sodium can lead to water
retention. Water retention can lead to other health problems and cause your organs to work

An electric pressure cooker can drastically cut the amount of sodium you consume. By locking on
the lid of the electric pressure cooker and cooking your meal under pressure, you are locking in
the flavors and nutrients. Cooking under pressure requires less fat than other cooking methods.
And, when foods are cooked under pressure, they are so flavorful that you can reduce the amount
of salt you are using and still have a great tasting meal.

In addition to the health advantages, there are also the time saving advantages. Pressure cookers
are so easy to use and they will cook your meal very quickly. The electric pressure cooker will
cook your meal about three to four times faster than traditional stove top methods. An electric
pressure cooker will give you healthier meal options in a short amount of time.
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