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					Social Insight: Able to interpret verbal and nonverbal behavior to develop accurate perception and understanding
of others’ needs, values and opinions; to be sensitive to and aware of political factors and the social environment.

            Interview Question                                  Notes on Candidate’s Response

1) In your current job, can you really trust your
subordinates to get their jobs done? How do you
know? Describe a time when you were convinced of
their trustworthiness (or untrustworthiness).
2) What are the critical factors you look for in
evaluating the performance of a new employee? Give
a specific example of when you used these factors.
3) Have you ever studied “body language” as an
important adjunct to your communicative abilities?
When has this knowledge helped you?
4) How important do you think money, responsibility,
stimulating work and recognition are to motivation?
Can you give an example of these different forces at
5) When did you first discover that not all people are
honest? Give an example.
6) What has been the most political work situation you
have experienced? Explain how you dealt with it.
7) Do you find yourself to be the type of individual who
is generally trusting of most people, or do you prefer
to reserve that judgment until you get to know them
well? Give an example that illustrates your tendency.
8) Many people have the ability to “step into another’s
shoes.” When has this skill been required of you?
9) Pick out four people who are currently working for
you and explain their developmental objectives as you
see them.
10) How skillful do you think you are in sizing up
people? Give an example.
Interpretive Guide:

    Does the candidate usually use a “gut feeling” or do they have a specific system which provides information on
     the quality of subordinate performance?

    Does the individual recognize that employees ought to be evaluated on behavior and performance, rather than
     on personality traits?

    Is the candidate aware of body language interpretation techniques? How does he/she use them?

    Does the individual recognize that different motivators work for different people?

    Does he/she typically become actively involved in organizational politics, withdraw from the situation, or take an
     aggressive stance?

    Is the candidate sensitive to the different abilities and developmental needs of others? Did he/she give a
     specific example of empathy?

    Did the interviewee demonstrate the ability to understand others or is there naiveté about individual

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