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									         Newest 100Mbps Unlocked ZTE MF91 4G LTE Hotspot

It was really an excite news that ZTE MF91 was exhibited in CES2012. It

is known that ZTE appeared in CES2012 with its newest mobile devices

such as smart phone, tablet, and WiFi hotspot such as ZTE MF91 4G LTE

hotspot , gateway, etc. which fully reflects the leading advantages and

comprehensive competitiveness of ZTE in LTE technology area.

When it comes to ZTE MF91 LTE hotspot, we have to say that this is a fast

LTE hotspot with 100Mbps upload speed and 50Mbps download speed,

in the meanwhile, unlocked ZTE MF91 4g LTE hotspot can offer 4g

internet accesses to 10 terminals at one time and with long standby time

of 2300Mah battery, people can use this 4g LTE hotspot at least 4 fours.

The stylish design and portability of ZTE MF91 4G LTE hotspot has

attracted more people.

Unique Advantages In Application
Everybody knows that ZTE MF91 4G LTE hotspot is superior to many

other LTE mobile devices in applications for its high speed and multi

users support. Although we learn that there are many 3g or 4g routers

which can support many terminals at one time, Is it really can be called a

good or suitable mobile hotspot? No, it is not enough. In fact, when we

judge if a mobile hotspot is good /suitable or not, we should consider

not only how many users the mobile hotspot support but also which fast

speed can hold so many users? it is reported that many mobile hotspots

can hold multi users at one time only at with its low speed, it doesn’t

make any sense, I think it is boring when you share this mobile hotspot

with your friends with such a slow speed .It is unbelievable that you can

finish your job or do something urgent with such mobile hotspot, thus

choosing a mobile hotspot with high speed is always people’s wishes. I

think unlocked ZTE MF91 4G LTE hotspot is a good option, for unlocked

ZTE MF91 make people experience the amusement and convenience of

high speed 100Mbps even it is used by ten users at one time. So not only

you can share ZTE MF91 with your family members at home or in a

garden, but also you can share Unlocked ZTE MF91 4G LTE hotspot with

your friends or workmates in a bar, cafeteria, even in the office. In

addition, with its wide LTE network band of 2600/1800/2100, this 4g LTE

hotspot is supported by many professional operators such as T-Mobile,

O2, 3, AT&T and can be taken most places in the world. Do you want to
own a mobile hotspot which not only increase the amusement in your

life but also improves the efficiency in your job? ZTE MF91 LTE hotspot

can make everything come true.

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