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					                                                                                                                                           JUNE 2012
                                                                                                                  Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance • JUNE 2012

       The Profit Has Arrived!
       By Dustin Griffin, Executive Director of Atlanta REIA
                                                                                                                              MAIN MEETING
                                                                                                                              Monday, June 4th

       T        he Profit has finally arrived just
                in time for Atlanta REIA’s 2
                year birthday celebration. That’s
       right, it has already been 2 years since
       we decided to start Atlanta REIA back
                                                                 and followers updated on all the ups
                                                                 and downs of the real estate market;
                                                                 changing laws, rules and regulations;
                                                                 the latest real estate investing tech-
                                                                 niques, strategies and so much more!
                                                                                                                               Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites
                                                                                                                              111 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta, GA
                                                                                                                                  5:30pm – 9:00pm
       in June 2010 and to hold our first meet-                  The Profit is also designed to keep you
                                                                                                                            Bring Your BYers
       ing on July 5th, 2010.                                    and other subscribers updated and in-

                                                                                                                               Cards & Fl
                                                                 formed of all the events and happen-
       Ever since we started Atlanta REIA,                       ings going on at Atlanta REIA each
       our mission has always been to help in-                   month as well as exposing you to a wide
       sure our members real estate success by
       providing affordable, quality real estate
                                                                 variety of vendors and suppliers serving
                                                                 the real estate industry.
                                                                                                                                  IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                                              The Profit Has Arrived!
       investing education, frequent, fun real                                                                                By Dustin Griffin .................................................................... 1
       estate networking opportunities and                       The Profit will have a wide variety of                       Are You One of The Investors Today Who Are Not As
       community outreach programs to build,                     local and national real estate experts                       Active Buying Real Estate As You Once Were?
                                                                                                                              By Larry Harbolt .................................................................... 2
       renovate and repair homes for needy                       such as Russ Hiner, Jim Hitt, Jeff Nix,
       Atlanta families. We’ve been able to                                                                                   Board of Directors ............................................................... 4
       achieve this mission through our meet-                                              continued on p17                   7 reasons why you need a coach!
       ings, special interest groups, networking                                                                              By Russ Hiner.......................................................................... 5
       events, seminars, webinars, workshops                                                                                  Survivor... Picking The Right Partners?
       and our relationship with the Fuller                                                                                   By Erven Kimble..................................................................... 6

       Center of Atlanta.                                                                                                     Atlanta REIA Welcomes Business Member to The Profit
                                                                                                                              By Jeff Nix................................................................................ 7

       Now we are working to bring you even                                                                                   Why MERS Cannot Be Legal Owner of a Note
                                                                                                                              By Bob Massey ....................................................................... 8
       more incredible member benefits and
       bigger discounts from suppliers such as                                                                                Do You Value Your Time and Money?
                                                                                                                              By Attorney Craig Halperin............................................... 10
       Lowe’s, Sun Belt Tool Rentals, Sherwin
       Williams, Sears Commercial, Sprint /                                                                                   Legions of Frustrated Investors Turn to Real Estate
                                                                                                                              Investing: “Play and Pray” Amateur Property Flippers
       Nextel, Rent Fast, Build a Sign through                                                                                vs. Landlords
       our new relationship with the Commu-                                                                                   By Jim Hitt............................................................................. 11
       nity Buying Group; interactive, data-                                                                                  Contracting
       base driven websites with Super Smart;                                                                                 By Michael Vazquez ........................................................... 14

       and our brand new newsletter, The Prof-                                                                                Membership Application................................................ 18
       it, which will be published and delivered                                                                              Meeting Calendar ............................................................. 19
       each month about a week prior to our
                                                                                                                              Calendar of Events ............................................................ 20
       Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting.
                                                                                Dustin Griffin,                                                 Atlanta REIA, LLC
       The purpose of The Profit is to help keep                      Executive Director of Atlanta REIA                          2700 Braselton Hwy, Suite 10-183
       you and our members, guests, friends                                                                                              Dacula, GA 30019
                                                                                                                                  P: 678-701-7160 • F: 770-216-1560
           Check out our Main Speaker for June, Larry Harbolt, on P2.                                                          

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                                                                                                                  Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance • JUNE 2012

       Are You One of The Investors Today
       Who Are Not As Active Buying Real
       Estate As You Once Were Because
       You Are Finding It Difficult to Find
       Deals That Will Work For You?                                                                                               Don’t Miss Our
       by larry harbolt                                                                                                             Atlanta REIA
                                                                                                                                   Live Webcasts
       H          ave you noticed a declining
                  number of people attend-
                  ing real estate
       meetings lately? Well,
       maybe not at Atlanta
                                                                 shying away from buying houses in this
                                                                 market? Many investors are waiting for
                                                                                the market to bottom
                                                                                out before they are go-
                                                                                ing to get back in the
                                                                                                                               Webcast schedule is subject to change.
       REIA Meetings, but this                                                  business. There is no                        for the most up to date webcast schedule.
       is true of many other RE-                                                better time to be buying
       IAs across the country.                                                  houses than NOW, yet                                   1st Tuesday
       I’ve run a weekly real es-                                               many investors are find-                               Super Smart
       tate meeting myself for                                                  ing it impossible to fund                          Technology Webcast
       over 10 years down in St                                                 their deals while other
       Petersburg, FL and I’ve                                                  investors believe doing                                1st Thursday
       seen my own group at-                                                    Short Sales is their only                           Training / Business
       tendance diminish from                                                   chance to make money                               Opportunity Webcast
       an average of 200 people                                                 today. This is not true!
       each week to approxi-                                                    That kind of thinking is                               3rd Tuesday
       mately 50 over the past                                                  simply crazy!                                         What’s Hot in
       couple of years. I realize
       many investors are confused, scared and                   Because of all of the Foreclosures happen-                        Real Estate Investing
       have lost faith in the real estate invest-                ing, there has been a major focus by Real                             3rd Thursday
       ing business and who can blame them?                      Estate teachers to teach about Foreclo-
       You can’t open a newspaper or turn on                     sure Real Estate and Short Sales. The last                         Training / Business
       the television without hearing anything                   time I looked, only approximately 20%                             Opportunity Webcast
       but negative news about the real estate                   of all houses in this country were in Fore-
       market. All we hear about is the declin-                  closure while the other 80% are not. An-                         4th Tuesday (Quarterly)
       ing sales prices, lower number of sales,                  other interesting fact, 30% to 40% of all                             Upgrade Your
       almost no building starts and of course                   houses in this country are free and clear.                         Prosperity Webcast
       the record number of Foreclosures na-
       tionwide. Who can blame investors for                                               continued on p13                           4th Thursday
                                                                                                                                      Evening with
                                                                                                                                    an Expert Webcast

                                     Join us for                                                                                     Atlanta REIA
            LATE NITE NETWORKING                                                                                                   Webcast Replays
            at the Meeting-After-the-Meeting                                                                            
             We meet at the Tilted Kilt Perimeter located                                                                            Webcasts/Replays
             1155-B Mount Vernon Highway in Atlanta
             right after our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting.                                                                        Atlanta REIA Members can watch our
                                                                                                                              webcast replays 24/7/365 by logging into

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   The Ultimate Fast Track to Your
    Business Success Workshop
A Full Day Workshop & Strategy Session with Larry Harbolt on June 9th, 2012

Right now is the best time in modern history to buy real estate. Join Larry Harbolt on Saturday, June 9,
2012, and he will share with you his secrets on how to make money in today’s real estate market. Larry will
show you what you really need to know to buy real estate profitably with only $10 down, even if you have bad
credit or are bankrupt!

