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Meat the New Bull in Town
Nevada Restaurant Association invites you             LAS VEGAS EPICUREAN AFFAIR
to the culinary event of the year. Set in the
lush poolside paradise of The Palazzo, the            MAY 26, 2011
Las Vegas Epicurean A air will take your
senses on a wild ride. From the savory
cuisine and succulent cocktails, to stunning
                                                      The Palazzo®
fountains and luxurious landscape, this event         Pool Deck
encourages guests to experience it all.               3325 Las Vegas Blvd
                                                      Las Vegas, NV 89109
Satisfy your passion for cuisine and thirst for ex-
citement with an endless temptation of cocktails      VIP ADMISSION: 6:00 PM
and hors d’oeuvres in this sensual and vibrant        GENERAL ADMISSION: 7:00 PM
atmosphere that is undoubtedly Las Vegas.
                                                      TO PURCHASE TICKETS,
All guests must be 21 years or older to attend.
                                                      Visit or
                                                      Call Nevada Restaurant Association at 702-878-2313
                                                      or The Palazzo Box O ce at 702-414-9000 for details
                         May 2011

 5              Cover    Guess you are shocked! LVF&B Pro usually has a grand
                         chef or pretty mixologist covering the issue, but we
                         wanted to invite our readers to see who the “New
                         Bull in Town” is and get some information about him.
                         The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company may change
                         the way you look at Kobe-style Beef…Check it out on

                         page 16.
                         We would like to welcome the new Three Square
                         President and CEO Brian Burton, and wish him all
                         the luck and support for this fine and only Southern
                         Nevada food bank. We will miss our dear friend and
                         Founder Julie Murray, but understand that she will be
                         around as a consultant, and look forward to hearing
                         from her from time to time.

                         UNLVino proved to be as good as ever, and we want
                         to thank Southern Wine & Spirits for this great yearly
                         event benefiting the students of the Culinary Arts
                         Department at UNLV, our upcoming professionals.
                Cover    The WORLD TEA EXPO will be coming back to the Las
                         Vegas Convention Center on June 24-26. A not-to-
                         miss expo with some of the best tea from around the
                         world, it’s a premier event including seminars on tea
                         for the industry professional.

                Page 5                Page 14                 Page 21
                The World’s First     The Conductor’s         Behind the Scenes
                Luxury Whisky         Room at Railroad        at a Food Network
                Enjoyment             Pass                    Challenge
                                      Page 15                 Page 22

                Page 6                Grand Opening of        What’s Brewing?
                What Do We            Tivoli Village and
                Mean by Talent        Brio Tuscan Grille      Page 24
                Management?                                   Your Personal Chef
                                      Page 17
                Page 8                Alexis Park &           Page 25
                ACF April Dinner/                             UNLVino
                                      Montana Wagyu
                Meeting Hosted by
                Southwest Gas         Beef                    Page 26
                                                              Joseph James The
                Page 10               Page 19                 Secret Brewery with
                Asparagus…Now is      Three Square            a Big Reputation
                the Time!             Names Brian W.
                                      Burton President        Page 28
                Page 11               and CEO                 Sustainable
                World of                                      Seafood
                Pinot Noir 2011       Page 20
                                      What’s Cooking:         Page 30
                Page 12               BRATALIAN               United States
                Brett’s Vegas View    Neapolitan Cantina      Bartenders’ Guild                        May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   3
                                                                                         The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional
                                                                                                        1200 S TORREY PINES SUITE 172
                                                                                                               Las Vegas, NV 89146
    May 2011

                                                                                             HOT OFF THE GRILL!
                                                                                               LVF&B Professional
                                                                                              Editor-in-Chief along
                                                                                              with Associate Editor
                              Mike Fryer                                                        Bob Barnes recently
                                                                                              visited with Bratalian
                              Editor-in-Chief                                                Owner-Operator Carla
                              Thank you for joining us in this                                     Pellegrino for an
                              issue of The Las Vegas Food &                                  in-depth article on this
                              Beverage Professional.                                       amazing lady of culinary,
                              For any questions, comments or                                         including some
                              advertising inquiries please email                                 great photos by our
                                                                    very own photographer
                                                                                             George Fryer. Cheers!
                              Bob Barnes                                                                                           UNLVino’s Sake Fever
                              Associate Editor                                                                                     proved that you can be
                                                                                                            better than ever, even in an
                                                                                                                                   economy that took its toll
                                                                                                                                   on the Las Vegas food &
                                                                                                                                   beverage industry. In a re-
                                                                                                                                   bound for both Las Vegas
                                                                                                                                   & Japan, sake manufac-
                                                                                                                                   turers were in full force
                              George Fryer                                                                                         again this year, as celebrity
                                                                                                                                   Las Vegas chef and our
                              Photographer                                                                                         monthly contributor
                                                                                                         Les Kincaid discusses
                                                                                                                                   along with his lovely wife
                                                                                             Tivoli Village recently
                                                                                             opened in the NW side
                                                                                            of Las Vegas to include
                                                                                              the very popular Brio
                              Juanita Aiello                                                  Restaurant as LVF&B
                              Creative Director                                                  Pro Editor-in-Chief
                                                                     and Top Restaurant
                                                                                           Columnist Max Jacobson
                                                                                             discuss the finer points
                                                                                             of dining outlets at this

        Contributor         Contributor         Contributor          Contributor        Contributor         Contributor       Contributor         Contributor
        Jackie Brett        Les Kincaid        Juanita Fryer       Shelley Stepanek     Chef Brian        Linda Bernstein     Beth Ellyn          Jan-le Low

       Contributors         Contributor         Contributor          Contributor        Contributor         Contributor        Contributor        Contributing
    Scott & Elaine Harris   Linda Duke        Michael Oshman          Chef Jet        Chef Allan Asch      Lara Baldwin     Simone Hammond        Photographer
                                                                                                                                                 Alyssa Mayhew

4     The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I April 2011                                                                          
 BY Les Kincaid
                        The World’s First Luxury Whisky Enjoyment Experience

                            Universal Whisky
                             Experience - Nth
                                                                                March was a great month
 Les Kincaid is a                                                               for whisky lovers. We
 food, wine, and                                                                all had an opportunity
 golf expert and                                                                to taste one of the
 cookbook author. He                                                            world’s oldest popular
 hosts a nationally                                                             Four Roses products
 syndicated wine                                                                at a luncheon, and then
 radio show each                                                                with time available
 Thursday from                                                                  later in the evening, to
 7 to 8 pm. You can                                                             the world’s first, super-
 enjoy his website or                                                           premium, elite whisky
 his broadcast at                                                               tasting experience, ‘Nth
                                                                                2011 Show.’ And, it
 or email
                                                                                was held at the Encore
                                                                                Resort, no less.
 FOLLOW ME ON           We were able to sample a dram or so of whisky from the world’s most unique,
 FACE & TWITTER         finest premium whiskies from the top-tier brands. This is not an exaggeration      either. What has often been viewed as the traditional male drink of choice
 leskincaid             is now gaining interest among fashionistas everywhere. While this special       tasting is in its infancy (first ever), Atlanta based Mahesh Patel brought butler
 leskincaid             passed pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres, a gourmet dinner reception, a souvenir
                        Glencairn cut crystal tasting glass and master classes available, all in addition
                        to the super tasting.
                        Some of the finest whisky aficionados, high-end connoisseurs and collectors
                        were enjoying these tastes of single malt and more. Some of the tastings we
                        experienced included: Highland Park 25, 30 and 40 year old, Royal Salute 21
                        year old, Suntory Yamazaki 1984 vintage, Ardmore 30 year old, Balvenie
                                                 30 year old, Bowmore 1964 “Gold” 44 year old and
                                                 the Glenlivet 1940 70 year old. While this is only a
                                                 sample of what was available, you need to know if
                                                 you missed this you can certainly catch next year’s,
                                                 because it is scheduled for a return in 2012.
                                                   If you would like to see everything that Mahesh
                                                   Patel put together, visit the web site and check
                                                   back to plan your participation for next year. http://
                                                                                                                May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   5

