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					Coping: Able to maintain a mature problem solving attitude while dealing with interpersonal conflict, hazardous
conditions, personal rejection, hostility or time demands.

            Interview Question                                Notes on Candidate’s Response

1) Tell me about a time when you had problems or
stresses which were difficult for you.
2) When have you gotten your feelings hurt at work?
3) Most of us face situations from time to time which
cause us to think that whatever we do will have a
negative outcome—that is, we will look bad,
regardless of what our actions may be. Describe your
experiences in this type of situation and share with me
how you went about deciding what to do.
4) Would you say that you are the type of individual
who can “roll with the punches” or one who draws a
“hard and fast line” in coping with a changing
5) Customers frequently create a great deal of
pressure. What has been your experience in this area?
6) What has been the highest pressure situation you
have been under in recent years? How did you cope
with it?
7) What types of pressure do you currently feel on
your own job? How do you cope with these pressures?
8) What types of things make you angry? How do you
react in these situations?
9) When was the last time you were yelled at while at
work? How did you react?
10) How do you react when you see co-workers
disagreeing? Do you get involved or hold back?
Interpretive Guide:

    Was the individual successful in coping with difficult environments at prior jobs? How will this success/failure
     affect the job you are interviewing him/her for?

    Is there a high level of personal sensitivity which could become a problem at work? Will rejection or conflict
     become an issue down the road?

    Did the individual avoid making a decision in the face of conflict? Was he/she objective in evaluating the
     situation? Did he/she overreact?

    Is this individual determined to get their own way or do they take pride in their flexibility relating to others?

    Evaluate this individual’s depth and level of experience in coping with customer complaints and anger—were
     they able to cope with such pressures over a significant period of time?

    How effective was he/she in coping with a great deal of pressure without explosion, walking away from the job,
     or just “giving up?”

    Does the interviewee have a “quick temper” or can they conceal hostile feelings to avoid creating conflict?

    How does the individual behave after having faced a difficult interpersonal situation—did they control their
     temper, and did they continue to perform effectively, or did they psychologically withdraw commitment to the

    Evaluate if the individual can serve as a mediator in interpersonal conflict; consider if he/she is able to maintain
     a sense of calm when others are in disagreement.

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