2011 Catalog of Cycling Bags by pengtt


									 2011 Catalog
of Cycling Bags

                  Inertia Designs
                  Made in the USA
                                                                                            Inertia Designs Philosophy
                                                                                             Made In USA, Big Freaking Deal!!!

Well, actually it is a pretty big deal. Most bags (and everything else) are made in China, India, Vietnam, Mexico or (insert developing nation of your choice here).
While we have no problem with offshore producers (hey, they have to eat too) it just seems a bit silly to buy an inferiorly crafted bag, made of inferior materials
that will fall apart in a couple years (and end up in a landfill) and pay pretty much the same price as a Life Time Guaranteed Inertia Designs bag. Not to mention
all those bags had to get here on a big boat that used gallons of oil per foot traveled, and more carbon on your footprint! Oh, and our USA workers are all paying
USA taxes …… you get the picture.
                                                                      The Green of Durability Inertia and your Eco Groovy Quotient
From an environmental point-of-view, Inertia Designs bags are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. Riding a bike is a great starting point, which means
you need a bag to carry your stuff, be it tools, a commuting set up or a full touring rig. All Inertia bags are made to last (like ”Back in the Day” made to last, for
years) thanks to our superior materials and workmanship. So instead of buying a new disposable” every two years you can use your Inertia bag for 10 years or more,
then give it to someone else to use and buy a new one for yourself. If you ever do manage to damage your bag we can fix it for you (free of charge) and get you
back on the road fast. That all adds up to less fuel and resources wasted by everyone.
                                                                                                         Mediocrity Sucks
Our motto is ”Mediocrity Sucks.” We make every bag as if we were going to use it ourselves. There are three components that add up to determine if a product
will make the grade: Design, Materials, and Craftsmanship.

Design: At Inertia Designs, we strive to innovate not just duplicate. All of our products are thoroughly thought out for the real world. From the simple addition of
14 oz truck tarp to all our wedges which provides flexible rigidity, to the heat-sealed bag-in-a-bag water-tight Monsoon Panniers. We also think about the funda-
mentals and protect all seams with nylon binding tape and bar tacks or box tacks at all stress points for durability.

Materials: The best design made out of inferior materials equals a sum total of junk. The main fabric used on all Inertia Designs bags is Cordura® Nylon. Cordura®
may not be as sexy as some shinny rip-stop (at least brand new in the store) but it wears like iron and stays looking good for years (look at the best luggage and
mountaineering packs; they are made with Cordura® Nylon). Other components include YKK zippers with silent nickel plated sliders, 100% recyclable HDPE plastic
stiffeners, 3M™ Reflective Material, durable cross-linked foams, stainless steel and aircraft aluminum pannier hardware, and well engineered buckles and closures.

Craftsmanship/Quality Control: The final, most important step in any bag is the people who put them to together. We employ only the most experienced operators
and best machinery possible ensuring that every Inertia Designs bag is of the highest quality. Automated machinery is used when possible to increase production
quality and efficiency. Every Inertia Designs bag is inspected at every stage of production again assuring quality, inside and out.

At Inertia we worry about these things all the time, because it is not just A bag, it is YOUR bag.

                                                                                                                                                      About Us
                                                                                                                   Inertia Designs is the premier United States manufacturer of quality cycling
                                                                                                                   packs. Inertia was started in 1998 to fill the needs of serious cyclists who
                                                                          This symbol                              demand the most from themselves and their equipment; whether it be racing,
  All                                                                 denotes water-tight                          training, touring or commuting. At Inertia, we strive to make the most innova-
  of our                                                              designs throughout
                                                                          this catalog.                            tive designs possible with a particular eye on the needs of our customers. We
  bags are
                                                                                                                   realize that product development is an evolutionary process and are always
  made in the USA
                                                                                                                   happy to accept user input to improve our products.
                                                    Index                                                          Inertia Designs has also developed bags and products for many of the leading
     General Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-3               companies in the cycling industry. Years of experience has taught us how to
     Seat Wedges . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-6           develop products quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standards of quality.
     Tri-Boxes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7      Every Inertia product is made with the same care we would use if we were
     Handle Bar Bags . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8            making the bag for our own daily use. All products have a lifetime warranty, but
     Fixie, Frame & Recumbent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9                   we make our products so well you will probably never need to use it!

     Custom Bag Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11                                      Note On Dimensions and Volume
     Rack Trunks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
                                                                                                                   Dimensions are listed in order of length, width and height. On some open or
     Pannier Suspension/Adjustment Instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13                            expandable bags specific volume is difficult to determine; in these cases we
     Commuting Panniers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15                    filled the bag to an average (not over-stuffed) fill level and listed that volume.
                                                                                                                   Bags with expansion or storm sleeves will have two volumes listed: standard
     Commuting/Touring Panniers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
                                                                                                                   volume/expanded volume.
     Touring Panniers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
     Accessories/Messengers/Miscellaneous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18                                                     Washing Instructions
     Police Bags . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19         Inertia Designs products should be hand washed with a mild soap as needed.
     Instructions for Securing Water-Tight Bags . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19                          Rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry. Do not machine wash or dry!

                                                                                                                                        Warranty/Return Information
                                                                                                                   Warranty Inertia Designs guarantees its products and workmanship for life. We
There are basically two kinds of fabric when it comes to bike bags, Cordura, and                                   will repair or replace the defective item at our discretion, for the original owner,
everything else. Cordura® was developed 30 years ago as a ”replacement” for                                        at no charge. All items must be washed prior to returning.
cotton canvas. It turns out Cordura is ten times tougher than canvas, three
times tougher than polyester and at least twice as strong as standard nylon                                        Returns Any unused item purchased from Inertia Designs may be returned
fabrics. The ”secret” is that it is made out of high tenacity nylon 6.6 (it has a                                  within 60 days for a full merchandise credit. Please contact us for a return
longer molecular bond than the generic stuff, but we won’t get all scientific on                                   authorization and include all purchase and contact information.
you). It also costs two to three times as much as the ”generic” stuff. At Inertia
we use 500 denier Cordura® with a urethane coat for water repellency. Sure,                                        Return Shipping Information
you can buy a bag with a fancy looking rip stop pattern made out of some                                           Inertia Designs
knock-off fabric, but when your bag falls apart and you loose all your tools,                                      501 East Gutierrez Street
please don’t come crying to us.                                                                                    Santa Barbara, CA 93103

 2                                           phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
Hey, it’s got your name on it!!! The most important BRAND you see should be YOUR own.

Branding is Inertia Designs primary niche. We started adding custom store logos to bags on a whim soon after the company was founded in 1998. Three embroidery
machines later (only one caught on fire) we have it pretty well figured out. We take great pride in the quality of our construction and workmanship and that carries
through to the quality of our embroidery. Putting a detailed logo onto a tiny seat wedge is not easy (which is why no one else gets into this game) but we have
had a lot of practice.

All bike stores, teams, and charity/event rides that can meet a modest minimum should have their logo put on a Life Time Guaranteed, Made In USA Inertia bag
with super detailed embroidery. Unlike other ”promo items” our bags will stay on peoples bikes for years (looking good of course) so you’ll get years of exposure
from a very minor investment.

See the details in the center of the catalog and then contact us to, GET WITH THE PROGRAM. We also do Shop Shirts, Hats, and T-Shirts to keep your BRAND at
the forefront.

                               phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                3
  A seat wedge is a cross between a wallet and life jacket on a sinking ship. In the best of times, they are a handy place to stash your car key and ID. In the worst of
  times, as it’s getting dark and your rear tire flats and you tweak your derailleur, that spare tube and multi-tool you have been carrying for the last 6 months don’t
  seem like deadweight anymore. In short, every bike you own needs a seat wedge, stocked with a tube and enough tools to get you home. With 16 models to
  choose from Inertia Designs has you covered.

                                          Available Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Gray, Pink, Yellow, White, Olive, Brown
                                                     (All colors available for custom bags; limited colors on stock items.)
                                                                 Special request colors available; call for details.

              Inertia Designs wedges are the perfect platform for custom logos. Most wedges can be embroidered with a custom logo for your store, team, or event.
                                                                            See pages 9-10 for details.

                                                                       Wedge Attachment Instructions
 Three Point Power Hook & Loop Attachment                                                     Hook and Loop/Quick Release Webbing Strap
                             1. Position wedge against seat post and                                               1. Position wedge against seat post and
                             attach with hook and loop closure.                                                    attach with hook and loop closure.

                             2. Thread straps over seat rails, pull                                                2. Thread straps over seat rails and
                             tightly and press down.                                                               through the bottom loop. Buckle the
                                                                                                                   straps and adjust the webbing strap
                                                                   Cinch Strap Attachment
                                                                   1. Position wedge against seat as in Hook & Loop #1.

                                                                   2. Thread straps over seat rails, and put buckle through bottom loop.

                                                                   3.Thread other strap through buckle and secure on itself.

                                                                                 PRO WEDGE SERIES
               Inertia Pro Wedges are for riders who demand the best. In addition to our standard bomb-proof construction and superior materials, all Pro Wedges have
               YKK Uretek water repellent zippers to keep water, dust and grime out or your gear. All bags have a side release buckle on the strap for positive attachment
Seat Wedges

               no matter how big the drop or long the climb. At the seat post we used One Wrap with molded hook and super soft loop to prevent snagging your shorts.
               This bidirectional hook and loop can be wrapped around the seat post with the tail to the right or left as you prefer for a perfect fit. The reflective strips on
               all bags have added bar tacks for more stability when attaching a flasher. All bags also have two interior pockets one on the side for tire levers, etc., and on
               the back flap for cash, ID and keys.

