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									                                 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association

                          Issue 35                                                March-April 2005
                                       WHAT’S HAPPENING AT THE HATCHERIES
Inside this Issue:
                                                      By Matt John, Shady Lane Poultry
Executive Director’s
        Box            After a few years of working in commercial         When choosing a hatchery, the first consid-
   Director Info       poultry right out of college, I became very        eration should be to buy local. Most of us
         2             familiar with the industry from the large          who sell meat, eggs or other produce from
                       corporations to the ‘small-order’ hatcheries       our farms use the fact that it was grown lo-
 From our President
         3             that most pastured poultry growers buy             cally as one of the main selling points. It
                       from. I was surprised to find that a large         seems logical that we would choose to sup-
    In Memory:         number of chicks sold around the country           port local businesses to provide our chicks
    Ron Desens         are drop-shipped from one or two sources           or poults. I would try my best to find a
                       and nearly all of the broilers and sex-link        hatchery that can deliver by the next day
   2005 Planning       layers are hatched from eggs purchased on          after hatching. For many readers in more
         4             the open market.                                                    remote parts of the country,
                       In fact, at least one                                               this may be nearly impossi-
  Profile—Brower       of the most popular                                                 ble. However, the benefits
                       ‘hatcheries’ has not                                                of limiting shipping time
   State Updates       owned chickens for                                                  and getting chicks into a
         6-7           many years, but                                                     stable environment and on
                       drop-ships     every-                                               feed and water as soon as
                       thing they sell.                                                    possible have been known
                                                                                           for many years.
   Recommended         My wife worked
      Reading          briefly for a com-                                                  If the hatchery closest to
        10             pany that sells                                                     your farm does not meet
 Hatchery Directory
                       broiler     hatching                                                your expectations for qual-
       12-15           eggs to corporate poultry companies as well        ity, price or any other reasons, then choose
                       as many of the small hatcheries across the         a hatchery that uses their own breeding
APPPA membership       US. The main lesson learned from that ex-          stock. This said, it may be nearly impossi-
    by State
                       perience is that when Tyson, Perdue or one         ble to find a hatchery near you that has its
                       of the corporate companies wants a particu-        own Cornish cross breeders. However, I
 Online Resources      lar broiler cross, they get first choice. The      want to suggest another option. Why not
   & Classifieds       smaller hatcheries that buy hatching eggs          develop chickens that meet your specific
        16             get whatever cross is left over. You may           needs?
   Producer Plus
                       have noticed that batches of broilers from
 Buying Opportunity    the same hatchery in the same year can vary        Until about 60 years ago, one could pick up
         16            greatly in size, growth rate, livability, etc.     any of the farm or poultry publications and
                       The only way to insure a consistent quality        find advertisements from poultry farmers
 Northeast Pastured    of chicks is to buy from a source that owns        who were selling pure breeds and first gen-
 Poultry Conference
    Registration       their breeding stock. Call and ask, if they        eration (F1) crosses of production chickens.
          19           refer to ‘cooperating hatcheries’, ‘affiliates,’   The ads talked about high egg production
                       ‘associate breeders’ etc. then you will know       numbers, fast growth, etc. While those ad-
  Purpose-Events       they are not breeding their own chickens.                                      (Continued on page 10)
                                                                                            Thank goodness for Grit! A little
                                                                                            more than a month into this job,
                                                                                            I have been wearing out my
                                                  xecutive director’s box                   three ring binder full of past is-
                                                                                            sues. No one mentioned that
                                                                                            bonus in the job description.
                                                                                            Paula Stotts called in search of
                                        articles about mobile processing units to show to bureaucrats in Maine. What did I
APPPA Grit! is published                find in Issue 25? Jim McLaughlin’s perfect state-by-state review of MPUs complete
       six times a year .               with contact information - exactly what I was looking for. When I found a headless
      The APPPA Office                  hen in my chicken yard the other day, where did I turn? Issue 31, the predator iden-
           is moving.                   tification key. Now I understand the phone calls I get from people that just want to
        Please note our                 make sure that their membership renewal arrives in time for the next issue, or if it
       new contact info:                didn’t, to get any issues that they missed.

Voice mail/phone    256-751-3925        This issue is my first Grit! effort. Thank you to everyone that helped, edited, con-
APPPA E-mail:      grit@apppa.org       tributed, and collaborated. It doesn’t help my confidence much that everyone raves
                                        about what a great job Jody has done as editor. But now we’ve recruited her as a
Executive Director and GRIT Editor:     board member, so she can keep an eye on my progress from there and answer my
                   Karen Wynne          many questions. Please let me know if you have any requests for articles in upcom-
                                        ing issues or would like to contribute an article, picture or news item. I also always
APPPA Grit!, the newsletter, is         appreciate kind words of criticism. (Well, usually.)
included as a benefit of
membership in APPPA.
                                        APPPA has big plans for the coming year. We hope that you will help represent
Membership rates are $30 per
year for basic membership, $50
                                        APPPA in your state and region, so that we can be an effective international organi-
for producer-plus. To join              zation and still be active locally. Please contact me if you would like to help or
APPPA, send check or money              have any ideas for APPPA’s future.                   -Karen
order made out to APPPA to:
          PO Box 73                                 APPPA DIRECTORS - Contact Information
      Hartselle, AL 35640
                                        Karen Black and Robert Plamondon             Jody Padgham
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for actions based on this
                                                                                     Brian Moyer
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                                        2169 N Farm Road 71, Bois D'Arc, MO          ritch@hiwaay.net
APPPA DIRECTORS         Thru            65612-2305
Jenny Drake, TN          ‘05            glassmagic@axs.net                           Mac Stone
Kip Glass, MO            ‘05                                                         (502) 863-0086
Brian Moyer, PA          ‘05            Jeff Mattocks                                3636 Paris Rd, Georgetown, KY 40324
Jeff Mattocks, PA         '06           (800)347-1566                                annbell@prodigy.net
Jody Padgham, WI         ‘06            (The Fertrell Company),
Karen Black/                            PO Box 265, Bainbridge, PA 17502-0265
Robt Plamondon, OR       ‘06                                                         David Smith
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   American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                          Issue #35                             Page 2
                                         From Our President
                         Another year is upon us! 2005        Your APPPA Board of Directors is as good as I have
                         looks to be a very important         had the privilege to work with. But we need input and
                         milestone for APPPA. In Janu-        assistance from the membership to move to the next
                         ary, APPPA held its 6th annual       level. The Board has decided to split the executive
                         membership meeting in conjunc-       position into four positions, president, vice-president,
                         tion with Southern Sustainable       secretary and treasurer. This was adopted and com-
                         Agricultural Working Groups          pleted at the board meeting held in New Orleans in
                         (SSAWG) in New Orleans, Lou-         January. The new officers are:
                         isiana. This year was signifi-
                         cantly different than the past an-   President-Jeff Mattocks
nual meetings that I have attended, in that the APPPA         Vice President-Brian Moyer
Board joined for the first ever Planning Meeting. We          Secretary-Jenny Drake
felt this necessary to outline the future of APPPA and        Treasurer-Kip Glass
what goals we felt were necessary for the organization to
continue to be a benefit and increase its benefit to mem-     This group will now form an executive committee to
bers and consumers.                                           provide suggestions and assistance to APPPA’s new
                                                              Executive Director, Karen Wynne. The separation of
The Planning Meeting, I felt, was a great success (even if    positions will also provide the ability to separate re-
it took all day and part of the next) in that we deter-       sponsibilities for better effectiveness. So, with that
mined that APPPA must grow to survive. We are look-           said- We are ready to get something done! Give us
ing to increase membership to at least 1000 members           some suggestions, input, ideas or something to work
within 2 years. We expect to reach this goal by appeal-       with or for!
ing to more of what we often refer to as “Hobby Farm-
ers,” who in the past we may have overlooked or have          We are determined to start working more with smaller
overlooked us in thinking APPPA was only for serious          regional groups that already provide assistance to our
producers. Well if you have chickens and care about           producers. We want to know of the groups you asso-
them, regardless if you have 5 or 5000, APPPA has in-         ciate with and their contact information so APPPA
formation and benefits for all. (Actually, I feel that even   can make an association with that organization to pro-
huge commercial producer could learn enough from Grit         vide you a better service and start working on regional
to recoup the cost of membership.) I would urge all of        functions in your area.
our current members to look around them for backyard
hobbyist who might be interested in a membership.             It’s a New Year, a New Board of Directors, New
They need help too - help them out and tell them about        Goals for APPPA and Revitalized Organizational
APPPA! You will see APPPA advertising and solicit-            Blood - let’s not waste it! This Board’s Ready. Are
ing in a big way to increase membership. When we              You?
reach these goals APPPA will have strength or a pres-                                                   Jeff Mattocks
ence that can be recognized on a larger scale. This pres-
ence can then be used to help the little guy getting har-
assed or chastised. At our current size, we can’t really
be of assistance to our members when they have trouble.                       In memory of
                                                                          Arthur Ronald Desens
There were more goals established at the Planning Meet-                       1945 to 2004
ing but the membership goal is the pivotal one that
makes the rest possible. APPPA is not just the board of           Ron Desens, pastured poultry producer,
directors, the Grit!, or a name. It is a group of producers      organic farmer, and consummate traveler,
across the U. S. and Canada that believe in a Paradigm            died last November in a tractor rollover
of good food, raised right and shared with others. It’s             accident while chasing a fox that was
time to share more than your products, it’s time to share                   killing his laying hens.
your resources and your ideals by recommending AP-                      He lived life with great spirit,
PPA memberships to everyone you know raising or buy-              and he will be remembered and missed.
ing chickens.

