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					   Leadership: Able to influence the actions and opinions of others in a desired direction; exhibits judgment in leading
   others to worthwhile objectives.

               Interview Question                                  Notes on Candidate’s Response

   1) Give an example of a time in which you had to be
   persuasive in getting your idea across--even when the
   odds were against you.
   2) Briefly review the leadership experience you have
   had, giving examples that would show what your
   leadership style is like.
   3) Give a brief summary of the leadership situations
   which you have held. What was your major success
   and major failure as a leader?
   4) What do you think are the most important
   components of a practical leadership philosophy?
   Describe how you developed your philosophy.
   5) Describe how you delegate responsibility in your
   current job.
   6) Give an example in which you have seen a manager
   improperly use authority. How did you react to the
   situation? How did you cope with it?
   7) Who have you most respected for their leadership
   qualities? What were these specific qualities? Has
   there been a time when you tried to use this style?
   8) Which of your strengths contributes most to your
   leadership ability? Can you think of a time when,
   without that strength, you would have failed as a
   9) Did you learn anything about leadership from your
   parents? When have you applied their lessons?
   10) Have you ever had to take over a leadership role
   unexpectedly? (Perhaps sudden illness of your boss?)
   How did it work out?

Interpretive Guide:

    Does the individual demonstrate reliance on persuasive, instead of autocratic techniques?

    Do they develop a plan before approaching a problem?

    Do they consider the motivations and traits of others?

    Consider the quality of past leadership accomplishments.
                         Consider level of experience, including breadth or variety of leadership situations, level
                          of responsibility, and effectiveness in these experiences.

 Can the individual describe a well-thought-out belief system? This usually implies that a reasonable amount of
  attention has been given to the development of a workable leadership style.

 Does the individual demonstrate prudent use of delegation, giving appropriate trust and freedom to the
  individual chosen to complete the tasks?

 Does the individual recognize and appreciate that there are different styles of leadership?

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