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					Commitment to Task: Able to establish and carry out specific courses of action for self and/or others; willing to
commit to long hours of work and personal sacrifice in order to reach goals.

            Interview Question                                  Notes on Candidate’s Response

1) When have you found it necessary to take work
2) Tell me your experience in your last job of “changing
courses midstream” (meaning frequent changing of
tasks, priorities, missions).
3) Have you ever had to work with subordinates or
peers who differed substantially in their abilities,
attitudes and personality characteristics? If so, how did
you react to this situation?
4) Describe a situation in which you were expected to
work with an individual whom you personally disliked.
How did you cope?
5) Have you found it necessary to perform jobs which
do not match well with your interests and abilities? Be
6) Have you ever worked in a situation in which you
found higher management to be in conflict? If so, what
did you do?
7) Have you ever held a job in which you had the
freedom to write your own job description? If so, how
did you structure your work?
8) List five important traits or characteristics that you
use in evaluating others. When have you successfully
used these characteristics to evaluate people?
9) How would you define the term “work standard”?
When have you found that definition useful in
10) Many times pressure is exerted on an individual at
work when home/family environment changes. What
have been your experiences in this area, and what did
you do to adjust to the situation?
Interpretive Guide:

    To what extent does the individual organize and plan work so as to do a good job in a reasonable time?

    Does the individual lack sufficient job commitment to work long hours?

    Can the individual demonstrate flexible work habits in response to a rapidly changing environment?

    Consider if the individual took sides in personality conflicts, or did they assume a leadership role to get the job

    Evaluate if results orientation is strong enough to overcome personal dislike.

    Look for personal maturity in getting a job done, specifically effective performance of responsibilities, in spite of
     higher level conflict or distaste for the project.

    Can the individual define tasks and responsibilities in the absence of direction from management?

    What did the candidate demonstrate as far as a “work standard”?

    Did the individual demonstrate a commitment to keep performance up while coping with personal problems?

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