   American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                    Issue #35                             Page 3
     APPPA Board Looks to the Future
                     by Karen Wynne

 The APPPA board took some extra time before the annual
 meeting this year to develop a strategic plan for the short
 and long term. The group was energized by the discussion
 of what direction APPPA should take in the coming
 years. Some things members can look forward to include
 opportunities to purchase items cooperatively for better
 prices (see page 16), a speakers bureau to make pastured
 poultry producers available for conferences and work-
 shops, and expanded consumer education options.

 APPPA’s member numbers have hovered around 450-500
 members for years. Much discussion centered on increas-
 ing those numbers, both by expanding the producer mem-
 bership numbers and by creating a membership for con-
 sumers. The plans for increasing producer membership
 centered on the idea of targeting smaller-scale producers
 that would benefit from the information that APPPA pro-
 vides. This group includes diversified farms that include
 poultry in their operations and smaller hobby farmers who
 may not market a product but do raise a number of birds.
 In addition APPPA will participate in more conferences
 and trade shows to expand its presence and recognition.

 In addition, we plan to create a consumer membership to
 target consumers that appreciate good healthy food and
 would like to be better informed about pastured poultry.
 We will develop a separate consumer newsletter complete
 with farm stories, recipes, and news briefs. This newslet-
 ter will be available to our consumer membership as well      The board also discussed the need to focus on regional
 as to our producer members to distribute. Getting con-        groups and opportunities. While the organization has
 sumers involved will increase their sense of ownership        members from most states and beyond, many issues that
 and also help producers connect with their customers - the    producers deal with are at the state or local level. By con-
 concept of “relationship marketing” that everyone is en-      necting our members within the region with each other
 couraging. Creating a consumer identity for APPPA will        and other organizations, we can improve our
                                                                                                        (Continued on page 11)
 also help our members have a more identifiable product.

                                                                                The Fertrell Company
                                               Poultry                           PO Box 265 Bainbridge, PA
                                            Nutri-Balancer                                17502
         Fertrell                          For all your
                                         Poultry Nutrition
                                             Layers Broilers
“Where Quality Comes Naturally”
                                            Turkeys    Ducks
                                              Geese Ratite
                                                Game Birds

  American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                         Issue #35                                Page 4
APPPA Business Member Profile
The Brower company originated in the 1922 when
founder William J. Brower started a mail order farm         Company:
supply business. He expanded into manufacturing in          Brower, a division of Hawkeye Steel Products
Quincy, Illinois, in the 1930s, and successfully pro-       Location: Houghton, IA
duced a wide range of poultry equipment. Mr. Brower         Product line: A wide variety of poultry production
continued to manage the company until the mid-              and processing equipment
1970s, when his son-in-law took over. The business          Service area: Products distributed internationally,
remained in the family until 1980 and expanded into         especially throughout North America and the Carib-
other livestock equipment production. The business          bean
was then sold to an investment group, who soon real-        Years in operation: Over 80
ized that the 80’s was not the best time to invest in ag-   Contact information:
ricultural equipment production. A few years later,         800-553-1791 phone
Hawkeye Steel Products purchased the company and            319-469-4402 fax
kept the Brower name for their poultry equipment di-        www.browerequip.com
vision while updating and adding to the product line.       sales@hawkeyesteel.com
                                                            Mission statement:
The Brower company had always sold poultry equip-
                                                            Our mission is to profitably increase our market
ment through catalogs, farm stores, and cooperatives,
                                                            share by continuously improving our products and
and discovered the pastured poultry niche upon invita-
tion to some of Joel Salatin’s field days. While they
have a broad line-up of equipment for sale, Brower
now manufactures a number of items specifically for
pastured poultry, for both production and processing
needs. The company prides itself in having high qual-
ity products that are constantly being improved and                                 Brower–
fine-tuned.                                                                            CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING
                                                             Email: sales@hawkeyesteel.com          Phone: 800-553-1791
Brower has a full line of poultry processing equipment       Web: www.browerequip.com                 Fax: 319-469-4402
for small-scale processing that they sell to small farm-
ers in the United States and overseas and also to uni-
versities doing processing research. Brower has devel-
oped a larger 25” picker that can handle three to six
broilers or a turkey (or two small ones), which had
been a limitation in the industry. They also have devel-
oped a bleeding rack that, combined with killing cones
and a tank, can greatly improve the efficiency of a
small operation. The company has also created a video
that demonstrates the step-by-step processing method
for pastured poultry producers.

In the field, Brower manufactures everything from in-
cubators to waterers, transport coops, mini grain bins
and roll-out nests for laying hens. They manufacture a
light-weight PVC pastured poultry pen for those pro-
ducers that aren’t as skilled at building their own pens.

