Written Communications by kbrown2488


									Written Communications: Able to write effectively and to extract information from written materials.

            Interview Question                                Notes on Candidate’s Response

1) Have you ever been responsible for the creation of
forms, checklists, work flow procedures, etc.? How did
others evaluate your work?
2) Have you ever used bulletin boards? What problems
came up? How did you deal with them?
3) How do you feel about your ability to write, spell
and communicate in a written fashion? What kind of
feedback have you received about your writing ability?
4) In your last position, how often was it necessary for
you to write letters? Did you ever use form letters?
5) In your current position, how often do you prepare
written reports? How long are these reports? How
have they been received?
6) Describe the most elaborate (lengthy) report you
have ever written. What aspects were the most
difficult for you?
7) Tell me about a situation of such importance that
you felt it was necessary to summarize the results of a
conversation in a memorandum or a letter.
8) Describe your experiences in creating documents,
proposals, research findings, or any other form of
written copy. . .
9) Many managers find written work like letters,
reports, or memos, to be “a bore.” What has your
experience been like with paperwork?
10) What do you typically do with memos, newsletters,
policy statements, and so forth? Do you have your
own filing system?
Interpretive Guide:

    Does the individual have much experience with written, structured communication formats?

    Is there awareness of the potential problems of using a single basis for written communications, like bulletin
     boards or e-mails?

    Is the individual comfortable with written forms of communication? Has there been any attempt to overcome
     inadequacies in writing?

    Does the interviewee appreciate the efficiency of a form letter procedure, and yet recognize the fact that form
     letters can be sterile and vague?

    Does the candidate have much experience preparing important written reports?

    Does the individual recognize that written word can emphasize a point of communication and even serve as
     protection in sensitive communications?

    Does he/she have sufficient self-discipline to meet the paperwork requirements associated with the position
     under consideration?

    Does the candidate value written information? Does he/she save, organize or retain it?

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