               BY Linda
      Westcott-Bernstein            What Do We Mean by Talent Management?
                                    In my opinion, when we talk about Talent Management       to function more effectively.
                                    in today’s organizations, we are talking about the        Appropriate engagement
                                    melding of many key aspects of human capital
                                    management. Managing your MOST VALUABLE
                                                                                              (authority and accountability).
                                    asset is an important business decision, because you      When you hire someone you must give them the
                                    truly have an investment in each and every individual     authority to do their job. This can be difficult for
                                    you hire. Why not then take the time to ensure you        some managers. However, failure to allow for
                                    are getting the most out of this key asset. Just as you   employee engagement in their role will not only cost
         Linda Bernstein has        would make sure your essential tools, equipment and       you productivity, but it will damage trust. It can be
      provided sound human          other physical assets are maintained in top condition     difficult to regain trust. Most employees want to be
        resources advice and                                                                  given the chance to do a good job and will rise to the
         guidance to Fortune
                                    and working order to ensure ongoing production; in
                                    much the same way you need to manage your Talent          occasion when given the authority and shown a bit
          500 companies and
            others for over 25      to ensure that every opportunity is afforded them to      of faith in their abilities.
      years. She has helped         produce and provide a return on your investment.          Career management.
          these organizations       How do we effectively manage our Talent you might
      review procedures and                                                                   Invest in your employees. Spend time and money
                                    ask? It takes planning, coordination and effort. You      on their development and become involved in the
         implement solutions
         that are designed to       must first hire effectively, then train according to      management of their career. Allow employees to
        reduce liabilities and      need, ensure appropriate engagement (authority and        experience new levels of authority and accountability,
       increase their profits.      accountability), manage their career continually, and     assess their capability, and then encourage them to
    She also assists with the       implement programs/processes that will retain them.       get additional training, education or certifications to
      development of human          Let’s take a look at how each of these management         achieve their career goals and your future business
     capital through focused        efforts can help produce business results.                needs. An investment in your employees will return
           employee retention
      and training programs         Effective hiring.                                         to you tenfold.
    designed for all levels of      Put some time and effort into your recruiting and         Ongoing retention.
                   employees.       hiring process. Make sure you have current job            Keeping employees for longer periods of time
                                    descriptions and hire according to job requirements.      reduces your costs. As we have learned, constant
      Linda has written a self-
                                    Outline formal interview questions that you ask of all    turnover requires new recruitment and training
     help book entitled “It All
       Comes Down to WE!”           candidates, and make sure they are clearly job related.   efforts and this can cost you plenty. Additionally,
        which offers guidelines     Share information about the company and job openly        there is almost always some lost productivity while
       for building a solid and     with every candidate so that they will know what          a new employee learns to become familiar and
      enduring personal work        is expected for the position. Be thorough as well as      then competent with the work. Pay attention to and
        ethic. You can find her     friendly. Equally important as getting key information    reward employee loyalty, efforts and impact, and
           book on the website      about skills from your candidate, is giving candidates    you may well experience increased profits.
     (below) or on Amazon or        information so they can determine if they are a fit for
                 Google books.      the job and will do well in your business.                Lastly, how do we measure the return on our Talent
                                                                                              investment? Of course it may be easily evident in
                                    Targeted training.                                        increased profits. However, when we effectively
       Phone:                       All employees must receive orientation training           manage our Talent we also see other less obvious
                                    when they join your organization; either a formal         returns. Employees stay. Longevity means reduced
                                    class or a one-on-one introduction to your business.      recruitment and hiring costs. Customer service-          However, it is even more important to provide             feedback on superior care and service provided to
                                    training that is specific to their need and position.     your customers will translate to repeat business
          Booksite:                 Train employees on how to best complete their jobs        and increased sales. Product knowledge means         and what key attributes, product knowledge, safety        increased effectiveness. Management of your talent
                                    and courtesy are required. Training which improves        translates to job satisfaction, and that means happier
                                    product or service knowledge may increase customer        employees! And happier employees ensure a return
                                    satisfaction or confidence, and allow the employee        for you, both in profit and in customers!

     Question of
                                  Next month’s topic: How to Catch a Thief (employee pilfering)
                                  What measures have you taken to reduce/control employee theft. Explain.
                                  (Send responses to
                                  (Responses may be printed in next month’s column.)
     the Month

6    The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                                   
Signature Chef                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “W
   of Las Vegas
                                                                               LAS VEGAS CHEF AND SOMMELIER
                                                                            A NEW CLUB created by Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet
                                                                              (Chef JD) Executive Chef of Garfield’s on the Lake
                                                                                  in Summerlin and supported by Fork & Pour –
                                                                                    Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas.
                                                                              An invitation-only gathering of Industry Professionals
                                                                                in a relaxed, informal, no-pressure atmosphere.
                                                                                 This is THE venue to taste complementary new
                                                                                Let’s Get Together at BJ’s!
                                                                                   and different wines, talk with the distributors
                                                                               and winemakers, eat great food, and catch up
                                                                                  At BJ’s there’s something for everyone to enjoy: from exciting
                                                                                       with other Las Vegas Industry Leaders.
                                                                                   appetizers, signature deep dish pizzas, fresh salads and new
                                                                                      Please contact us if interested in joining
                                                                                            creations, to Pizookie® desserts and award-winning
                                                                                   culinary & attending or any questions…
                                                                                       handcrafted beers. With over 100 menu items, there’s
                                                                                                                     something everyone will enjoy.
                                                                                                                “Wow – I love this place!”®

                                                                                      UPCOMING PRESENTORS INCLUDE
                                                                                       BJ’S MEDITERRAN
                                                                                                         EAN PIZZA
                                                                                                                                       G HANDCRAF
                                                                                                                                                    TED BEER
                                                                                                                                                               BAL SAM IC
                                                                                                                                                                            GLA ZED CHIC
                                                                                                                                                                                               TRIPLE CHOCOLATE PIZOOKIE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           MADE WITH GHIRARDE

                                                                                                JOY ARMAGNAC
                                                                                                    BLVD., SUMMERLIN • (702) 853-2300
                                                                               10840 W. CHARLESTON ARNOUX
                                                                                9520 S. EASTERN AVENUE, HENDERSON • (702) 473-2980
                                                                                                                 W W W. BJ S R ESTAU R A N TS. CO M

                                                                            Chef Paul’s Guadalajara Pork
You Work Hard on Your Menu . . .                                            Yield: about 6-8 servings
   Leave the MAGIC to Chef Paul!                                            1 4-5 lb pork shoulder, boneless
                                                                            1/2 cup Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Fajita Magic® or Pork and Veil
        Choose From 28 Magic Seasoning Blends Products                             Magic® or Barbecue Magic® or Meat Magic®
                                                                            2      tablespoons vegetable oil
                                                                            2      cups onions, chopped
                                              Chef Paul Prudhomme           1 1/2 cups celery, chopped
                                              stands for quality and        1      cup green bell peppers, chopped
                                                                            2      cups tomato sauce
                                              he proudly offers his
                                                                            5      tablespoons apple cider vinegar
                                              line of all-natural, Magic    1/4 cup dark brown sugar, firmly packed
                                              Seasoning Blends (17),        1/2 cup honey
                                                                            4      bay leaves
                                              Magic Sauce & Marinades
                                                                            1 1/2 cups beef stock or chicken stock, unsalted
                                              (4), Magic Chiles (7)         Day 1
                                              and Smoked Meats              1 Rub the meat with the Magic Seasoning Blend of your choice.
                                                                            2 Wrap and refrigerate overnight.
                                              (Andouille & Tasso)!
                                                                            Day 2
       Order Direct 800-457-2857 or request                                 1 Heat the vegetable oil in a large skillet.
                                                                            2 Add the onions, celery and bell peppers.
       products from your local distributor. Save $5
                                                                            3 Cook, stirring frequently, until the onions are brown on the edges,
       when you order or send for mail-in certificate                           about 10 minutes.
       and save on your first order!
                                                                            4 Add the tomato sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, honey and bay leaves.
                                                                            5 Bring to a boil, stirring well, and simmer briefly, about 2 minutes. Set
                                                                            6 Place the seasoned pork in a roasting pan. Add the stock and cover
                                                                                with foil.
       Call Gregg Villarrubia (504) 731-3519 or

       Las Vegas broker contact:                                                 CALL YOUR LOCAL SALES REP TODAY!
                                                                            7 Bake at 225ºF for 2 hours.
       Rick Mundy (Nasser Company, Inc.), (702)-873-4351 or                 8 Add the reserved cooked mixture. Re-cover with foil.
                                                                                                            (702) 400-1378
                                                                            9 Bake until tender, about 3 1/2-4 hours.
                                                                            10 Slice meat thinly across grain (or shred).
                                                                                 May Dinner–Meeting
                                                                                  Hosted by Southwest Gas
                                                                   ACF Chefs of Las Vegas May Dinner-Meeting was held at Southwest Gas
                                                                       Corp. and hosted by the ACF Chefs Advisory Board featuring
                                                                         a great Bar-B-Q complete with a cheese and wine tasting
                                     IATE ADVISORY BOA
                                                                                        by Ferrari-Carano Wines.
Photos by George Fryer

        8                The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                    
                                                                                                                                             IATE ADVISORY BOA
                                                                                                                                          SOC                 RD

This year the ACF Chefs of Las Vegas Associate Advisory Board will be featuring the “Las Vegas Chefs Golf Tournament ” in the June
Issue of The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional and circulated to all the participating Chefs and companies joining the Chefs Golf
and including Chefs/Restaurants/Properties throughout Las Vegas and will be referred to for the entire year. All listings will be both in
print and on line with your logo and link on the website giving wider coverage and immediate information contact. Please check the
coverage styles below and contact us with any questions and to place your listings which will be closing in May for a June 1st printing.
Thank You.

Directory Listing - $100.00                                                                            Chef & Product Spotlight
(Free with any AD placed)
                                                                                                                                          Chef Philip Lo
                                                                                                                                      Executive Chef - Jasmine
CHEF/PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT - 2.4” x 3.25” - $200.00
(Free to all participating T-Boxes)
                                                                     3.25” The critics and the John Curtas named
                                                                                     Todd’s Unique Dining
Quarter Page AD 3.5” x 4.8125” - $250.00                                   KNPR food critic
                                                                                               dining public agree.

                                                                                Todd’s Unique Dining “Neighborhood            Chef Lo Oversees the menu development
                                                                                Restaurant of the Year”· [East Side) in his   of Jasmine, Bellagio’s gourmet Chinese
                                                                                2009 restaurant awards. Also voted Best       restaurant. The restaurant’s menu offers

Half Page AD - 7.125” x 4.8125” - $450.00
                                                                                Gourmet Restaurant by Las Vegas Review        traditional Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine,
                                                                                Journal editors and readers.                  as well as more modern interpretations.
                                                                                4350 East Sunset Road                         Chefs in America, a California-based asso-
                                                                                Henderson, NV                                 ciation of culinary professionals, honored Lo,
                                                                                (702) 259-8633                                an originator of nouvelle Hong Kong cuisine,
                                                                                                 as one of “America’s Outstanding Chefs.”