Brower continues to work to develop new equipment
and maintain the company’s reputation as a manufac-
turer of high-quality products with excellent service.

   American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                     Issue #35                              Page 5
                                          State News Updates

          Maine Producers Work to Find                     What’s happening in your state or region? Do
             New Processing Option                         you have a local pastured poultry group that is
                                                           planning to meet or just met? Are there any
Maine producers are frantically looking for process-       legal issues coming up? Let us know about
ing alternatives after recent decisions by the state to    upcoming regional meetings and news.
enforce previously lax laws.
                                                           help satisfy the growing demand that local pas-
Maine has not had USDA or state inspected proc-            tured poultry producers have created. The facility
essing facilities for poultry slaughter for two dec-       can process 400 plus birds per day and should be
ades, and there are rigid on-farm exemption laws for       a big boon to local producers. Next, the group con-
home processing. In recent years, some Maine pas-          vened to the Missouri University Southwest Exten-
tured poultry producers had been using USDA-               sion Center meeting room for a pot luck lunch and
inspected facilities for custom-slaughter that were        a great time in sharing and discussing each others
approved for other types of livestock. While the           production ideas. Ways of doing coop purchases
state government recognized a few years ago that           were discussed and many great ideas came from
this was a problem, there was no resolution put            this get together.
forth by them to address it.
                                                           To get your name on the list for next years meet-
Now the Maine Department of Health, in conjunction         ing, contact Kip Glass, 417-732-4122. For more
with the Department of Agriculture, have an-               information about Aurora Grand Meats, contact
nounced that this year that it will impose a               Ben or Moses Borntreger at 417-678-3902.
$1000 per bird fine on each farm that sells birds
that have been processed at uninspected poultry              Upcoming MPU Inspection Bill Proposed to
processing facilities. Farmers who sell through their               Montana State Legislature
local farmers markets or to customers such as res-
taurants will be fined not only by the bird but also for   Presently, Montana law does not give the State
each location where the birds have been sold.              authority to inspect mobile slaughter units. Grow
                                                           Montana's proposed legislation, HB 484, Providing
In order to find a solution to this problem this Maine                                         (Continued on page 7)
pastured poultry producers are
in the process of talking with
state officials to identify other
options for processing their
meat. One option being pur-
sued is the establishment of a
state-inspected mobile proc-
essing unit.

For more information, moral
support, or suggestions, con-
tact Paula Stotts at 207-345-
9005 or stofarm@aol.com.

  Missouri Producers Tour
   New Processing Plant

On February 19th, the Missouri
pastured poultry producers
toured the new State inspected
poultry processing plant of
Aurora Grand Meats. This fa-
cility was opened in 2004 to
 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                   Issue #35                            Page 6
Authority for State Meat Inspection of Mobile
Slaughtering Units, will give explicit authority to the
Montana Department of Livestock to inspect mo-
bile slaughter units. All current rules, such as the
federal poultry exemption for slaughter of under
20,000 birds and custom slaughter and process-
ing, will remain unaffected. The bill simply adds
mobile slaughter units to the definition of establish-
ments covered by state meat inspection laws. For
more information, contact Crissie McMullan at
crissiemc@yahoo.com or (406) 531-5162.

Voluntary On-Farm Processor Registration and
     Upcoming Conference in New York

New York State Ag and Markets has begun a vol-
untary registration of farmers that will be doing on
farm processing under the 1000 bird exemption.
According to John Arnold, Supervising Inspector
with Ag and Markets, all producers are asked to let
the department know if they will be processing
birds on their farms. The intent according to Arnold
is to be certain each processor is familiar with the
criteria set forth in Section 96c of Article 5A poultry

The Northeast Pastured Poultry Conference will be
held April 9-10 in Syracuse, New York (see details
on page 9 and registration on page 19). A pas-
tured poultry workshops will be held April 2nd
(location to be announced). For more information,
contact Jim McLaughlin at 607-334-2833 or
jrmclaughlin@juno.com or check
www.cornerstone-farm.com for updates. Hermann
Weber will be hosting a two-day workshop in At-
tica, New York, on June 4. The workshop will
cover a the basics of pastured poultry production,
with plenty of time for discussion, and the second
day will be a semi-hands-on processing workshop.
For more information call 585-591-0795 or check
the next issue of Grit!

    Alabama Low-Income Farmers Receive
    Training in Pastured Poultry Production

A new partnership between the Alabama Sustain-
able Agriculture Network and Heifer International
is working to teach low-income farmers in the state
about alternative production and marketing options
for their farms. The program will include on-farm
training in pastured poultry production methods
and no-interest loans to establish small broiler
flocks. For more information contact ASAN at 256-
 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association          Issue #35   Page 7
                              UPCOMING PASTURED POULTRY EVENTS

March 5, 2005 8:00 a.m. -Mt. Vernon, Washington              for an exciting day of information that will impact
Farming for Production, Profit and Pleasure                  your business and most importantly your bottom line.
Joel Salatin, a pioneer in the production and marketing      This workshop will benefit a wide variety of animal
of grass-based livestock products, will share his family's   producers and meat processors. Registration includes
model for making a comfortable, sustainable living on        lunch. For more information, contact Heather
their Virginia farm. The one day conference will be          Flashinski with the River Country RC&D Council,
held March 5, 2005 at Skagit Valley College in Mount         (715) 834-9672.
Vernon beginning at 8:00 am. Registration includes a
gourmet lunch of locally produced food products. Call         March 13-15, 2005 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Skagit County Extension to register 360-428-4270, or         Southwest Marketing Network Conference
download a registration at http://skagit.wsu.edu/.           This third annual conference will include tracks on
                                                             alternative marketing opportunities, boosting produc-
March 5-6, 2005 - Johnstown, Ohio                            tion and processing, marketing approaches, business
26th Annual OEFFA Conference                                 tools, and policy, as well as special workshops on
Seeding the Soil, Setting the Table - Working                marketing coops, grass-fed livestock, food and agricul-
Together to Grow                                             tural policy. Contact Farm to Table at 505-473-1004
www.oeffa.org/05_conference.html                             or ladams@cybermesa.com.
Phone: 614/421-2022, Fax: 614/421-2011
Email: oeffa@oeffa.com                                       March 15, 2005 - St. Paul, Minnesota
Speakers Eliot Coleman and Gene Logsdon, plus over           Minnesota Grown Marketing Conference
45 workshops and 8 workshop sessions that focus on           University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus
organic and sustainable farms, gardens, markets, and         This annual conference for marketers of specialty
lifestyles, Kids Conference (in the same building), Trade    crops and livestock is especially powerful and dy-
Show featuring tools of the trade, great books,"natural"     namic because of the diversity of its attendees. The
and handmade products, and networking opportunities,         mixture of marketers leads to great networking oppor-
silent auction and more. Pastured poultry workshops          tunities and access to slightly different perspectives
include: Pastured Poultry Production and Processing,         that often result in a new idea that will transform your
Production and Marketing of Pastured Organic Eggs,           business. Joel Salatin will start the conference with a
Keeping Poultry Healthy, and Suburban Chickens.              keynote marketing address for all attendees and then
                                                             conduct two additional breakout sessions during the
March 12, 2005 - Blairstown, New Jersey                      afternoon. Contact Paul Hugunin at 651-297-5510 or
Foodshed Alliance's Winter Conference                  paul.hugunin@state.mn.us.
For more information contact the Foodshed Alliance at
908-362-7987.                                           March 15-17, 2005 - St. Paul, Minnesota
                                                       Midwest Poultry Federation Convention
March 12, 2005 - Unity, Maine                          St. Paul RiverCentre
MOFGA’s Spring Growth 2005 - Local and Organic http://www.midwestpoultry.com
in a Global Food Economy: What is our role?            The MPF takes pride in hosting an annual regional
www.mofga.org/news20050201.html                        convention 2005 marks our 34th year for on-farm
A day-long engagement with the future of our food sys- poultry production, emphasizing excellence in educa-
tem featuring big thinkers from around the world and   tion and outstanding business opportunities on its ex-
right here in Maine. $35 individual/$50 couples/$25    hibit floor. Individuals involved in all segments of the
students & apprentices includes lunch.                 diverse poultry industry turkeys, broilers, layers, or-
For more information or to register, contact MOFGA: ganic egg layers and broilers, gamebirds, allied indus-
568-4142 or mofga@mofga.org                            try and others with an interest in the industry should
                                                       attend this event.
March 12, 2005 - Neillsville, Winsconsin
Branding your beliefs: How selling your beliefs can          March 16 & 17, 2005 - Bradley, Illinois
sell more meat                                               Poultry and Livestock Grassfed Workshop Featur-
Presented by Mike Lorentz, Nationally Recognized Ex-         ing Jo Robinson and Joel Salatin
pert in Direct Marketing of Meat and Livestock. Join us      At our last Midwest pastured poultry workshop with
                                                             Joel Salatin, we set the agenda. This time, you get
 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                      Issue #35                             Page 8
                                          MORE UPCOMING EVENTS