               PRO 1 WEDGE
                                                                                                                         PRO 2 WEDGE

              Fabric: Cordura®
              Volume: 32 ci                                                                                                Fabric: Cordura®
              Attachment: three point power hook and loop                                                                  Volume: 41 ci
              with buckle                                                                                                  Attachment: three point power hook and loop
              Dimensions: 6”x 3.5”x 3.5”                                                                                   with buckle
              Weight: 2.5 oz                                                                                               Dimensions: 7”x 4”x 4”
                                                                                 YKK Uretek Zipper                         Weight: 2.9 oz


  Fabric: Cordura®
  Volume: 49 ci
  Attachment: three point power hook and loop with buckle
  Dimensions: 7.5”x 4.5”x 4”
  Weight: 3.4 oz                                                                                                                        14 oz truck tarp interior
                                                                                   Bidirectional One Wrap
                                                                                                                                        2 interior pockets for tools/ID/etc
                                                                                        Hook & Loop

     4                                  phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
PROTON WEDGE                  The consummate roadie wedge. Just enough              MINI CARGO WEDGE                 For road riders and 700c commuters, the
                              room for a tube, patch kit, tire irons, and some                                       Mini Cargo has a rear hatch for easy access,
                              phone change. The rear hatch style entry elimi-                                        14 oz truck tarp interior, two internal pockets
                              nates the access problems associated with most                                         for tire levers and change (like the Pro Series)
                              tiny wedges, and the Scotchlite™ Reflective                                            and an exterior Scotchlite™ Reflective
                              Material strip doubles as a strobe loop.                                               Material Strip that doubles as a flasher loop.

                              Fabric: Cordura®                                                                   Fabric: Cordura®
                              Volume: 24 ci                                                                      Volume: 32 ci
                              Attachment: three                                     Attachment: three point power hook and loop
point power hook and loop                                                           Dimensions: 6”x 3.5”x 3.5”
Dimensions: 5”x 2”x 3.5”                                                            Weight: 2.25 oz
Weight: 1.25 oz

CARGO WEDGE                      For road riders needing a bit more room or the     CARGO 2 WEDGE                      The Cargo 2 is the missing member of the
                                 minimalist mountain biker. The rear entry                                             Cargo Family. Sized right in between the
                                cargo wedge ensures a secure closure and                                               Mini Cargo and the Super Cargo, it shares
                                quick access to tubes and tools. The interior                                          their durable 14 oz truck tarp interior and
                                walls are lined with 14 oz truck tarp creating a                                       two inside pockets (like the Pro Series) to
                                nearly indestructible shell. There is an interior                                      hold all your tools and two tubes. A 3M®
                                key hook and the rear reflec-                                                          reflective strip on the back also holds your
                                tive strip doubles as a strobe                                                         flasher at night.
                                                                                                                   Fabric: Cordura®
Fabric: Cordura®                                                                                                   Volume: 41 ci
Volume: 39 ci                                                                       Attachment: three point power hook and loop
Attachment: three point power hook and loop                                         Dimensions: 7”x 4”x 4”
Dimensions: 5.5”x 4”x 4”                                                            Weight: 2.4 oz
Weight: 2.5 oz

                                                                                                                                                                  Seat Wedges
CARGO WEDGE WITH BUCKLE We added a side-release buckle to the                       SUPER CARGO WEDGE                    The big brother of the Cargo
                        main straps of our time tested Cargo                                                              Wedge. With 25% more space, 14
                        Wedge for those who like to take big                                                              oz truck tarp and two internal
                        drops or just tend to push the weight                                                             pockets for tire levers, keys, and
                        limit of hook and loop attachments.                                                               change (like the Pro Series), this is
                        Custom only.                                                                                      the perfect wedge for riders who
                                                                                                                          need a bit more room for an epic
                                     Fabric: Cordura®                                                                     endurance ride or a ride around the
                                     Volume: 39 ci                                                                        park with the family. Dual zipper
                                     Attachment: three point power hook                                                   sliders keep your stuff in control
                                     and loop with buckle                           even if you tend to overstuff it. A rear Scotchlite™
                                     Dimensions: 5.5”x 4”x 4”                       Reflective Material Strip adds visibility and a solid
                                     Weight: 2.75 oz                                attachment point for a flasher.

                                                                                    Fabric: Cordura®
                                                                                    Volume: 49 ci
                                                                                    Attachment: cinch strap
                                                                                    Dimensions: 7.5”x 4.5”x 4”
                                                                                    Weight: 3 oz

TRAIL WEDGE                            The Trail is just the right size for the     TRAIL EXPANDABLE WEDGE               The Expandable version of the Trail Wedge
                                       serious mountain biker, with enough                                               has an expansion baffle increasing the
                                       space for two mountain tubes, multi-                                              bag's volume by nearly 25% when you
                                       tool, patch kit, energy bar, and a couple                                         need it. The top, front and bottom of the
                                       of dollars. The entire front half of the                                          bag are lined with 14 oz truck tarp for
                                       Trail, top, bottom and sides is lined                                             bomb-proof durability and added rigidity.
                                       with 14 oz truck tarp to prevent wear                                             The strap is extra long for a jacket, etc.
                                       points at the seat post or seat rails. Two
                                                                                                                          Fabric: Cordura®
                                       top lash points allow adjustment to any
                                                                                                                          Volume: 58 ci/79 ci
seat and the quick release cinch strap is extra long to store bulky items below
                                                                                                                         Attachment: hook and loop/quick release
the bag. For on-road night safety we also added a rear strobe loop. Oh, and
                                                                                                                         webbing strap
there’s a zipped pocket on the bottom for your keys too.
                                                                                                                         Dimensions: 7”x 4”x 2.5”/4”
Fabric: Cordura®                                                                                                         Weight: 3.7 oz
Volume: 58 ci
Attachment: hook and loop/quick release
webbing strap
Dimensions: 7”x 4”x 3”
Weight: 3.4 oz

                                phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                   5
                                                                                            OLD SCHOOL WEDGES

                                                           THE POWER HOOK ADVANTAGE                          A.T. (All Terrain) WEDGE        For hard wedge aficionados, looking for a mid-
                                                                                                                                             sized bag, the A.T. is an excellent choice. Suitable
                                                        Inertia Designs Wedges with the Three                for everything from tubes and coil locks to wallets and cell phones. A HDPE
                                                            Point Power Hook and Loop attach-                stiffener serves to reinforce the outer Cordura® adding stability and preventing
                                                             ments utilize a revolutionary YKK               blowouts. The curved reflective strip creates approximately 180 degrees of
                                                              product called Power Hook. The                 visibility and a strobe loop is available for that
                                                              ”hook” portion is actually a tiny              late night commute.
                                                              plastic hook, not cut fibers as in
                                                             conventional material. There are two            Fabric: Cordura®
                                                           great advantages: 1) power hook does              Volume: 83 ci
                                                          NOT snag on lycra; meaning no frays                Attachment: three point power hook and loop
                                                         on your brand new shorts, and; 2)                   Dimensions: 6.5”x 5”x 4”
                                                        power hook has incredible shear strength             Weight: 3.5 oz
                                                      (the pull parallel to the hook and loop, the
                                                     force encountered on a seat wedge). So
                                                    even if you load your wedge with three chain
                                                   tools and five rolls of pennies, it will stay on no
                                                 matter how rough the ride. And just to make for             A.T. (All Terrain) EXPANDABLE WEDGE            The big boy. When you need more
                                             a complete package we add a third stitch down the                                                              gear than will fit in a ”normal”
                         center of the power hook to make sure it never comes off the bag.                                                       wedge the A.T. Expandable is the way to go.
                                                                                                                                                 Made of Cordura® and supported by an
                                                                                                                                                 HDPE shell like the smaller A.T., you are
                                                                                                                                                 guaranteed a stable blowout free ride. The
                                                                                                                                                 beauty of the A.T. Expandable is that, extra
                          HYDRO WEDGE          For riders who like to take obstacles head on and
                                                                                                                                                 room, you can just unzip the expansion
                                               worry about the consequences later. The Hydro
                                                                                                                                                 sleeve and increase the volume by over
                          Wedge has dual top lash points, Like the Trail, an oversized cinch strap,
                                                                                                                                                 40%. That's enough space to shed extra
                          and a full 14 oz truck tarp abrasion liner. But the Hydro has a bit more
                                                                                                                                                 clothing or pack 8 more energy bars (better
                          room thanks to the heat sealed water-tight liner with roll up closure and
Old School Seat Wedges

                                                                                                                                                 bring lots of water).
                          3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material heat transfer. This inner bladder
                          keeps your money, phone or other sensitive gear water, mold, and slime             Fabric: Cordura®
                          free no matter where you ride, be it stream crossings or urban scum                Volume: 105/178 ci
                          puddles.                                                                           Attachment: three point power hook and loop
                                                                                                             with quick release strap
                          Fabric: Cordura®
                                                                                                                                           Dimensions: 8”x
                          Color: Black only
                                                                                                                                           6”x 4”/6.5”
                          Volume: 83 ci
                                                                                                                                           Weight: 6.6 oz
                          Attachment: hook and loop/quick
                          release webbing strap
                          Dimensions: 7”x 4”x 3”
                          Weight: 4 oz                                                                                                                           Shown closed with strobe
                                                             Water-Tight                                                                                         (Strobe not included)
                          Note: Always fold roll top closures at least three times to insure a tight seal.

                          SEW-UP BAG      The rectangular Sew-Up bag has ample space for even the largest tubulars (if you don’t run sew-ups it will
                                          hold lots of other stuff too, don’t worry, we won’t tell). Secure attachment is assured by seat post hook
                          and loop and a webbing cinch strap that crosses the zipper head to prevent accidental opening. Dual side pockets accept
                          tools, money, and other necessities. The rear reflective strip also allows attachment of a safety strobe.