Full Page AD - 8.5” x 11” - $750.00                                                              2.4”                                            2.4”



                           2011 Directory
        HICKORY HOUSE               SAM’S TOWN HOTEL &
        Las Vegas, NV               GAMBLING HALL
        www.hickoryhouse.usa        Las Vegas, NV

                                    GET FRESH COMPANIES
        Southwest Gas Corporation
        5241 Spring Mountain Road
        Las Vegas, NV 89150-0002    SYSCO LAS VEGAS
        (702) 876-7011              Las Vegas, NV                                                                                                                                 4.8125”
        Las Vegas, NV               Las Vegas, NV   

        Las Vegas, NV               NEVADA          Las Vegas, NV
        Las Vegas, NV               STATE RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT      COMPANY                                                                                                   7.125”
                                    Las Vegas, NV


Asparagus…Now is the Time!                                                                                                        BY Les Kincaid
                                                                 very thin asparagus spears (very skinny) leave them in the
                                                                 store; those are what we in the food business call weeds.
                                                                 HOW TO TRIM
                                                                 The easiest method is to simply bend the stalk until it
                                                                 breaks, and discard the bottom. If you want less waste, you
                                                                 can take a vegetable peeler to the tough ends, removing the
                                                                 woody outside to reveal the tender stalks inside.
                                                                 HOW TO STORE                                                     Les Kincaid is a
                                                                                                                                  food, wine, and
                                                                 Fresh asparagus is best when eaten within 2-3 days. To           golf expert and
                                                                 store in the refrigerator, there are two methods: 1) wrap        cookbook author. He
                                                                 the bottoms in damp paper towels and store in an unsealed        hosts a nationally
                                                                 plastic bag, or 2) trim one inch off of the bottoms, stand       syndicated wine
                                                                 upright in one inch of water, and loosely cover the top          radio show each
 One of my favorite signs of spring is asparagus at our          with a plastic bag. If you want to freeze fresh asparagus,       Thursday from
 farmer’s market. Tucked into an omelet, pureed into a           blanch it for a few minutes, then drain, dry and pack in         7 to 8 pm. You can
 soup, or served alongside chicken or fish, these green stalks                                                                    enjoy his website or
                                                                 freezer-safe containers.                                         his broadcast at
 pack a one-two punch of flavor and nutrition. I’ve rounded                                                             
                                                                 HOW TO COOK
 up some tips on buying, storing and cooking these seasonal                                                                       or email
 delights, plus a few of my best asparagus recipes.              Asparagus lends itself well to a variety of cooking    
                                                                 methods, like roasting, steaming, stir-frying, blanching or
                                                                 grilling. The trick is not overdoing it -- it’s a fast-cooking   FOLLOW ME ON
 Thick or thin? When choosing asparagus stalks, it’s more        vegetable, especially the thinner stalks, and you want to        FACE & TWITTER
 of a personal preference than an indicator of which is          keep it crisp-tender. One of Tammy’s favorite breakfast
 “better.” No matter your thickness, make sure the stalks        items is a frittata. As a matter of fact, one of her favorite    leskincaid
 are bright green, the tops are tightly closed and the bottoms   vegetables is asparagus. So, put the two together and now
 aren’t dry and white. Buying stalks of roughly the same         you know what we often have for breakfast. (See recipe           leskincaid
 width will ensure even cooking. Also, when you see those        below).

     Asparagus Frittata
     6 large eggs
     2 tablespoons whipping cream
     1/2 teaspoon salt, plus a pinch
     1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
     1 tablespoon olive oil
     1 tablespoon sweet butter
     12 ounces asparagus, trimmed, cut into 1/4 to 1/2-inch pieces
     1 tomato, seeded, diced
     3 ounces Fontina, diced
     Preheat the broiler.
     Whisk the eggs, cream, 1/2 teaspoon salt and pepper in a medium
     bowl to blend. Set aside.
     Heat the oil and butter in a 9 1/2-inch-diameter nonstick ovenproof
     skillet over medium heat. Add the asparagus and sauté until crisp-
     tender, about 2 minutes. Raise the heat to medium-high. Add the
     tomato and a pinch of salt and sauté 2 minutes longer.
     Pour the egg mixture over the asparagus mixture and cook for a few
     minutes until the eggs start to set. Sprinkle with cheese. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook until the frittata
     is almost set but the top is still runny, about 2 minutes.
     Place the skillet under the broiler. Broil until the top is set and golden brown on top, about 5 minutes. Let the
     frittata stand 2 minutes. Using a rubber spatula, loosen the frittata from skillet and slide the frittata onto a plate.

10   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                                    
                                                     World of Pinot Noir 2011,
                                                a Detailed Look (and taste) from
                                                               the Media Room
                                          The World of Pinot Noir over
                                          the last 11 years has earned
                                          the reputation as one of the
                                          foremost wine focus events
                                          in the country, with growers,
                                          winemakers and master
                                          sommeliers from all over         Pinot Noir. From the early days at Zaca Mesa Winery and 20-year                  BY Elaine &
                                          the world converging on the      tenure at Byron Vineyard, he has continued to experiment with                    Scott Harris
                                          Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach,    clones, rootstocks, soils and winemaking techniques, exploring the
 California every March. Each year we find young upcoming stars            tremendous potential for Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara County. He
 producing very nice Pinot Noirs, visit with icons of the industry and
                                                                           launched the Ken Brown label in 2003 and became excited about
 sample their time-tested works of art.
                                                                           the vineyards and the wines that brought him to Santa Barbara
 ZOTOVICH CELLARS: Sta Rita Hills                                          County in the first place 30 years ago. His Ken Brown 2008 Pinot
 The Zotovich Family Cellars was probably the nicest surprise we           Noir Sta. Rita Hills is a classic Pinot Noir from one of the premier
 had over the whole weekend. After tasting the Zotovich Family             Pinot Noir AVAs in the US.
 Cellars Estate Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills 2008 in the media room we        AMPELOS CELLARS:
 had to go “in search” of these wines at the Grand Tasting by The
                                                                           Great wines have a great story and one of the greatest is Peter and
 Sea. We saw a 20’s something young man pouring the Pinot Noir
                                                                           Rebecca Work, owners of Ampelos Cellars. They bought 82 acres
 and discovered he was none other than winemaker Ryan Zoltovich.                                                                                  Elaine Harris, sommelier,
                                                                           in 1999 and moved to “The Ranch” in 2002. The first 15 acres
 A Cal Poly grad, for the last three years he had been the cellar master                                                                          owner of Vino Las Vegas
                                                                           were planted in 2001 and in 2005 expanded with another 10 acres.
 for the legendary Sea Smoke Cellars and left in July to work for his                                                                              LLC and Editor-In-Chief
                                                                           They spent the first four years learning how to farm the land, prune
 family in their estate vineyard. We were impressed with Ryan and                                                                                        of The Cuisineist.
                                                                           the vines and coax them onto the trellis. Ampelos is truly a small
 his Estate Pinot Noir 08, one of the best we had all weekend. Ryan
                                                                           boutique winery producing about 3,500 cases a year and doing very
 has the potential to be a new and rising star in the Sta Rita Hills.                                                                              Scott Harris, sommelier,
                                                                           well at it. Their lovely 2007 Lambda is their “focus” estate Pinot                                                                                                                  President of Vino
                                                                           Noir. The Lambda has all the signature notes of the Sta Rita Hills
 SEA SMOKE CELLARS :                                                                                                                                 Las Vegas LLC and a
                                                                           and has scored 91 points Tanzer IWC, 93 + gold medal Tastings.            staff journalist for The
 Sea Smoke Winery needs no introduction to any wine lover. They            com and 90-93 points Wine Spectator. Ampelos is all about love                        Cuisineist.
 don’t have a tasting room, and only offer periodic by appointment         and passion for the land and should not be missed. http://www.
 vineyard tours and have an allocation list! Having the opportunity
 to visit with winemaker Don Schroder and taste these very special         DRAGONETTE CELLARS :
 wines is always a treat. For years, vintners have coveted a stretch
                                                                           A winery we have been watching literally from their inception
 of land in the western end of Santa Barbara’s Santa Rita Hills AVA
                                                                           is Dragontte Cellars. John and Steve Dragonette and close friend
 known to have the perfect microclimate, soils, and exposure to
                                                                           Brandon Sparks-Gillis formed Dragonette Cellars in order to pursue
 grow world-class Pinot Noir. In 1999, fulfilling a long-held dream
                                                                           a long-held dream to produce wines of the utmost quality and purity
 of owner Bob David’s, this sought-after stretch of land became Sea
                                                                           from the finest vineyards in Santa Barbara County and the Central
 Smoke Vineyard. We enjoyed the Southing 2008 Sea Smoke Sta Rita
                                                                           Coast. It looks like they have achieved it. Their 2008 Pinot Noir
 Hills. It lives up to the long history and reputation of this legendary
                                                                           from the Iconic Fiddlesticks Vineyard Sta Rita Hills is a Pinot Noir
 vineyard. If you are looking for a true “standard” in Pinot Noir, Sea
                                                                           that speaks to you about the AVA. Pinot Noirs from the Sta Rita
 Smoke is a must!
                                                                           Hills have a special signature and Dragonette has done an excellent
 SINOR-LAVALLE WINES:                                                      job in winemaking and staying true to the Sta Rita Hills signature
 Founded in 1997 by winemaker Mike Sinor and his wife Cheri                flavors.
 LaValee-Sinor, this winery is making some very nice Pinot Noir            The World of Pinot Noir features some
 and got our attention. The 2008 Pinot Noir Talley-Rincon Vineyard         of the finest Pinot Noir in the world.
 is a classic example of a Pinot Noir from Arroyo Grande. It scored        This event puts legendary winemakers
 an amazing 93 points last year and has a production of only 73 cases.     side by side with the young all sharing
 This husband and wife team are well on their way, and you can taste       their skill and love for this very special
 the dedication to growing and producing high quality hand-crafted         varietal. We sampled literally hundreds
 Pinot Noir with every sip.                  of Pinot Noirs and all represented their
 KEN BROWN WINES:                                                          AVA and country well. A few wineries
 When you talk about a true pioneer in winemaking, one name that           stood out for us over the three day
 always comes up is Ken Brown. His first experience with Pinot Noir        period for their quality and what we feel
 in the Sta. Rita Hills came in 1976, when he met fellow pioneers          a Pinot Noir should be. We look forward
 Richard Sanford and Michael Benedict and tasted one of the first          to the 12th World of Pinot Noir next
 Pinot Noirs from the Sanford and Benedict Vineyard. Most of his           March and look to find more ‘special’
 career has been spent pursuing the elusive traits that make great         finds among the best of the best.