to tell us what you want to hear from our two
New York Times best selling authors and work-
shop presenters. Includes a farm tour the after-                      DON’T MISS THE FIRST
noon of March 17th. Workshop fee: both days -
$75 ($50 for each additional family member),
single day -$50. Fee includes meals. For more              NORTHEAST PASTURED
information call Merrill at 815-937-8940 x104 or
                                                           POULTRY CONFERENCE
March 19, 2005 - Hume, Virginia                                       April 9th – 10th, 2005
Poultry 101, Featuring Harvey Ussery, The              SYRACUSE WYNDHAM HOTEL, CARRIER CIRCLE, SYRACUSE, NY
Chicken Man of Hume (Rain date: March 26)
 This workshop will be a general introduction to           A CONFERENCE FOR PRODUCERS,
the joys and challenges of starting and managing           CONSUMERS & AG PROFESSIONALS
                                                                   CONFERENCE REGISTRATION ON PAGE 19
a small flock of poultry for homestead produc-
tion. Topics covered will include: brooding just-                          Hosted By:
hatched fowl, housing, feeding, pasturing the                                APPPA
flock, using electric net fencing, breeding your                     CENTRAL NEW YORK RC&D
own stock, working with broody hens, and more.                         CORNELL UNIVERSITY
Suggested donation is $15 per person, $25 per
couple. Any profits will be donated to Society for
Preservation of Poultry Antiquities and the Wes-
ton A. Price Foundation. For more information                    GENERAL SESSIONS ON
or to RSVP and get directions, contact Harvey        POULTRY HEALTH POULTRY FEEDING SOIL HEALTH
Ussery at huboxood@earthlink.net. Stay tuned for
Harvey’s hands-on butchering workshop later in the                         WORKSHOPS ON
season.                                              BREEDS • PRODUCTION • MARKETING • HEALTH • ORGANICS
                                                       PROCESSING MANAGEMENT • MULTI-SPECIES GRAZING
March 30-31, 2005 - Bowdon, Georgia
Farmland Preservation and Sustainable Agricul-
ture Expo featuring Dr. John Ikerd and Joel
Salatin. Contact 770-836-8546 or 770-505-4288
for information.                                                           Sponsored by:
                                                                            CADE, Inc.
April 9-10, 2005 - Syracuse, New York                               Cornerstone Farm Ventures
Northeast Pastured Poultry Conference                              Cornell Small Farms Program
                                                               Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative
Sponsored by APPPA, Cornell University, and
                                                            USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service
Central New York RC&D. Details on right, regis-
tration form on page 19.
                                                                          SUPPORTED BY:
                                                       ADIRONDACK NORTH COUNTRY ASSOCIATION - GLCI – NY
Details in the next issue of Grit!                         FINGER LAKES RC&D - HUDSON MOHAWK RC&D
May 20-22, 2005 - Lebanon, Tennessee                     GRAZE NY - - NE PASTURED POULTRY ASSOCIATION
Rare Breed, Livestock, Miniature & Pet Expo           COBBLESTONE FARM - FERTRELL COMPANY - KINGBIRD FARM
                                                     NATURES WAY FARM - PASTURE PRIDE FARM -WIND HAVEN FARM
May 28, 2005 - Silex, Lincoln County, Missouri
National Auction of Rare and Heirloom Baby Chicks        For more information contact the Central New York RC&D at
and Hatching Eggs                                             607-334-3231, x4 or kimberly.totten@ny.usda.gov
                                                         Exhibitor space available - Call for more information
June 4, 2004 - Attica, New York
Pastured Poultry Seminar

    Please contact APPPA at grit@apppa.org or 256-751-3925 to include your pastured poultry-related event.