                          Fabric: Cordura®                    Attachment: hook and loop/quick release webbing strap
                          Color: Black only                   Dimensions: 9”x 2”x 4”
                          Volume: 92 ci                       Weight: 4 oz

    CRUISER BAG/BEACH CRUISER           The Cruiser design came soon after the first cyclists realized they wanted to carry more than they could put in the pockets of
                                        their tweed jackets. The basic cylinder bag can be used under the seat or on the handle bars to hold tools, wallets, cameras,
    canned beverages, etc. It is also available in Hibiscus ”beach prints.” The reflective tape can be removed for larger custom logos. An optional HDPE stiffener is
    available if needed.

    Fabric: Cordura®
    Volume: 182 ci
    Attachment: two point webbing
    Dimensions: 8”x 5”
    Weight: 3.5 oz

                                                                                                                                                                       Beach Cruiser

          6                                          phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
The Tri-Box was originally created for competitive triathletes to quickly access nutrition bars and gels while racing. It is still great for that application.

But Tri-Boxes are also excellent bags for long charity rides or daily commuting. Literally, a glove box for your bike. The forward location makes it great for your
phone, keys, sunscreen, and sunglasses. If it is small and you need it fast a Tri-Box it the perfect place to put things on your bike.

Inertia Tri-Boxes are lined with 14 oz truck tarp for flexible stability and easy cleaning. And, all Tri-Boxes now have a single front hook and loop attachment to
accommodate modern stem designs. Custom logos can be placed on one or both sides.

TRI-BOX SMALL                                                                                                            TRI-BOX LARGE with POCKET
Fabric: Cordura®/14 oz truck tarp vinyl                                                                                  Fabric: Cordura®/14 oz truck tarp vinyl
Color: Black only                                                                                                        Color: Black only
Volume: 19 ci                                                                                                            Volume: 34 ci
Attachment: three point hook and loop                                                                                    Attachment: three point hook and loop
Dimensions: 3.5”x 1.5”x 3.5”                                                                                             Dimensions: 5”x 1.5”x 3.75”
Weight: 1.25 oz                                                 TRI-BOX LARGE                                            Weight: 3.0 oz
                                                                Fabric: Cordura®/14 oz truck tarp vinyl
                                                                Color: Black only
                                                                Volume: 28 ci
                                                                Attachment: three point hook and loop
                                                                Dimensions: 5”x 1.5”x 3.75”

                                                                Weight: 2.0 oz

                                                            TRI-BOX LARGE with SLEEVE
                                                            A hybrid design with a closable mesh sleeve
                                                            (operable with one hand, like a snow boarding
                                                            glove). The taller design doubles volume and
                                                            increases security. It can also work as a bottle
                                                            holder for endurance rides.

                                                            Fabric: Cordura®/14 oz truck tarp vinyl
                                                            Color: Black only
                                                            Volume: 30 ci + 21 ci (cuff)
                                                            Attachment: three point hook and loop
                                                            Dimensions: 5”x 1.5”x 3.75”
                                                            Weight: 2.5 oz

The Tri-Box Pro is a bit longer and a little shorter than the other Tri-Boxes for better on the fly access. It also uses One Wrap double-sided hook and loop (1” wide,
the other bags have ¾”) for greater stability. With the One Wrap, you can put one strap pointing to the left and one to the right which some riders believe adds

                            Fabric: Cordura®/14 oz truck tarp vinyl
                            Color: Black only
                            Volume: 30 ci
                            Attachment: three point hook and loop
                            Dimensions: 5.75”x 1.5”x 3.5”
                            Weight: 2.0 oz

                                 phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                   7
   TRIPPER HANDLE BAR BAG The Tripper is for riders who like the clean                              ROAD TRIP HANDLE BAR BAG           The Road Trip is a truly versatile bag. It starts
                                    design of the Road Trip but do not need the                                                        as a low profile handle bar bag with a top
   fanny pack feature. Just the right amount of cargo space with stable three cam                   map pocket, attached to the handle bars and stem of most mountain or road
   buckle suspension system and a big top map pocket make the Tripper the                           bikes via three locking cam buckles. Get where you’re going, pop it off the
   perfect pack for the minimalist.                                                                 bike, flip the map pocket over to hide the suspension, and you have an instant
                                                                                                    fanny pack.
   Fabric: Cordura®
   Color: Black                                                                                     Fabric: Cordura®
   Volume: 142 ci                                                                                   Colors: Black
   Dimensions: 10”x 6”x                                                                             Volume: 142 ci
   2.5”                                                                                             Dimension: 10”x 6”x 2.5”
   Weight: 7 oz                                                                                     Weight: 10 oz

                  EXPLORER HANDLE BAR BAG A traditional ”Touring” handle bar bag
                                                    that mounts to both road and mountain
                  bars with our quick release bracket. The rectangular main cargo area has
                  ample space for food, spare water bottles, and even a full sized camera.
                  The exterior has two flat mesh pockets for energy bars or other necessities
                  and a front dimensional pocket for tools or light rain gear. The optional
                  bottle holder (page 18) can be added to one or both sides. The top map
                  pocket has UV resistant clear vinyl for easy location checks. Side ”D” rings
                                                                                                     Fanny pack mode (Shown in red                                Road Trip
                  allow for the addition of a shoulder strap (optional). Note: The Explorer
                                                                                                               for details)                                  (back view) on bike
                  folds down for storage and transport. To put it into go mode, flip the two
                  internal HDPE side stiffeners up and secure behind the elastic straps.

                  Fabric: Cordura®                                                                  NAVIGATOR HANDLE BAR BAG CLIP-ON &                   This versatile handle bar
                  Color: Black                                                                      NAVIGATOR HANDLE BAR BAG STRAP-ON                    pack has a large U-shaped
                  Volume: 569 ci                                                                                                                         main compartment with an
                  Dimensions: 10”x 5.5”x 8.5”                                                       HDPE stiffener for strength and stability. Like the Road Trip, the top map
                  Weight: 28 oz                                                                     pocket is covered with UV resistant clear vinyl for easy on-road position con-
                  Shoulder strap: Optional                                                          firmation. An additional front pocket has a strip of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective
                                                                                                    Material and a strobe loop has been added for additional safety. Webbing
                                                                                                    tension straps go from the rear of the bag to the fork eyelets to keep the bag
Handle Bar Bags

                                           Shown with optional Bottle Holder (page 18)              secure. The Clip-On version is identical to the original Navigator but with a
                                                                                                                                              quick release bracket. The quick
                                                                                                                                              release system used for the Clip-On
                  RENTAL NAVIGATOR HANDLE BAR BAG CLIP-ON &                  For rental fleets                                                Navigator (see photo) is extremely
                  RENTAL NAVIGATOR HANDLE BAR BAG STRAP-ON                   nothing beats                                                    secure and easy to use, quickly
                                                                             the      Rental                                                  attaching to most handle bars with a
                  Navigator. The same time tested design as the Navigator with the front                                                      phillips head screw driver and an
                  pocket removed so that the embroidery area is increased to a HUGE 6”                                                        alan wrench.
                  across. Available in Clip-on or Strap-on. Extra brackets can be purchased
                  for the clip-on version so you can have more bikes than bags and move
                  them around as you need them.
                                                                                                    Fabric: Cordura®
                  Minimum Order: 10 (custom only)                                                   Colors (Strap-On): Black, Navy,
                  All colors available                                                              Red
                                                                                                    Colors (Clip-On): Black, Navy
                  Fabric: Cordura®                                                                  Volume: 392 ci
                  Volume: 350 ci                                                                    Dimensions: 10”x 5”x 7”
                  Dimensions: 10”x 5”x 7”                                                           Weight (Strap-On): 13 oz;
                  Weight (Strap-On): 13 oz;                                                         Weight (Clip-On): 17 oz
                  Weight (Clip-On): 17 oz
                                                                                                                                              Quick release bracket shown above

   BASKET HANDLE BAR BAG CLIP-ON &             If your version of a cycling expedition is riding to the corner store
   BASKET HANDLE BAR BAG STRAP-ON              for liquid refreshments have we got the handle bar bag for you.
                                               The simple basket design is actually quite technical, a structural
   webbing support attaches the back and bottom plates like a shelf bracket holding heavy loads. When not in
   use the Basket Handle Bar Bag folds up flat, Flip the elastic strap over the top of the bag to secure it. The
   clip-on version's quick release bracket makes for easy on and off when you want to carry it. If you leave it on
   the bike most of the time the Strap-On will do just fine.

   Fabric: Cordura®                         Dimensions: 10.5”x 8”x 9”                              NOTE: Basket fits most dogs.
   Color: Black                             Weight (Clip-on): 26 oz;
   Volume: 756 ci                           (Strap-on): 22 oz                                      No bags or dogs were
                                            Shoulder Strap: Optional                               harmed while filming.

                                                                                                 Shown closed
                                         Shown open                                                                                   Modeled by Dutch Master Cole; 120 lbs.

       8                                     phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
LOCK LOOP        If you’re tired of holes in your pocket, the Lock Loop is the           PADDY     The Paddy protects your top tube with 14” of extruded foam covered in a
                 solution. Fits on most belts. Two sizes: small for mini locks;                    Cordura sleeve. The slit on the foam can be rotated to accommodate any
large for standard.                                                                      cable configuration.