  At this workshop, Larry will teach you how to:
  H Buy real estate profitably in any market or economic cycle.                           Workshop
  H Learn how to buy real estate when you have no money, no credit or poor credit.
  H How to buy and sell all the property you want and never use a bank or apply
                                                                                     registration starts
    for a loan again.                                                                at 8:30am on June
  H Why you can buy millions of dollars in real estate and never have a debt show
    on your credit report or be personally liable for a penny.                       9th at the Atlanta
  H Learn how to create the terms to make cash today and overcome seller              Perimeter Hotel
    objections like a pro.
  H How a few carefully chosen words you can easily master in minutes can             & Suites located
    potentially earn you big paydays when you’re ready to cash out your seller.
                                                                                      at 111 Perimeter
  H How to structure offers with no payments, no interest and get the seller to
    gladly accept so you can drive your cash flow through the roof.                    Center West in
  H How to change the terms of the loan months or years after the closing and
    make the seller ecstatic to do so.
                                                                                         Atlanta, GA.
  H Build an empire from monthly cash flow and cure negative cash flow, a
    secret few people know.

Come and join Larry on Saturday, June 9th, 2012 for The Ultimate Fast Track
to Your Business Success Workshop. Bring your pen and paper, take lots of
notes and you will come away with New Methods, Processes and Systems that
are Efficient, Effective and WHEN YOU WILL Learn them can be measured by the
NEW CASH in YOUR bank account!
If you wish to attend, reserve your seat(s) now! Atlanta REIA Gold Members can
attend for $19.95, Silver Members for $29.95 and Guests for $39.95. These prices
are good for 2 people and will increase by $10 after the early registration special
expires on June 6th, 2012 at Midnight.
Workshop registration starts at 8:30 AM on June 9th at the Atlanta Perimeter
Hotel & Suites located at 111 Perimeter Center West in Atlanta, GA.

For more information or to register online,
please see
                                                                                                                     Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance • JUNE 2012

      Atlanta REIA’s mission is to help insure our members real estate success by providing affordable, quality real
   estate investing education; frequent, fun real estate networking opportunities; and ongoing community outreach
  programs to help build, renovate and repair homes for needy Atlanta families while improving our local community.

                                                                                                                                   2700 Braselton Hwy, Suite 10-183
                                                                                                                                            Dacula GA 30019
                                                                                                                                  P: 678-701-7160 • F: 770-216-1560

                                                                                                                                    Be sure to wear yo
            Dustin Griffin                                                Joe Thompson                                                                 ur
            Executive Director                                            Leader of Haves & Wants Meeting and Speed                membership badg
            P: 678-701-7160                                               Marketing Session                                                          e to
            F: 770-216-1560                                               P: 770-403-3227                                            all our meetings.
            E:                                     E:

            Christine Griffin                                             Karen Bershad                                              Steve Brown
            Assistant Director                                            Director of Membership & Leader of the                     Leader of Cash Cows Commercial Group
            P: 678-701-7160                                               Small Business Group                                       P: 770-378-6235
            F: 770-216-1560                                               P: 770-356-1234                                            E:
            E:                                    E:
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            Jeff Nix                                                      Leslie Mathis                                              Leader of Mobile Real Estate Rockstars Group
            Director of Business Membership                               Leader of Atlanta REIA West                                P: 678-410-7352
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            E:                                          E:
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            Gordon Catts                                                  Reginald Jackson                                           Leader of I Love Marketing Group
            Director of Programs, Leader of Movers & Shakers,             Leader of Atlanta REIA South                               P: 678-938-4776
            Atlanta REIA South & Mountain REIA                            P: 404-427-8797                                            E:
            P: 404-454-3567                                               E:
            E:                                                                                                     Michael Vazquez
                                                                          Russ Hiner                                                 Leader of Spanish Investors Networking Group
            Alan McDonald                                                 Leader of Creative Deal Structuring Group and              P: 678-951-9222
            Director of AVS, Leader of the Beginning Investors            Mastermind Group                                           E:
            Group & Cashflow Group                                        P: 404-660-4289
            P: 770-369-0446                                               E:                                         Bob Massey
            E:                                                                                               Leader of Short Sale & Foreclosure Group
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       How To Be A ReAl esTATe InvesToR

                                              reasons why
                                             you need a coach!
                                             By Russ Hiner

       1. Overcoming Fear. When I first                                did not grow my business with other                        moves very smoothly because I have
          got started in the real estate business                      people, my business would go flat.                         investors that are working with me
          I had a tremendous amount of fear.                           If my business was flat I couldn’t                         supplying me the necessary cash, and
          There was the fear that prevented                            take a vacation. My business was                           I’m paying great returns.
          me from placing the ads, the fear                            running me.
          that prevented me from making                                                                                    Each one of us has talents and strengths.
          offers, and the fear that paralyzed                    5. Focusing On What You’re Good                           Having the right coach develops your
          me to the point that I was not able                       At. I began to lose focus and the                      strengths and allows you to work with
          to move forward in a real estate                          business hit a plateau. I achieved                     people who will cover your weaknesses.
          investing career.                                         the goals that I had desired for                       A great coach is somebody who will
                                                                    my business but there was still                        work with you on your terms, but has
       2. Knowing The Numbers And                                   something I wanted to do. I read a                     the people skills to demonstrate your
          Exit Strategies. After I made my                          number of books on business. The                       terms are not necessarily good for you
          first 50 offers I overcame that fear.                     reality was I was not working the                      and your dreams.
          After I got an agreement accepted I                       business. I lost interest. I needed to
          had the fear of not knowing what I                        be more accountable. By me being                       All great leaders and all great business
          was going to do with the property                         accountable to my business my focus                    people surround themselves with indi-
          and whether or not it was going to                        became much clearer.                                   viduals who have been there, done that,
          be profitable. The exit strategy is                                                                              and are willing to share. Your invest-
          the plan. The exit strategy defines                    6. Objectively        Knowing      The                    ment in a coach/mentor will be one of
          what your profit is and how much                          Market. In the 30 years that I                         your best investments. I have had several
          profit there will be. Once I was able                     have been doing real estate, the                       in my career.
          to get a handle on the exit strategies                    market has changed every year.
          and refine the numbers my career                          If it wasn’t the interest rates that
          started to take off.                                      changed it was the rental market.
                                                                    If it wasn’t the mortgage industry                       Russ Hiner
       3. Running Your Business Rather                              it was government regulations. If it                     404-660-4289
          Than Your Business Running                                wasn’t the price of the property it
          You. I then noticed that I had no                         was the return on investment. If the
          time to do the fun things in my life.                     lending rules got too loose then all                
          I was so busy I didn’t have time to                       of the good renters were taken out                  
          enjoy the money I was earning. The                        of the market and evictions went up.                     Russ has been investing in real estate in
          money that I was creating was going                       The coach has the ability to look at                     Atlanta Georgia since 1981. His company
          back into the business. I was not                         your business objectively. The coach                     currently controls apartment buildings
                                                                                                                             and single-family properties in Georgia
          relaxing and enjoying some of the                         has the ability to see opportunities,                    and other states. His focus is on raising
          fruits of my labor. I began to realize                    niches, and profit centers.                              private capital through Hedge Equity, LLC.
          that if I didn’t work, all the time,
          the business would stop. Cash flow                     7. Raising Capital. My business                             Russ invests everyday. His knowledge
                                                                                                                             and experience is current in the market.
          would stop and long-term wealth                           started and stopped, started and                         He is capitalizing on the needs, wants,
          would wobble. I needed help!                              stopped. I was using my own cash.                        and desires of the customer. He has a
                                                                    I would save it up, then I would                         deep level of experience in building
       4. Building a Team with a Single                             use it for a down payment and                            relationships with vendors, investors,
          Vision. As the business grew I                            get conventional financing. The                          tenants, sellers, and qualified buyers. He
                                                                                                                             has the knowledge to negotiate contracts,
          started to hire more employees. Each                      financing rules changed. After I hit                     manage rental properties, and make his
          new employee brought the new                              a certain number of properties, I was                    co-investors wealthy. He enjoys taking
          challenges. It was tough enough                           no longer able to get conventional                       properties which are virtually destroyed,
          managing me but I had to have new                         financing. I had to learn how to raise                   renovating them, and creating a better
          skills in order to manage others. If I                    private capital. Now my business                         community.

