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To better serve our Customers and service partners, ATB Financial is continuously looking for ways to improve
our processes. In today’s competitive environment it is essential that we leverage technology to ensure that we
provide the best responsiveness, quality and productivity possible.

One key area that we have identified for improvement is the delivery solicitor instructions and related
documentation. We are pleased to announce the implementation of our new electronic documentation delivery
process. We believe that this new process will ensure that all solicitors receive mortgage instructions in a timely
manner and is inline with industry standards. This process will provide the solicitor and our mutual Customers
better quality documentation and more flexibility when changes are required.

Our intention is to work with you as our service partners to implement this as smoothly as possible. The changes
that require your attention are as follows:

Electronic Documentation Delivery:

    1. Instructions to be E-mailed – Effective December 24, 2004 we will begin e-mailing our instructions to
       solicitor, loan terms, FTA disclosure and any other required documents that ATB would complete, directly
       to your office. These documents are password protected. Your password to open these documents is
       XXXXXXX. The password is case sensitive so please insure that you input it exactly as shown.

    2. Documents Online – Effective December 24, 2004, all documents required to complete personal
       mortgages on behalf of ATB will be available online at: Under “select a topic” drop        Field Code Changed
       down, choose “Mortgage Documents”.

    3. Protocol Closing – ATB Financial has adopted the Western Law Societies Conveyancing Protocol
       Solicitor’s Opinion to close the conveyance or refinancing of residential properties. We encourage the use
       of the Protocol closing as it offers advantages to both customers and lawyers. Where the transaction is
       not conducted in accordance with the Protocol, ATB Financial will require that you obtain and provide a
       Real Property Report and Certificate of Compliance or title insurance certificate.

This is phase one of our implementation. Phase two will include a secured webpage where the instructions and
related documentation will be uploaded and is expected to be complete in early 2005. If you have any questions
about our revised procedure or services, please contact us. A resource line is available to lawyers with questions
about our procedures and forms Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The contact information is:

                         ATB Financial - Central Services
                         Suite 400, 919 - 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 1P3
                         Telephone: 403.541.4300

                         Thank You For Supporting ATB Financial !
Yours truly,

Richard Waroway
Manager, Retail Mortgage & Loan Processing

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