Minimum Order: 10 (custom only)                                                          Minimum Order: 10 (custom only)
Maximum Logo Height: 1.5”
                                                                                         Fabric: Cordura®
                                                                                                                                 Top View
Fabric: Webbing                 Sizes: Small & Large                                     Color: Black
Color: Black                    Weight: 0.5 oz                                           Dimensions: 14”x 2”
                                                                                         Weight: 1.25 oz

                                                                                                                                               Side View
PORTAGE PACK The origin of the portage pack goes back to the days of
                    ancient history (even before front suspension) when it was
the norm to carry your bike over technical terrain instead of riding it, amazing.
These days it's still a handy place to stash gear, mounting under the top tube           TRIANGLE BAG        When you need quick access to gear on the fly, the triangle bag is
and in front of the seat tube. Or, if you live in a third floor walk-up, it helps too.                       hard to beat. Three hook and loop straps secure the bag to the top
The Portage also features 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material on both sides              tube, while a dual cam buckle system stabilizes the bag to either the seat tube or down
of the bag for added safety.                                                             tube depending on how you orient it. One flat pocket and one dimensional pocket are
                                                                                         accessed through zippers at the top edge of the pack. The large pocket has an interior
                                  Fabric: Cordura®                                       hook and loop strap to secure a mini-pump or tool roll.
                                  Color: Black
                                  Volume: 54 ci                                          Fabric: Cordura®
                                  Dimensions: 9”x 9”x 1.75”                              Color: Black
                                  Weight: 4.8 oz                                         Volume: 119 ci
                                                                                         Dimensions: 15”x 1.5”x 6”
                                                                                         Weight: 4.5 oz

                                                                                         Note: Cut off the excess webbing once you

                                                                                                                                                                          Fixie, Frame & Recumbent
                                                                                         have adjusted the cam buckle system to your bike.

RECUMBENT BAG          With the growing popularity of Recumbent Bikes there has been a serious shortage of bags that will fit
                       them. Until now that is. The Inertia Recumbent bag fits every bike we have seen, with its five point
mounting system. An internal insulated sleeve holds a 1 liter bladder (not included) and velcro loops (included) route the hose
right to where you need it. Extra gear can go in the rear flat pocket or front mesh pocket. Any of our three pannier pockets will
attach to the side straps. A shoulder strap is included for off bike convenience.

NOTE: Due to the varied configurations of different recumbent bikes, you may not need all of the included straps.

Fabric: Cordura®
Colors: Black, Red, Yellow
Volume: 502 ci
Dimensions: 9”x 5.5”x 14”
Weight: 14 oz

AERO PANNIERS Designed to complement our Wide Load Recumbent Bag, these
                   panniers are equally at home on a recumbent or conventional
bike. The extreme aero design, has rigid HDPE side panels and a 1/4” foam backed
lid. 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective Material adds visibility, and a top bungee grid holds
extra gear. Combined with the Aero Rack Trunk, you'll have enough space to pack all
your gear and that pesky kitchen sink.

Sold in Pairs           Suspension: Bungee-Fixed Hooks
Fabric: Cordura®        Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 12)
Color: Black, Yellow    Pannier Categories: C & R
Volume: 1686 ci/pair
Dimensions: 18”x 7”x 9”                                                   Shown with Aero
Weight: 64 oz                                                             Rack Trunk

WIDE LOAD RECUMBENT The Wide Load is designed to fit over the mesh seat back of most recumbent bikes without hurting your bank account. A mesh sleeve
                              slips over the seat back and can be tensioned with an interior webbing strap. Hook and loop straps at the top and bottom of the bag
can be secured to cross bars and/or used to store excess gear. An internal insulated sleeve holds a 2 liter bladder and a
center exit port allows for easy hose routing. The top bungee can be reconfigured as needed to store extra clothing. An
HDPE stiffener keeps the Wide Load's shape while two angled 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material strips add safety.
D-rings allow for the addition of a shoulder strap for off the bike convenience.

Fabric: Cordura®
Color: Black, Yellow
Volume: 838 ci
Dimensions: 18”x 5”x 8.5”
Weight: 20 oz
Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 12)

                                  phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                             9
                                                                         The most important BRAND is your OWN.
                                 If you have a bike store, team, or are organizing an event, a high quality Inertia Designs bag embroidered with your logo is a great marketing tool that
                                 will stay on your clients’ bike for years to come. Custom bags are made to the same specifications as our in line bags and have a 100% lifetime guaran-
                                 tee. We can also embroider your logo on hats, shirts and shop aprons. Basic ordering information is listed below. Contact us for full details.

                                 ORDERING INFO:                                                                    WHAT WE NEED:
                                 1. Any bag can be embroidered. Colors may be assorted to meet                     1. Get us your logo. Digital is best (tif, eps, jpeg, bmp, or ai) but we
                                    minimum quantities.                                                               will take business cards, napkins with drawings on them, etc. (color
                                 2. Each logo can have a maximum of 15 thread colors.                                 helps).
                                 3. No additional discounts can be taken on custom orders.                         2. Alternate logo colors as necessary. (e.g. Red logo; red shirt sub to
                                                                                                                      black logo)
                                 ORDERING MINIMUMS:                                                                3. We digitize your logo (convert from graphics to stitches).
                                 Wedges - 50/model minimum.                                                        4. We e-mail you a scan of the sewn embroidery for you to approve.
                                 Tri-Boxes - 25/model minimum.                                                        We can physically mail one too, if you like.
                                 Pump Straps and Ankle Straps - 25 minimum (not available for all                  5. We make and/or embroider your stuff.
                                 All other bags - 10/model minimum.                                                SHIPPING:
                                 Aprons - No minimum.                                                              All orders FOB Santa Barbara, California
                                 Hats - 6/style minimum.
                                 Shirts - 24/style minimum.
Inertia Designs Custom Program

                                                                                                                              Embroidery Locations for Most Wedges
                                                                                                                              A through C: 2” max. size
                                                                                                                              Cargo Wedge embroidery location is position A unless specified.
                                                                             A                                                Trail Wedge and A.T. Wedges location are at B and/or C only.
                                              B                                                                C
                                                                                                                              First embroidery included in price. Charges will be applied for
                                                                                                                              additional embroideries (logos or names).*

                                                                                                                              *Additional digitizing charge may apply

          10                                               phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
       Right                  Left                                                Back                 Dickies and Red Kaps Logo           work shirts are a great way
C                                     B                            E                              F
                                                                                                       for your customers to easily identify staff while setting a profes-
                                                                                                       sional image. We carry the Dickies LS508, the Red Kap SP24
D                                     A                                                                and the Red Kap SP23 Women’s. All are 4.25 oz 65 polyes-
                                                                                                       ter/35 cotton for durability and comfort. All shirts have short
                                                                                                       sleeves and a straight bottom hem. They will take all the rigors
SR                                    SL                                                               of bike shop life and still look good on the sales floor. Note:
                                                                                                       Most other items from Dickies and Red Kap are available for
                                                                                                       customizing. If you have a specific item in mind, please call us
                                Embroidery Locations for Shirts                                        for a quote.
                                A through D: 3.5” max. size                                            Dickies LS508: Sizes: Small - 6XL Colors: Black, Charcoal, Dark
                                E: 2.5” max. size                                                      Brown, Graphite Grey, Khaki, Light Blue, Dark Navy, White
                                F: 10”x 6” max. size                                                   Red Kap SP24: Sizes: Small - 6XL Colors: Black,
                                SR/SL: Sleeve Right/Left (web address,                                 Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, Charcoal, Dark Blue,
                                etc.)                                                                  Grey, Khaki, Light Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Light
                                First embroidery included in price.                                    Tan, Petrol Blue, Navy, Orange, Postman Blue, Royal
                                Charges will be applied for additional                                 Blue, Red, Spruce Green, Silver Grey, White, Yellow
                                embroideries (logos or names).*                                        Red Kap SP23 (Women’s): Sizes: Small - 4XL Colors: Light
                                *Additional digitizing charge may apply                                Blue, Petrol Blue, Navy, White

Hats    We offer three styles of high quality hats and a beanie: 1) a brushed cotton adjustable six panel,

                                                                                                                                                                     Inertia Designs Custom Program
2) a six panel Flexfit® cap also available in youth sizes, 3) an adjustable six panel, 100% cotton, pigment
dyed, and 4) a 100% acrylic 8” knit beanie with 7/8” trim. Colors may be assorted within minimums as
desired. Minimum run 24 per style.
1) Adjustable: One size Colors: Royal, Red, Black, Navy, Maroon, Purple, Grey, White, Dark Green,
Burgundy, Khaki, Stone Grey
2) Flexfit®: Adult S/M (6 3/4 - 7 1/4), L/XL (7 1/8 - 7 5/8); Youth (6 1/2 - 7) Please Note: Not all colors
available in Youth Size (Another Note: It is okay to mix sizes for minimum.) Colors: Black, Carolina Blue,
Dark Grey, Dark Navy, Fresh Green, Gold, Khaki, Navy, Orange, Pepper Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal
Blue, Silver, Spicy Orange, Spruce, Stone, White
3) Pigment Dyed: One size Colors: Royal Blue, Red, Black, Navy, Brown, Orange, Maroon, Pink, White,
Dark Green, Olive Green, Charcoal Grey, Khaki, Texas Orange, Mustard
4) Acrylic Beanie*: One size Colors: Royal/Red, Red/Black, Black/Red, Navy/Maroon, Brown/Khaki,
Maroon/Navy, Pink/Black, Grey/Black, Charcoal/Black, Forest/Black
* Some logo design styles may not be suitable for embroidery on beanies.