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                                                                                                                  Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance • JUNE 2012

       BusIness By THe Book

                                          Survivor... Picking
                                          The Right Partners?                                                                SAvANNAH
                                          By Erven Kimble

        “They may say, “Come and join us … let’s ambush the innocent! …Think of the great things
        we’ll get! We’ll fill our houses with all the stuff we take. Come, throw in your lot with us; we’ll        
           all share the loot.” My child, don’t go along with them! Stay far away from their paths.”
                                                (Proverbs 1:11-15)                                                                       Meets on the
                                                                                                                              4th Monday
       W             e have all faced the question;
                     “Is this a good business opportuni-
                     ty for me?” The answer to this
                                                                 that is purposed is not something that you
                                                                 would like to happen to you or your fam-
                                                                 ily, run away from it. If you can’t discuss                            of each Month

       question may come from your professional                  it openly and completely with all involved
       training on how to evaluate a deal. Some-                 parties, in a public setting, then that’s not
       times, we find ourselves enrolled in the                  a deal that you should do. Furthermore,
       school of “Hard Knocks” taking the fresh-                 don’t even be in the company of the people
       men class of “Trial and Error.” But, if you               who make such proposals. If these kinds of
       are an entrepreneur, there may be is a more               people are considered to be your friends,
       critical question that has to be answered                 partners or associates, quickly change your
       and your answer to this question may not                  business relationship with them.
       be quite as forgiving.
                                                                 Don’t be afraid to stand up for honesty and
                                                                 integrity. When you refuse to compromise
       That question is; “Who am I doing business
                                                                 and stand up for what is right the outcome
       with?” Have you ever found yourself chal-                 is always more profitable and rewarding,
       lenged to do business with someone who                    even if it seems like you might be losing
       operates with a fundamentally different set               out in the short term. Honesty and integ-
       of values and moral practices than yourself?
       Have you ever been asked to participate in
                                                                 rity produces winners!                                           5320 Waters Ave
       a venture or business proposition that just               Some Thoughts To Ponder                                           Savannah, GA
       didn’t sit right in your heart? Sometimes,
                                                                 1. What do you consider to be non-
       at first glance, it may seem to be quite at-
                                                                    negotiable when you decide who you                                   Leaders
       tractive and a potentially profitable propo-
       sition. But after some careful thought and
                                                                    are going to do business with?                                     Kristin Mack
                                                                 2. Do you have wise people around you
       discussion, you begin to feel uncomfort-                     to advise you, to coach you, to pray                             & Aislee Jackson
                           able about the person or                 for you and to help you make good
           and go
                           the proposition.                         business decisions?                                               FOLLOW
        the other Our message from the
                                                                 3. What fears do you have about
                                                                    expressing your principles and                                SAvANNAH REIA ON:
           way…            Book of Proverbs says,                   saying “No” to questionable
                           don’t allow yourself to                  business associates?                                  
       be recruited by, or be in partnership with                     a. Perhaps a fear of being ridiculed?                         www.
       greedy, or criminally minded people.                           b. Maybe a fear of losing clients?
       When you hear schemes or proposals that                        c. Or a fear of losing money?                                 www.
       in any way appear to be less than ethical;
       BEWARE. A proposition to do business
       where there is not a clear Win-Win sce-                       Erven Kimble                                          is a visionary that has faithfully served as
                                                                     404-606-8909                                          the Senior Pastor of a local church in Lilburn,
       nario for everyone involved may not be the                                                                          Georgia for twenty years.
       kind of business you should participate in.         
       If the potential business associates seem to                                                                        The author searched the Book of Proverbs and
                                                                                       extracted wisdom that reference business and
       be illegal, immoral, or shady, wisdom sug-                                                                          finances to produce the series of articles called
       gest that you turn and go the other way.                                                                            Business By The Book. The purpose of these
                                                                     Erven Kimble is an accomplished pastor, teacher,      articles present time tested Biblical principles
                                                                     author, community leader, licensed Christian          in a way that is practical, relevant and beneficial
       If the business outcome of a deal or action                   Counselor and Real Estate entrepreneur. Erven         to the average business person.

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                                                                                                                       Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance • JUNE 2012

       BusIness MeMBeR spoTlIgHT

                                             Atlanta REIA Welcomes
                                             Business Member to The Profit
                                             By Jeff Nix, Director of Business Membership

       A          s Director of Business Member-
                  ship, in keeping with the kick-
                  off the inaugural issue of The
       Profit, I’d like to take the opportunity to
       personally thank all the business mem-
                                                                 In future issues of The Profit, this seg-
                                                                 ment will highlight our business mem-
                                                                 bers as well as announcing the new and
                                                                 renewing members so that the mem-
                                                                 bership at large will be reminded of the
                                                                                                                                         Jeff Nix
       bers who contribute their valuable time,                  fine companies that are available and at                              
       talent, and resources to making Atlanta                   your service.
       REIA what it is, and what it is becom-                                                                                            Jeff Nix is a founding member
       ing. Atlanta REIA is a collective success                 If you are someone who owns or operates                                 of Atlanta REIA and serves as
       because of you and what you bring to the                  a business that is related to or supports                               Director of Business Membership.
       organization. While many of you attend                    the real estate industry in any way, con-                               Contact Jeff for more information
       the monthly general meeting or some of                    tact me if you have any curiosity about                                 on Business Memberships. Jeff
       the subgroup gatherings, there are many                   aligning your efforts with Atlanta REIA.                                is also the owner/operator of
       others companies behind the scenes who                    There is a spot waiting for you and it                                  Atlanta Carpet Services, Inc.,
       offer a nearly endless variety of goods and               offers access to a whole new client base                                which has been serving the real
       services that support the endeavors of all                that needs your services and is waiting to                              estate community throughout
       our real estate investor members.                         meet you!                                                               Metro Atlanta for over 20 years.

                                                                                                                 Annual Plan                6 Month Plan            Month-to-Month Plan

             Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance                                              Ad Size      Gold         Silver         Gold         Silver      Gold      Silver     Guest
                                                                                                             $2,400        $3,600        $1,500        $2,100      $300       $400      $500
                                                                                                 2 Pages
                                                                                                             4 Mo. Free!   3 Mo. Free!   1 Mo. Free!   Save 30%   Save 40%   Save 20%

                                                                                                             $1,200        $1,800          $750        $1,050      $150       $200      $250
                                                                                                 Full Page   4 Mo. Free!   3 Mo. Free!   1 Mo. Free!   Save 30%   Save 40%   Save 20%

                                                                                                             $1,080        $1,620          $675         $945       $135       $180      $225
                                                                                                 2/3 Page    4 Mo. Free!   3 Mo. Free!   1 Mo. Free!   Save 30%   Save 40%   Save 20%

             Get Your Business Noticed!                                                          1/2 Page      $960
                                                                                                             4 Mo. Free!
                                                                                                                           3 Mo. Free!
                                                                                                                                         1 Mo. Free!
                                                                                                                                                       Save 30%
                                                                                                                                                                  Save 40%
                                                                                                                                                                             Save 20%

             If you’re looking to reach the Real Estate                                                        $720        $1,080          $450         $630       $90        $120      $150
                                                                                                 1/4 Page
             Industry here in the Greater Atlanta Metro                                                      4 Mo. Free!   3 Mo. Free!   1 Mo. Free!   Save 30%   Save 40%   Save 20%

             Area and throughout Georgia, you can’t do                                           1/8 Page      $600
                                                                                                             4 Mo. Free!
                                                                                                                           3 Mo. Free!
                                                                                                                                         1 Mo. Free!
                                                                                                                                                       Save 30%
                                                                                                                                                                  Save 40%
                                                                                                                                                                             Save 20%

             better than The PROFIT. Your ad will reach                                          Business      $480          $720          $300         $420       $60        $80       $100
                                                                                                   Card      4 Mo. Free!   3 Mo. Free!   1 Mo. Free!   Save 30%   Save 40%   Save 20%
             more than 10,000 each month with your
             message. Our production teams are among                                                When you’re ready to get
             some of the best designers in the country.
             We make you look GOOD!                                                                  started, call Christine
                                                                                                    Griffin at 678-701-7160.

