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					  How to Print T-Shirt for Fun and Profit

 How To Screen Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit e-Book Version

                    How to get this e-book for free?

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This short video from and Scott Fresener, shows the
features of the new eBook version of the popular garment decorating industry
"bible" How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit!

This book covers every aspect of garment printing including computer graphics,
screen making, all about inks, printing single and multi-color images, using
special effects inks, printing nylon jackets and heat transfers, the business side
and marketing and selling... and of course much more.

How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit eBook version is fully interactive and
contains over 40 videos - 2.5 gigabytes of information. Five hours of interactive
training. And, there is a complete Suppliers Guide with over 350 industry supplier
listings and links. The new eBook works on Mac and PC computers AND works
best on the Apple iPad.

It has 260 pages and 16 chapters on every topic.

The new eBook is an interactive PDF file that will play on all computers (Mac or
PC) and most tablet devices. Some tablets are book “readers” (the Kindle and
Nook) and will play a PDF but will not let it link to outside videos or documents. |                                                  2
How to Finding Popular Image on Internet
Go to and sign in with your account.
On Trend Section, find word that you want to find the image. For example, I
choose Camp Rock

Open and type Camp Rock
Change result of Image to size Large. Finally, I found image Camp Rock. Save
that image on your computer.

How to Resize Image Using Photoshop |                                            3
This is simple technique how to resize image from small size / pixel dimension or
resolution into a decent image to be printed on the shirt. Why this technique is
needed? Due to many reasons, the raw images that we have are not directly
suitable for printing. In order to print t-shirt and the results will maximum, image
should be edited first.

   •   Open file image you want to put on t-shirt.
   •   Right click on Layers, choose layer from background…
   •   Use magic wand tool to select background and remove/delete it. Don’t
       forget to set tolerance 60
   •   I just want to use Camp Rock logo, so I will crop group image below the
   •   To resize image, click Image     Image Size
   •   Change Resolution to 300
   •   Width to 12 inches
   •   Don’t forget always thick the Constrain Proportions
   •   Save as your image with extension format .PNG PNG Option Interlace
       None. Always make the background transparent.

How to Design T-Shirt
   •   Open file mockup T-Shirt on Adobe Photoshop
   •   Open image that you have edited.
   •   Resize your image to size Width 200 pixels. To resize image, click
       Image     Image Size. DON’T SAVE THIS PICTURE with new size.
   •   Drag your image to mockup t-shirt. Move the layer image (camp rock)
       below layer PUT ARTWORK HERE |                                               4
Save your preview t-shirt on your computer using save for web.. Now you have
a t-shirt that ready to be printed on

If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop or don’t have skill in editing image, just send
raw image that you found on internet. We will create preview/sample t-shirt for
you for free (terms and condition apply). Just send your raw image to with this information: Color of t-shirt (Black/White) and
Type (Man or Woman)

How to Get Mock Up / T-Shirt Template Photoshop

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How to Sell T-Shirt
I will not make tutorial how to listing preview t-shirt on popular marketplace, but
I will tell you popular marketplace that you can sell the t-shirt on these websites.

Usually you need PayPal or Google to receive payment from customer.

How to Make an Order to Clotee ?
After receive payment, you can make an order to Clotee. Clotee will create t-shirt
that you request and ship it to your customer. Send us email with this
Subject: Order Custom T-Shirt
Attach: Master File format .PNG and Sample Image / Preview of T-Shirt
Customer Name
City, State
Country, Zip Code

Type (Man/Woman):
Size (S/M/L/XL/2XL):
Color (Black/White): |                                                6

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