                                     Embroidery Locations for Hats

                                       Front (A)                  B             Back (B)
                          A          2”x 5” maxi-
                                                                               Curved text
                                     mum embroi-
                                       dery size                                                                         Embroidery Locations for Aprons
                                                                                                                     A: 5” max. size
                                                                                                                     B: 2.5” max. size (names)
                   Right Side (C)                                             Left Side (D)                          First embroidery included in price.
                    2” max. size        C                          D          2” max. size                           Charges will be applied for additional
                                                                                                                     embroideries (logos or names).*
                                                                                                                     *Additional digitizing charge may apply
First embroidery included in price. Charges will be applied for additional embroideries (logos or names).*
*Additional digitizing charge may apply

Stedman and Outer Banks Polos Logo Polo shirts are an excellent                          Hanes 5250 Tagless Tee-Shirts            100% Cotton; 6.1 oz except for: Ash:
alternative to work shirts as a staff uniform. Polos can also segment your team          99% Cotton/1% polyester; Light Steel: 90% Cotton/10% polyester; Oxford
between mechanics (in work shirts) and sales staff (or management) in Polos.             Gray: 60% Cotton/40% polyester; Charcoal Heather: 60% Cotton/40%
Not to mention they make a great promotional item. Stedman Polo Shirts are               polyester.
50% Cotton/50% Polyester, 7.0 oz with two pearl buttons. Outer Banks Polo                Sizes: Small - 3XL available in the following colors: White, Ash, Black, Light
Shirts are 100% Cotton, 6.8 oz with two pearl buttons.                                   Steel, Deep Red, Maroon, Sand, Pale Pink, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Natural,
Stedman: Sizes: Small - 6XL Colors: Ash, Black, Cardinal, Carolina Blue, Deep            Pebble, Gold Nugget, Daffodil Yellow, Athletic Orange, Texas Orange, Pink,
Forest, Deep Navy, Deep Red, Deep Royal, Kelly Green, Light Blue, Light Steel,           Wow Pink, Cardinal, Lavender, Light Blue, Deep Royal, Navy, Deep Forest,
Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, White                                                      Black, Lime, Smoke Gray, Demin Blue, Purple, Dark Chocolate, Stonewashed
Outer Banks: Sizes: Small - 4XL Colors: Aquatic Blue, Bimini Blue, Black,                Green, Fatigue Green, Kelly Green, Shamrock Green, Stonewashed Blue,
                                               Bright Red, Bright Royal Blue,                                                               Carolina Blue, Teal, Deep
       Right               Left                                                              Right                Left
                                               Butter, Corporate Blue, Emerald                                                              Navy,     Oxford     Gray,
                                               Green, Jade, Light Blue, Moss,                                             Embroidery        Charcoal Heather
 D                                    A        Natural, Navy Blue, Pine Green,                                            Here              4XL available in White,
                                               Pure Gold, Purple, Putty, Sports                                                             Black, Light Steel
                                               Grey, Spring Green, Tangerine,
SR                                    SL       White, Wine

                               Embroidery Locations for Polos
                               A or D: 3.5” max. size                                                                   Embroidery Locations for Tee-Shirts
                               SR/SL: Sleeve Right/Left (web address, etc.)                                             Location: Front Left 3.5” max.
                               *Additional digitizing charge may apply                                                  *Additional digitizing charge may apply

                               phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                         11
  SHORTIE RACK TRUNK       The Shortie attaches securely to standard or seat            RACK TRUNK        Single main 4# cross-linked foam insulated compartment,
                           post racks with four hook and loop strips. 2# foam                             one rear pocket with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape.
  adds insulation and padding for up to six cans of refreshment, some big ass
  sandwiches or other gear of choice. ”D” rings allow for attachment of an              Fabric: Cordura®
                            optional shoulder strap.                                    Colors: Black, Red
                                                                                        Attachment: four point hook and loop and
                                   Fabric: Cordura®                                     front quick release webbing strap
                                   Colors: Black, Red                                   Volume: 582 ci
                                   Attachment: four point hook and loop                 Dimensions: 12”x 6.5”x 8”
                                   Volume: 318 ci                                       Weight: 16 oz
                                   Dimensions: 9”x 6”x 7”                               Shoulder strap: Optional (below)
                                   Weight: 11 oz
                                   Shoulder strap: Optional (below right)

 ECONOMY RACK TRUNK         The name says it all. This is a full size bomb-proof        TORRENT RACK TRUNK         Main water-tight compartment expands to cover
                            rack trunk but with just the bare bones features.                                      larger loads secured by roll-top closure. Top storage
 We used a simplified handle, four point suspension and the same 2# foam                pocket with storm flap holds less sensitive gear.
                         found in the Shortie.
                                                                                        Fabric: Cordura®
                                  Fabric: Cordura®                                      Colors: Black
                                  Colors: Black                                         Attachment: four point hook and loop and
                                  Attachment: four point hook and loop                  front quick release webbing strap
                                  Volume: 432 ci                                        Volume: 475/700 ci
                                  Dimensions: 12”6.5”x 8”                               Dimensions: 12”x 6.5”x 9”/13”
                                  Weight: 11.5 oz                                                                         Weight: 22 oz
                                  Shoulder strap: Optional (below right)                                                  Shoulder strap: Optional (below)

              RACK TRUNK EXPANDABLE          Main compartment insulated with 4#
                                             cross-link foam, expansion baffle and                                            Shown with hood removed to illustrate
                                             pivot top increases capacity by 45%, two                                         expansion and roll-top closure. Pictured
                                             side pockets, and one rear pocket.                                               in red to show detail.
Rack Trunks

                                             Fabric: Cordura®
                                             Colors: Black,
                                             four point hook                            PADDED SHOULDER STRAP
                                             and loop and
                                             front quick                                Optional Shoulder Strap attaches to all
               release webbing strap                                                    Inertia Designs Rack Trunks and
               Volume: 689/1051 ci                                                      Panniers.
               Dimensions: 12”x 6.5”x 9”/16”
               Weight: 21.5 oz                                                          Weight: 3.7 oz
               Shoulder strap: Optional (right)                 Shown expanded

 AERO RACK TRUNK The Aero is a hybrid rack trunk designed in unison with                RACK TRUNK PANNIER         If you sometimes need the space of panniers, but
                       our Aero Panniers. The unit’s shape comes from an ABS                                       prefer the convenience of a rack trunk the Rack
 plastic inner frame united with end and top panels of 2# cross-linked foam             Trunk Pannier is your bag of choice. Built to the same specifications as our Rack
 providing large volume with very little weight. There is an internal mesh              Trunk Expandable, we replaced the top handle with a bungee grid and added
 pocket for small items and a bungee grid on the top for extra storage. Top ”D”         two fold out side pockets. Zip one or both open to hold extra files or a special
 Rings will accept a shoulder strap (optional).                                         deal from the farmer's market.

 Fabric: Cordura®                                                                       Fabric: Cordura®
 Colors: Black, Yellow                                                                  Color: Black
 Attachment: four point hook and loop                                                   Volume: 591 ci/1961 ci
 Volume: 819 ci                                                                                                       Dimensions: 12”x 6.5”x
 Dimensions: 12”x 10”x 6”                                                                                             7.5”/13” expanded
 Weight: 18 oz                                                                                                        (Pannier: 14”x 9.5”x 4”)
 Shoulder Strap: Optional (above right)                                                                               Weight: 30 oz
                                                                                                                      Shoulder Strap: Optional (above)

                                                          Shown with Aero Panniers

   12                                  phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
INERTIA DESIGNS PANNIER SUSPENSIONS                                                    PANNIER ADJUSTMENT
At Inertia Designs we make two distinct suspensions to meet the needs of any           Step A: The first step in adjusting Inertia panniers (excluding fixed hook mod-
rider under any conditions. To simplify the pannier selection process we have          els) is fitting the top hooks to your rack.
categorized each bag into the area(s) of use for which we designed them. Feel
free to break the rules, these categories are simply guidelines. For paved com-        1) To position the bags for your desired heel clearance, back pedal with your
muting or quick runs to the market the Bungee System is fine. If you venture           foot at the approximate angle it would be in a true forward stroke, your heel
off the beaten path and end up in pot holes or unexpected terrain changes, the         should just miss the bag.
Cam Suspension will keep your bags from spontaneously ejecting off the rack.
                                                                                       2) If needed, loosen the top ”J” hooks (see A in Fig. 1) and reposition them on
An additional consideration in making for a safe ride is packing your load prop-       the cross bar. The objective is to have your hooks as far apart as possible for
erly. Most panniers will be mounted on a rear rack. Our adjustable top hooks           stability (try to butt them to the rack’s cross members, this helps as an index
make for easy placement to prevent excessive heel impacts. For longer trips the        for getting the bag on quickly and also adds to the stability of the system).
addition of a front rack and panniers makes for added capacity, better control
                                                                                       3) Retighten hooks at new positions.
and more comfortable ride. Pack your heavy gear low and close to the bike.
                                                                                                                                      A                            A
Layer out from the bike by weight and try to put soft items (clothes etc.) toward      Note: With the Inertia crossbar system
the outside of the bag to help cushion any potential impacts.                          the bag can be positioned off the back
                                                                                       of the rack yet still remain solidly
Note on racks: Make sure to purchase a quality rack to mount your panniers on.
                                                                                       mounted due to the added rigidity pro-
Take care to check that it has a bottom attachment point to secure the anchor
                                                                                       vided by the cross bar. This allows for
hook of the pannier. (Most good racks have a small piece of rod stock that
                                                                                       less frame sheet thickness and a lighter
extends beyond the bottom weld, and/or a horizontal cross bar). Some lesser
quality racks have no bottom anchor point (to save on cost, we think), they are

                                                                                                                                                                       Pannier Suspension/Adjustment Instructions
fine for rack trunks and basket balls, but not for panniers.                           Step B: If the rear hook is moved for-
Categories: C = Commuting                                                              ward you will most likely need to shift
            T = Touring                                                                the ”S” hook to the front pocket of the
                                                                                                                                                 Fig. I       B
            R = Recumbent Compatible                                                   stabilizing webbing (B). The goal is to
                                                                                       have the ”S” hook roughly centered
                                                                                       between the top hooks.