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                                                                                                                  Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance • JUNE 2012

                                                Why MERS Cannot Be
                                                Legal Owner of a Note
                                                by Bob Massey

       T       he Mortgage Electronic Regis-
               tration System is just that—an
               electronic registration system.
       MERS came into being after the GSEs
       produced a white paper in 1993 stating
                                                                    • It has bypassed legitimate registrars
                                                                      of mortgage documents thus
                                                                      avoiding more than $2 billion in
                                                                      documentation taxes and fees;
                                                                                                                              • Use of records from the MERS system
                                                                                                                                led to wide-spread mishandling and
                                                                                                                                fraud in filing of foreclosure cases
                                                                                                                                using forged documentation and
                                                                                                                                signatures on documents by people
       the case for an electronic registration                      • MERS is accused of being just a “shell                    who are not actually officers of the
       system to track mortgage assignments.                          company” with no economic interest                        owning lender;
       It was officially launched in 1997.                            in the mortgages being recorded;
                                                                                                                              • MERS has initiated foreclosures
       From the point of view of the mort-                          • MERS has over 20,000 member                               even though it has no legal standing
       gage industry MERS made it possible to                         employees designated to execute                           to do so;
       transfer mortgages or merge lender ac-                         millions of mortgage documents,
       quisitions efficiently without triggering                      and yet MERS has failed to                              • In many cases assignments were
       local transfer taxes and other recording                       adequately screen, train and monitor                      not properly made—many were
       fees. It changes what has always been a                        its employees as certifying officers;                     robosigned and were not legal;
       public documentation process to a pri-
       vate one. The industry claims the MERS                       • MERS eliminated the ability of the                      • Use of MERS has potentially clouded
       system allows the industry to have a cen-                      public and individual homeowners to                       titles on millions of homes.
       tral repository for mortgage assignment                        track the transfer of their mortgage
       information in order to keep a more ac-                        documents or to be assured of proper                 We are seeing litigation around the coun-
       curate picture of ownership.                                   chain of title and the MERS database                 try listing similar arguments of fraud,
                                                                      contains many inaccuracies;                          mismanagement of important legal re-
       Courts have not been unanimous about                                                                                cords, clouded titles, and lack of stand-
       the legitimacy of MERS and many                              • Banks have securitized and sold off                  ing when MERS attempts to foreclose on
       courts have ruled that MERS muddies                            millions of loans using the system                   behalf of a lender.
       the waters in the recorded chain of title                      with little scrutiny to assure accurate
       and cheats counties out of much needed                         representation of quality and content
       revenue. In fact, county recorders in sev-                     of these securities;                                                      continued on p17
       eral states have sued the MERS system
       for loss of documentation fees. On the
       other hand, the MERS website lists cases
       it has won in at least 22 states since the
       beginning of 2011. There is clearly a                                                                                         PERIMETER
       window of opportunity to fight MERS’

                                                                    Join us for Education & Networking
       legitimacy as an owner of record in many
       foreclosure cases.

       One of the more comprehensive com-
       plaints against MERS was filed in Febru-
                                                                    at the Meeting-Before-the-Meeting
       ary 2012 by Eric Schneiderman, attor-                                       We meet at the Total Wine & More located at
       ney general of New York. Mr. Schnei-                                        124 Perimeter Center W in Atlanta at 3:00pm
       derman maintains that MERS has com-                                           before our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting.
       mitted fraud and acted deceptively in
       many respects:

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© 2012 Atlanta REIA, LLC All Right Reserved. Quotation and reprint are not allowed without written permission of the publisher.        9
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       THougHT’s FRoM youR ATToRney

                                             Do You Value Your
                                             Time and Money?
                                             By Attorney Craig Halperin

       A         s an attorney who specializes in
                 real estate transactions for in-
                 vestors, I always try and stress
       the importance of using an attorney to
       form your business entity, more specifi-
                                                                 the Secretary of State’s office. Docu-
                                                                 ments filed with the Georgia Secretary
                                                                 of State online often sit in queue for
                                                                 upwards of seven to ten business days,
                                                                 unless the investor opts to pay an extra
                                                                                                                           torney, has the legal knowledge and
                                                                                                                           expertise to best implement the intent
                                                                                                                           of an investor, and can draft an LLC’s
                                                                                                                           Articles of Organization in a way that
                                                                                                                           gives an investor the greatest possible
       cally an LLC, to shield your real estate                  $100 for rush recording. In contrast,                     reach without delegating too much
       assets from liability, as opposed to try-                 investors who work with good attor-                       power. Therefore, real estate investors
       ing to take on this task on your own, or                  neys are often granted Certificates of                    should always seek legal advice before
       using an online service. No matter how                    Organization on the same day they file                    forming an LLC. What are the two
       many times we suggest this, investors                     without incurring the extra cost of rush                  most important factors to my clients
       sometimes overlook the importance of                      recording. Attorneys who have a rela-                     that invest in real estate? Time and
       seeking an attorney’s advice during ini-                  tionship with the Secretary of State’s                    money…and in the long run, both of
       tial registration of LLC documents. As                    office have the ability to give their cli-                these can be saved by using an expe-
       a result, many investors are forced to                    ents’ files greater priority and can in-                  rienced law firm to accomplish an in-
       amend their Articles of Organization,                     crease the likelihood that their clients’                 vestor’s goals as quickly and financially
       sometimes more than once. In our ex-                      LLCs are created correctly and expedi-                    efficiently as possible to get his or her
       perience, investors who have registered                   tiously at the first filing as opposed to                 entity registered correctly, without the
       their LLC’s online, without engaging                      sitting in a generic online queue.                        need for any changes post facto.
       an attorney to correctly draft the docu-
       ments necessary for proper filing, end up                 Foreign and out-of-state investors lose                   Information contained in this article is for
       having to file amendments nine times                      valuable time for their real estate clos-                 informational purposes only and should not
       out of ten regardless of their experience.                ings by signing, notarizing, and mailing                  be considered legal advice. You should always
                                                                 out corporate documents back and forth.                   contact an attorney for legal advice and not
       The time and money lost due to avoid-                     Any experienced investor understands                      rely on information published here.
       able mistakes can be very frustrating,                    that the loss of a few days can make the
       and necessary amendments often end up                     difference between a successful deal and
       costing investors the same, if not more,                  a lost opportunity. Investors can avoid
       than what their attorney fees would have                  such problems by delegating signa-
       been had they hired one at the onset.                     tory authority to local registered agents
       Conversely, investors who work with at-                   or non-member managers through an
                                                                                                                              Craig Halperin
       torneys during the filing process are far                 LLC’s Articles of Organization and/or                        678-999-9220
       less likely to encounter obstacles result-                Operating Agreement. Language estab-               
       ing from imperfect filings and unantici-                  lishing and limiting the capacity of reg-              
       pated obstacles. These investors are thus                 istered agents and non-member manag-                         Craig Halperin is a native Atlantan who is
       much more insulated from the risk of                      ers should be very specific, since slight                    currently the Managing Partner and CFO
       needlessly incurring costly amendments.                   variations in word choice or syntax can                      of Halperin Lyman, LLC. After graduating
       Attorneys can help investors circumvent                   produce diametrically different results.                     from the UGA School of Law, Craig
       these unnecessary obstacles and losses in                 The Georgia Secretary of State’s web-                        practiced corporate law until making the
                                                                                                                              switch to the practice of real property
       several important ways.                                   site does not have the ability to generate                   law in 2006. In addition to his work with
                                                                 this language; in fact, it does not allow                    Halperin Lyman, Craig is also the Owner
       A good law firm can save an investor                      an LLC to designate members’ or non-                         and CEO of CGC Real Estate Services, LLC,
       time on the front end by expediting                       member managers’ duties at all.                              an Atlanta based investment company
       the LLC filing process as a result of its                                                                              providing a full spectrum of real estate
                                                                                                                              investment consulting services.
       ongoing relationship with personnel in                    On the other hand, an experienced at-

