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Don't Do This 1 Thing
   When He Pulls

What NEVER to say or do to your man...
Have you ever wondered why some men
 treat their women like a princess even
 well PAST the dating phase?
Even after many years these guys STILL
 buy flowers, they remember EVERY
 special occasion and they give their
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 women their FULL attention when they
 are with them.
They NEVER retreat to the garage,
 NEVER ignore them to watch the football
 game on TV and NEVER disappear for
 hours on end to play golf with their
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Well recent reports from relationshipp
 scientists (yes, those do exist!) say that
 you can actually get that exact SAME
 love, attention and warmth from your
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 man, regardless of how long you’ve been
 together or how rocky your relationship
 may be.
The Secret to Getting Your Man to Treat
 YOU Like a Princess
The secret to unlocking this same love
 and affection from your man is probably
 something you’ve never considered.
But once you know the secret, you can
 literally change your man and influence
 him to treat you better...even like a
Now before you accuse me of heresy, let
 me explain by asking you a question:
Is there something you or your man does
 that REALLY gets him going?
You know what I’m talking about...
 maybe it s a word, or a certain look,
 maybe a flick of the hand or a shoulder
 shrug – something that REALLY gets
 under his skin?
Whatever it is you KNOW it drives him
 batty and the result is typically the same.
Within milliseconds, his face turns the
 color of a boiled lobster; his heart
 practically leaps out of his chest and he
 either explodes with rage, he runs away
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 to the garage and you don’t see him for
 hours, or he just sits there...stone-faced,
 not saying a word.
WHAT just happened?
His Brain Was Just Hijacked...
 Familiar with the fight or flight response? Well,
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  you just witnessed it and it’s the reason why a
  simple argument can turn into an all-out war.
 Every one of us has a little internal guard on
  duty        i     b i It’       ll d th      d l
  d t 24/7 in our brain. It’s called the amygdala
  and it’s a small walnut-sized part of your brain
  responsible for alerting the body to danger.
 The amygdala processes incoming information
  and automatically searches your memory bank
  to determine if it recognizes the information as
  friend or foe.
 All of this happens instantly, and if the brain has
  memory of that word or action and the memory        y
  is bad... the body goes into an automatic
  negative response over which you have almost
  NO control
 It’s called neural hijacking and it literally stops
  love, warmth and intimacy from being able to
  enter the relationship.
 And this automatic negative response is
  triggered by those little shoulder shrugs, those
  eye rolls...and anything else you may do that
  has conditioned your man to react negatively.
And once this happens, it’s game over –
 your man won t listen to ANYTHING you
 say after this and you’ll both go round
 and round with finger-pointing, name-
                    g p         g,
 calling and laying blame on each other.
How to Eliminate these Triggers and
 Establish a Deep Emotional Connection...
The good news is that you can uncover
 what these triggers are (for BOTH of
 you) and set the stage for both of you to
 plant nurture and harvest new feelings
 of love and intimacy.
Here’s exactly what you do:
First think of a few actions you know set
 him off. Be specific. You know what they
 are if you dig deep enough -- you use a
 “tone,” you make a face, you have a
 specific p
  p              you say when discussing
          phrase y      y               g
 a touchy subject, whatever.
And when you use any of these things,
 you get a negative response out of him
 Write those down now and remember
Second, go straight to the source: ask
 him what you do that sets off his
 emotional firebombs. But don’t get
 defensive...let him have his say...just
 li t
He may feel reluctant at first to share, or
 maybe he s not even aware that there
 might be something specific linked to his
 g   g        g        ,      y      g
 going off. Regardless, after you begin
 compiling your list here is what you do...
Avoid those words or actions at ALL
It’s as simple as that.
Unless you really want to end up a
 divorce statistic or you really enjoy
 sifting through dating sites avoid doing
 those behaviors or saying those words
 that cause problems in y
             p                            p
                          your relationship.
Once these are gone...your partner won’t
 have those mental blocks or love filters,
 and you’ll have a much easier time
 building intimacy and affection again.
This really works and I’ve been using this
 tip and several others for 25 years
 teaching it to every woman who comes
 to me wanting to know how to melt her
 man’s heart...and in return, have her
 man treat her like he did when they first
 started dating – like a princess!
Learn keep a man and more about
 how to keep him here:

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