Ideal for moderate loads on paved or groomed conditions where simplicity is a priority.

1) Adjust top hooks (Step A above under Pannier Adjustment).
2) Select appropriate lower webbing pocket for the bungee to pass through (see B in Fig. I above). Pick the pocket that is
roughly on the center line of the two hooks, e.g. if the bag is shifted back from the rider, use the front bungee pocket.
3) Attach ”S” hook to bottom ”leg” of rack.
4) Pull up on handle of pannier to tension bungee and place top hooks on top rail of rack at points determined above.
5) Ride

Note: If you have a shorter rack and need more bungee tension follow the steps in Fig. II.

                                           Inertia Panniers are set for a standard 12” rack. If you have a shorter rack, such as on a recumbent, you can easily
                                           shorten the bungee. Fig. II

                                           1) Pry collar away from mounted end with screwdriver or blunt knife.
                                           2) Pull through sufficient bungee for a proper fit.
                                           3) Replace collar with pliers. Keep excess bungee attached until you are sure the fit is correct, then cut leaving at
                                           least 1/4” exposed, melt end with a flame.
                Fig. II

Designed for heavier loads on rough terrain, when every ounce counts.
1) Adjust top hooks (Step A above under Pannier Adjustment).
2) Center cam unit above lower attachment leg of rack (loosen 2 nylocks to move and retighten once in appropriate posi-
tion). Fig. III
3) Feed ”S” hook through appropriate webbing pocket (webbing should hang down vertically with no more than a few
degrees variation from vertical).
4) Set pannier on rack at position determined by hooks (Step A).
5) With one hand, position bottom ”S” hook on ”leg” of rack. With your other hand pull up gently on webbing to take slack
out of system (there is a rubber sleeve at the top of the system to keep the webbing in position and allow you to let go).
6) Press down on the tab of the metal cam buckle while simultaneously pulling firmly up on the webbing at the top of the
bag, release the metal cam buckle tab to lock webbing in position. (See Fig. IV.)
7) For added security, slide the plastic cam buckle down tightly on the metal cam buckle and lock closed. This will prevent
any accidental release in the event the metal buckle is accidentally impacted. (See Fig. V.)
8) Ride.


                 Fig. III                                   Fig. IV                                                          Fig. V

                                phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                           13
                                                  METRO LITE PANNIER Designed for those who live by the motto, keep it simple. A great commuter bag used Single-Sided
                                                                            or in pairs, it will fit a grocery bag perfectly. But why bother? Just pull the bag off your rack and use
                                                  the two handles to load up at the farmers market, or pop in a 24-pack of cold ones depending what’s on the menu. Like the
                                                  other Metros, the bottom of the bag is solidly supported by internal Load Straps to hold heavy loads with ease, while a front
                                                  stabilizer bar keeps loads in check both on and off the bike. When empty, the Metro Lite folds flat out of the way.

                                                  Sold Single-Sided
                                                  Fabric: Cordura®
                                                  Color: Black
                                                                                                                                  Metro Lite closed
                                                  Volume: 1248 ci
                                                                                                                                  (left); suspension
                                                  Dimensions: 13”x 8”x 12”
                                                  Weight: 29 oz
                                                  Suspension: Bungee-Fixed Hooks
                                                  Mounting: Rear only
                                                  Shoulder Strap: Optional (see page 17)
                                                  Category: C

                                                             METRO BASKET PANNIER Our bungee suspension, single-sided folding ”basket” pannier comes with a shoulder strap
                                                                                           so you can pop it off the bike and carry it into the store. It is designed to fit a standard
                                                             paper grocery bag, but you can just fill it up without one. The Metro is also excellent for commuting to work, with
                                                             plenty of space for extra clothes and files. Unlike other basket panniers, the Metro folds in on itself, when not in use
                                                             (not up and in the way of your rack as do designs with ”U” shaped supports). Also unique to the Metro are the adjust-
                                                             able top hooks, allowing riders to perfectly adjust the position of the bag on the
                                                             rack for a more stable ride and to prevent heel rubbing.

                                                             Sold Single-Sided           Shoulder Strap: Included
                                                             Fabric: Cordura®            Category: C
                                                             Color: Black
                                                             Volume: 1248 ci
                                                             Dimensions: 13”x 8”x 12”
                                                             Weight: 41 oz
Commuting Panniers

                                                             Suspension: Bungee-Adjustable Hooks
                                                             Mounting: Rear only                                           Metro shown closed

                     METRO BASKET PANNIER HOOD If you're paranoid about papers or
                                                         cantaloupes popping out of the
                     top of your Metro, the Metro Hood was made for you. Tailored of 400
                     denier pack cloth, the Hood secures to the rear cross bar with hook and                                       METRO DYNAMICS
                     loop tabs. The front edge is attached with a side release buckle and
                     short tension strap. When not in use leave the hook and loop tabs                  The foundation of all Inertia flat bottom panniers (Metros, Business,
                     attached and tuck the Hood into the Metro and out of the way.                      Satchel, and Over Load) is our unique Load Strap that transfers weight
                                                                                                        from the bottom shelf plate to the main frame sheet providing extreme
                     NOTE: Fits Metro Basket Pannier only.                                              stability with minimum weight or construction.

                                                         Fabric: Nylon Pack Cloth
                                                         Color: Black
                                                         Dimensions: 13.5”x 8”x 2”
                                                         Weight: 2.3 oz

                                                                                                                                                                        Frame Sheet

                       The Hood secures to the rear cross
                       bar with hook and loop tabs.

   METRO RAIN COVERS (Metro Lite/Metro Basket/Super Metro)                                                                                                             Load Strap
  Constructed of heat sealed rip stop nylon it slips over the bag shower cap
  style. A tension cord with a cord lock is located at the top of the bag and there
  is a grommeted drain hole in the bottom. Hot tip: tie the excess cord to the
  Metro's handle to keep it out of your spokes
  and as a safety strap for the rain cover if you                                                                                                                    Living Hinge
  get hit by a gale force cross wind.

   Fabric: Heat sealed 200 denier rip-stop nylon
   Color: Black with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective
   Material Strips
   Volume: Metro Pannier                                                                                Metro Side View Cut-away                       Bottom Shelf Plate
   Dimensions: 14”x 9.5”x 11.5” (Lite &
   Basket)/16”x 9”x 13” (Super)
   Weight: 2.9 oz (Lite & Basket)/3.5 oz (Super)

      14                                     phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
SUPER METRO PANNIER           If you are a hard core commuter who lives by the         SATCHEL PANNIER       The Satchel Pannier is a clean and simple design with
                              mantra, if I just had a bit more room, the Super                               one main compartment and a generous top flap to keep
Metro is your bag. Two inches longer and one inch wider than the Metro                 the elements out and your cargo in. The flap secures with large strips of hook
Basket, it also has Load Straps for stability, but we increased the structural         and loop (like a messenger bag) to fit any size load. The bungee suspension is
support with 6061-T6 aluminum tubing at the hinge point and the outer edge             from the time tested Metro Lite and
of the bottom of the bag. The bag is topped off with an 11” mesh sleeve that           holds the bag secure for all street
will nearly double your gear hoarding capacity. For added security we used our         commutes. Like all our flat bottom
cam suspension with adjustable top hooks so you can position the bag well              panniers, we have added a Load Strap
off the back of the rack. There are also two internal flat zipper pockets so you       for stability.
can stash your keys or the optional rain cover. One word of warning, if you
plan to fully load a Super Metro (or worse, a pair of them) you’d better have          Sold Single-Sided
a well made rack.                                                                      Fabric: Cordura®
                                                                                       Color: Black, Pink
Sold Single-Sided                                                                      Volume: 1092 ci
Fabric: Cordura®                                                                       Dimensions: 14”x 6”x 13”
Color: Black                                                                           Weight: 32 oz
Volume: 1653 ci + Overstuff                                                            Category: C
Dimensions: 15”x 9”x 12”
Weight: 54 oz
Suspension: Cam

                                          Shoulder Strap: Included
                                          Category: C

                                                                                                                                                                    Commuting Panniers
       Super Metro shown closed

BUSINESS PANNIER with CAM SUSPENSION We have upgraded the suspension on the Business Pannier to our solid locking Cam System. The Business
                                                    Pannier was designed to be a professional looking bag that is also a great pannier (not just a pannier that
looks vaguely like a briefcase). There is an internal lap top sleeve (holds a 17”), interior flat pocket for priority papers, and a main cargo area that can hold
a 4” stack of papers, or a change of clothes. The exterior of the bag has a full length pocket that easily holds legal pads, and two smaller pockets for quick
necessities. ¼ cross-linked foam lines the top, bottom and back in addition to the HDPE stiffeners in the bottom and back. An interior load strap (borrowed
from the Metro Pannier) adds stability. The fully adjustable Cam Suspension can be zipped off and left on the bike or slipped into the rear pocket (with the
hooks facing the main bag) so you have no fear of catching your leg on a hook. The 3M reflective strips are removable (for office situations) and can be
moved to either end of the bag depending on which side of the bike you mount it.

Note: For added stability of heavy loads the extra long ”luggage straps” attached to the rear frame should be pulled across the bag in an X shape compressing
the load.

Sold Single-Sided
Fabric: Cordura®
Color: Black
Volume: 1215 ci
Dimensions: 16”x 5”x 12”
Weight: 52 oz
Suspension: Cam
Shoulder Strap: Included
Mounting: Rear only                                                                                                                     Interior shown
Reflective Strips: 1 per bag
Category: C
                                                                                       CROSS-TOWN ECONOMY PANNIERS               For those who believe that money is
                                                                                                                                 an object (as opposed to those who
                                                                                       believe that money is no object), we created a simplified version of the Express
                                                                                       Panniers. The Cross-Town is the same bomb-proof quality as our other panniers
       Business Pannier back                                                           but with a fixed hook bungee suspension and a flat (not baffled) exterior
       showing Cam Suspension                                                          pocket.