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       FAsT TRAck To selF-DIRecTeD IRA InvesTIng
                                                                                                                                      Atlanta REIA
                                              Legions of Frustrated Investors                                                       Member Benefits
                                              Turn to Real Estate Investing:                                                 • Website, Blog and Member
                                                                                                                               Only Area
                                              “Play and Pray” Amateur                                                        • Affordable, High Quality Educational
                                                                                                                               Workshops & Seminars
                                              Property Flippers vs. Landlords                                                • Fun, Frequent Networking Opportunities
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                                              Jim Hitt, CEO of American IRA, LLC                                               Around Town
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       Rental Properties in Your IRA                             in the IRA, bringing on a partner, nonre-                     Vendor Tradeshow
                                                                 course debt financing, or other retirement                  • Learn From Home on Our Monthly
       For legions of investors frustrated with                  assets you can roll over into the account.                    Webcast Series
       puny yields on savings and bonds, slow                    When you can realize immediate positive                     • Members Can Watch Webcast Replays
       growth retarding stock market returns,                    cash flow from a property, however, net                       24/7/365 on
       and the usual substantial risk involved                   of financing costs and taxes, that takes a                  • Atlanta REIA Subchapter Meetings
       in security investing (any given stock or                 lot of the pressure off, and makes owning                   • Community Outreach Programs
       bond can potentially become worthless                     real estate in an IRA much simpler.                         • Haves & Wants Speed Marketing Session
       overnight), we have good news: The com-                                                                                 and Weekly Meeting
       bination of declining real estate prices and              Getting Started in                                          • Monthly Atlanta REIA “The Profit” Interactive
       steady or increasing rents have opened up                 Real Estate IRA Investing                                     eNewsletter
       a window of opportunity in real estate for                                                                            • Weekly Atlanta REIA Email Announcements,
       income-oriented investors. In fact, years                 Owning property within an IRA is sim-                         Articles & News
       after the “smart money” was selling off                   ple: Open an account with American                          • Volunteer Opportunities
       real estate ahead of the bubble collapse,                 IRA, a third-party administrator special-                   • Member Discounts on Workshops
       we are seeing signs that smart money is                   izing in self-directed retirement accounts.                 • Member Discounts from Local & National
       getting back in the real estate market. In-               Identify a property, fund the account,                        Vendors
       deed, up to 20 percent of residential real                and direct us to purchase the property                      • And much, much more!
       estate now sold is sold to investors – and                on your IRA’s behalf. We will work with
       not just to “play and pray” amateur prop-                 your team of advisors to ensure that the                            Atlanta REIA
       erty flippers, but to value-oriented inves-
       tors as well, who are seeking to generate
                                                                 property is titled and held in accordance
                                                                 with the IRS’s regulations pertaining to
                                                                                                                                   Member Discounts
                                                                                                                             • Lowe’s – Save up to 7% to22%
       immediate positive cash flow.                             retirement accounts.
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       Advantage for IRA Owners                                  Using Leverage                                                Carpet, Vinyl, Delivery and Installation
                                                                                                                             • Sears Commercial – Save 4%-15% on all
       This is a big development for IRA inves-                  If you can’t pay cash for the property,                       Appliances
       tors, because generating cash flow suffi-                 you can have your IRA borrow most of                        • Nu-Set – Save on Locksets, door hardware,
       cient to maintain properties is important                 the purchase price. Typically, you can fi-                    security & lock boxes
       for IRA owners. Because you are restricted                nance a property in an IRA with banks                       • Build-A-Sign – Save 15% on Signs, Banners,
       to $5,000 in new contributions to IRAs                    that specialize in non-recourse financing                     and Magnetics and other products and get
       every year ($6,000 for those over age 50),                through IRAs which generally requires a                       Free Delivery on all orders
       you have to pay for any needed repairs or                 down payment of about 35 percent, plus                      • And much, much more!
       renovations to properties either with cash                reserves. The loan must be a non-recourse

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            Haves & Wants Meeting                                                                                            Become a Member of Atlanta REIA for
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       loan, meaning the loan can only be col-                   American IRA does not provide individu-                   Considerations
       lateralized by the property you’re buy-                   alized tax advice – it’s important to retain
       ing, within the IRA. You cannot sign a                    your own tax advisor for advice on how                    The IRS imposes a few rules on what
       personal guarantee on the debt nor can                    this affects your personal situation.                     you may and may not do with real estate
       your IRA or any other prohibited person.                                                                            within your IRA. For example, neither
       Fortunately, in many markets, it is still                 Advantages of Holding Property in                         you, nor your parents, grandparents, chil-
       possible to generate substantial free cash                an IRA                                                    dren, grandchildren or your spouses or
       flow from well-chosen rental properties,                                                                            legally adopted step-children can borrow
       even carrying a mortgage of 2/3ds of the                  IRAs allow you to defer all the income                    from, lend to or buy or sell goods and ser-
       value of the property.                                    your rental property receives. This is                    vices from your IRA, nor may any entities
                                                                 a crucial consideration for real estate                   they control. Note that un-adopted step-
       In addition to a 35 percent down pay-                     investors, because of the substantial                     children are not prohibited.
       ment, lenders will typically look to see                  amount of rental income, which would
       if they can expect a positive cash flow of                otherwise be taxable in the current year.                 You also can’t use the property for the di-
       20 to 25 percent, net of expenses. Again,                 If you hold the property in a Roth IRA,                   rect benefit of any prohibited individuals.
       this is very doable in many real estate                   the income and potential capital appre-                   They can’t even stay overnight in a prop-
       markets today.                                            ciation is tax free.                                      erty, whether or not the property charges
                                                                                                                           rent. Assets in IRAs must be solely used
       Looking for more flexibility? The IRA                     Because there’s no current tax liability on               to grow and to generate eventual retire-
       is not limited to borrowing funds from                    rental income, you can’t take depreciation                ment income for yourself or your bene-
       banks that specialize in non-recourse                     deductions on rental property you hold                    ficiary, and for no other purpose. How-
       loans, your IRA can also borrow from                      in the IRA. However, you aren’t paying                    ever, one great strategy commonly used
       private lenders. Borrowing from private                   current year taxes on the property, it’s a                by investors is to buy a retirement home
       lenders has some added advantages to it                   wash. Real estate investing in tax-advan-                 now with their IRA, rent the property
       as the terms and down payment are ne-                     taged accounts does not rely on deprecia-                 until they retire, and then – after having
       gotiable. When entering into loans with                   tion allowances to make sense. You can                    reached age 59½, take the house as a dis-
       private lenders make sure to do your due                  still frequently realize positive cash flow               tribution for personal use. If the account
       diligence, use professionals to draw up                   very quickly or even immediately, even                    is in a Roth IRA, there won’t be any taxes
       the paperwork, and remember that the                      without depreciation.                                     due on the distribution.
       loan must be non-recourse.
                                                                 Note, however, that if you have leveraged                 For more information, or to explore your
       One caveat: Because borrowed money                        the property, you can deduct all the nor-                 options, call American IRA today at 866-
       is not IRA money, any profits attribut-                   mal expenses, such as interest, taxes, in-                750-0472. We look forward to working
       able to borrowed money could be subject                   surance and depreciation in the percent-                  with you.
       to unrelated debt income tax (UDIT).                      age applicable to the percentage of debt
                                                                 on the property.