   American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                 Issue #35                                 Page 9
(Continued from page 1)                   multi-national companies. These                   Stay tuned for updates on
vertised numbers pale in compari-         products are hybrids based on                    pastured peepers and other
son to that of modern production          crosses of several highly inbred                   progress in breeding in
layers and broilers of today’s com-       pure lines. The genetic base of the                upcoming issues of Grit!
mercial industry, it is very difficult    vast majority of chickens in the
to find a New Hampshire, Rhode            US is extremely narrow. These
Island Red, Delaware or other             commercial birds are performing              University of Arkansas compared
dual purpose breed that can truly         at a production rate unimagined              various traits among slower
be considered a ‘meat bird’ as            even 20 years ago. However,                  growth hybrids. The results of
they were in the first half of the        nearly all commercial stock is               this study may serve as a baseline
last century. Nearly all of the           completely dependent on constant             for comparison. In addition, re-
pure breeds offered in today’s            use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics           cent conversations with one of the
market have been selected for egg         and I’m sure most of us are aware            rare breed preservation organiza-
production and most private               of the implications of antibiotic            tions indicated that they agree
breeders have selected for exhibi-        resistance pathogens in food to              there is merit in further study of
tion qualities such as type, color,       human health. A recent study                 this area.
etc.                                      completed in Georgia has indi-
                                          cated that antibiotic-resistant bac-         Some pure breeds of chickens
I have heard it said recently that,       teria such as E. coli are surviving          which could be readily crossed for
“dual-purpose means no pur-               and being released into the envi-            a gourmet market broiler still ex-
pose.” While it is true that many         ronment through field application            ist. Some are in the hands of pri-
of the meat and egg traits are ge-        of litter and manure from factory-           vate breeders and amazingly,
netically negatively correlated,          type poultry farms.                          some universities are maintaining
careful breeding can bring about                                                       lines with a lot of potential.
the best of both worlds. It is unre-      A gap in information exists about            These chicks will not grow as
alistic to expect any one breed to        the meat qualities of the dual pur-          quickly as Cornish cross. Educat-
produce 300 eggs per year and a 5         pose breeds.     The design of a             ing your customers about the dif-
pound broiler carcass at 8 weeks,         study or studies to compare and              ferences in appearance, taste and
but it is a worthy goal to aim for        contrast growth, carcass qualities,          texture will be the key to market-
economical production of your             feed efficiency, etc. of these               ing these gourmet broilers. I be-
own meat and eggs from one                breeds and their F1 crosses is               lieve for today’s small farmers to
breed of chicken. The sustainabil-        sorely needed to quantify where              become truly sustainable we need
ity of maintaining a particular           we are in the United States and              to have more control over the
flock that can meet the needs of          give some direction to where                 source of our own chickens.
your family’s or farmer’s market          small breeders and farmers need
customer for meat and eggs as                                                                          (Continued on page 11)
                                          to go. One recent study from the
well as reproduce itself year after
year with little or no outside im-       Want to learn more about poultry genetics? Read
portation of new stock need not
be further clarified!                    Genetics of the Fowl: The Classic Guide to Chicken Genetics and Poul-
                                         try Breeding by F. B. Hutt
According to a recent poultry ge-
netics text, three multi-national        Genetics of the Fowl has been the indispensible companion of chicken
poultry companies own the five           breeders since it was first published in 1949. Chapters include the genet-
primary layer breeder firms. It is       ics of plumage, egg production, body size, disease resistance, and much
estimated that in 1960, approxi-         more. The readable style of the book is a refreshing change from modern
mately 132 primary firms of egg          tomes written for an audience of researchers. Genetics of the Fowl makes
breeder stock were participating         fascinating and thought-provoking reading even for people who are not
in the USDA random-sample egg            serious poultry breeders. The late F. B. Hutt was Professor of Animal
test. The control of broiler breed-      Genetics at Cornell University.
ing stock is similar. The same text
reported six major primary broiler       Available from your local bookseller or
breeders and most of the global          Norton Creek Press, 36475 Norton Creek Road, Blodgett OR 97326
market is supplied by two major          (541) 453-5841 or nortoncreekpress@plamondon.com

 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                          Issue #35                               Page 10
(Continued from page 10)                                                            Introducing,

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a                                  THE FEATHERMAN PRO
neighbor or someone just a couple
of counties over for chicks or to         Hands-free chicken picker gets ‘em spankin’ clean in 20 seconds!
purchase new stock for your own           FEATURES:
breeding program? Poultry pro-            ● Tough, UV-stabilized, food grade, plastic tub and housing
                                             ● 1 HP motor, 10:1 speed reducer (both U.S. made)
duction led the animal industry in
                                                ● Spray ring to wash feathers away
consolidation, confinement and                      ● Feather chute for tidy work area
commercialization of agriculture                        ● Easy access, water-proof switch
starting in the 1960’s. Pastured                            ● “More pluck for your buck!”
poultry farmers have been among                                 ● ONLY $975!
                                               Quail and
the leaders in reminding Ameri-            Non-electric models
cans how high-quality food                 Available - Dealer
should taste. Isn’t it time to stop         Inquiries welcome
depending on the commercial in-
dustry for our basic inputs and
                                                                   Featherman Pluckers
create our own breeding programs                                www.schaferfarmsnaturalmeats.com
tailored to our own region, state          760 SW 55th Ave., Jamesport, MO 64648 ● 660/684-6035 ● dna76@grm.net
or farm?
                                         APPPA Looks to Future                                    ferences through a speakers bu-
For specific texts and references        (Continued from page 4)                                  reau. This program would make
mentioned in the article, please                                                                  it easier for organizations to find
feel free to contact me:                 network of information and support.                      speakers in their area with
                                         We hope to work more closely with                        knowledge of pastured poultry
Matt John                                regional poultry groups, agricultural                    systems.
Shady Lane Poultry Farm                  organizations, consumer groups, and
520 Agawam Road                          others to hold workshops, create edu-                    We also discussed increasing
Winchester, Kentucky 40391               cational materials, and keep informed                    producer plus member services
www.shadylanepoultry.com                 on local issues. We will also be able to                 with cooperative purchasing,
(859) 745-4944                           offer speakers for workshops and con-                    which we will experiment with in
                                                                                                  the coming year. Our test case is
                                                                                                  advertised on page 16. Let us
                                                                                                  know if there is anything in par-
                                                                                                  ticular you would like us to pur-
                                                                                                  chase and distribute this way.

                                                                                                  Of course, the discussion also
                                                                                                  included ways to create an infra-
                                             Predator Resistant                                   structure to support these
                                  Portable Poultry Shelter                                        planned expansions, including
                                  Constructed of 16 gauge aluminum for                            increasing the job of executive
                                  many years of service. Optional nest
                                                                                                  director progressively to full-
                                  boxes and feeder
                                                                                                  time (plus staff!) and increasing
                                                                                                  the budget eight-fold over the
                                                                                                  next five years. We don’t want to
                           Poultry and Game Bird Brooder                                          implement these ideas at the ex-
                           Tripod Waterers                                                        pense of what APPPA already
                           2 Cup Waterers
                           Quail Transport/ Callback Crate                                        does well. The ideas are big, but
                           3 in 1 Compartment Feeder                                              they will happen gradually as we
                           Raised Garden Beds,                                                    can put more money and time
                           Cold Frames and more!                                                  toward them!

          Free Info 1-800-257-8744 www.easy-garden.com

 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                                Issue #35                                   Page 11
Rainbow Breeder Company                                                      Schlecht Hatchery
P.O. Box 2363                2005 Hatchery Directory                         9749 500th Avenue
Clanton, AL 35046                Listed alphabetically by state              Miles, IA 52064-9773
205-280-3771                                                                 schlecht@netins.net