                                                                                       Sold in Pairs
                                                                                                          Fabric: Cordura®
                                                                                                          Color: Black
                                                                                                          Volume: 2738 ci/pair
BUSINESS PANNIER COVER                                                                                    Dimensions: 11”x 6”x
Sold Separately from Business Pannier                                                                     Weight: 46 oz
Fabric: 200 denier nylon with 1.5 mil urethane coating                                                    Suspension: Bungee-
Colors: Black                                                                                             Fixed Hooks
Weight: 2.5 oz                                                                                            Category: C

                                phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                     15
     EXPRESS PANNIERS If your commute is only on paved roads, and/or you need to save a few dollars
                             to pay your rent, the Express is the pannier of your dreams. We utilized the
    bomb- proof bag design of our very popular Cam Excursion Panniers with baffled mesh side pockets
    and zip-top closure, but with the simplified bungee suspension found on the Metro. The top hooks are
    fully adjustable for a maximized custom fit. The symmetrical profile of the Express works equally well
    on a front or rear rack.

    Sold in Pairs                                              Suspension: Bungee-Adjustable Hooks
    Fabric: Cordura®                                           Mounting: Front or Rear
    Color: Black                                               Reflective Strips: 1 per bag
    Volume: 2276 ci/pair                                       Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 18)
    Dimensions: 11”x 6”x 14”                                   Rain Covers: Size Small (Optional - page 17)
    Weight: 51 oz                                              Category: C & T

                                                                                  CAM EXCURSION PANNIERS             The Cam Excursion is the      Color: Black
                                                                                                                     fair weather version of       Volume: 2276/pair
                                                                                  our Cam Dry Load Panniers. The bags have symmetrical             Dimensions: 11”x 6”x 14”
                                                                                  cut-aways on both bottom edges so bags can go on either          Storm Sleeve: None
                                                                                  side of the bike or on a front rack. The single main com-        Weight: 60 oz
                                                                                  partment zips closed and has a baffled mesh pocket on the        Suspension: Cam
                                                                                  outside for overstuff capacity. Top it all off with our proven   Mounting: Front or Rear
                                                                                  Cam Suspension and you’ve got panniers suitable for a            Reflective Strips: 1 per bag
                                                                                  ride to work or a trip across the Continent.                     Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 18)
Commuting/Touring Panniers

                                                                                                                                                   Rain Covers: Size Small (Optional - page 17)
                                                                                  Sold in Pairs                                                    Categories: C & T
                                                                                  Fabric: Cordura®

                             CAM DRY LOAD PANNIERS           The Cam Dry Load Panniers utilize the time-tested design of our Monsoon water-tight bags
                                                             with an added top flap hood with a concealed quick access pocket underneath. The cam
                             suspension is ideal for touring or guerilla commutes.

                             NOTE: The flap pocket is not water-tight so be sure to protect valuables in a zip-lock or other
                             water-proof container.

                             Sold in Pairs
                             Fabric: Cordura®
                             Colors: Black, Black/Yellow
                             Volume: 2738/pair
                             Dimensions: 11”x 6”x 14”
                             Storm Sleeve: 12”
                             Weight: 79 oz
                             Suspension: Cam                                     Cam Suspension
                             Mounting: Front or rear
                             Reflective Strips: 1 per bag
                             Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 18)
                             Category: C & T

                                                                        OVER LOAD PANNIER The Overload Pannier is designed to add
                                                                                                  even more utility to your utility bike. This
                                                                        HUGE pannier fits all Xtracycles, Big Dummys, and Yuba bikes. Three
                                                                        stainless steel hooks attach to the top rail and are easily secured by
                                                                        your top deck. Two One Wrap hook and loop straps hold the bottom
                                                                        of the bag to the chain stays. As with the bags in our Metro series,
                                                                        diagonal Load Straps add stability, the center strap is adjustable or
                                                                        removable to support loads of any size. A living hinge allows the bag
                                                                        to fold up flat when not in use. These bags are sold single-sided for
                                                                        your own protection, so you are not tempted to see how much you
                                                                        can fit on your bike.

                                                                        Sold Single-Sided
                                                                        Fabric: Cordura®
                                                                        Color: Black, Custom colors available
                                                                        Volume: 3900 ci                                    Suspension: Custom
                                                                        Dimensions: 26.75”x 9”x 16                         Special Order Only
                                                                        Weight: 84 oz                                      Categories: C & T

         16                                            phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
CAM TOURING PANNIERS            The Cam Touring Panniers have reversible fanny     EXPEDITION CAM TOURING PANNIERS               Need to carry lunch for 12 and
                                pack hoods that telescope up on the 10” storm                                                    the kitchen sink? Then get the
sleeves to swallow any excess gear that may accumulate as the trip progresses.     Expedition Touring Panniers. The big brother of our top-loading Touring
The narrow profile makes them perfect for front or rear use on intermediate        Pannier, they feature reversible fanny pack hoods, horizontal and vertical
terrain. They are an excellent option if you need to augment your rear panniers    compression, and modular reflective strips. Used in conjunction with the Cam
for a road tour or just need a versatile bag for in-town use.                      Excursion or Cam Touring you have enough room to take
                                                                                   on a serious back country trip or an around the world tour.
Sold in Pairs                                                                      A 20° cutaway at the front of the bags main-
Fabric: Cordura®                                                                   tains maximum volume and load
Color: Black                                                                       placement while retaining suffi-
Volume: 2216/3316 ci/pair                                                          cient heel clearance on any
Dimensions: 9.5”x 5”x 16”                                                          frame geometry.
Storm Sleeve: 10”
Weight: 66 oz                                                                      Sold in Pairs
Suspension: Cam                                                                    Fabric: Cordura®
Mounting: Front or Rear                                                            Colors: Black
Reflective Strips: 2 per bag                                                       Volume: 3818/4918 ci/pair
Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 18)                                                 Dimensions: 12.5”x 6”x 17”
Rain Covers: Size Regular                                                          Storm Sleeve: 11”
(Optional - below)                                                                 Weight: 86 oz
Category: T                                                                        Suspension: Cam
                                                                                   Mounting: Rear only
                                                                                   Reflective Strips: 2 per bag
                                                                                   Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 18)
                                                                                   Rain Covers: Size Large (Optional,
                                                                                   below left)
                                                                                   Category: T

                            RAIN COVERS - SMALL
                                                                                   PANNIER POCKETS            Our add-on pockets are the perfect way to orga-
                           Fabric: heat-sealed 200 denier rip-stop nylon                                      nize gear on longer trips. All attach securely with
                           Color: Black with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective            quick-release buckles to any bag with horizontal
                           Material Strips                                         compression straps. The Mesh
                           Dimensions: 11”x 7”x 15”                                Pocket is great for toxic items like
                                                                                   fuel bottles or smelly socks. The

                                                                                                                                                                    Touring Panniers
                           Weight: 5 oz (pair)
                                                                                   Water-Tight Pocket fits the bill for
                                                                                   sensitive items like cameras or
                                                                                   first aid kits. And the Solid Pocket
                                                                                   of 500 denier Cordura® is a catch-
                                                                                   all for any overflow gear. All pock-
                                                                                   ets have a strip of 3M™
                                                                                   Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for
RAIN COVERS - LARGE                               RAIN COVERS - REGULAR            added safety.
                                                                                   Mesh                   Water-Tight                       Solid
Fabric: heat-sealed 200                           Fabric: heat-sealed 200
                                                                                   Color: Black           Color: Black                      Color: Black
denier rip-stop nylon                             denier rip-stop nylon
                                                                                   Volume: 154 ci         Volume: 137 ci                    Volume: 154 ci
Color: Black with 3M™                             Color: Black with 3M™
                                                                                   Dimensions: 4”x        Dimensions: 4”x                   Dimensions: 4”x
Scotchlite™ Reflective                            Scotchlite™ Reflective
                                                                                   3”x 11”                3”x 11”       Water-Tight         3”x 11”
Material Strips                                   Material Strips
                                                                                   Weight: 2.7 oz         Weight: 3 oz                      Weight: 2.4 oz
Dimensions: 13”x 7”x 25”                          Dimensions: 10”x 7”x 23”
                                                                                   Sold individually      Sold individually                 Sold individually
Weight: 7 oz (pair)                               Weight: 6 oz (pair)

                                                                                   MONSOON CAM EXPEDITION PANNIERS               Need to carry lunch for 12 and
                                                                                                                                 the kitchen sink full of water?
MONSOON CAM TOURING PANNIERS                  The Monsoon version of our Cam       Then you need the Monsoon Expedition Panniers. Seriously, if you are headed
                                              Touring Panniers fit the bill when   out on a long trip in questionable weather, the only true option is to team up
extreme adventure on the menu. Top loading with our bag-in-a-bag design,           the Monsoon Expeditions with either Dry Load or Monsoon Cam Touring on
the roll-top river bag interior telescopes up to swallow gear while the floating   the front. As with the other Monsoon bags, the
fanny pack hoods cinch down with                                                   features are identical to the con-
four point compression for a stable                                                ventional bags but with the Inertia
ride.                                                                              exclusive bag-in-a-bag system.