                                                                 Other Accounts

                                                                 Real estate investing in retirement ac-
                                                                                                                                  Jim Hitt
                                                                 counts is not limited to IRAs. If you pre-                       800-750-0472
                                                                 fer, you can buy real estate within a self-            
                                                                 directed Solo 401(k), SEP IRA or SIM-                     
                                                                 PLE IRA as well. Many investors choose                    
                                                                 to do so because of the higher contribu-
                                                                 tion allowances available in these types of
                                                                 accounts. For example, as of 2012, you                                      Jim Hitt is the Chief
                                                                 can contribute up to $49,000 to a SEP                                       Executive     Officer    of
                                                                 IRA, or 25 percent of your compensation                                     American IRA, LLC and
                                                                                                                                             has been committed to all
                                                                 – whichever is less.                                             aspects of investing for more than 30
                                                                                                                                  years, using selfdirected IRAs for his
                                                                 As a point of interest, Solo 401(k) ac-                          own investments since 1982. Jim’s
                                                                 counts are not generally subject to unre-                        forte is the financing and acquisition
                                                                 lated debt income tax. You can use lever-                        of real estate, private offerings,
                                                                                                                                  mortgage lending, business’s, joint
                                                                 age within the Solo 401(k) account and                           ventures, partnerships and limited
                                                                 the account remains fully tax-deferred,                          liability companies using creative
                                                                 though you must still pay applicable                             techniques.
                                                                 property taxes and property expenses.

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          Larry cont. from p2                                    how to do any type of deal without insti-
                                                                 tutional financing. HELLO, that model                  
       The major problem for investors, who are                  doesn’t work anymore, nor does it even ex-
       currently doing Short Sales, is it takes                  ist for most investors. Second, the investors
       cash to buy the properties they are try-                  who understand there are different ways to
       ing to get the lender to discount. If those               buy real estate are keeping their mouths
       investors are unable to get financing to                  shut so they won’t have more competition
       fund their deals, how do they think they                  in this incredible buyer’s market. Yes, I
       will be able to close those deals. If you                 said incredible BUYER’S market! This is
       can’t get financing in the form of loans or               the best market in which to buy real estate
       transactional funding how do you expect                   I’ve seen in the 30 years I’ve been in the
       to make money? You simply can’t con-                      business. It’s a BUYER’S market and that
       tinue to make offers contingent on get-                   is why you should be learning every pos-                         The Fuller Center for Housing of
       ting financing if you can’t get loans.                    sible way you can, to buy houses even if                         Greater Atlanta is a faith-driven,
                                                                 you have no money or bad credit. If done                         Christ-centered, non-profit
       One of the Most Alarming Things                           the way I show you it won’t matter, you                          organization, that promotes
       I Continually See Is the Fact That                        can do deals even if you are bankrupt, so                        collaborative and innovative
       Real Estate Investors Are Extreme-                        don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.                        par tnerships with individuals,
       ly Reluctant to Change the Way                                                                                             organizations, corporations, and
                                                                                                                                  religious groups of all faiths in
       They Do Business.                                         On June 4th, 2012 at the Atlanta REIA                            an unrelenting quest to provide
                                                                 Main Monthly Meeting, I will be shar-                            adequate shelter for all people in
       Because they are so reluctant to change,                  ing with you ”Never Step in a Bank                               need in the Greater Atlanta area.
       they are, what we call -“One Trick Po-                    Again” the “5” Steps to Generate
       nies”. They only know one way to buy                      Large Profits and Create Wealth in                               Atlanta REIA and our members,
       houses. They don’t realize that there                     a time when the uninformed are calling                           friends and followers are proud to
       could be a deal in every house they drive                 this the worst real estate market in re-                         be partners with the Fuller Center
                                                                                                                                  of Atlanta and assisting them in
       past. Because they only know one way                      cent history. Join us for what will be a                         building, renovating and repairing
       to buy houses, they are unable to profit                  life changing evening that answers every                         homes for needy Atlanta families.
       from those deals. Because you fear chang-                 investor’s questions about what to do in
       ing the way you do business, you could be                 today’s market to make money when so                             If you are interested in to help a
       losing a fortune and you don’t even know                  many are unable to do anything.                                  family in need, please contact Mark
       it. Investors who are afraid to change are                                                                                 Galey at (404) 867-3258 or Mark@
       simply getting out of the business all to-                I look forward to seeing you on June 4th               
       gether. There is no need to do that if you                at Atlanta REIA!                                                 We also need and welcome your
       are willing to take just a small amount of                                                                                 donations!
       time to learn how to buy houses without                   Also, I will be giving away several of our
       the need for institutional financing. Just                products that will change the life of those                       Follow the Fuller center
       a few simple changes can take your busi-                  who attend the meeting, these products
       ness from practically non-existent to full                are valued at over $1,900.                                             of Atlanta on:
       speed ahead.                                                                                                      
                                                                 See you there,
       I Personally Believe There Are Two                                                                                 
       Main Reasons Why Investors Today                                                                                    
       Are So Reluctant to Change.

       First, because money was easy to get over
       the past decade, few investors understand                 Larry Harbolt

                      Larry Harbolt is the nation’s leading creative Seller Financing expert as well as a
                      popular national real estate speaker and teacher whose time-tested strategies
                      and nuts and bolts teaching style has helped thousands of aspiring real estate
                      entrepreneurs realize their financial dreams with little or no money and without
           the need for credit. Larry has been successful creatively buying and selling real estate for
           over 30 years and has written numerous popular articles and real estate courses. Larry
           Harbolt’s reputation of being one of the best “kitchen-table” negotiators who has the ability                           Make a Difference.
           to make a deal where others cannot see an opportunity has made him a sought after
           consultant and mentor for real estate investors everywhere he goes.

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       FRoM conTRAcT To closIng

                                                 By Michael Vazquez

       F      inding an investment deal today,
              although not easy, is not as dif-
              ficult as it once was. When fi-
       nancing was easy to qualify for and no
       doc loans were offered by all, deals were
                                                                 to justify your offer. As an investor you
                                                                 want the property as cheap as possible
                                                                 to make the most profit but making
                                                                 sure the contract is a win-win situation
                                                                 will make you more money in the long
       harder to come by. Many people still be-                  run. How? That seller will become your
       lieve that finding the deal is the hardest                walking billboard and may bring you
       part of investing. I would have to say that               more properties!
       finding the deal is less difficult than put-
       ting it under contract. Why? Well, by                     Now let’s look at the contract form your
       the time a contract is being discussed you                point of view, the buyer. We are going                    We will be take a more in depth view
       know you want to contract the property                    to focus on the buyer being an investor.                  at each type of seller so that you can be
       and the seller knows he/she wants to sell.                You, the investor, would hope that the                    prepared and know how to approach
       However, how much the seller will ac-                     seller would just give you the property.                  each situation. I have been doing it long
       cept and what the buyer will pay rarely                   Believe it or not but it has and will hap-                enough that I consider it common knowl-
       matches up.                                               pen if you are in real estate long enough.                edge but it’s the difference between re-
                                                                 Again, this goes back to making sure                      ceiving and a rejection or an ACCEPTED
       Let’s look at the seller’s point of view.                 the contract you put out is a win-win                     contract.
       First, you must identify who the seller is                for everyone involved. As a buyer you
       and what is his/her interest in the prop-                 need to identify your exit strategy and                                  En Español, vea la página 15
       erty. There are many types of sellers but                 be prepared to have a back up. This will
       the most common seller is an owner that                   determine what you can pay for a prop-
       lives in the property, an owner that in-                  erty. This will also make justifying your
       herited the property, an owner that used                  offer to the seller easier. The seller un-                       Michael Vazquez
       the property as an investment, whole-                     derstands that if you are an investor you                        678-951-9222
       saler, and REO agents. This is impor-                     are buying to make a profit but does not               
       tant to identify immediately because it                   want to feel like they were robbed. At
       determines how you should contract a                      the end of the day all sellers are looking                       Michael Vazquez has been offering
       property. More importantly it will let                    for a buyer that CLOSES!!! I will take if                        properties to real estate investors
                                                                                                                                  significantly below market value
       you know how to best present a con-                       a step further and say sellers want buy-                         since 2006 in both Texas and Georgia.
       tract to make it more attractive to each                  ers that FUND!!! There are many deals                            Michael is always looking to for more
       seller type. The one thing that all sellers               where the buyer may close but does not                           investors to work with. 
       have in common is that they expect you                    fund and the deal does not happen.

           Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance                                            Advertise Your Business in The Profit
                                                                                             If you’re looking to reach the Real Estate Industry here in the
                                                                                             Greater Atlanta Metro Area and throughout Georgia, you can’t
                                                                                             do better than The PROFIT. Your ad will reach more than 10,000
                                                                                             each month with your message. Our production teams are
                                                                                             among some of the best designers in the country. We make you
                                                                                             look GOOD!

           If you are ready to get started, see our Advertising Rates in this issue
                       and then call Christine Griffin at 678-701-7160.

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       De conTRATo HAsTA el cIeRRe

                                            By Michael Vazquez

       E       ncontrar un acuerdo de inversión
               hoy, aunque no es fácil, no es tan
               difícil como lo era antes. Cuando
       el financiamiento fue fácil para calificar
       para los préstamos de documentación y
                                                                 común es que esperan que para justifi-
                                                                 car su oferta. Como un inversor desea
                                                                 que la propiedad lo más barato posible
                                                                 para sacar el máximo beneficio, pero
                                                                 asegurándose de que el contrato es una
       no se les ofreció por todos, ofertas eran                 situación ganar-ganar va a hacer más
       más difíciles de conseguir. Muchas per-                   dinero en el largo plazo. ¿Cómo? Que
       sonas todavía creen que la búsqueda                       el vendedor se convertirá en su cartel
       de la oferta es la parte más difícil de                   a pie y puede traer más propiedades!
       invertir. Yo tendría que decir que la
       búsqueda de la oferta es menos difícil                    Ahora vamos a ver el contrato de formar                   ofertas que el comprador cierra, pero
       que ponerlo bajo contrato. ¿Por qué?                      su punto de vista, el comprador. Nos                      no manda el pago y el cierre no sucede.
       Bueno, en el momento en un contrato                       vamos a centrar en que el comprador es
       que se discute usted sabe que quiere                      un inversor. Usted, el inversionista, que                 Vamos a tomar una mayor visión en
       contratar a la propiedad y el vendedor                    la esperanza de que el vendedor sólo le                   profundidad en cada tipo de vendedor
       sabe que quiere vender. Sin embargo, lo                   pondrías a la propiedad. Lo creas o no,                   para que pueda estar preparado y saber
       mucho que el vendedor aceptará y lo que                   pero lo tiene y va a pasar si usted está en               cómo abordar cada situación. He estado
       el comprador pagará rara vez coincide.                    el sector inmobiliario el tiempo suficien-                haciendo esto por tanto tiempo que lo
                                                                 te. Una vez más, esto se remonta a ase-                   considero el conocimiento común, pero
       Echemos un vistazo a punto de vista del                   gurarse de que el contrato que le ponga                   es la diferencia entre la recepción y un
       vendedor. En primer lugar, debe iden-                     fuera es un ganar-ganar para todos los                    rechazo o un contrato aceptado.
       tificar quién es el vendedor y cuál es su                 involucrados. Como un comprador que
       interés en la propiedad. Hay muchos ti-                   necesita para identificar su estrategia de                                En Inglés, vea la página 14
       pos de vendedores, pero el vendedor más                   salida y estar preparado para tener una
       común es un propietario que vive en la                    copia de seguridad. Esto va a determinar
       propiedad, un propietario que heredó la                   lo que usted puede pagar por una propie-
       propiedad, un propietario que utiliza la                  dad. Esto también hará que justifique su                         Michael Vazquez
       propiedad como una inversión, mayoris-                    oferta al vendedor más fácil. El vendedor                        678-951-9222
       ta, y los agentes de REO. Esto es impor-                  entiende que si usted es un inversionista              
       tante para identificar de inmediato, ya                   que compra para obtener un beneficio,
       que determina cómo se debe contratar a                    pero no quiere sentir que fueron robados.                        Michael Vazquez  ha estado ofreciendo
                                                                                                                                  propiedades a inversionistas de bienes
       una propiedad. Más importante aún, le                     Al final del día todos los vendedores es-                        raíces muy por debajo de valor de
       permitirá saber cómo presentar lo mejor                   tán buscando un comprador que cierra!                            mercado desde el año 2006 en Texas y
       de un contrato para hacerlo más atrac-                    Voy a tomar en caso de un paso más allá                          Georgia. Michael siempre está buscando
       tivo para cada tipo vendedor. La única                    y decir que los vendedores quieren que                           más inversionistas con quien trabajar.
       cosa que todos los vendedores tienen en                   los compradores PAGEN! Hay muchas

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       Bob Massey, Don DeRosa, Michael                           Also, you’ll quickly notice that The Profit               teract with them on
       Vazquez, Erven Kimble, myself and                         is an interactive, digital newsletter with                And this is just the beginning. The Profit
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                                                                                                                           Bob Massey
       Agents, Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers                       curitization audits on the mortgage,                      706-485-0162
       and Investors – take a look at current                    note and foreclosure documentation.
       and recently failed Short Sale and Loan                   If irregularities are found a lawsuit
       Modification cases you have submitted                     may be filed on the homeowner’s be-                    
       and if the loan is in the MERS system,                    half which may lead to a judgment or                   
       or the loan has been securitized, there                   a negotiated settlement favorable to                                Bob Massey is a recovering
       is an alternative which may make it                       the homeowner. This could be a great                                corporate executive who is now
       easier to negotiate a fair settlement                     alternative for those times when other                              living the dream running his own
                                                                                                                                     real successful estate investing
       with the lender. Some homeowners                          methods of foreclosure avoidance have                               business and teaching others
       may be able to run forensic and se-                       not been successful.                                      how to do the same.  In the process he has
                                                                                                                           become the nation’s leading educator on the
                                                                                                                           foreclosure investing the foreclosure process.

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       Atlanta REIA Meetings calendar
   PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. Visit for the most current schedule.

       1st Monday of Each Month                                  1st Sunday of Each Month                                   3rd Wednesday of Each Month
       Atlanta REIA Main Meeting                                 Cash Flow Players Group Meeting                            Late Nite Networking Buford
       5:30 PM – 9:00 PM                                         4:30 PM – Game Over                                        9:00 PM – Late Nite
       Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites                          Secrets Factory                                            Tilted Kilt
       111 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta                           2030 Powers Ferry Rd SE, #440, Atlanta, GA                 3480 Financial Center Pkwy, #M1080, Buford, GA
       Leader: Dustin Griffin                                    Leader: Alan McDonald                                      Leader: Dustin Griffin & Gordon Catts                                       