                                                     Visit World of Pinot Noir at
                                                                                                                                May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional                     11
 RESTAURANT NEWS / QUICK CLIPS                  a new store inside The Forum Shops at          “X Burlesque” is celebrating its four-year run
    The Nevada Restaurant Association           Caesars Palace.                                at the Flamingo with an extended contract
 will hold its annual Las Vegas Epicurean         The first official GUINNESS® store in the    through 2013.
 Affair at The Palazzo Pools on Thursday,       United States has opened in the Shoppes at        “The Mentalist” Gerry McCambridge
 May 26 and feature nearly 75 purveyors.        Mandalay Place.
                                                                                               will perform 7:30 p.m. Thursday - Tuesday
    Tacos & Tequila at the Luxor has kicked         ENTERTAINMENT NEWS
 off Cougars & Cuervo Wednesdays from                                                          shows for another two years at the V Theater
 6-9 p.m. and begun spicing up Saturdays                                                       inside Miracle Mile Shops.
 and Sundays with a Mariachi Brunch.                                                              Golden Rainbow, an original production
    Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge at Monte                                                       featuring performers from Vegas shows, will
 Carlo is hosting Whisky Wednesdays from                                                       host its 25th annual fundraising “Ribbon of
 7-9 p.m. inside its cigar lounge.
    Border Grill at Mandalay Bay has
 introduced the all-you-can-eat Border
 Brunch every Saturday and Sunday
 through October.
    Railroad Pass established in 1931holds
 the oldest active gaming license in Southern
 Nevada. Inside is the Conductor’s Room, a
 fine dining experience at affordable prices.
    The Verdict’s Inn is a new breakfast-
 lunch restaurant downtown in the legal            Elton John will return to The Colosseum
 district with décor and menu reflecting its    at Caesars Palace with a new show “The
 location.                                      Million Dollar Piano” and start a three-
    On weekends, folks can take a 45-minute     year residency Sept. 28. With “The Red
 ride aboard the Nevada Southern Railway        Piano,” John completed a five-year deal in
 departing in Boulder City and traveling to     April 2009.                                    Life” at Paris June 26 at 1 p.m.
 Railroad Pass at 10, 11:30, 1 and 2:30.           Golden Nugget headliner Gordie                 “Supernatural Entertainment starring
    Shelter Serra is in The Cosmopolitan’s      Brown, who has been there since Feb. 5,
 artist-in-residence program with “The                                                         Lior Suchard” has returned to the Palms
                                                2009, is extending his show with a multi-      for a 2011 residency in The Lounge.
 Trophy Room” featuring a collection of         year deal.
 statuary lions in the P3 Studio.                                                                 Jeff Timmons, founding member of 98
                                                   The Improv at Harrah’s has a five-
    Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art has opened     year extension through 2015 with Caesars       Degrees, will join the Chippendales as
 “A Sense of Place: Landscapes from             Entertainment and will bring back              special musical guest star and emcee May
 Monet to Hockney” featuring 30 artworks.       some name alumni starting with Jay Mohr        12 - June 5.
                                                June 24 - 26.                                     Rodney Carrington, a Pollstar’s Top
                                                   The Orleans will open Big Al’s Comedy       Five-grossing touring comedian, will
                                                Club May 7. The renovated space seats 200      debut his stand-up routine at The Mirage
                                                and will have shows Thursday - Saturday at     June 17 – 18.
                                                7:30 and 10 p.m. and a free Sunday open
                                                mic night 9 to 11:30 p.m. Grandma Lee will        “Holly’s World” co-star Angel Porrino
                                                headline through July 2.                       has joined the “Absinthe” cast as The
                                                   The V Theater has opened “Breakfast         Weather Girl in the new adult carnival show
                                                with Bugsy” with a 9 a.m. breakfast and        at Caesars Palace.
                                                show about Las Vegas’ evolution.                  “VEGAS! The Show” at the Saxe Theater
                                                   Singer/pianist Wes Winters has a new        inside Miracle Mile Shops that opened last
                                                weekly Thursday and Friday night act from      June is now seven days a week.
                                                5 to 8 p.m. in the 150-seat Grandview             Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina
    The Jeff Mitchum Gallery opened at          Lounge at South Point.
 Bellagio showcasing treasured images from         The new Blue Man Group 15-foot-tall         is hosting a 12-week Sunday “Sammy’s
 world-renowned fine art photographer.          statue at the Fashion Show is an interactive   Battle of the Bands” competition with a final
    Bettie Page Clothing with a store inside    display featuring two large, high-definition   Sept. 18 showdown. Winners will open for
 the Miracle Mile Shops recently opened         monitors and “fan cam.”                        Holiday Havoc 2011.
12    The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                          
     Restaurant Review

      RAILROAD PASS in the County
                    The Best Kept Secret
 BY Shelley Stepanek

 What an amazing job Railroad Pass has
 done keeping this quiet among their close
 knit clientele. Well, we are going to open
 up this news to all of Las Vegas. No one
 will want to miss an evening here, hosted
 by Maitre D’Extraordinaire Sean Grady.
 Now many of you may remember him
 from years past at “Top of the Mint” and
 other numerous restaurants throughout
 the city, including The Congo Room
 and Don the Beachcomber, Sahara Lake
 Tahoe, and lastly from the Bootlegger.
 Another highly prized tidbit is they are
 owned by MGM, and they only do the
 top shelf in restaurants. On August 1,
 Railroad Pass Casino will become the
 oldest licensed casino in the state.
 Kurt Thompson is General Manager             pace of Las Vegas. Halfway to Boulder         Crab Cocktails, Portabella Mushrooms
 over the whole property, including the       Dam, it is a quick trip and a great evening   or Oysters on the Half Shell or Fried
 100 rooms, the 50-seat showroom and          out. Starting with a bottle of Rosenblum      Calamari, I gave up and let Sean order
 the 110 seat restaurant.                     Cabernet from Napa, and an order of           for us. Try the Conductor’s Salad, or
 The Conductor’s Room features dark           the Fried Calamari, I knew I was in for       the Baked French Onion Soup if you
 red walls, and huge booths that you can      one relaxing evening. Looking over the        can’t make up your mind. Sean picked
 sink into a world away from the frantic      rest of the appetizer menu, with King         out the Steak and Australian Lobster
                                                                                            combination with asparagus and a
                                                                                            baked potato big enough for three. My
                                                                                            friend had the Blackened Sea Bass, pan
                                                                                            seared in pure butter and Cajun spices.
                                                                                            They also feature Barbeque Baby Back
                                                                                            Ribs and Chicken, Veal or Chicken
                                                                                            Parmesan and Grilled Herb Chicken
                                                                                            Breasts. And then the big surprise when
                                                                                            the dessert cart was rolled out. This is
                                                                                            truly a “WOW’ factor. Every freshly
                                                                                            made dessert is at least a fourth of a
                                                                                            whole cake. The Carrot Cake must have
                                                                                            been 6 layers high and the Tiramisu
                                                                                            was enough for a whole family. Every
                                                                                            dessert was incredible. The service is
                                                                                            impeccable; the employees are at your
                                                                                            constant beck and call.

     Open Thursday - Sunday, from 4-10pm, call 702-294-5000 for reservations.
                Located at 2800 S. Boulder Hwy. Henderson, NV 89105
14   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                    
 Tivoli village Tivoli Village cut the opening ribbon recently on the long-awaited for shop and restaurant district
 located on Rampart and Alta on the NW side of town, with Mayor Oscar Goodman and his wife Carolyn Goodman assisting.

 Brio Tuscan grille                                The Brio Tuscan Grille opened its second Las Vegas location recently in the newly
 opened Tivoli Village. Executive Chef Christopher Horning and General Manager Maureen Kane oversee this beautiful restaurant with
 guidance from our old friend District Partner Keena Warner.                                                             May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional        15
Meat the New
Bull in Town
                                         When a person sits down
                                         to enjoy a fine steak at a
                                         local establishment, they
                                         usually don’t consider
                                         the process that it went
                                         through to get to the
                                         plate. However, chefs
                                         and restaurant owners
                                         know the importance of
                                         this process.
                                          With so many distributors
                                          and food vendors in Las
                                          Vegas, it is easy for a
                                          chef to feel as though
 every person that comes through the door is a pitch man trying to
 peddle the newest and latest craze in food. The recent explosion
 in popularity of Kobe beef, or more accurately, “American Style      in Montana with all aspects of the production, raising, finishing,
 Kobe Beef” is no different. With the arrival of The Montana          processing and packing, being done under the cattle company’s
 Wagyu Cattle Company in Las Vegas, it is no longer “Beef As          direct supervision. Additionally, all elements of the production are
 Usual.” Now it is beef as it should be: grade A, dry-aged, USDA      done by family owned and operated businesses within Montana.
 Prime.                                                               This beef is truly a “Made in Montana” product.
 The ranch, owned and operated by Rick Woienski, is located           This difference can be seen in their approach to raising and
 outside of Belgrade, Montana in the pristine Gallatin Valley         finishing the cattle. Each animal is raised on grasses and alfalfa
 located north of Yellowstone Park. The Montana Wagyu Cattle          for two years and then finished on whole grains and grasses for
 Company is a business model based on being exclusively made          six months with no added antibiotics or hormones. This attention
                                                                      to detail results in raising cattle that consistently rate USDA prime
                                                                      when graded at the time of processing.
                                                                      It is this attention to detail throughout the process that makes
                                                                      Montana Wagyu’s “American-Style Kobe Beef” truly different.
                                                                      Starting with the USDA Inspection, the rancher will oversee each
                                                                      component of the cutting and packaging. Where other producers
                                                                      will process and ship as many cows in the shortest amount of time,
                                                                      The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company will dry-age every whole
                                                                      carcass for 28 to 30 days. This enhances the flavor and gives a rich
                                                                      buttery taste to the beef that is distinctive and bold. Where other
                                                                      producers just ship the cows to distant facilities, the rancher will
                                                                      travel to the processing facility weekly and monitor, inspect, and
                                                                      taste test (the best part of the job) every unit in production.
                                                                      When it comes to getting the finished product to their clients, The
                                                                      Montana Wagyu Cattle Company’s business model continues
                                                                      to maintain the integrity of the product and process. “Since we
                                                                      are a family owned business, we treat our clients like family,”
                                                                      says Woienski. Once the product leaves the processing plant, it
                                                                      is either shipped directly to the client, or it is sent through NKB
                                                                      Distributors, the local distributor in Las Vegas. If there is ever
                                                                      any question about a product, both the rancher and distributor are
                                                                      simply a phone call away. How many restaurants are only one step
                                                                      away from the ranch?

