; Employment Interview Questions DOs and DONTs
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Employment Interview Questions DOs and DONTs


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									                    The “Dos” & “Don’ts” of Interviewing

   Interview those candidates you have chosen to continue in the selection process. Ask the
   following same job related questions of all applicants. Review the list below to help you set
   the climate and create the right atmosphere for a successful interview.

   The “Dos” & “Don’ts” of Interviewing
     Listen carefully and take brief notes.
     Be friendly, yet businesslike and hide your feelings.
     Remain as objective as possible; present an accurate picture of the essential functions of
      the job; avoid embellishing the position description.
    Ask open-ended questions that will force a specific reply, such as: “Tell me about your
      work experience,” or “Tell me about jobs you enjoyed most...least” instead of questions
      that elicit a “yes” or “no” answer.
    Follow answers by asking “Why?” For example: “Why do you feel that way?” “Why does
      that bother you?” ”Why didn’t you enjoy that line of work?”
    Be silent after you ask a question.
    Follow up on any answers that appear evasive and keep track.
    Close the interview by stating the next steps, the sequence of events and the time
    Do not lose eye contact for long periods of time by taking extensive notes. It is
      disturbing to the applicant.
    Do not make judgments on one trait without having considered all traits.
    Do not conduct yourself in a manner that is too friendly or stern.
    Do not let the applicant see that you favor or disfavor him/her.
    Do not accept general answers. Probe for more information.
    Do not continue to talk just because the candidate does not reply quickly.
    Do not let yourself become lost or fail to listen carefully to everything being said.

Job interviews give you the opportunity to learn more about each applicant’s skills, work style,
personality, interests, and suitability for the position, but they also can be a minefield full of
potential lawsuits for those who are not aware of the law and what can and cannot be asked. In
order to avoid asking questions that are discriminatory while you are interviewing, be sure to
review the Employment Inquiries Chart and the following EEOC Interviewing Guidelines:

Avoid asking the applicant questions about:
    Age or date of birth
    Previous address
    Religion or race
    Mother’s surname
    Marital status or maiden name
    Number and ages of children
    Spouse’s or parent’s place of employment
    Parent’s address
                   The “Dos” & “Don’ts” of Interviewing

      Whether they rent or own their own residence
      Loans, financial obligations, wage attachments or personal bankruptcies
      Arrests
      Foreign languages spoken (unless job relevant)
      Membership in social organizations
      Visible physical characteristics (e.g. scars, burns)
      Health status
      Psychological well-being/past injuries or diseases

Questions you may ask:
    Reasons for termination of previous job
    References
    Pervious work experiences
    Job-related feelings about previous assignments or present position
    Career interests
    Job Duties
    Job Training
    Education
    Job-related professional associations
    Qualifications for duties related to job

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