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                      Alphabet Song | ABC Song | Phonics Song

                                             Length: 4:37                                                               Bookmark It!
                                             Rating Average: 3.9935317 from 3865 people                                 Social Bookmarking
                                             View Count: 8590480                                                        Site Powered by Video Site Creator
                                             Author: havefunteaching
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                      Tags: Alphabet   Phonics   ABC   Letters   Teaching   Education   Learning   Kids  
                      Preschool   Kindergarten   School   Homeschool   childrens   music   songs                        Alphabet Videos Home
                      children's   nursery   rhymes   mother   goose   Song   abcs   こども英会話   えいご  
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                      Sesame   Street   Barney   english   children   ESL   EFL   英語   えいごであそぼ  
                      toddlers                                                                                          Spelling Videos
                      Download the Alphabet Videos: Download the Alphabet Songs:                    English Grammar Videos
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                      Alphabet Songs on iTunes: The Alphabet Song...                                   Robots Videos
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                      Phonics Song 2
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                                             Length: 2:57                                                               Videos
                                             Rating Average: 4.1583366 from 31193 people
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                                             View Count: 92745457
                                             Author: KidsTV123                                                          Alphabet Videos

                      Tags: phonics   abc   alphabet   song   letters   graphemes   phonemes   kids   tv                Favorite Links
                      123   abc song   original   reading   children   children's   kids'   child   learning  
                      education   preschool   songs   phonic   with   letter   sounds   英語   フォニックス  
                      ABCのうた   こどものうた   baby   babies   kindergarten   animation short   cartoons  
                      anime   animation   family   parents   original song   new song   Infant   Acoustic  
                      teach   your   phonics songs  
                      It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter. This is designed to help children learn the
                      sounds of the letters in the English alphabet. Written and performed by AJJenkins
                      Copyright 2009 KidsTV123. All rights reserved. For MP3s, worksheets and much more:
             Kids songs song...

                      "Alphabet Song" (Vol.1)

                                             Length: 1:11
                                             Rating Average: 4.060124 from 14703 people
                                             View Count: 66902299
                                             Author: serenade2008

                      Tags: Let's sing with TOONBO   Alphapet song   ABCD   Jae wook chang   장재욱
                      툰보 Fantavision   counting song   clap Hands   Eensie Weensie Spider   Seven Days of
                      the week   Bingo   Clememtine   Number song   Do you know the number?   Kid song  
                       Children song   Baby song  
                      Win your FREE ToonBo App: The New ToonBo Apps. are
                      HERE!! Toonbo HD App! #1 New and Noteworthy and Dove
                      Family Recommended!. "The most popular chidren's song in the world" "Let's sing with
                      TOONBO(TM). Produced & directed by Jae Wook Chang, music from two Grammy...                                                                                                      Page 1 / 4
                      ABC Song

                                               Length: 1:2
                                               Rating Average: 4.1725836 from 27436 people
                                               View Count: 96898112
                                               Author: SuperSimpleSongs

                      Tags: childrens music   kids songs   children's songs   nursery rhymes   mother goose  
                       ABC Song   abcs   alphabet   こども英会話   えいご   Sesame Street   Barney   kids  
                       english   children   ESL   EFL   istopmotion   supersimplesongs   knockknockenglish  
                       英語   えいごであそぼ   homeschool   toddlers   lesson   tutorial   lessons   toys  
                       cartoons   education   family   teacher   learn   parents   student   teachers   students  
                       language   animation art   animation   stop motion   learn english kids   the alphabet
                      song   educational   School  
             Song = The Alphabet Song (Learn It) Album = Super
                      Simple Songs Set to the same tune as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", The ABC Song for
                      children is a classic. In this video, we slow the song down and speak the letters very
                      clearly, so young learners can catch and...