                                                                              For More Information Contact
                                                                                    James D. Gannett
                                                                       (702) 232-2972 •

16   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                          
Alexis Park &
Montana Wagyu Beef
Alexis Park Executive Chef Joseph Rawls
shares his recipe for creating a culinary
experience with Montana Wagyu Beef
 Roasted Red Onion Mayonnaise
 1 med red onion
   6 oz mayonnaise
   1 lemon
   salt and pepper
 Roast med red onion in oven until soft and lightly charred. Cool and chop.
 Add to mayonnaise in a blender and blend on high for 30 seconds. Remove
 from blender and season with salt, pepper and juice of half a lemon.
 Sweet & Spicy Whole Grain Mustard Relish
  2 grilled serrano peppers
  4 oz whole grain mustard
  1/2 med dill pickle seeds removed and chopped
 Remove seeds from serrano, combine with mustard, and add chopped cloth
 dried pickles and sugar to taste.
   6 oz ground Montana Wagyu chuck
   kosher salt
   fresh ground black pepper
   1 1/2 oz crushed panko bread crumbs
   1 med egg
 Preheat grill over medium heat. In a bowl add ground Montana Wagyu, salt
 and pepper to taste, crushed panko and medium egg. Mix all ingredients
 with hands, careful not to over-mix, and form meat into 2 oz. patties. Pack
 Place the sliders on the grill. Wait until they are nice and crusty on the
 first side, about 4 to 5 minutes, and then flip and cook another 4 minutes
 or desired temperature. When the sliders are about done, top with English
 semi-hard cheddar cheese and melt cheese.
 Place the slider on mini brioche burger buns and top with roasted red onion
 mayonnaise, arugula, and sliced heirloom tomatoes.                                                                  May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   17
      Three Square Names
         Brian W. Burton
       President and CEO
   Food Bank’s Founder Julie Murray to
     Consult with Feeding America

                            LAS VEGAS – April 7,
                            2011 – The Three Square
                            Food Bank Board of
                            Directors announces the
                            appointment of Brian W.
                                                          Under Murray’s leadership, the start-up food bank
                            Burton as President and
                                                          succeeded in distributing 50 million pounds of food
                            Chief Executive Officer of
                                                          and grocery product into the community during the
                            Southern Nevada’s only
                                                          past three years through its more than 600 Program
                            food bank effective April
                                                          Partners serving over 100,000 individuals monthly.
                            25, 2011. Burton succeeds
                                                          She will continue to serve Three Square in an advisory
                            visionary and founder
                                                          capacity in addition to providing consultative services
                            Julie Murray.
                                                          to Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-
 “We are thrilled to have an experienced non-profit       relief organization, working with President and Chief
 leader like Mr. Burton continue the great work that      Executive Officer Vicki Escarra.
 has been done at Three Square,” said Chairman of         About Three Square
 the Board Kirk Clausen. “Julie established a strong
 foundation and we are confident Brian will continue to   Three Square was established to end hunger in the
 build on that momentum and further expand operations     valley by providing wholesome, nutritious food to
 to meet the need for food in our community.”             non-profit organizations that serve a wide range
                                                          of Southern Nevadans in need. A national model
 Burton brings more than 20 years of non-profit           project inspired by Eric Hilton with a grant provided
 industry experience to his post at Three Square Food     by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Three Square
 Bank. He most recently served as Executive Director      is a community collaborative partnership with the
 of the Wilkinson Center in Dallas, Texas, a non-profit   gaming industry, businesses, non-profit agencies, food
 organization that empowers low-income families           distributors, higher education institutions, the CCSD,
 to break the cycle of poverty through emergency          governmental entities, the media and thousands of
 services including food assistance, education and case   volunteers to efficiently and effectively serve hope
 management. His professional expertise includes rapid    to those in our community struggling with hunger.
 organizational growth and development, program           Three Square currently provides more than 22 million
 sustainability, community engagement, public policy      pounds of food and grocery product – the equivalent
 work and diversified fundraising.                        of nearly 16 million meals – per year to more than 600
 Burton holds a Master of Divinity degree in Education    Program Partners including non-profit and faith-based
 from Southern Seminary, a Master of Business             organizations, schools and feeding sites throughout
 Administration degree from Louisiana State University    Southern Nevada. Three Square is a member of the
 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ouachita Baptist      Feeding America network of food banks. For additional
 University.                                              information visit                                                 May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   19

                                   BRATALIAN                                                                                      BY Bob Barnes

                                   Neapolitan Cantina
                                    Acclaimed celebrity chef and occasional TV star Carla Pellegrino is showcasing
                                    her recipes at her newly opened Bratalian Neapolitan Cantina. The restaurant is
                                    truly a family affair, with her sister, Allesandra Madeira serving as chef de cuisine
                                                                                                                              Bob Barnes is a native
                                    and her brother-in-law Walter Ciccone handling the general manager duties.                 Las Vegan, associate
                                    The name implies a Brazilian/Italian theme, but mainly represents Carla’s                editor of The Las Vegas
                                                                                                                                    Food & Beverage
                                    background of having a Brazilian father and an Italian mother and growing up               Professional, regional
                                    in both Brazil and Italy. While the menu is currently strictly Italian, beginning in            correspondent for
                                    June, Brazilian dishes will be served during lunch on Saturdays featuring seven           Celebrator Beer News
                                                                                                                                   and covers the LV
                                    rotating dishes and live Brazilian music.
                                                                                                                                 restaurant scene for
                                    As you enter Bratalian, you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Naples. The first He welcomes
                                                                                                                                        your inquiries.
                                    thing you’ll notice is laundry hanging from clotheslines, just as you would find
                                    in the Spanish borough on the main street of Naples. The atmosphere is relaxed             Email:
                                    and eclectic, with colorful artwork, photos of Italian movie stars and pictures of  
                                    Carla with notables that include Bill Clinton. An outdoor patio is inviting as well,
                                    enhanced by a lion statuary fountain.
                                    Carla began her cooking career at the age of 10, skipping school to assist her
                                    mother whenever she got a catering gig. “For me, food was always linked to liking        NEAPOLITAN
                                    someone, whether family or friends, so cooking is natural to me,” says Carla. In
                                    1997 her travels brought her to the U.S. where she met her ex-husband Frank
                                    Pellegrino Jr., co-owner of the famous Rao’s in East Harlem, New York City.
                                    After cooking for him, he was so impressed that he decided she needed her own            Bratalian is located
                                    restaurant, and in 2000 they opened and successfully established Baldoria on 49th        in Henderson, on
                                    Street in the heart of the theatre district. At the same time, Carla attended the
                                    French Culinary Institute in Soho, from which she graduated with honors. In 2006         Eastern south of
                                    she and Frank moved to Las Vegas to open another version of Rao’s at Caesars             Horizon Ridge
                                    Palace, where she was its executive chef and free to add her own traditional North
                                    Italian cuisine touch. In 2009 she appeared on the Food Network’s Throwdown!             Pkwy., and is open
                                    with Bobby Flay and competed against Flay in a Feast of Seven Fish competition,          daily for lunch from
                                    of which four were shellfish. In spite of her severe allergy to shellfish (which
                                    tasting or touching could be deadly to her), she bravely wore two gloves and             11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                                    without tasting her dishes still defeated Flay. Carla’s other impressive credentials     and dinner from 5
                                    include appearances on the Today Show, CBS Morning Show, Fox News, has been
                                    spotlighted in numerous magazine features and she was honored as Chef Guest at           p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
                                    the James Beard Award for Women in Food in 2009.
                                    As for the cuisine at Bratalian, Carla says, “Italian food hasn’t changed in 2,000
                                    years. My food is very traditional, but I incorporate some American/Italian parm
                                    and meatballs out of respect for my clientele, so they can enjoy what they expect of     10740 S. Eastern
                                    Italian food. Here you can have a pleasant homemade dining experience enjoying
                                    comfort food like family would make.”                                                    Ave. #155

                                    An excellent beginning is the Insalatina di Mare ($14)-a tour of the sea with
                                                                                                                             Henderson, NV
                                    calamari, shrimp, lobster, and crab with Gaeta olives, celery and red bell pepper
                                    dressed with lemon citronette; or the Polpette Tradizionale ($9.50)-traditional          89052
                                    beef, veal and pork meatballs served in fresh tomatoes and basil sauce. Not to
                                    be missed is the Penne alla Vodka ($19.50)-a delectably rich mixture of penne in
                                    tomatoes, Italian cooked ham, vodka and a touch of cream sauce. Carnivores will
                                    enjoy the Cotoletta di Maiale in Agrodolce ($21.50)-a generous 14 oz. pork chip
                                    pan seared and sautéed in sweet and hot cherry peppers. A perfect finish is the
                                    Profiterole ($8.50)-Pate Choux filled with French vanilla gelato and topped with
                                    warm chocolate sauce. The full menu can be viewed at

