Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Procurement Strategy by pengxiang


									                                          PROCUREMENT STRATEGY ACTION PLAN

  Vision: To obtain best value through planned, responsive, professional, well-managed, sustainable procurement
            that contributes to achieving the Council’s priorities and meets the needs of the community.

Objective                 Actions                              Responsible          Progress      PMB Outstanding Action   Target
1. To contribute to       1.1 These are covered by the         Procurement          Ongoing.
   achieving the              objectives and actions           Management
                                                                                    ToR agreed.
   Council’s priorities       outlined below. The impact       Board (new board
   and delivery of the        of any changes to the            comprising the
   Council Plan               Council’s priorities will need   Member and
                              to be considered.                Corporate Director
                                                               champion and
                                                               relevant officers)

Objective               Actions                             Responsible        Progress                    PMB Outstanding Action           Target
2. To achieve best      2.1 Review contract standing        Head of Internal   DR circulated SOs for                                        Constitution
   value for money          orders to ensure they reflect   Audit              comment by PMB.                                              target – to go
   on all procured          whole life cost evaluation                         Timetable as per                                             to Council in
   goods, works and         and partnership                                    Constitution (referred                                       February 2005
                            approaches.                                        back to Scrutiny).
   services and
   reduce the cost of   2.2 Develop corporate guidance      Procurement        Being encompassed into      To be linked with SOs and
   the procurement          on when and how to              Management         a Toolkit delegated to      Constitution timetable. – 1st
   process and              prepare tender evaluation       Board              individuals                 draft to be taken to March
   ensure continuous        models based on whole life                                                     2005 meeting.
   improvement.             costs and quality.
                        2.3 Investigate opportunities to    Procurement        JBarrett reported on high   JBarrett to investigate
                            aggregate/centralise            Management         transaction review          further conference facilities,
                            purchases from                  Board              findings – report now on    corporate clothing and
                            departments for common                             Work Together.              supply of paper.
                            items to maximise
                            purchasing power and to
                            rationalise the existing
                            supplier base.
                        2.4 Establish “call off” and        Procurement                                                                     End of
                            framework agreements for        Management                                                                      financial year
                            departments to use for low      Board/Core                                                                      2004/05
                            value repeat purchases.         Services Manager
                        2.5 Develop guidance for the        Procurement                                    NC to circulate suggested        End of
                            inclusion of continuous         Management                                     wording (to form part of         financial year
                            improvement incentives in       Board                                          toolkit) for next meeting.       2004/05
                                                                                                           Where are we         ?

Objective                Actions                              Responsible          Progress                       PMB Outstanding Action       Target
3. To ensure all         3.1 Include workforce,               Head of Legal        In progress                    DBurrell and SB to prepare
   procurement               sustainability, diversity and    Services                                            1st draft for March 2005
   activity has regard       equality contract clauses in                                                         meeting.
   to the Council’s          a “standard procurement
                             document” pack to form part
   policies and
                             of the “procurement toolkit”.
   strategies on
   sustainability,       3.2 Review the environmental         Sustainability       In progress.                   To be included as part of
   diversity and             purchasing principles and        Champions            SR and JBarrett worked         Toolkit.
   equality and              consider appropriate                                  on these.
   workforce issues.         targets.
                         3.3 Include in the “procurement      Sustainability
                             toolkit” sustainability issues   Champions
                             and signposting to
                             sustainable procurement
                         3.4 Appraise the use of an           Head of Internal     KJ invited Sinclairs to give
                             external accreditation           Audit                presentation of Exor.
                             service for suppliers.                                Agreed at SMB on
                                                                                   21 September to
                                                                                   purchase Exor.

Objective              Actions                             Responsible        Progress                    PMB Outstanding Action   Target
4. To ensure that      4.1 Prepare a budget holder         Procurement        Draft being worked on.                               End of
   procurement is          “procurement toolkit” to        Management                                                              financial year
   undertaken in           provide clear, user-friendly    Board                                                                   2004/05
   accordance with         guidance on best practise,
                           the council’s processes and
   high professional
                           to include standard
   standards and           documentation to establish
   probity including       corporate procurement
   the project             standards.
   management of
   contracts.          4.2 Issue guidance on               Procurement        Use of “Working
                           procurement project             Management         Together” project
                           management and the              Board/Capital      management software –
                           incorporation of “gateway       Management and     demonstration held at Mgt
                           reviews”.                       Performance        Forum in September.
                       What is being done         ?
                       4.3 Prepare a policy statement      Head of Internal   In place.                                            Achieved.
                           of fraud.                       Audit
                       4.4 Develop an intranet user-       IT Web Manager
                           friendly format for the
                           updated contract standing
                                                                                                          SWilkin to action.   ?
                       4.5 Develop the Government          Capital            Check and balance.          Kevin can you update     End of
                           “rethinking construction”       Management and                                                          financial year
                           agenda and apply the
                           appropriate principles to the
                                                           Group                                          ?                        2004/05

                           Council’s construction
                           related procurement.
                       4.6 Improve risk management         Head of            Risk Management                                      End of
                           by the distribution of          Performance and    Strategy has been                                    financial year
                           guidance developed from         Review             through Mgt Forum and                                2004/05
                           risk management strategy.                          Council and is now in
Objective             Actions                            Responsible         Progress                    PMB Outstanding Action   Target
5. To develop a     5.1 Publish a “Selling to the        Procurement         Guide now on the web.
   mixed economy of     Council” guide on the            Management
   suppliers and        Council website and              Board
   promote              maintain and publish a
                        programme of forthcoming
                      5.2 Identify opportunities for    Procurement          Research on shared
                          joint procurement with other Management            services and joint
                          local authorities and explore Board                procurement.
                          the potential for new                              DBunton talking to Hart
                          partnerships.                                      and NHHT.
                      5.3 Review the current use of      Head of Internal    All to find out what
                          publications for tender        Audit               publications are used to
                          advertising.                                       advertise tenders – done.

