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                     Zen Biology Lesson for Enlightenment                                                          GO

                                             Length: 4:36
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                                             Rating Average: 4.8201184 from 845 people
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                                             View Count: 136163
                                             Author: jsab0                                                        Site Powered by Video Site Creator

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                     Tags: enlightenment   zen   eckhart   tolle   david   hawkins   spirituality  
                     consciousness   awareness   biology   brain   mind   spiritual   cells   thoughts  
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                     thinking   ego   buddhism  
                     A higher spiritual awareness of the biology of the brain & mind can significantly advance
                                                                                                                  Spiritual Healing Videos
                     one towards Enlightenment and Zen. The science of biology says that the brain's thoughts
                     are just the result of cells doing work, and teachings on spirituality talk about having a   Spiritual Music Videos
                     silent mind of Zen. Biology...
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                     What is Enlightenment? - Sri Bhagavan                                                        Spiritual Awakening
                                             Length: 4:43
                                                                                                                  Superconscious Videos
                                             Rating Average: 4.736527 from 668 people
                                             View Count: 186915                                                   Metaphysics Videos
                                             Author: worldofoneness                                               Christian Spiritual Growth
                     Tags: oneness   blessing   enlightenment   awakening   amma   deeksha   grace  
                     benediction   consciousness   awareness   spirit   divine   god   truth                      Enlightenment Videos
                     Spiritual Awakening and God-Realization is now freely and unconditionally available to all   Psychic Development
                     human beings, made possible through the spiritual phenomenon of Oneness Deeksha -            Videos
                     The Divine reaching out to man! More about Oneness at
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                     The Enlightenment - Part 1

                                             Length: 6:31
                                             Rating Average: 4.8846154 from 52 people
                                             View Count: 22640
                                             Author: IntSchoolHistory

                     Tags: enlightenment  

                     Sadhguru's enlightenment... in his own words

                                             Length: 5:1
                                             Rating Average: 4.915916 from 333 people
                                             View Count: 51031
                                             Author: ishafoundation

                     Tags: Sadhguru   Jaggi   vasudev   Inner Engineering   Experiences   Chamundi Hill  
                     Isha Yoga   Isha Foundation   Enlightenment   master   Mystic   Yogi  
            Sadhguru shares his experience of his own enlightenment.                                                                                        Page 1 / 3
                     Growing up on European philosophy and the Beatles, spirituality was never something he
                     pursued in his life. But one day, sitting atop a hill in his childhood town, he had an
                     overwhelming experience which changed his...

                     Take Responsibility For Your Enlightenment

                                            Length: 31:55
                                            Rating Average: n/a
                                            View Count: 2763
                                            Author: LifeBlissFoundation

                     Tags: Paramahamsa Nithyananda   lifeblissfoundation   Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam  
                     Living Incarnation   Enlightened Master   Nithyananda   answer   wisdom   parents  
                     teachers priests   Master   describe   emotional   support   surrender   live   knowledge
                     achieve   enlightenment   ultimate   sleep   meditate   laziness   boredom   increase  
                     productivity   excited   reduce   Kailash   special   energy   field   respond   Shiva  
                     administer   cosmos   radiate   unique   intense   creative   yt:stretch=16:9  
                     In 20th April 2012 morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) gives answers
                     to the questions of Inner Awakening participants. One devotee asks for Vedic wisdom on
                     our duties to parents, teachers, priests and Master. Paramahamsa describes each: for
                     parents, to give emotional support, but...

                     Alan Watts - fear of enlightenment

                                            Length: 9:9
                                            Rating Average: 4.926654 from 2086 people
                                            View Count: 220619
                                            Author: loveresurrection

                     Tags: Alan   Watts   enlightenment   consciousness   awareness   self   discovery  
                     love   resurrection  
                     A must hear vid...originally posted by Indigorevolution who is currently suspended
                     fortunately the vid is in the LR archive too...phew! wouldn't want to loose a gem like this
                     one... (to preserve your videos...go to Love all LR


                                            Length: 3:46
                                            Rating Average: 4.82501 from 2583 people
                                            View Count: 232270
                                            Author: AKakaAmazing

                     Tags: jaswant   singh   khalra   dixie   gurdwara   speech   ak   aka   amazing  
                     akakaamazing   new   video   sikh   knowledge   remix   panjab   music   sound   one  
                     love   filmsbyak   joe   rogan   wisdom   inspirational   motivational   enlightenment  
                     light   darkness   india  
                     So a buddy of mine out in Cali, Harjot Singh, went to India recently and came back with
                     crazy footage. So since I like editing and Sikh Knowledge made such a grimey musical
                     track to Jaswant Singh Khalra's Speech (Dixie Gurdwara), I wanted to compose it all
                     together. Sikh Knowledge:...

                     "What Is Enlightenment?" Adyashanti

                                            Length: 9:57
                                            Rating Average: 4.865741 from 432 people
                                            View Count: 76286
                                            Author: Adyashanti

                     Tags: advaita   vedanta   enlightenment   zen   truth   awakening   adyashanti  
                     spiritual   liberation   nondual   dharma   meditation  
                     Many people think that enlightenment is an altered state of consciousness. Actually, what
                     we perceive every day through the distorted lens of ego is the truly altered state -- we see
                     things that don't exist, we believe things that aren't happening, and we live in a false world
                     of our own...                                                       Page 2 / 3
                     Geva Alon - The Great Enlightenment - ‫גבע אלון‬

                                            Length: 4:16
                                            Rating Average: 4.964706 from 340 people
                                            View Count: 62373
                                            Author: GevaAlon

                     Tags: Geva Alon   Thom Monahan   Daniel Hindman   Otto Hauser   Jeff Hill   Paco
                     locoeric Broyhill   Monster Lab Audio   2B Vibes Music and Production   Lev Group
                     Media   Carmi Wurtman   Alteröy   Vetiver   Fleet Foxes   Beachwood Sparks   The
                     Jayhawks   Neal Casal   Brett Anderson   Suede     ‫גלגלצ    גבע אלון    מצעד    ישראלי‬
                      ‫ חדש    סינגל    1102   כרמי וורטמן    התו השמיני‬
                     From the new album: In The Morning Light Get it on iTunes :
                     ‫האלבום החדש עכשיו בכל חנויות המוזיקה והספרים ברחבי הארץ! ניתן להזמין עותק פיזי דרך האתר‬
                     ‫ :של מוסיקה נטו‬

                     What Is Enlightened Awareness? Ask Deepak!

                                            Length: 4:30
                                            Rating Average: 4.884058 from 69 people
                                            View Count: 5933
                                            Author: TheChopraWell

                     Tags: Enlightenment   consciousness   wellness   well-being   inspiration   motivation  
                     spirituality   soul   mind   body   health   experience   life   perception   thought   exist  
                     existence   sensation   feeling   mood   mental health   anxiety   stress   sage   wisdom  
                     peace   karma   dharma   religion   belief   love   joy   awareness   universe   qualia  
                     emotion   senses   reality   ultimate reality   Deepak   Depak   Dpak   Deepak Chopra  
                     Spiritual   Guru   Self Help   Self-Help   New Age  
                     Read more on Deepak Chopra's official website: Everything
                     that we experience in life is the contents of our awareness. Perceptions, thoughts,
                     emotions are all the content of our awareness. How do we know that we, that other
                     people and the world exist? Because we are aware of...

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