20   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                                   
 Behind the Scenes at a
 Food Network Challenge
 People often ask me what it’s like to do a Food Network Challenge (FNC).
 Let me pull back the curtain a little and give you a behind-the-scenes look at
 creating a chocolate showpiece for an FNC program. The average time to get
 ready for FNC is about 20 days! As you can imagine … this is not much time
 to start from scratch!
 I start by talking with my teammate, Loppo, and we brainstorm ideas to fit the
 theme. Since time is short, we allow about 3 days to finalize a sketch. From
 that sketch, Loppo and I will design all the elements of the showpiece. We don’t
 think about what can be done in chocolate, we think about what can be done –
 period – then find a way to make it out of chocolate.
 With the design in place, we begin practice. We like to do at least one full timed   The School of Pastry Design is the creation of celebrity chef and TV
 practice before we shoot the show. During this phase we will spend about 40 to       culinary artist Chris Hanmer, the youngest world pastry team champion
 50 hours a week above our day jobs working on the showpiece.                         ever, and one of the few such champions to come from the United
 The week of the shoot is always crazy. Loppo and I drive to Denver from Las          States. The highly-creative, outgoing Hanmer is a former pastry chef
 Vegas, Nevada, about 12 hours, and arrive two days before the shoot begins. We       for multiple AAA Five Diamond hotels, and he is a frequent face on the
 will need the extra day to make sure that all of our supplies and plans made the     TV Food Network.
 journey safely and nothing is damaged.                                               While a world champion in every sense of the word, Chef Hanmer is
                                                                                      also a friendly, down-to-earth, chef-next-door role model, a master of
 One day before the shoot we do the pre-interview, which typically lasts 2 hours.     every major pastry art, and the antithesis of the stereotypical French
 These interviews are edited into snippets that get used during the broadcast of      pastry chef. His spectacular sugar sculptures and chocolate showpieces
 the competition. After the pre-interview we can load our tools and supplies in       have graced the pages of major global food magazines, and he is now
 the studio kitchen. During some competitions this starts as late as 9:00 PM and      bringing his dynamic cooking techniques to a fantasy studio kitchen in
 takes 2 to 3 hours – the night before the competition!                               Las Vegas where students can spend time learning or mastering the art
                                                                                      of pastry design and have a great time doing so.
 The day of the shoot the contestants arrive at the studio at 5:15 AM, when the
 film crew is getting opening shots (where we are looking at the camera looking       The School of Pastry Design
 cool!). It is hard to look at the camera and NOT smile for 10 minutes, since we      (702)523-9390
 are supposed to look serious. But the crew is great and even when we feel silly,
 they tell us that we are doing a great job. Most viewers do not realize that we
 will do each shot as many as four times.
                                                                                      During the judging portion, all of the competitors go back to the green room
 When the competition actually begins, it is pretty much what you see on              and are called to face the judges one by one. There is not much talk in the
 television. There is a real clock counting down real minutes when they say           green room about how we did or what the judges say. It is probably about
 start! The competitors create their showpieces – problems and all – as the film      8:00 PM by now, and we are all tired and have not eaten.
 crew captures every moment.
                                                                                      When you face the judges they make good comments and bad comments,
 We stop when the clock runs down and then it is time to move the showpiece.          and you are never sure how you did. The judges offer about four positive and
 People are always curious about why we must do that. The concept is based on         four negative comments about each piece, even though the broadcast shows
 a simple industry principle: As much as I wish that the wedding would happen         only a few. We never do know how the competition will come out until they
 in the pastry shop were we make the cake, the fact is that we have to move the       announce the winner on camera.
 cake to the reception location. Moving pastry creations is a fact of the job that    By this time it is probably 9:00 PM and we all just want to eat and go to sleep.
 also happens to add drama to show. Because it is such a spectacular moment           But when we are called to the announcement, the adrenaline kicks in and
 filmed carefully so that nothing is missed, it can take an hour or more before all   everyone is wide awake! My heart pounds out of my chest and time can feel
 of the competitors have moved their showpieces.                                      agonizingly slow until the winner is announced!
                                                                                      After the announcement is when you realize how truly tired you are. But
                                                                                      the kitchen still has to be cleaned and everything packed to clear the studio,
                                                                                      since there is probably another shoot that begins tomorrow. By the time we
                                                                                      are packed and out for the night it is between 10:00 PM and midnight, but it
                                                                                      is not over yet.
                                                                                      The next morning there are post-interviews. The competitors talk about
                                                                                      how the challenge went, what things went well and what problems were
                                                                                      encountered. This interview lasts about 2 hours. After that, Loppo and I load
                                                                                      the car and drive back to Las Vegas.
                                                                                      Viewers ask me all the time about what happens to the showpiece when the
                                                                                      competition is over. You may not believe this, but it goes into the trash! Yep,
                                                                                      that’s it. Twenty days, hundreds of hours of work and travel, and we just put
                                                                                      it in the trash. But I don’t feel bad about that, because creating something
                                                                                      beautiful with a short shelf life was the whole point.
                                                                                      The FNC is always shot in Denver at the High Noon Productions studio. The
                                                                                      crew and staff there are all so great to work with – even though they have a
                                                                                      grueling schedule of their own. They shoot four challenges a week and work
                                                                                      over 100 hours in just five days.                                                                              May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional                     21

         eer Fests and Beer Dinners                                   At the Nevada/Arizona border, Brewmaster Todd Cook at
                                                                      Boulder Dam Brewing is teaming up with yet another local
                                                                                                                                              BY Bob Barnes
         June is the month with the longest days of the year
         in the Northern Hemisphere, which will give us extra         Boulder City business, Grandma Daisy’s (a local candy shop)
         time to bask in the warmth of our abundant sunshine,         to make a chocolate stout called Grandma Daisy’s Cough
 while enjoying two outdoor beerfests on tap in Las Vegas.            Medicine. He’ll also bring out two IPA’s, his Bridge Breaker
                                                                      IPA-a true English IPA using all English hops (East Kent,
 First up is the 2nd Annual Brews & Blues Festival on                 Whitbread Goldings and Challenger); and the return of his
 Saturday, June 4 at the Las Vegas Springs Preserves and              best-selling The Dam Buster-a hop bomb with Chinook, East
 hosted by the Nevada Brewers Guild. $30 will get you a               Kent Goldings, Cascade and Crystal hops that weighs in at
 commemorative mug and unlimited samples of more than 50              6.7% abv and 55 IBU’s.
 craft brews. The event is from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., but buying
 your ticket in advance for $25 includes early admission at           The Yard House has just launched its new House Amber                 Las Vegan, associate
 3 p.m. Local and regional blues bands will perform on two            Triple. This is not a “Belgian-style beer,” but a beer actually    editor of The Las Vegas
 stages throughout the festivities. Tickets can be purchased          brewed in the Belgian village of Silly by Brasserie de Silly,             Food & Beverage
 at the Springs Preserve or online at <vegasbrewsandblues.            an artisanal brewery founded in 1850. The beer’s flavor is           Professional, regional
 com>. The Springs Preserve is located on Valley View, just           one that is fruity and sweet with a unique and complex taste.             correspondent for
 south of the 95 Freeway.                                                                                                                 Celebrator Beer News
                                                                Ellis Island Casino & Brewery is currently the #1 brewery
 The inaugural Great Vegas Festival of Beer will take place                                                                                    and covers the LV
                                                                in Nevada as well as the mountain west region in terms of                    restaurant scene for
 at the new Tivoli Village in the Summerlin area on Saturday,   number of barrels produced and sold. What’s also impressive    He welcomes
 June 18 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Although it’s during the Vegas   is that almost 90% of the beer made in the brewery is sold                          your inquiries.
 summer heat, misting systems, cooling fans and the location’s  right at Ellis Island. Brewmaster Joe Picket will have his
 temperature-controlled stone walkways along with the evening   annual brew of hard lemonade ready by Memorial Day
 hours it’s scheduled for should result in fairly pleasant temps.                                                                          Email:
                                                                weekend. The brewery will celebrate National Beer Week              
 The fest is put on by Motley Brews, who in my opinion put on anMay 16-22 by offering a special chef and brewer-inspired
 outstanding event in its inaugural Craft Beer Tailgate Festivalmenu that includes beer cheese soup, beer-battered fish and
 back in November. More than 25 breweries are expected with     chips, beer-braised beef short ribs and beer nuts. More details
 a varied selection of beer styles. Cost for unlimited sampling can be found on its Facebook and Twitter social media sites.
 and tasting glass is $27 online or $37 at the gate, with a portion
                                                                Also on tap is a Food Truck event on May 28, which will
 of the proceeds going to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of     feature five of the best food trucks in Las Vegas, a Clarksburg
 Las Vegas. To order tickets, visit     West Virginia Hot Dog eating contest, Ellis Island’s world-
 Tivoli Village is located at Rampart and Alta, just south of the
                                                                famous Karaoke with a contest, live music, raffles and
 Summerlin Parkway freeway.                                     giveaways. The event begins at 5 p.m. and will continue until
 BJ’s Brewhouse will host a beer dinner pairing several beers 10 p.m. or later.
 from the Imperial line of Sam Adams. The line features more
 robust flavors and higher alcohol. Price for the dinner is an Beer Nugget
 extremely reasonable $30, and dates are Monday, May 23 for The latest beer nugget I’ve unearthed is Khoury’s Fine Wine
 the Henderson BJ’s and Tuesday, May 24 for the Summerlin & Spirits. Located at Eastern and St. Rose on the dividing line
 location. Both dinners will begin at 7:00. To reserve, call between Las Vegas and Henderson, this retail store has more
 702-473-2980 (Henderson) or 702-853-2300 (Summerlin). than 300 craft beers and recently obtained a liquor license
 Those in the far northwest area of the Vegas Valley should allowing you to buy a beer, pop it open and enjoy it there.
 be rejoicing at the news that a new BJ’s is heading their way. They also have 3 taps, which rotate weekly. When I stopped
 The new brewhouse is slated to open in late June at 5881 by they were pouring Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, Dogfish
 Centennial Center Blvd. at Tropical Pkwy.                      Head Midas Touch and Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin. There
                                                                are comfortable stools, a wooden table and bar, an extensive
 What’s on Tap                                                  library of beer books and copies of Celebrator Beer News to
 Matt Marino at Triple 7 Brewpub at Main Street Station is keep you entertained as you sip your beer. Wednesdays are
 serving his V.I.P.A (Vegas India Pale Ale), which thanks to the designated beer geek hangout night.
 newly installed beer lines will
 become a permanent fixture
 on tap. The V.I.P.A. is hopped
                                                                                             Beer Spotlight
                                                                                             This month the spotlight shines
 and dry hopped exclusively
                                                                                             on Tenaya Creek Brewery’s
 with Hop Union’s Falconer’s
                                                                                             Hop Ride IPA, a perfect beer for
 Flight “mystery” hop blend.
 Also pouring is Matt’s Mango-                                                               summer or for hopheads any time
 Weizen, his popular Mango                                                                   of the year. An American-style
 Cream Ale brewed weizen-style,                                                              IPA that has a medium amount
 which will be followed with a                                                               of bitterness, this beer is well
 Honey Bock.                                                                                 balanced and very drinkable.
                                                                                             It’s brewed using 2-row, wheat
 In February, Tenaya Creek                                                                   and caramel malts and is hopped
 Brewery released its Old                                                                    with Magnum and Summit for
 Jackalope Barleywine. It’s going                                                            bittering and flavor and Cascade
 fast; the whole batch was sold to                                                           for aroma. This IPA is also dry-
 distributors within eight weeks.                                                            hopped, meaning hops were put
 Out just in time for summer is                                                              in the fermentor to give a big
 Red Ryder, a hoppy rye-based                                                                citrus and spicy aroma, with
 beer. The brewery continues to                                                              CTZ, Summit and Chinook hops.
 expand its market, with bottles                                                             It weighs in at 7.2% abv and 80
 of the Calico Brown Ale, Hop
 Ride IPA and the Old Jackalope
 Barleywine now available in Salt                                                            As always, great beer happens
 Lake City.                                                                                  in Vegas!