Sold in Pairs                                                                      Sold in Pairs
Fabric: Cordura®                                                                   Fabric: Cordura®
Color: Black                                                                       Colors: Black
Volume: 2216/2766 ci/pair                                                          Volume: 3368/4168 ci/pair
Dimensions: 9.5”x 5”x 16”                                                          Dimensions: 12.5”x 6”x 17”
Storm Sleeve: 12”                                                                  Storm Sleeve: 13”
Weight: 86 oz                                                                      Weight: 98 oz
Suspension: Cam            Water-Tight                                             Suspension: Cam            Water-Tight
Mounting: front or rear                                                            Mounting: Rear only
Reflective Strips: 2 per bag                                                       Reflective Strips: 2 per bag
Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 18)                                                 Shoulder Strap: Optional (page 18)
Note: Hoods are not water-tight.                                                   Note: Hoods are not water-tight.
Category: T                                                                        Category: T

                                 phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                    17
       ANKLE BAND      Great for keeping your pants away from chain grime or for                                    BOTTLE HOLDER         Attaches to Explorer Handle Bar Bag and
                       securing that 100 foot extension cord that's hanging in your                                                       most pannier compression straps.
       garage. 1-1/2” hook and loop with a strip of 3M™
       Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for day and night                                                            Fabric: Cordura®
       visibility.                                                                                                  Color: Black
                                                                                                                    Weight: 2 oz
      Color: Black                                                                                                                                              Bottle not included
      Weight: 0.5 oz

                                                                                                                    APRON Styled like a machinist's apron, with a hinged top pocket and divided
                                                                                                                             cargo pockets for larger tools. Durable 10 oz cotton duct breathes for
                                                                                                                    comfort, while the crossover strap system distributes
                                                                                                                    weight to the shoulders not the neck, allowing for
                                                                                                                    maximum up/down adjustment.

                                                                                                                    Note: Names, etc. up to ten characters can be
                                       PUMP STRAP A 1-1/2” hook and loop                                            embroidered for an additional $5.00/apron.
                                                     strap to keep your pump
                                       from becoming road kill. A neoprene                                          One size fits all
                                       patch keeps the paint on your bike.                                          Fabric: 10 oz cotton canvas
                                                                                                                    Color: Black

                                       Color: Black                                                                 Dimensions: 33”x 24”
                                       Weight: 0.5 oz                                                               Weight: 9.5 oz

                                                                                                                    PADDED SHOULDER STRAP
                                       3M™ SCOTCHLITE™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL                                          Optional Shoulder Strap attaches to all
                                       Need to be seen? Add these guys to clothing,                                 Inertia Designs Rack Trunks and
                                       racks, frames, etc. and reduce your potential of                             Panniers.
                                       becoming a statistic. All strips are 1”x 12” sew-on
                                                                                                                    Weight: 3.7 oz
                                       for fabric, adhesive for hard surfaces.

                                       Weight: 0.1 oz

                                                                                                                    CARGO DUFFEL We originally designed this bag so our sales reps could carry
                                                                                                                                           all of their samples, but so many people liked it we decided
                                                                                                                    to add it to the line. Big does not even do this thing justice, it’s huge. Let’s just
                                                                                                                    say if you fill this, the sky cap will definitely want a big tip. The long sides are
                                                                                                                    padded to protect your gear, there is a flat mesh pocket on one end, a dimen-
                                       UPTOWN MESSENGER            The clean lines of the Uptown Messenger          sional pocket on the other, and a full ballistic bottom. The straps join with a
                                                                   make it an excellent bag for business travel     removable handle (like the panniers) and it comes with a padded shoulder
                                       and basic daily commuting. The adjustable shoulder strap has a con-          strap too. Yes, you can fit all the bags in this catalog inside it (half pannier sets
                                       toured pad of #2 cross-linked foam and an integral sternum to stabilize      only). Please feel free to purchase one of each bag and
                                       the bag on or off a bike. The bag's interior is bright yellow to help you    find out for yourself.
                                       find important files in a flash. The padded internal sleeve will secure
                                       your lap top (or loose papers) easily. An additional internal divider just   Fabric: Cordura®
                                                      makes you that much more organized. Under the flap is         Color: Black
                                                               an organizer pocket with a hide-away key fob. A      Volume: 7395 ci
                                                                rear slash pocket and side pocket take last         Dimensions: 30”x 14.5”x 17”
                                                                   minute items. But there's more. The main         Weight: 35 oz
                                                                    flap is also a pocket with a water-proof zip-   Shoulder strap: Included (not shown
                                                                    per and 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective Material     in photo)
                                                                   sewn with loops to support a safety flasher.

                                                                     Fabric: Cordura®
                                                                     Color: Black
                                                                      Volume: 957 ci
                                                                      Dimensions: 15”x 5”x 11”                      RACE DUFFEL      Just the right size for all your gear (24”x 10”x 11” overall) with
                                                                     Weight: 23 oz                                                   a big main compartment. One end pocket is mesh sided for
                                                                                                                    stinky items. Two side mesh pockets hold water bottles, gloves, etc. and a hide-
                                                                                                                    away changing mat keeps your socks clean. (This is a great custom item for

                                                                                                                    Fabric: Cordura®
                                                                                                                    Color: Black
                                                                                                                    Volume: 2549 ci
                                                                                                                    Dimensions: 24”x 10”x 11”
                                                                                                                    Weight: 25 oz
                                                                                                                    Shoulder strap: Included (not
                                                                                                                    shown in photo)

            18                                                  phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com
                                                                            POLICE BAGS
Constructed of Cordura®, every Inertia Designs Police bags will accept all the punishment that daily law enforcement use can produce. Rigid four pound density
foam is used on most bags for added stability and durability. Each bag features a 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material logo on both sides of the bag and a strip
of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material across the back for night safety (not available on Police Basic). The P, PV and E versions have rear storage pockets and top
cargo pockets featuring zippers with storm flaps.

POLICE BASIC Designed for departments with strict budget constraints, the             POLICE (E) EXPANDABLE       Four external pockets:
                Police Basic has all the essentials without the frills. Constructed                               rear, top, and two
of 500 denier Cordura® backed by #2 cross-linked foam, the single main com-           side, for gear storage and insulated expandable
partment will hold all the essentials for bike mounted officers.                      main compartment increasing capacity by 45%.
                                                                                      Make the Police/E a versatile tool for any cycling
Available with POLICE or SECURITY logos only.                                         officer.

Fabric: Cordura®                                                                                                     POLICE or SECURITY
Colors: Black                                                                                                        reflective logo avail-
Attachment: four point hook and loop                                                                                 able on all bags.
Volume: 432 ci
Dimensions: 12”x 6.5”x 8”                                                                                            Fabric: Cordura®
Weight: 11.5 oz                                                                                                      Color: Black
                                                                                                                     Attachment: four point hook and loop
                                                                                                                     and front quick release webbing strap

                                                                                                                                                                 Police Bags/Securing Water-Tight Bags
                                                                                                                     Volume: 767/1129 ci
POLICE (P) WITH POCKET       Insulated main compartment, large top pocket                                            Dimensions: 12”x 6.5”x 10/16”
                             for citation books, smaller rear pocket with 3M™                                        Weight: 21.5 oz
Scotchlite™ Reflective Material and side baton loops.

POLICE or SECURITY reflective logo available on
all bags.

Fabric: Cordura®
Color: Black
Attachment: four point hook and loop and                                                                    All Inertia
front quick release webbing strap                                                                            bags are
                                                                                                             made in
Volume: 660 ci                                                                                               the USA
Dimensions: 12”x 6.5”x 10”
Weight: 16 oz

POLICE (PV) WITH POCKET AND VELCRO PATCHES               This police bag is iden-     EMS/PARAMEDIC RACK TRUNK              At crowed events the quickest
                                                         tical to the Police with                                           way to an injured person may be
                              Pocket with the addition of removable hook and          on a bike. The Paramedic Rack Trunk was designed with the essentials
                              loop backed 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material         in mind. The main compartment is padded with #4 foam to protect an
                              patches. This is the perfect option when officers       oxygen unit or small defibrillator. The rear, top, and side pockets all
                              want to use their bags off duty (without the                                                open wide for greater access and
                              patches). Available patches include: MP, RANGER,                                            have mesh storage pockets for
                              SAFETY, PARKING, and SHERIFF, additional titles                                             instrument organization.
                              can be produced as needed.
                                                                                                                          Fabric: Cordura®
                              Extra Patches                                                                               Color: Black (Red, Yellow -
                              Sold in Pairs.                                                                              two additional weeks)
                                                                                                                          Volume: 952 ci
Color: Black                                                                                                              Dimensions: 12.5”x 6.5”x 10”
Volume: 660 ci                                                                                                            Weight: 23.4 oz
Dimensions: 12”x 6.5”x 10”
Weight: 17 oz                                     Examples of some available
Made in the USA                                     patches shown above.

                                                       Instructions for Securing Water-Tight Bags
Please note that we describe our bags as water-tight, not water-proof, for the sake of clarity. No sewn or welded bag from any manufacturer can sustain submersion
for continuous hours (as in tied to rock at the bottom of a lake for two days). Our roll top bag in a bag design (when rolled a minimum of three times) will keep
your gear extremely dry in any sort of rain storm or river crossing and can stay submerged for many minutes at a time for many hours and days on end.

                                                                   2. Roll top edge of bag down until
 1. Join hook and loop strips to close                             snug with contents (minimum of
 top of bag.                                                       three rolls).                                                      3. Clip buckle to mating half

                                 phone: (805) 965-6922  (800) 965-9550  fax: (805) 965-3818  inertiadesigns.com                                                    19
  P.O. Box 4617
  Santa Barbara, CA 93140
  phone: (805) 965-6922
  (800) 965-9550
  fax: (805) 965-3818
                                       Inertia Designs
                                       Made in the USA
Cover Photos: Mark Shimahara/BikeZen

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