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					                        Personal Development 1 – College Success
                         Fall 2012 / Online Section / CRN# 84249

                             Course Syllabus
This course will provide you strategies for creating success in college, life and career. Areas
to be covered includes: academic methods for test-taking, memory improvement, note-
taking, critical thinking, and research skills. Techniques in effective time management, goal
setting, increased self-awareness, motivation, communication and stress reduction will also
be introduced. This specific PD 1 course is taught completely online. No class
meetings are required.

Please email me directly from Blackboard under the “Email Professor Le” tab. I check my
email periodically throughout the day and will make every effort to respond to your
questions within 48 hours, Monday-Friday.

Faculty: Susie Le, Counselor & Personal Development Professor
Location: Winstead Bldg. Room L-138 EOPS Office (next to the Financial Aid Office)
Office Hours: by appointments only, please email me to schedule
Telephone: (916) 660-7369

The interactive e-text, CollegeScope, by Dr. Marsha Fralick is required for this class.
The text is personalized for each student based on the personality and learning style
inventory completed at the beginning of the text. There is an access fee of $55. This fee
takes the place of paying for a textbook.

You can begin CollegeScope for free, but will have to pay the access fee to purchase an
access code to begin Chapter 2. Order your discounted e-text/access code online at this


You may also purchase an access code for this e- text from the Sierra College Bookstore at a
non-discounted cost of about $72. Financial aid vouchers can be used at the Sierra College
Bookstore to purchase the access code for CollegeScope. IMPORTANT! Do not purchase
the printed edition of the textbook from the College Bookstore or purchase a used
printed edition because they will not be used in this online course.
The first time you log in, click on the "Register Here" button. You will use your e-mail
address as your login ID and will be asked to create a password for your account. Make
sure to write down your e-mail address and password so that you can log in to your
account in the future. Once you have registered, use your Sierra College email
address and password to log in. Note that you only use the access code one time
during the registration process. Click on the “CollegeScope” tab on Blackboard for more
information and to get started.

The “Weekly Schedule” tab on Blackboard contains a calendar with weekly assignments.
Print out the weekly schedule and check off assignments completed as you
complete/submit them each week to stay organized.

This course will run from Monday to Monday. Specifics on graded assignments for this
course are outlined below. Weekly assignments are made available on Blackboard each
Monday at 12am. As a friendly reminder, each week I will also post weekly assignments
onto Blackboard under “Announcements”. Assignments are due by 11:59pm (1 minute
before midnight strikes) on Sunday at the conclusion of each week. This is NOT a
“work at your own pace” type of class. At the end of each week, assignments due that week
will no longer be available (it will disappear at midnight on the deadline date) and new
assignments for the following week will appear. Do not fall behind on reading your weekly
chapters as well.

There are four types of assignments you will be graded on:

   1. Discussion Board on Blackboard (due weekly) - Each week I will post a Discussion
      Board Assignment on Blackboard under the “Discussion Board” tab with specific
      discussion topics and instructions. In addition to your discussion board response,
      you will also need to provide a minimum of one response to a classmate’s posting
      OR you may ask a question pertaining to that week’s discussion topic and/or
      chapter to earn your maximum points.

   2. Interactive exercises, quizzes and journal writings in the CollegeScope e-text (due
      weekly) - While reading your chapter within your e-text each week, complete the
      interactive exercises, quizzes and journals. I have access to your work as you
      complete each chapter and will review/post your earned points on Blackboard. You
      must complete all activities within each page/or chapter before you can progress
      further. Once you go to the next page, your work is saved and you cannot make any

   3. Chapter quizzes on Blackboard (due weekly) – After completing each chapter within
      your CollegeScope e-text you will need to take a chapter quiz on Blackboard. You
      have only 15 minutes to complete each chapter quiz. Each quiz entails 10 questions.
      You are allowed only 1 attempt on the quiz (forced completion) once you start it, so
      please read and study each chapter thoroughly before you begin each chapter quiz.
       IMPORTANT: when taking your chapter quizzes on blackboard do not use wireless
       connection, instead use a hard-wired connection to avoid any internet disruptions.

   4. Written Assignments (due throughout the semester) – 7 assignments total with
      varied points: Voicethread Assignment, Personality Paper, Student Educational Plan,
      Career Research Assignment, Procrastinator Assignment, Habit Assignment, Course
      Evaluation. See Weekly Schedule for more specifics.

All assignments for the week are due Sunday at 11:59 p.m (1 minute before 12
midnight). No late assignments will be accepted so please do not inquire. The biggest
reason for failure in an online class is procrastination. It is important to get started early
and work steadily toward completing the assignments for each chapter every week.

