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									                                    International Travel Video Clips

                          International Travel Videos

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                      Travel Tips : International Travel Checklist
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                                             Length: 2:12                                                               Social Bookmarking
                                             Rating Average: 4.3461537 from 26 people                                   Site Powered by Video Site Creator

                                             View Count: 8551                                                           Related Videos
                                             Author: eHow
                                                                                                                        International Travel Videos
                      Tags: travel   tips   international   European   Europe   passports   flights   air   agents  
                      luggage   flying   accident   insurance   family  
                                                                                                                        Air Travel Tips Videos
                      When traveling internationally, it's important to have a passport, a converter and adapter
                      for electrical appliances and a safe way to carry money. Get tips on carrying hand                Cruise Tips Videos
                      sanitizers, wet wipes and batteries on an international trip with help from a certified travel
                      counselor and agent in this...                                                                    How To Travel Cheaply

                      International Travel Tips - Easy Travel Tips                                                      Travel Apps Videos
                                                                                                                        Safari Travel Tips Videos
                                               Length: 8:40
                                               Rating Average: 4.6833334 from 120 people                                Train Travel Videos
                                               View Count: 32901                                                        Travel With Kids Videos
                                               Author: sixminutestyle
                                                                                                                        Online Travel Tips Videos
                                                                                                                        International Travel Videos
                      Tags: International   travel   tips   airline   tickets   currency   passports   six   minute  
                      style   Susan   Doherty                                                                           Cheap Travel Videos
                      Easy-to-follow travel tips covering security, airline tickets, passports, currency and
                      packing.                                                                                          Favorite Links

                      How to Pack for International Travel

                                             Length: 5:40
                                             Rating Average: 4.6981134 from 53 people
                                             View Count: 19397
                                             Author: monkeyseevideos

                      Tags: travel   International   plane   airport   pack   baggage   luggage   documents  
                      Passport   visa   country   foreign   driving permit   research   money   save   insurance  
                      emergency   escorted   independent   off season  
                      To View the Next Video in this Series Please Click Here: www.monkeysee.com

                      Leuterio Realty International Travel Incentive

                                             Length: 3:37
                                             Rating Average: n/a
                                             View Count: 67
                                             Author: leuteriorealty

                      Tags: leuterio realty   leuterio   real estate cebu   cebu realty   filipinohomes  

http://www.ezshoppingportal.com/Travel-Tips/International-Travel/                                                                                            Page 1 / 3
                      Leuterio Realty Award Agents to our Annual International Travel Incentive. We value our
                      partnership to all our agents for making Leuterio Realty the most respected Realty
                      Company in the Philippines today.

                      Globetrotting Pets: An International Travel Guide - David Forsythe

                                              Length: 0:10
                                              Rating Average: n/a
                                              View Count:
                                              Author: kennytrull316

                      Tags: david forsythe   pets   reference   travel   special interest  
                      xxsurl.com Globetrotting Pets: An International Travel Guide - David Forsythe Wouldn't
                      you rather have your pet with you rather than leave it at home with a pet sitter or in a
                      kennel? This book will help you discover that taking your pet with you to faraway places
                      is easier than you may think....

                      How to Travel Abroad : International Travel Health & Accident
                      Insurance when Traveling Abroad

                                               Length: 2:3
                                               Rating Average: 5.0 from 2 people
                                               View Count: 2835
                                               Author: expertvillage

                      Tags: airport   security   travel   jet   lag   money   tips   international   passport  
                      plane   visas  
                      How to get international medical and accident travel insurance for traveling abroad in
                      foreign countries; get expert tips and advice on international travel in this free instructional
                      video. Expert: Stephanie Phillips Contact: stephillips@verizon.net Bio: With nearly 2
                      decades of experience...

                      International Travel Tips : Visa Requirements

                                              Length: 1:42
                                              Rating Average: 4.214286 from 56 people
                                              View Count: 100586
                                              Author: expertvillage

                      Tags: travel preparation   international travel   travel tips   international travel tips  
                       travel advice   maps   currency exchange   exchange rates   passports   air fare   train
                      fare   plane tickets   visa   travel insurance  
                      A visa is a travel document that gives a person permission to enter a specific country and
                      stay there for a certain amount of time. Contact the embassy or the consulate in the
                      country that is being traveled to for information on visa requirements with help from a
                      travel agent in this free video...

                      International Travel - International Driving Permit

                                              Length: 3:26
                                              Rating Average: 5.0 from 3 people
                                              View Count: 1616
                                              Author: monkeyseevideos

                      Tags: travel   International   plane   airport   pack   baggage   luggage   documents  
                      Passport   visa   country   foreign   driving permit   research   money   save   insurance  
                      emergency   escorted   independent   off season  
                      To View the Next Video in this Series Please Click Here: www.monkeysee.com

                      International Travel Photography Part 1 - Packing

                                              Length: 10:59
                                              Rating Average: 4.878788 from 33 people
                                              View Count: 5108

http://www.ezshoppingportal.com/Travel-Tips/International-Travel/                                                        Page 2 / 3
                                             Author: thatnikonguy

                      Tags: Travel photography   matt granger   that nikon guy   hong kong   singapore  
                      packing   equipment   Camera   DSLR   customs   camera bag for travel   tripod  
                      Adventure Digital  
                      Welcome to a new travel photography series! I am travelling through Singapore and Hong
                      Kong, doing a couple of commercial photography jobs, testing out some equipment and
                      making loads of videos along the way. In part one I go through what I have packed, how
                      I chose what to bring, and how I got it...

                      飛躍道- Word Travels (International Travel TV Program)

                                             Length: 3:54
                                             Rating Average: 5.0 from 7 people
                                             View Count: 3750
                                             Author: HKPAMEDIA

                      Tags: Julia   Dimon   Travel   Program   HKPA   飛躍道HONG   KONG  
                      PARKOUR   Hong   Association   art   hk   ADD   le   l'art   du   déplacement  
                      This is a International Travel TV Program, from a nice crew from Canada, interview by
                      Julia Dimon. This is a Travel Program you can see in National Geography and so many
                      others channel. Film at April, 2008.

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