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3 Business Blog Benefits


									3 Business Blog Benefits
By Karyn Ogier

In order for a business blog to be successful in an online world, website owners need to be able to craft
and deliver engaging and enticing content that attracts an audience. It can take several blog attempts to
achieve consistency, but in the end it pays off. By planning ahead and always having unique and exciting
material to write about, you prevent your business blogs from becoming dull and uninteresting.

How will blogging benefit my business? Here are three things you can achieve:

1: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Benefits

- An increase in traffic to your site from new and frequent visitors.

- The search engines (such as Google) will keep returning to your site and scope it out for new content
and ultimately makes your chances of appearing for search queries related to your blog much more
significant. Discussing up-to-date topics related to your industry will increase your chances of being
searched - the Google Freshness Update which was launched late 2011 focuses on delivering readers the
most up-to-date information relative to their search query.

- By attracting long-tail keyword industry related phrases that visitors type in Google, it will often lead to
a higher conversion rate than a simple one or two worded keyword phrase as long-tail keyword phrases
generally have significantly less competition.

- Publishing innovative and interesting content also attracts natural backlinks, blog subscribers and social
media mentions, such as Facebook and Google+.

2: Become an authority in your industry
- Business blogs allow you to share knowledge and provide answers to all the how, what and why
questions related to your products, services and industry. Quality business blogs are often used as a
valuable resource which, once shared (particularly among social media channels such as Twitter and
LinkedIn), can be a very powerful online marketing tool for your business.

Guest blogs are posts that get published on the website of another blogger and contains a link back to
your website. Guest posts provide a great opportunity to encourage more interaction with your site
while enhancing your reputation as a blogger.

3: Direct Communication/Engagement

- Regular bloggers build up a rapport with people who are interested in reading about their industry.
Through blogging, businesses can discuss upcoming specials, promote new products or services, share
industry news and provide opinions on particular topics. Giving your audience the chance to comment
on your blog also encourages conversation and valuable feedback.

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