Energizing by kbrown2488


									Energizing: Able to create positive energy (motivation) in both individuals and groups.

            Interview Question                                  Notes on Candidate’s Response

1) Give a specific example of a time when you
motivated co-workers.
2) Who is the most motivating individual you know?
What characteristics do you have that are similar?
Dissimilar? Give an example.
3) Describe a high morale group in which you have
worked. Who was responsible for creating the
motivation? What did they do?
4) Have you ever observed an employer de-motivating
employees? What do you think was the cause of the
5) What are some things that motivate you? How have
you used these motivators with others?
6) Give me an example of a time when you had high
morale on the job. What caused it? How did you
contribute to the morale of others?
7) What things created excitement and cohesion in
your current (last) work group?
8) Are you good at figuring out what will motivate
someone else? When were you able to do this?
9) Can you give me an example of when you came up
with a clever way of motivating someone?
10) When have you seen supposedly effective
motivators fail? What did you learn?
Interpretive Guide:

    Is the individual aware of the need to be able to motivate others?

    Is motivating others one of their strengths?

    Are they aware of energizing/motivational techniques?

    Is he/she aware that certain actions/statements, though well-intended, may actually de-motivate employees?

    Is the individual aware of what he/she considers motivating and rewarding? Has he/she used these motivations
     or rewards to encourage others?

    Can the candidate describe the causes of positive morale? Does he/she take an active role in spreading positive
     feelings at work?

    Does he/she appreciate individual differences in motivators?

    Does the individual have the experience necessary to use good judgment in selecting motivators?

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