Rockin' Rooster Ranch             Dunlap Hatchery                            Sun Ray Chicks Hatchery
Rt. 1 Box 214-M                   Box 507                                    PO Box 300
Douglas, AZ 85607-9747            Caldwell, ID 83606-0507                    Hazleton, IA 50641-0300
520-364-6654                      208-459-9088                               319-636-2244
Belt Hatchery                     Decorah Hatchery
7272 S. West Ave.                 406 W. Water Street                        Welp, Inc.
Fresno, CA 93706                  Decorah, IA 52101                          PO Box 77
209-264-2090                      319-382-4103                               Bancroft, IA 50517
www.belthatchery.com              www.decorahhatchery.com                    800-458-4473
CEBE Farms                        Hoover's Hatchery
PO Box 1404                                                                  Winter's Guinea Farm
                                  PO Box 200
Ramona, CA 92065                  Rudd, IA 50471                             21357 White Pine Lane
800-777-8730                      800-247-7014                               New Vienna, IA 52065
                                  www.hoovershatchery.com                    319-853-4195
Metzer Farms                                                                 www.guineafarm.com
26000 Old Stage Road              Murray McMurray Hatchery
Gonzales, CA 93926                                                           Shady Lane Poultry
                                  Box 458, 191 Closz Drive
800-424-7755                      Webster City, IA 50595                     520 Agawam Road
www.metzerfarms.com               800-456-3280                               Winchester, KY 40391
                                  www.mcmurrayhatchery.com                   859-737-2636
Robb's Roost                                                                 www.shadylanepoultry.com
36758 Rd. Z                       Sandhill Preservation Center
Wray, CO 80758                    1878 230th Street                          Townline Hatchery
970-332-4222                      Calamus, IA 52729                          PO Box 108
                                  563-246-2299                               Zeeland, MI 49464
Hall Brothers Hatchery            www.sandhillpreservation.com               616-772-6514
PO Box 1026                                                                  www.townlinehatchery.com
Norwich, CT 06360

Double R Discount
3840 Minton Rd                                      Rainbow Breeder Company
West Melbourne, FL 32904
866-325-7779                                                Offering a full range of chicks for
www.dblrsupply.com                                                Pastured Poultry and
                                                                 Free Range production
G.Q.F. Mfg. Co.
PO Box 1552                                                 PO Box 2363 Clanton, AL 35046
Savannah, GA 31498
                                                             Danny Eiland, 205-280-3771
                                                             Richard Udale, 479-903-6373
K & L Poultry Farm
772 Morris Road                                                    dceiland@hiwaay.net
Aragon, GA 30104

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                  Issue #35                              Page 12
C. M. Estes Hatchery, Inc.         Heartland Hatchery                    Giese's Waterfowl Hatchery
PO Box 5776                        Rt. 1 Box 177-A                       2550 50th St. SW
Springfield, MO 65802              Amsterdam, MO 64723                   Appleton, MN 56208
800-345-1420                       660-267-3679                          800-529-3447
www.esteshatchery.com              www.heartlandhatchery.com
                                                                         Johnson's Waterfowl
Cackle Hatchery                    Marti Poultry Farm                    36882 160th Ave N.E.
PO Box 529                         PO Box 27                             Middle River, MN 56737
Lebanon, MO 65536                  Windsor, MO 65360-0027                218-222-3556
417-532-4581                       816-647-3156
www.cacklehatchery.com             www.martipoultry.com                  Stromberg's
Calico Woods Farms                 McKinney & Govero Poultry             Box 400
3571 Sunset Road                   4717 Highway B                        Pine River, MN 56474
Grove Spring, MO 65662             Park Hills, MO 63601                  800-720-1134
417-741-7750                       573-518-0535/ 573-431-4841            www.strombergschickens.com
www.calicowoods.com                www.mckinneypoultry.com
                                                                         Urch/Turnland Poultry
Guineas Crow Poultry               Stover Hatchery                       2142 NW 47 Ave.
Box 106                            P.O. Box 616                          Owatonna, MN 55060
Windsor, MO 65360                  Stover, MO 65078                      507-451-6782
660-647-2614                       573-377-2519
                                   www.stoverhatchery.com                                    (Continued on page 14)

                                        Shady Lane Poultry Farm, Inc.
                                                 Day–old chicks, several varieties:
                                          Pasture-bred commercial Cornish Cross Broilers,
                                   Rainbow Free Range Gourmet Broilers, Brown Sex-link layers,
                                           Homesteader’s Delight dual purpose chickens.
                                  Also several varieties of exhibition and heirloom poultry available.

                                                                 Matt John
                                             520 Agawam Road Winchester, Kentucky 40391
                                                859-737-2636 www.shadylanepoultry.com

                                                            B r o ile r & L a y e r C h ick s
                                                            R e a d y - t o - la y P u lle t s

                                                               E q u ip m e n t/In c u b a to r s
                                                                      F e r tile E g g s

2 6 6 E . P a le t o w n R o a d , Q u a k e r t o w n , P A . 1 8 9 5 1
P h . : 2 1 5 - 5 3 6 -3 1 5 5                               w w w .m o y e r s c h ic k s .c o m
F a x : 2 1 5 - 5 3 6 -8 0 3 4                          o r d e r s @ m o y e r s c h ic k s .c o m
 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                 Issue #35                             Page 13
2005 HATCHERY DIRECTORY                                                                              APPPA
                                     Continued from page 13        Howell's Exotic Waterfowl         membership
                                                                   Rt. 1 Box 514                     by state
                                                                   Muldrow, OK 74948                 February 2005
Shulte Waterfowl                 Seven Oaks Game Farm              918-427-4813
2242 320 Ave                     7823 Masonboro Sound Road         www.rarebird.com/                 AL     6
Marshall, MN 56258               Wilmington, NC 28409              howellsswans                      AR     6
507-532-2893                     910-791-5352                                                        AZ     3
                                 www.poultrystuff.com              Rock-n-Cedar                      CA     6
Larry's Poultry Equip &                                            Rt. 3 Box 414                     CO     9
Hatchery                         Eagle Nest Poultry                Mulgrow, OK 74948                 CT     3
PO Box 629                       Box 504                           918-427-3510                      DC     1
Scottsbluff, NE 69363            Oceola, OH 44860                  www.boxess.com/chome.htm          FL     2
800-676-1096                     419-562-1993                                                        GA     9
www.larryspoultry.com                                              Shank's Hatchery                  IA     12
                                 Mt. Healthy Hatcheries            17874 Shank Rd NE                 ID     4
Cedar Grove Farm                 9839 Winton Road                  Hubbard, OR 97032-9733            IL     18
93 Living Waters Rd.             Mt. Healthy, OH 45231             800-344-2449                      IN     17
Edgewood, NM 87015               800-451-5603                      www.shankshatchery.com            KS     7
505-281-1023                     www.mthealthy.com                                                   KY     4
                                                                   Holderreads' Waterfowl Farm &     LA     7
Privett Hatchery                 Ridgway Hatcheries                Preservation Center               MA     11
PO Box 176                       Box 306                           PO Box 492                        MD     11
Portales, NM 88130               La Rue 32, OH 43332               Corvalis, OR 97339                ME     6
800-634-4390                     800-323-3825                      541-929-5338                      MI     15
www.privetthatchery.com                                                                              MN     12
                                                                   Uncle Tom's Farm                  MO     16
                                                                   PO Box 42                         MS     3
                                                                   Gardiner, OR 97441                MT     1
                                                                   541-271-5401                      NC     10
                                                                   www.uncle-toms-farm.com           ND     3
                                                                                                     NE     4
                                                                   Wish Hatchery                     NH     1
                                                                   PO Box 862                        NJ     2
                                                                   Prairie City, OR 97869            NM     2
          www.hoffmanhatchery.com                                  541-820-3509                      NV     2
                           Hatching since 1948                                                       NY     31
                                                                   Clearview Stock Farm & Hatchery   OH     23
     Offering a large variety of                                   PO Box 399                        OK     2
                                                                   Gratz, PA 17030                   OR     10
     poultry, equipment and books                                                                    PA     62
                                                                                                     RI     1
       Goslings ◦ Ducklings ◦ Turkey Poults
                                                                   Cross Keys Pheasantry             SC     4
       Commercial Breed Chicks ◦ Guineas                                                             SD     3
                                                                   115 List Hill Road
        Game Birds ◦ Bantams & Fancies                                                               TN     7
                                                                   Valencia, PA 16059
                 Swans & Peafowl                                   724-898-9600                      TX     20
                                                                                                     VA     20
                                                                   Hoffman Hatchery, Inc.            VT     3
                       P.O. BOX 129                                P. O. Box 129                     WA     13
                     GRATZ, PA 17030                               Gratz, PA 17030                   WI     37
                      (717) 365-3694                               7l7-365-3694                      WV     4
                                                                   www.hoffmanhatchery.com           Cana   3
 We participate in the National Poultry Improvement Plan selling                                     UK     1
  only U.S. Approved, U. S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean Poultry                                           Bermuda 1