       1st Monday of Each Month                                  2nd Wednesday of Each Month                                4th Monday of Each Month
       Late Nite Networking Dunwoody                             Spanish Investors Networking Group (SING)                  Atlanta REIA West Meeting
       9:30 PM – Late Nite                                       6:30 PM – 8:30 PM                                          6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
       Tilted Kilt, 1155-B Mount Vernon Hwy, Atlanta, GA         Taco Depot                                                 Cherokee Cattle Company
       Leader: Lee Budden                                        4788 Sugarloaf Pkwy, #107, Lawrenceville, GA               2710 Canton Rd, Marietta, GA                               Leader: Michael Vazquez                                    Leader: Leslie Mathis
       1st Monday (Once Per Quarter)
       Mobile Real Estate Rockstars Group                        2nd Wednesday of Each Month                                4th Monday of Each Month
       3:00 PM – 5:30 PM                                         I Love Marketing Group                                     Late Nite Networking Marietta
       Total Wine & More                                         7:00 PM – 9:00 PM                                          9:00 PM – Close
       124 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta, GA                       Social Vinings, 3621 Vinings Slope SE, Atlanta, GA         Cherokee Cattle Company
       Leader: Don DeRosa                                        Leader: Rock Shukoor                                       2710 Canton Rd, Marietta, GA                                                 Leader: Leslie Mathis
       1st Monday (Once Per Quarter)                             2nd Thursday of Each Month
       Short Sale & Foreclosure Group                            Atlanta REIA South Meeting                                 4th Monday of Each Month
       3:00 PM – 5:30 PM                                         6:30 PM – 8:30 PM                                          Savannah REIA
       Total Wine & More                                         Giovanna’s Italian Kitchen                                 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
       124 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta, GA                       1375 Virginia Ave, East Point, GA                          Barnes Restaurant
       Leader: Bob Massey                                        Leader: Reggie Jackson & Gordon Catts                      5320 Waters Avenue, Savannah, GA                                                     Leader: Kristin Mack
       1st Monday (Once Per Quarter)                             2nd Thursday (Once Per Quarter)
       Active Investors Group                                    Small Business Group (SBG)                                 4th Tuesday of Each Month
       3:00 PM – 5:30 PM                                         3:30 PM – 5:30 PM                                          Note Buyer Group Meeting
       Total Wine & More                                         5 Seasons Brewing                                          6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
       124 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta, GA                       5600 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA                         Olive Garden
       Leader: Gordon Catts                                      Leader: Karen Bershad                                      2467 Cobb Parkway SE Smyrna, GA
                                                                                        Leader: Tom Boyer
       1st Tuesday of Each Month                                                                                  
       Mountain REIA                                             3rd Monday of Each Month
       6:30 PM – 9:00 PM                                         Movers & Shakers Lunch Meeting                             4th Wednesday of Each Month
       Golden Corral                                             11:00 AM – 1:30 PM                                         Beginning Investors Group Meeting (BIG)
       2025 Market Place Blvd, Cumming, GA                       5 Seasons Brewing                                          6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
       Leader: Gordon Catts                                      3655 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, GA                    Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe                                   Leader: Gordon Catts                                       5920 Roswell Rd NE, #A117
                                                                           Sandy Springs, GA
       1st Wednesday of Each Month                                                                                          Leader: Alan McDonald
       Creative Deal Structuring Group (CDS)                     3rd Tuesday of Each Month                        
       7:00 PM – 9:00 PM                                         Gwinnett County Group (The Fish Club)
       Whitehall Tavern                                          7:00 PM – 9:00 PM                                          4th Thursday of Each Month
       2391 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA                         Red Lobster                                                Cash Cows Commercial Group
       Leader: Russ Hiner                                        2055 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA                          11:30 AM – 1:00 PM                                Leader: Aaron McGinnis                                     5 Seasons Brewing,
                                                                                   5600 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA
       Every Thursday                                                                                             
       (Except Major Holidays)                                   3rd Wednesday of Each Month
       Have & Wants Meeting                                      Atlanta REIA North Meeting
       1:30 PM - 3:30 PM                                         6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
       5 Seasons Brewing                                         1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, Buford, GA                         Keep up to date with
       5600 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA                        Leader: Dustin Griffin & Gordon Catts                            our latest opportunities by
       Leader: Joe Thompson                                                                 joining us on Facebook at                                                                             

© 2012 Atlanta REIA, LLC All Right Reserved. Quotation and reprint are not allowed without written permission of the publisher.                 19
PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. Visit for the most current schedule.

                                                  J U N E                     /        J U L Y                    2 0 1 2
     SUNDAY                MONDAY                      TUESDAY                     WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                FRIDAY         SATURDAY
3                     4                           5                               6                         7                      8             9   The Ultimate
 Cash Flow Players    Atlanta REIA Main Meeting   Mountain REIA                   Creative Deal             Have & Wants Meeting                     Fast Track
 Group Meeting        5:30pm – 9:00pm             6:30pm – 9:00pm                 Structuring Group (CDS)   1:30pm - 3:30pm
 4:30pm – Game Over   Late Nite                   Super Smart Webcast             7:00pm – 9:00pm                                                    to Your
                      Networking Dunwoody         7pm - 8pm                                                                                          Business
                      9:30pm – Late Nite                                                                                                             Success
                      Foreclosure & Short Sale
                      3:00pm 5:00pm                                                                                                                  Workshop

10                    11                          12                              13                        14                     15            16
                                                                                  Spanish Investors         Have & Wants Meeting                 TBA
                                                                                  Networking Group (SING)   1:30pm - 3:30pm
                                                                                  6:30pm – 8:30pm           Atlanta REIA
                                                                                  I Love Marketing Group    South Meeting
                                                                                  7:00pm – 9:00pm           6:30pm – 8:30pm
                                                                                                            North Georgia REIA
                                                                                                            7:00pm - 9:00pm

17                    18                          19                              20                        21                     22            23
                      Movers & Shakers            Gwinnett County Group           Atlanta REIA              Have & Wants Meeting                 TBA
                      11:00am - 1:30pm            (The Fish Club)                 North Meeting             1:30pm - 3:30pm
     Happy                                        7:00pm – 9:00pm                 6:30pm – 8:30pm
                                                                                  Late Nite
                                                                                  Networking Buford
  Father’s Day!                                                                   9:00pm – Late Nite

24                    25                          26                              27                        28                     29            30
                      Atlanta REIA West           Note Buyer Group Meeting        Beginning Investors       Cash Cows                            TBA
                      6:30pm - 9:00pm             6:30pm – 8:30pm                 Group Meeting (BIG)       Commercial Group
                      Late Nite Networking West                                   6:30pm – 9:00pm           11:30am – 1:00pm
                      9:00pm - Close                                                                        Have & Wants Meeting
                      Savannah REIA                                                                         1:30pm - 3:30pm
                      6:00pm - 9:00pm

1                     2                           3                               4                         5                      6             7
 Cash Flow Players
 Group Meeting
                      Active Investors Meeting
                      3:00pm - 5:30pm
                                                  Mountain REIA
                                                  6:30pm – 9:00pm                       Happy               Have & Wants Meeting
                                                                                                            1:30pm - 3:30pm

 4:30pm – Game Over   Atlanta REIA Main Meeting
                      5:30pm – 9:00pm                                                 4th of July!
                      Late Nite Networking

8                     9                           10                              11                        12                     13            14
                                                                                  Spanish Investors         Have & Wants Meeting                 TBA
                                                                                  Networking Group (SING)   1:30pm - 3:30pm
                                                                                  6:30pm – 8:30pm           Atlanta REIA
                                                                                  I Love Marketing Group    South Meeting
                                                                                  7:00pm – 9:00pm           6:30pm – 8:30pm
                                                                                                            North Georgia REIA
                                                                                                            7:00pm - 9:00pm

15                    16                          17                              18                        19                     20            21
                      Movers & Shakers            Gwinnett County                 Atlanta REIA              Have & Wants Meeting                 TBA
                      Lunch Meeting               Group (The Fish Club)           North Meeting             1:30pm - 3:30pm
                      11:00am – 1:30pm            7:00pm – 9:00pm                 6:30pm – 8:30pm
                                                                                  Late Nite
                                                                                  Networking Buford
                                                                                  9:00pm – Late Nite

22                    23                          24                              25                        26                     27            28
                      Savannah REIA               Note Buyers Group Meeting       Beginning Investors       Cash Cows                            TBA
                      6:00pm – 9:00pm             6:30pm – 8:30pm                 Group Meeting (BIG)       Commercial Group
                      Atlanta REIA West Meeting                                   6:30pm – 9:00pm           11:30am – 1:00pm
                      6:30pm – 9:00pm                                                                       Have & Wants Meeting
                      Late Nite                                                                             1:30pm - 3:30pm
                      Networking Marietta
                      9:00pm – Close

29                    30                          31

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