                      Alphabet Sounds from Sounds Like Fun CD.mpg

                                             Length: 4:27
                                             Rating Average: 4.4004683 from 2989 people
                                             View Count: 7310569
                                             Author: barbaramilne

                      Tags: phonics   phonemics   reading   early childhood education   preschool   baby
                      learning   childrens educational music  
                      You can buy our CDs and DVDs at: This is the original
                      Alphabet Song from Barbara Milne's famous Sounds Like Fun CD from Discovery Toys.
                      This song has helped millions of children learn the phonemic sounds of the English
                      language. It is a classic song that children love.

                      Sesame Street: The Alphabet With Elmo and India Arie

                                             Length: 2:12
                                             Rating Average: 4.240025 from 25764 people
                                             View Count: 53824010
                                             Author: SesameStreet

                      Tags: song   music   radio   alphabet   abc   letters   sing   play   india   arie   India
                      Arie   blue   celebrity   celeb   elmo   sesame   street   Sesame Street   season 36  
                      India Arie sings the ABC's with Elmo. For more fun games and videos for your
                      preschooler in a safe, child-friendly environment, visit us at
                      Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization
                      which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric...

                      The Alphabet Song - Music for Kindergarten Preschool ESL Kids

                                              Length: 3:14
                                              Rating Average: 3.972026 from 3682 people
                                              View Count: 12862184
                                              Author: wearebusybeavers

                      Tags: The Alphabet Song   alphabet song   ABC Song   busy beavers   kid   kids  
                       children   song   songs   English   abc   123   ESL   EFL   preschool   kindergarten  
                       toddler   education   learn   teach   teacher   classroom   autism   autistic   second
                      language   kid songs   kids songs   animation   cartoon   online English   daycare   baby  
                       babies   baby song   baby songs   英語   フォニックス   영어   school   English
                      school   speak English  
                      Busy Beavers iPhone App: Download this Song Kids English                                                              Page 2 / 4
                      Learning Resources - MP3s, Worksheets, Flash Cards, Games and more! This is a great
                      song to help teach the sounds that each letter makes plus help students learn over 50 new
                      words. It's catchy and fun! Check out some...

                      We are the Alphabet

                                             Length: 3:12
                                             Rating Average: 3.770563 from 3696 people
                                             View Count: 10992496
                                             Author: KidsTV123

                      Tags: abc   song   kidstv123   abcsong   kids   songs   children's   children   for  
                      music   tv   123   kid   ABCの歌   video   videos   baby   babies   kindergarten  
                      alphabet   toddlers   animation   short   family   parents   education   school   childrens  
                      preschool   childhood   fun   parenting   educational  
                      It's an ABC song with phonics anchor word pictures. This song was written and
                      performed by AJJenkins. Video by KidsTV123. All rights reserved. Copyright 2011
                      KidsTV123 . For MP3s, worksheets and much more: Kids songs
                      song for children Chords for this song ADAEDA

                      Learn - Alphabet

                                              Length: 15:15
                                              Rating Average: 3.6140726 from 469 people
                                              View Count: 1896547
                                              Author: rajshri

                      Tags: Learn   introduction   teach   children   parents   kids   school   alphabets  
                      apple   aeroplane   ambulance   ant   baby   ball   bell   cat   donkey   egg   fruits  
                      goat   hill   ice-cream   jacket   kitten   lantern   monkey   nose   omlette   purse  
                      quen   rope   x-ray   water  
                      Click to watch the entire 'Learn' Series

                      ALPHABET English ABC... read in ENGLISH

                                             Length: 0:53
                                             Rating Average: 4.612022 from 549 people
                                             View Count: 1428825
                                             Author: LearnFree2007

                      Tags: ALPHABET   English   ABC   tefl   elt   education   earlylearning  
                       rnaudioproductions   Pearson   CUP   BBC   audio   recorded   books   cu000  
                mp3   ipod   download   book   audiobooks   Aprende
                      ingles gratis   ingles   Visit England  
                      rnaudioproductions for ALPHABET in English ABC to Z
                      AudioProductions 2007 Copyright Robert Nichol AudioProductions London 2006
                      Created by RNaudioproductions for LearnFree2007 rnaudioproductions for
             mp3 ipod download...

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