                                                                             Use of Exor accreditation
                                                                             and Contract Register
                                                                             now on Web.
                      5.4 Research ways of building      Business            Awareness through Web
                          the capacity of small          Development         – Selling to the Council
                          businesses to tender for       Manager             Guide and Contract
                          Council contracts.                                 Register now on Web.
                      5.5 Investigate the use of local   Core Services                                   JBarrett                 End of
                          and national public sector     Manager                                                                  financial year
                          purchasing consortia.                                                          Kevin can you update     2004/05


Objective              Actions                              Responsible         Progress             PMB Outstanding Action        Target
6. To develop the      6.1 Develop an e-Procurement         Core Services                            e-Procurement Group to
   scope for doing         strategy.                        Manager                                  action - JBarrett to report
   business                                                                                          on progress at PMB.
   electronically to
   assist in driving
   down transaction
                                                                                                     ? Revisit
   costs.              6.2 Implement an appropriate         Core Services       Market Place being   e-Procurement Group to
                           e-procurement solution for       Manager             pursued.             action - JBarrett to report
                           the Council on a modular                                                  on progress at PMB.
                       6.3 Investigate joining a local e-   Core Services       Market Place being   e-Procurement Group to
                           marketplace.                     Manager             pursued.             action - JBarrett to report
                                                                                                     on progress at PMB.

Objective         Actions                             Responsible        Progress                    PMB Outstanding Action   Target
7. To ensure a    7.1 Develop a procurement-          Corporate Training Sent 2 x officers on NVQ
   structured         training programme for          and Development
                                                                         Sustainability Group
   approach to        Members and officers            Officer
                                                                         received presentation.
   procurement        including the option to study
                      for membership of the                              Brief Bite sessions held.
   training for
                      Chartered Institute of
   Members and        Purchasing and Supply and
   staff.             incorporate it into the
                      existing management-
                      training suite.
                  7.2 Annual appraisals to            Heads of Service                               DBunton to raise with
                      include identification of                                                      Personnel
                      requirements for
                      procurement training.
                  7.3 Arrange contract standing       Head of Internal   Procurement Brief Bites     DBunton to raise with
                      order training for all staff    Audit/Corporate    arranged for November.      Personnel
                      involved in procurement.        Training and
                  7.4 Prepare a user guide to the     Procurement        Toolkit – in progress
                      procurement process.            Management
                  7.5 Develop a forum (“learning      Procurement
                      at lunch”) to feedback the
                      lessons learned from
                      individual procurement
                      projects and to share best
                  7.6 Develop “learning at lunch” Training and
                      style training on specific  Development
                      procurement issues such as Officer
                      green purchasing.

Objective               Actions                              Responsible       Progress                  PMB Outstanding Action   Target
8. To ensure that all   8.1 Establish a Procurement          Corporate         In place                                           Achieved
   procurement              Management Board to              Directors
   activity is              coordinate delivery of the
   organised in an          Procurement Strategy Action
                            Plan, chaired by a corporate
   effective way and
                            director champion.
   is embedded in
   the corporate        8.2 Investigate the way in which     Procurement       DBunton obtained report
   planning process.        specialist procurement           Management        from Wycombe DC
                            advice is provided within the    Board
                                                                               Facilities and
                            Council. Undertake an
                                                                               Procurement Manager
                            option appraisal which
                                                                               post created (Janet
                            considers appointing an
                            in-house procurement
                            specialist and sharing
                            services with other councils.
                        8.3 Develop a consultative           Corporate         Links to 8.2
                            approach to procurement by       Directors
                                                                               Procurement Board might
                            identifying a procurement
                                                                               consider taking up that
                            technical support team
                            including relevant staff i.e.
                            finance, legal, procurement,
                            sustainability etc. to support
                            Service Heads undertaking
                            procurement. This will help
                            establish consistency in
                            approach to procurement.
                        8.3 Identify a Member                Cabinet           Identified – Cllr Hood
                            Champion for procurement.
                        8.4 Ensure that the                  Procurement                                 Future updates at Mgt
                            Procurement Strategy and         Management                                  Forum.
                            its policies are considered in   Board/Heads of
                            Divisional Service Plans by
                            preparing guidance for
                            Service Heads.
                                                                                                         J Brill   ?
Objective            Actions                           Responsible        Progress                    PMB Outstanding Action     Target
                     8.5 Promote the Procurement       Procurement        Ongoing
                         Strategy through briefings,   Management
                         training and other            Board
                         communication methods.

9. To develop        9.1 Set targets for procurement   Procurement        Targets on consultancy      KJ to bring target
   management            activity in key areas         Management         set by Cabinet in March -   suggestions to PMB.
   information and       including savings targets.    Board              £5k this year
   the use of        9.2 Monitor performance           Scrutiny
   performance           targets for procurement.      Committee
   measures of
   procurement.      9.2 Produce regular reports to    Procurement
                         Economic Overview             Management
                         Committee detailing           Board
                         progress against the
                         procurement strategy action
                     9.3 Regularly review contract     Head of Internal                               DR to carry out standard
                         standing orders and the       Audit                                          annual reviews.
                         procurement toolkit.
                     9.4 Produce improved              Procurement
                         procurement management        Management
                         information on who buys,      Board
                         what, when and from


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