 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                         Issue #35                          Page 14
Moyer's Chicks, Inc.                  G&K Exotic Farms                          Phinney Hatchery, Inc.
266 East Paletown Rd.                 1061 Leadmine Road                        1331 Dell Avenue
Quakertown, PA 18951                  White Pine, TN 37890                      Walla Walla, WA 99362-1023
215-536-3155                          423-674-2737                              509-525-2602
www.moyerschicks.com                  www.g-kexoticfarms.com
                                                                                Springhetti Gamebird Farm
Mt-Di Started Capons                  Bear Bayou Quail Farm                     12220 Springhetti Road
1209 S. Catherine St.                 PO Box 514                                Snohomish, WA 98290
Altoona, PA 16601                     Channelview, TX 77530                     360-568-7277
814-942-7024                          281-452-5407
                                      www.flash.net/~akr514/                    Abendroth's Waterfowl Hatchery
Noll's Poultry Farm                                                             WB697 Island Road
PO Box 14                             Frances Grieve Farms                      Waterloo, WI 53594
Kleineltersville, PA 17039            PO Box 154061                             920-478-2053
717-949-3560                          Waco, TX 76715-4061
                                      817-799-5648                              Nasco Farm & Ranch
Reich Poultry Farms, Inc.                                                       901 Janesville Ave.
1625 River Road                       Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, Inc.        Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Marietta, PA 17547                    PO Box 591P                               800-558-9595
717-426-3411                          Cameron, TX 76520-0591                    www.enasco.com
Witt Farms                            www.ideal-poultry.com                     Sunnyside Inc.
2056 Old Stagecoach Rd                                                          PO Box 452
Cassatt, SC 29032                     McDucks Hatchery                          Beaver Dam, WI 53916
803-432-1067                          Rt. 2 Box 4057                            920-887-2122
                                      Nacogdoches, TX 75961
Dogwood Acres                         409-569-8317                              Utgaard's Hatchery
Adamsville, TN 38310                                                            Box 32
901-632-5080                          Harder's Hatchery                         Star Prairie, WI 54026
www.dogwood-acres.com                 624 N. Cow Creek Rd.                      715-248-3200
                                      Ritzville, WA 99169

                                    POULTRY MAN LLC
                                Eli M. Reiff 570-966-0769
                             922 Conley Rd Mifflinburg, PA 17844

  SCALDER            42 gallon rotary, gas fired with auto
  control temp timer. 60,000 BTU, all stainless steel.            Mechanical PLUCKER
                                                                  3/4 HP motor, motor totally enclosed,
                                                                  10:1 Gear reduction, 27” diameter,
                                                                      stainless with shower

                                                                                ALSO AVAILABLE:
                                                                             Manual Scalder–
                                                                               hand dunk birds.
                                                                            42 gallon, 30,000 BTU

                                                                     Please call for prices on all equipment

 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                    Issue #35                               Page 15
                                 Resources on the Internet
www.apppa.org                                        Eat Well Guide
Alternative Transfer & Technology to Rural
Areas (ATTRA)                                                        USDA
www.attra.ncat.org                             Agricultural Marketing
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Food Safety Inspection Service
www.sare.org                                   www.usda.gov/fsis
                                               FDA HACCP Information
Center for Integrated Ag Systems               www.fsis.usda.gov/regulations_&_policies/
www.cias.wisc.edu                              establishment_specific_information/index.asp

Free Range Poultry                                   Egg Cartons
www.free-rangepoultry.com                            www.eggcartons.com
www.localharvest.org                                                     Subscribe
                                                     List Serves at egroups.com
NewFarm                                              DayRangePoultry
www.newfarm.org                                      PasturedPoultry
                                                     APPPA Pro Plus (membership required)
Eat Wild
www.eatwild.com                                      Robert Plamondon’s Poultry Newsletter

  GRIT Classifieds                                  PRODUCER PLUS
                                                  MEMBER OPPORTUNITY
For Sale: Good used
plastic chicken crates.
$20 each. Eli Reiff, Mif-        Producer Plus Members now have the opportunity to save money
flinburg PA, 570-966-            by taking advantage of bulk purchases!
                                                                    This month:
                                                          Cryovac FC805 Poultry Bags
Advertise     in   Grit!         Put your bird in these bags, seal, dip in 200 degree water and the bag
Classified     ads    for        shrinks around the bird. If bag is violated, bag stays tight around product.
members are $5 per               Helps prevent freezer burn and ice crystals on the product. Size 8 ½” x
issue, up to 25 words,           14”, fits 3.75- 4.5 lb. bird. 1000 bags - $85 plus shipping.
25-50      words   $10.          Contact:417-732-4122.
Nonmembers add $5.                                         Other Producer Plus Perks:
Display advertising per                                  Pasture-Raised Poultry Nutrition
issue is $20 business                                  Pastured Poultry Marketing Brochure
card size, $35 for a                                            Pro-Plus list serve
quarter page. Call the                                    Back Issues of APPPA GRIT
APPPA office at 256-
                                      What would you like to be able to purchase cooperatively?
751-3925 or email your
                                                            Let us know!
ad to grit@apppa.org.                        256-751-3925               grit@apppa.org

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                 Issue #35                             Page 16
     DOTSON FARM                                  POULTRY PROCESSING EQUIPMENT
                                                                   Very reasonably priced

      AND FEED
                                                               Complete line of used equipment
                                                                from peeps to a dressed bird.

 Distributors of Fertrell                         2 ea galvanized steel brooder hoods (6ft dia +/-) $125/ea
                                                  Brower SS30 scalder, propane fired                $2,600
 Poultry Nutri-Balancer                           Brower QBP-23 picker
                                                  2 ea galvanized steel chill tanks (265 gal/ea)
     and the                                      2 ea      “       “     “     “ (165 gal/ea)      $150/ea
                                                  6 ea plastic chicken crates                       $ 5/ea
complete line of                                  8 ft long dbl basin, dbl drainboard SS sink       $350
                               Fertrell           8 ft long SS work table, L shaped                 $200
Fertrell Products.                                100# propane tank (4 ft tall +/-)                 $75
      Also Available :                            5 hanging drinkers                                $8/ea
                                                  5 rubber mats                                     $3/ea
    Certified Organic Hay
                                                  This quality, commercial equipment has top of
                                                  the line, high production capability and will
      Dotson Farm and Feed                        accommodate all your poultry processing needs.
         2929 N. 9th Street Rd.
           Lafayette, IN 47904                    All items good to excellent condition, call for more
   Ph 765-742-5111 cell 765-404-9826              details, Prices FOB our farm in the Lynchburg, VA
            Fax 765-429-5601                      area. Take it all deduct $600.
                                                  Call (541) 921-1994 or email: jfreeo@perini.com.