22   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                                               
 unlv               ’ g               T
              ino s rand asTing was celebrated twice this year with a tasting for the general
 public and once again at 11pm till 2am with a tasting for the industry. Both tastings were outstanding and our
 congrats to Southern Wine & Spirits, especially our dear friend Michael Severino for a job and event well done.

 unl ino’s sake Fever HosTed aT THe Mirage Poolside                                                 May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   23
Your Personal Chef
                 BY Chef Brian

                                         You can change an entire meal just by replacing the sauce. So knowing several variations of a few basic
                                         sauces can be the most valuable skill in your repertoire. Here, I explain my understanding of BROWN,
                                         WHITE and RED sauces. Mastering the art of saucier can take a life-time; to me, it is one of the most
                                         enjoyable parts of being a chef; creating new sauces and variations of sauces is a place in culinary arts
                                         where a person can always grow, learn and have fun!

                                                                        Red Sauce                                           Brown Sauce
                                                                         (Tomato Based)                                         (Beef Based)
                                                       Marinara – Most every chef has his own version         This is a robust and complicated sauce; the
                                                       of a Marinara style sauce. I guess I may not be        flavors are built and developed over a period
                                                                                                              of hours on simmering heat. The deep brown
                                                       much different. My version is comprised of a
                                                                                                              color of the stock comes from braising of the
                                                       recipe from a chef I apprenticed under, an Old-        beef bones, caramelizing the tomato paste and
                                                       school Italian from New York. Chef Carravaggio         roasting the vegetables (mirepoix). Down south
                                                       taught me well, but I do deviate from his classic      in Creole Country they often brown the flour in
                                                       Marinara recipe, depending on the season and           the oven, for their roux when they thicken their
                White Sauce                            ingredients available.                                 sauces. The true quality of the sauce you make
             Béchamel (Cream Based)                                                                           will lie within the quality of the stock you use
 Basic definition is milk thickened with flour.        Pomodoro – For this sauce, the flavor comes            to start with. So, the best quality ingredients
 I prefer to add cream to my béchamel. In this         from using only the freshest, sweetest tomatoes,       must be used. Over time flavors will develop,
 classical sauce, milk is scalded on the stove top     garlic, basil and quality olive oil. I prefer whole,   as aromatics such as herbs and spices enrich the
 with onion, bay leaf & clove, letting those flavors   vine ripened, San Marzano, plum tomatoes               already infused essence of meat and vegetables.
 marry together, and then thickening to desired        imported from Italy; the same goes for the extra       Demi Glaze – Equal amounts brown sauce and
 consistency with flour & butter (blonde roux).        virgin olive oil. Mama Mia only the best!              brown stock, simmered and reduced in volume
 Hold at hot temperatures but don’t let it boil a                                                             by almost half. The flavors can be enriched with
 second time, or it may curdle; and remember,          Bolognese – Ground beef, veal, and Italian
                                                                                                              herbs, mire poix, wine or liquors.
 as with all milk products, be extra careful its       sausage, with garlic, red bell peppers, onions,
 temperature doesn’t stay in to the “Danger Zone”      oregano, basil and Roma tomatoes.                      Espagnole – In a sauté pan heat with oil, sliced
 below 140 degrees F too long; cool the sauce fast                                                            bell peppers and onions. Cook till done and add
                                                       Creole – Diced bell peppers, onion, Andouille          fresh garlic, tomatoes, red wine and brown sauce.
 and keep refrigerated.
                                                       sausage, Tabasco, bay leaf, gumbo filé, and a          I love putting fresh chopped jalapeños and cumin
 Garlic Crème Sauce – In a saucepot, sauté in          splash of demi glaze.                                  powder in this version.
 olive oil minced shallots, with a good amount
 of chopped garlic. When golden brown, but
 not burned, add Vermouth or dry white wine &
 cream, let reduce for several minutes and finish
 with a very-thick consistency béchamel. Salt &
 white pepper to taste.
 Mornay Sauce (to gratin: finish with liaison
 of egg yolks & cream) – This may be the most
 popular sauce in all “Kids Menus” across the
 country. It is the base for ‘Macaroni & Cheese.’
 Make a medium consistency hot béchamel; stir
 in medium-sharp, shredded, cheddar cheese (the
 cheese will also help thicken the sauce). Often I
 like to add a blend of cheeses & white wine, and
 always season with salt & white pepper. (Black
 pepper looks bad in a white sauce, kind of like
 dirt speckles on a white canvas.)
 Mustard sauce – Often mixed with Mornay, I
 prefer a whole-grain brown mustard, or a Dijon
 is nice too.
 Soubise – Diced, sweated sweet onions, white
 wine, & cream.
                                                                                        Mise en place for Garlic Crème Sauce.

     So as always, if you have any questions or would like a price quote for a catering event, please feel free to write
      me at and please view my website for more information
24    The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                                           
UNLVino                                     BY Chandra Paige

 I was highly anticipating this event. I had heard how wonderful the ones in
 the previous years were and this was the first time I was going to experience
 it. UNLVino raises funds for UNLV hospitality student scholarships, so what
 better way than to entice people to help with getting to taste world class
 wines, champagnes and spirits. The event was held over a course of three
 evenings. I attended two of the three and walked away with a smile from
 each of them.
 Thursday, March 31st was the opening night, and it was held at the swanky
 and luxurious Crystals located in CityCenter. Bubble-Licious was the
 appropriate title for the night, because every kind of sparkling wines that
 one can concoct was there to sample. The atmosphere was relaxed, elegant,
 and sprawled out; not once did I feel it was overcrowded while the air stayed
 very much alive and excited. The first booth I stopped at was Wilson Creek’s.
 The regional sales manager, Brad Pepper, was very friendly, informative
 and very proud of the products. I tasted their almond sparkling wine; it was
 so delicious and perfect to have with dessert. In fact, each booth I stopped
 at had wonderful and happy representatives. I tried sparkling sake for the
 first time, which won’t be my last. Of course there were stops for bites of
 food from the restaurants that are located in Crystals. Beso had gazpacho
 topped with popcorn while foie gras topped marshmallows. Yes, you read
 that right! I even got to hold a $3,800 bottle of the No. 1 rated champagne in
 the world, Armand de Brignac from Sovereign Brands. The metallic-dipped
 bottle was held with the help of managing partner Brian Berish, even though
 he encouraged me to hold it without assistance. I wasn’t ready to purchase
 a shattered bottle for that price if I dropped it. Benoit Cornet, the executive
 chef for Southern Wine and Spirits, made unforgettable lobster bisque, and
 I gave him kudos which he took with pride. Social House had the lightest
 oyster shooters, and I helped myself to a few. The highlight of the evening for
 me was honoree Todd English. He was gracious enough to come out from his
 cooking area to chat with me and take pictures; he even toasted glasses with
 me! Oh, yes…I walked away a very happy woman!
 The second night I attended was the final night, Saturday April 2nd at Paris
 hotel, where award-winning cocktails and beers were the headliners for the
 evening. This time it was held in one of the enormous ballrooms and was
 a much different vibe than Crystals. Because the space was more limited,
 the feel of a closed-in large crowd was definitely in the air. All the booths
 were lined up in rows rather than spread out. This time there were actually
 lines to wait in, and I wasn’t quite sure which line I was waiting in was for.
 Although I tasted wonderful beverages, I was forever grateful for Fiji and
 Pellegrino waters so readily available. My favorite of the evening was Banfi
 Vitner Rosa Regal bubbly (red). Wild Hibiscus Flower Company’s wine had
 a very floral aroma that I could have dived into. I tried for the first time the
 new Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka; all you needed was a splash of tomato
 juice just to make it look like the real thing, very smooth. My prediction for
 Nuvo sparkling vodka, it will be a staple of every trendsetting, stylish woman
 that loves pretty bottling and refreshing drinks. Sake Nagomi had decanters
 of sakes in a variety of flavors such as lychee, green tea, peach and yuzu.
 There were plenty of tequilas which I didn’t dare to consume, but I had my
 husband, Glenn, taste a few of them. Displays of food were in the middle of
 cheeses, breads, meats and hot appetizers, as well as a few bite size desserts
 to try as well. Even with the slightly cramped atmosphere, it was a great
 ending in my eyes-a fantastic, successful event for a wonderful cause. Next
 year, I will carry a baguette loaf with me to balance the liquor/food ratio. If
 you see me, feel free to say hello!                                                                       May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   25
 UNLV Beverage Club
 Joseph James
 The Secret Brewery in Henderson
 with a Big Reputation
 BY Ryan Wieczorek