Access your grades at any time by logging into Blackboard and clicking on the “My Grades”
button. Grading is based on points received on all assignments. Your final grade for this
class will be based on the following:

       *CollegeScope Chapters (14 chapters x 30 points each)                         420 points
       (Includes Interactive Exercises, Journal entries and Quizzes.)
       *Discussion Board on Blackboard (15 blogs x 15 points each)                  225 points
       *Quizzes on Blackboard (15 quizzes x 10 points each)                         150 points
       *Written Assignments (7 assignments - points vary)                           205 points
                                                           Total Points Possible = 1000 points

      A      900-1000 points
      B      800-899
      C      700-799
      D      600-699
      F      Below 600

A grading rubric will be used so you know what is expected on how I grade. I will use the
rubric to grade all assignments submitted for this course. The grading rubric can be found
within Blackboard under the “Grading Rubric” tab. This is a UC/CSU transferable course, so
I expect everyone to have sufficient college-level reading and writing skills.

Chapter quiz grades are graded automatically and posted upon completion of the quiz. For
discussions and assignments, please allow time for me to review/grade them and post the
points earned. I will make every attempt to post grades to the Grade Center within one (1)
week of the due date.
You will need access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection and Microsoft Office
software. You must be able to save your files in a .doc, .docx or .rtf format. It is more
convenient to have your own computer with Internet connection at home, however open
computer labs are available on campus. Required computer skills include: knowledge of
Blackboard, basic keyboarding, accessing the Internet, searching the Internet for
information, uploading documents, sending e-mails with attachments, creating word
documents, and using cut and paste. You must also be able to work independently, be self-
motivated and ask questions if needed.

    Purchase your e-text/access code and be ready to start working on your
     assignments immediately.
    Read the Syllabus thoroughly.
    Contact the instructor if you have any questions, especially in the first week.
    Log into your Blackboard/Sierra College Email account at least 1 time per day.
    Familiarize yourself with Blackboard. Click on each button on the home page to find
     out how the course works. Also attend an Introduction to Blackboard workshop (if
    Set a time to work on your online classes and work steadily to complete some work
     each week. Don't wait until the last minute to get started or submit. Assignments
     are due by 11:59pm - 1 minute before 12 midnight on Sunday of each week.
    Balance freedom and responsibility. You are free to work on the course on your
     own schedule. You are responsible for your own learning.
    Stay organized. Print out the Weekly Schedule and check off each assignment as you
     complete and submit it.
    Have basic computer skills and access to a computer with reliable internet
    Finish your chapter within your e-text before starting on your chapter quiz on
     Blackboard so you can be adequately prepared and not get timed out. Quizzes will
     not be reset, so make sure your internet connection is reliable. Also avoid any
     disruptions while taking your chapter quiz on Blackboard (meaning turn off cell
     phone, TV, close out Facebook, etc).
    Do not PROCRASTINATE! The biggest reason for failure in any class is
     procrastination. I will not make any exceptions to accept late work despite any
     compelling reasons you may have, including computer or technology failure.

The course is taught with Blackboard, a popular course management system used in many
college courses. If you are officially enrolled for this PD 1 course, access to this course
on Blackboard will be available for you on the first day of class, August 20. If you
have an add code, please register yourself via your MySierra Account asap. Once you are
enrolled, you are automatically downloaded into my course and a Blackboard account will
be created for you within 24 - 48 hours. Be patient, you will have access within that
timeframe - not instantly. To log into Blackboard, you can find your account by going to the
Sierra College web site:

          ·   Click on Blackboard (upper right corner of the homepage)
          ·   To login, follow the instructions on the Blackboard login screen
          ·   When you arrive at the Welcome page, look for the box that says "My
              Courses" and click on PD 1 College Success

For technical support with Blackboard, please do not contact me. You will need to click on
the “Blackboard Help” tab on Blackboard for assistance.

For technical support with CollegeScope e-text, please do not contact me. You will need to
click on the “CollegeScope e-text” tab on Blackboard for assistance.

Students will be able to employ the following upon the completion of this college success
    examine various motivational strategies and apply them to their success in college,
       in their career and in their life.
    explore their personality types and related careers to decide on an appropriate
       major and career.
    analyze their learning style and multiple intelligences and list learning strategies
       that will help them to be productive in school, on the job and in their personal life.
    explore their vocational interests and values and identify careers that match their
       interests and values.
    complete an educational plan to match their major and career goals and begin to
       develop job seeking skills.
    utilize time and money management strategies to accomplish their short and long-
       term goals.
    apply memory techniques to improve college reading.
    practice strategies for effective note taking, writing and speaking in college.
    practice strategies for test preparation, taking tests and coping with test anxiety.
    analyze their communication style based on their personality type and practice
       effective communication techniques which can be used to improve personal and
       professional relationships.
    identify fallacies in reasoning, levels of moral reasoning, and creative thinking
       techniques and apply these thinking techniques to practical situations.
    increase awareness of health habits that affect longevity.
    increase their appreciation of diversity in college, on the job and in their personal
    increase awareness of their life stage and apply positive thinking strategies to their
       future college, career and lifelong success.

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