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association             Issue #35                               Page 17
                                                                                Helfter Feeds

                                                             • Organic Free Choice                                         • Complete Feeds
                                                                 Individual - Vitamins -                                    Certified USDA
                                                                    Minerals - Buffer                                           Organic
                                                               (Also available for Sheep and Goats)

                                                     • Premixes for Poultry, Beef, Dairy and Swine
                                                            Fortifying and Balancing your Organic Grains

                                                             • 26% Organic Non-Soy Concentrate
                                                         For those choosing not to use Soy for Poultry and Swine
                                                            Calories and Performance are pound for pound
                                                                     the same as 44% Soybean Meal
                                                                              GUARANTEED ANALYSIS
                                                         Crude Protein (min) ----- 26.0 %           Methionine (min) ------- 0.4 %
                                                         Crude Fat (min) ------—— 4.0 %             Lysine (min) ------——- 1.4 %
                                                         Crude Fiber (max) ------— 7.5 %            Threonine (min) ------— 1.8 %

                                                     Acrobat Document
                                                         Calcium (Ca) (min) ------— 0.8 %           Tryptophan (min) -------- 0.5 %
                                                         Calcium (Ca) (max) -----— 1.3 %
                                                         Phosphorous (P) (min) ----- 0.8 %

                                                     For a FREE Catalog or to speak with a Customer Service Representative call
                                                            At Helfter Feeds, Inc®. no order is to small!
                                                                135 N. Railroad St. • P.O. Box 266 • Osco, Illinois, 61274-0266
                                                            (Toll Free) 866-435-3837 • (Local) 309-522-5024 • (Fax) 309-522-5021
                                                                   HelfterFeeds@netexpress.net • www.HelfterFeeds.com

                                                                                             Feeds, Inc.

          (formerly PICKWICK-ZESCO)
             EQUIPMENT                                      Gillis
         7887 Fuller Road – Suite 116
         Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA
 Telephone: 800/808-3335 USA 952/906-3333
              Fax: 952/906-3335
     www.zuber-inc.com sales@zesco-inc.com

Pickwick-Zuber has equipment for your process-
ing needs. We have equipment to do one bird at
          a time to 500 birds per hour.
 The Pickwick line of poultry processing equip-
  ment has been picking birds for over 50 years
worldwide! Check out our equipment on our web
         page, or call us for a catalog!

  We also handle meat processing equipment for the
  small to medium size processor. We have over 40
            years experience in this field.

 American Pastured Poultry Producers Association      Issue #35                                                                       Page 18
                                NORTHEAST PASTURED POULTRY CONFERENCE 2005
                                                Early Bird Registration Deadline March 11, 2005

                                  April 9-10, 2005          * Syracuse Wyndham Hotel * Carrier Circle * Syracuse, New York

Registrant Category: O Exhibitor O Agency O Producer O Academia O Consumer O Consultant O Other __________

Name: ____________________________
Business/Organization Name:_________________________________________
Address_____________________________________City _________________________State/Zip: ______________
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          Breakout Session – Workshop Selection:
          Saturday, April 9, 2005
          General sessions:             10:30 am Poultry Health              11:15 am Poultry Feeding
          Please Select One Workshop in Each Time Period
                     1:00 pm                                 2:30 pm                                             4:00 pm
            O Pastured Poultry 101                       O Holistic Management                               O Multi-species Grazing
            O Alternative Poultry Health                 O Pastured Layers                                   O Farm Business
            O Poultry Breeds                             O Organic Production                                O Marketing
          Sunday, April 10, 2005                         Please Select One Workshop in Each Time Period
                  8:30am                          9:30 am                                         11:00 am
          General Session                         O Poultry Processing                       Panel Discussion
            Soil Health                           O Marketing                                “Past, Present, & Future of Pastured Poultry
                                                  O Turkey Production

          O Early Bird Registration $95.00 (Postmarked by March 11, 2005) (includes Lunch, Banquet & Continental breakfast)
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          Submit Form to: SMCS, 620 Erie Blvd. W Suite 302, Syracuse, NY 13204
          Voice: 1-877-384-8829 Fax: (315) 234-1491     Register Online: www.cornerstone-farm.com/neppc.htm

   American Pastured Poultry Producers Association                                               Issue #35                                               Page 19
PO Box 73
Hartselle, AL 35640

All the indicators point to pastured, home processed poultry as one of this century’s best family farm
enterprises. Pasture Poultry Profit$ by Joel Salatin.

             STATEMENT OF PURPOSE                                     EVENTS & HAPPENINGS             DETAILS ON PAGES 8-9.

     The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association           March 5, Mt. Vernon, WA
(APPPA) is a nonprofit educational and networking                  Farming for Production, Profit and Pleasure
organization dedicated to encouraging the production,
processing, and marketing of poultry raised on pasture.            March 5-6, Johnstown, OH, 26th Annual OEFFA Conference
     APPPA exists to facilitate the free flow of creative ideas.
Member producers are encouraged to consider all poultry            March 12, Blairstown, NJ
species and all pasturing models, assuming personal
                                                                   Foodshed Alliance's Winter Conference
responsibility for adapting ideas and models presented
through APPPA.
     APPPA passionately embraces humane, people-friendly,          March 12, Unity, ME, Spring Growth 2005
environmentally-enhancing, pasture-based production
models. While we respect the freedom of others to engage in        March 13-15, Albuquerque, NM
industrial confinement factory farming, we believe our             Southwest Marketing Network Conference
approach is superior.
     APPPA assists both producers and consumers to transact        March 15, St. Paul, MN
business with as little government intervention as possible.       Minnesota Grown Marketing Conference
APPPA does not discriminate in membership or programs
based on the business size of producer or consumer.                March 15-17, St. Paul, MN
Realizing that production models must be profitable to be
                                                                   Midwest Poultry Federation Conference
successful, APPPA's interests include processing, packaging,
cooking, marketing, and any other topics related to pastured
poultry enterprises.                                               March 16-17, Bradley, IL, Poultry/Livestock Grass-Fed
     APPPA's world vision is to see pastured poultry adopted       Workshop with Joel Salatin and Jo Robinson
as the model for environmentally, emotionally, and
                                                                   March 19, Hume, VA, Poultry 101 with Harvey Ussery
economically sensible poultry production. This vision
includes decentralized food systems, farmstead-sized
processing, and as much interaction as possible between            April 9-10, Syracuse, NY
producer and consumer.                                             Northeast Pastured Poultry Conference
(Adopted by the APPPA Steering Committee, August 27, 1997)
                                                                            Next Issue of Grit— April 2005. Deadline April 1

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