 Joseph James Brewery owner, Matt Lisowski, invited the UNLV Beverage
 Club out to his brewery in Henderson for an exclusive event. His brewmaster
 and brew crew wanted to prepare a 3-course meal using their signature beers
 and pair them with other signature beers that they brewed on-site. Once the
 invites went out on to the beverage club they were already full within 24
 hours. News had spread around fast about last year’s event and how this
 year, they were planning on making it even better.
 The Beverage Club crew walked into the brewery at 6 pm on Monday
 the 18th. They were packed into the middle of the brewery since Joseph
 James does not yet have a tasting room. From there Matt mad a couple
 announcements about how he started the business, how it was named after
 his son and all the risk and struggles they had to achieve the success they
 have today. After his introduction, DJ-Kong started spinning some music
 in the jam-packed area. Guests were being served Joseph James signature
 Lager. Matt had also brought on some import cheeses for everyone to try
 with their craft lager. The rest of the menu included:
     Assorted Cheese and Fruit Plate
     Paired with Weize Guy German Style Hefeweizen
     Mussels Steamed in Wit beer and Fresh-baked Sourdough Pale-ale Bread
     Paired with Alpine Wit Belgian Style Wit
     Spit-roasted Rock Cornish Game Hen with Herb Butter and Steamed
     Asparagus with Hollandaise
     Paired with Tahoe Blue Pale Ale and HopBox Imperial India Pale Ale
     Crème Brulée Paired with Red Fox Russian Imperial Stout
 The fans were unanimous about the Mussels. They loved them. The
 brewmaster had even steamed them in an empty keg of what used to be full
 of the Belgian Wit Beer.
 Matt has invited the Beverage Club back to the breweryin September for a
 special beer tasting party, which will be held outside in tents and have live
 bands playing.

26    The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011            
Keep It
To keep gambling fun, keep it responsible.
Responsible gaming is a social activity, best enjoyed with
family and friends. Set time and money limits, and stick
to them. Understand the odds, and know how the games
work. And please don’t gamble when you’re lonely, angry
or depressed. It clouds your judgment.

Responsible gaming is important to you and your business. For more
information about how to keep gambling fun, a free guide to responsible
gaming and other resources, visit
                           Sustainable Seafood
                            One Restaurant’s Tale of Sustainable Success
                                                                                            By Jennifer Fleck, Green Restaurant Association

 Bamboo Sushi is a Certified Green Restaurant® based in Portland, OR. It also has the claim of being the first Marine
 Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, sushi restaurant in the world. What’s equally impressive is that Bamboo’s founder,
 a 26-year-old visionary, fostered various relationships throughout the industry to ensure that his restaurant would run as
 sustainably as possible.

 So how did he do it?                                                  Some of the popular “red” list fish include:
 Bamboo Sushi founder, Kristofor Lofgren, sought the best                 Imported Shrimp
 resources available to help him put the most sustainable seafood         Farmed Salmon
 options on his tables. Working hand-in-hand with the Marine              Grouper
 Stewardship Council, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Blue Ocean                   Chilean Sea Bass
 Institute, and several other organizations, Lofgren is able to give
                                                                          Atlantic Halibut
 his customers exactly what they want…with a side of sustainability.
                                                                          Atlantic Cod
 Bamboo’s pledge: Using the guidelines established by Monterey
 Bay Aquarium and Blue Ocean Institute, the restaurant will never      Try incorporating some of these sustainable options instead:
 serve seafood that is on their “red” or “avoid” lists. On the menu       Pacific Cod
 at Bamboo you’ll find:                                                   U.S. Farmed Shrimp
   Wild Alaskan Salmon                                                    Catfish
   MSC Certified Albacore Tuna                                            Tilapia, U.S. Farmed
   Canadian Sweet Shrimp                                                  Striped Bass
   MSC Certified Alaskan Halibut                                          Mahimahi, poll and troll-caught
   …and more!                                                          Use your menu as a jumping off point to start making sustainable
 You won’t find farmed Salmon or Bluefin Tuna on the menu at           seafood choices. Next, ask yourself where the seafood you’re
 Bamboo Sushi. Why? Those species (along with many others)             purchasing comes from. Use these resources to help your find
 are on the “red” list for being overfished, or caught using           sustainable seafood options and U.S. fisheries to source your
 unsustainable methods.                                                product from:
 What’s so important about fishing sustainably?                           Marine Stewardship Council
 In recent years, seafood has been hyped for its lean protein,            Monterey Bay Aquarium
 omega3 benefits and its contribution to heart healthier diets.           Blue Ocean Institute
 With increased demand for popular species, there has been a              Seafood Choices Alliance
 significant depletion in fish stocks around the world, which is
                                                                       Remember: food is just one part of your menu. Seafood only
 harming the health of our oceans.
                                                                       represents some of the items that might be served on your menu.
 With nearly 76% of the world’s fish populations over-fished or        Restaurants have many layers, use many resources and provide
 fully fished out, there is a growing scientific concern that the      many opportunities for change. Where there is one sustainable
 oceans simply can’t keep up with the demand unless sustainable        step, there’s always another one immediately following.
 changes are made. Various industry practices (like trawling) are
 cause for environmental concern because they take a major toll        With sustainability and smart business always top of mind,
 on our oceans’ ecosystems and marine life. Another pressing           Bamboo Sushi went beyond just their menu and earned the
 issue is Bycatch: the unintended catch of sea turtles, sea birds,     Green Restaurant Association’s Certified Green Restaurant® seal
 marine mammals and other sea life that gets pulled in during the      in 2008. Some of the ways they bring sustainability full circle
 process of catching fish.                                             include:
 67% of seafood in the United States is being consumed in                 Using teak wood chopsticks, made from a rapidly renewable
 restaurants. This fact provides enormous opportunity for change.         resource
 Preserving and protecting ocean life, and abiding by sustainable         Full-scale recycling and composting
 fishing methods have proven to be a successful business model            Low-flow toilets that help them conserve water
 for Lofgren. Why? Because creating a sustainable business geared         Energy efficient hand dryers that reduce paper use and save
 toward protecting its most valuable resources (the menu items!)          energy
 ensures longevity for the business.                                   For Lofgren, the concept was simple: why focus so much on
 What can you do today?                                                sourcing sustainable seafood and protecting the world’s oceans
 Start by looking at your menu. Are any of your seafood items on       if the restaurant itself isn’t operating as sustainably as possible?
 the “red” list? If so, can you substitute some of those items for     Sustainability is a direction, not a destination™. One step in the
 options on the “green” list?                                          right direction encourages another.

28   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                                         
        Green Restaurant Association

                   Since 1990

        Thinking of Going Green?
                Take a strategic approach.

                         a non-profit organization
                           Phone: (617) 737-3344
                               May 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   29
                                                                                                         May 2011

                                                  UNITED STATES
                                                BARTENDERS’ GUILD
         About the USBG                            The Repo Man                                Events
     With over 60 years of presence in                                                   Chopin Presentation
     the United States and International                                                     Tadeusz Darda
     coverage in affiliation with the In-                                                    Owner & CEO
     ternational Bartender’s Association                                                        CHOPIN
     (IBA) in over 50 countries, the United
     States Bartenders’ Guild is the largest
     network of professional bartenders
     and is setting the standard for the
     profession throughout the country.
     The USBG is a non-profit organization
     founded in 1948 and registered a non-
     profit organization in 1967 in Southern
     California. Over the years the guild has
     expanded nationally and is now in the
     following cities; Austin, Chicago, Con-
     necticut, Dallas, Denver, Hawaii, Las
     Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee,
                                                oz Patron Reposado
     New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia,
     Phoenix, San Francisco, St. Louis and      1 oz fresh lemon juice
     continues to grow.
                                                ½ oz agave nectar
     With the resurgence and ever increas-
                                                2 strawberries
     ing popularity of the cocktail, there
     is a high demand for creative and          2 slices Fuji apple
     professional bartenders. Bars are us-
                                                ¼ oz ginger syrup
     ing higher quality spirits and mixers
     as well as fresh fruits and juices and     Method: Muddle strawberries and
     hiring knowledgeable and imagina-          apple with lemon juice. Add gin-
                                                ger syrup and tequila. Shake with
     tive bartenders to create and serve        ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
     them. As an industry leader the USBG
     is responsible for raising the bar and     Garnish: strawberry
     creating new trends to keep our com-       Enjoy a refreshing summer delight
     petitive edge.                             made with Patron Reposado Tequila,
                                                fresh lemon juice, fresh strawberries,
     The USBG is a national network of          fresh apples, lightly sweetened and
     bartenders who come together to            enhanced with ginger syrup.
     share their common interest: the craft
     of mixology.
     Our Guild is made up of exceptional
     bartenders who take great pride in the
     cocktails they serve.
30     The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I May 2011                                       
                                                                                                                                                                    “WHAT’S SMOKED IN VEGAS
                                                                                                                                                                        STAYS IN VEGAS!”


 Let’s Get Together at BJ’s!
   At BJ’s there’s something for everyone to enjoy: from exciting
   appetizers, signature deep dish pizzas, fresh salads and new                                                                                                              HICKORY HOUSE
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   culinary creations, to Pizookie® desserts and award-winning
       handcrafted beers. With over 100 menu items, there’s
                    something everyone will enjoy.                                                                                                                           FAX (702)622-3385
                                                                                                                                                                             AFTER HOURS
                               “Wow – I love this place!”®


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