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					                                     CHRISTOPHER NICOLL
                Oak Hill, Virginia 20171            chris.a.nicoll@gmail.com            703-795-2713

Seasoned communications professional focused on the now-generation of users, enterprises and technologies – 4G,
Cloud, Social. Enjoys working with internal and external clients developing marketing, messaging and communication
strategies. Develops and executes competitive market positioning with emphasis on impacts to customers, employees,
partners, press and industry analysts.

                                           CORE COMPETENCIES
     Analyst Relations                      Next Generation Telecom                          Relationship Building
     Public Relations                       Staff Leadership & Development                   Public Speaking
     Strategic Planning and Messaging       Marketing & Communications Development           Brand Management

                                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
ACG RESEARCH.                                                                                    November 2011 – Present
Principal Analyst, Mobility
Key Accomplishments:
     Tripled service revenues in 6 months.
     Expanded existing ACG Mobility coverage to attract operators and other infrastructure vendors.
     Expanded ACG consulting business for the company with new clients across our existing services.
 Maintain existing Mobile Infrastructure forecasts, conduct client briefings, answer press and client inquiries.
 Serve as team-member and expert reference for ACG staff for ACG consulting business.
 Target new market areas for service expansion.

YANKEE GROUP, INC. Boston, MA                                                                   February 2010 – June 2011
Distinguished Research Fellow
Key Accomplishments:
     Re-established 4G thought leadership by doubling report output, expanded Twitter activity and lead four
       operator client strategy sessions.
     Consistent leader in client contact and interactions, expanding YG reach into existing and potential clients.
     Mentored staff to develop industry knowledge and advance report writing and press interviewing skills.
     Re-designed the 4G World Operator Strategies track, capturing TeliaSonera, Deutsch Telekom and China
       Mobile as first time speakers in addition to Telstra, AT&T, and Sprint.
 Set research direction as a key member of the Research Council, lead the creation and development of the X Gen
    theme as part of the YG research plan and in coordination with other theme leaders.
 Spearheaded move towards more rapid analysis, and delivery of revenue generating market insights.
 Served as an industry expert and contributing blogger for various online telecom-oriented publications and
    conference speaker and moderator including Blackberry World, 4G World, 4G World China, and MWC.

NICOLL CONSULTING, INC. Herndon, VA                                                       2008 – 2010, June 2011-present
Key Accomplishments:
    Christopher Nicoll                                                                                          Page Two

       Championed the development, and implementation of a global web and trade show corporate messaging
        program for a multinational equipment vendor, targeting industry analysts and media gaining measurably
        increased attention, mentions and traffic.
       Improved media and analyst coverage and generated positive customer feedback for a US company’s products
        and services by creating and instituting a corporate strategic messaging program.
       Created press and analyst presentation packages for a startup company designed to identify highly competitive
        differentiators and market drivers, resulting in a more consistent and aggressive message to customers and
        improved sales success.
       Coordinated and managed cross-business team reviews and approvals of business group vision and messaging
        programs used both internally and for client presentations resulting in a coordinated communications program.
 Integrate internal marketing programs with the development and implementation of global strategic programs for
    high-profile telecommunication companies.
 Provide consultative guidance in the areas of corporate branding and strategic messaging, industry analyst program
    management, communication plan development, and trade show and event communication oversight.
 Evaluate and recommend improvements to public relation and AR programs, while managing the development and
    review of customer presentations. Draft, edit, and review press releases ensuring client objectives are met.

LUCENT AND ALCATEL – LUCENT, Washington D.C.                                                                   2004 - 2008
Director of Strategic Marketing
Key Accomplishments:
     Responsible for a $5 million marketing and advertising budget ensuring all needs were met under-budget. Never
       exceeded budget while meeting or exceeding team goals.
     Realized $100,000 in event budget savings by developing an annual tradeshow messaging plan and eliminating
       per-show message creation. This also ensured message consistency which resulted in positive customer, press,
       and media responses.
     Grew direct analyst interactions 15% in one year by streamlining global Industry Analyst Relations team
       administrative duties and implementing an analyst database that provided briefing books, tracked reports, and
       documented contract activities.
     Reduced the collateral materials costs by over 10% and eliminated copyright lawsuits by implementing an online
       intellectual property database accessible worldwide that protected property owner usage rights.
     Reduced time-to-market messaging by two months by creating a common sharing mechanism adopted by all
       messaging and event teams.
     Established Lucent as the market leader in the Optical and then-nacent IMS markets through a coordinated press
       and analyst messaging and communicating strategy.
     Aligned corporate message and vision efforts by organizing 100+ marketing professionals semi-annually
       resulting in a globally-coordinated messaging platform and improved press and analyst response.

 Developed and executed strategic messaging programs across corporate, business group, and regional operations
    directed to the media, investors, and customers with the result in greater positive customer response and press and
    analyst coverage.
 Managed a 21 member cross-functional global industry analyst relations team – coordinating event and messaging
    activities. Led initiatives to effectively position the company, goals, and solution vision to business partners.
 Cultivated working relationships with cross function and global marketing and sales staffs to develop, coordinate and
    execute positioning and messaging programs to increase local messaging content and improve the sales pipeline.

CURRENT ANALYSIS, INC., Sterling, Virginia                                                                       1998 - 2004
Vice President of Telecom Infrastructure
 Drove client efforts to achieve revenue, profit, and market share goals by creating competitive response solutions.
    Built strong relationships with senior management at client companies, and establishing the company as a leading
    force in the telecom industry analyst space resulting in greater client access, faster sales close and improved press
 Developed a 17 member analyst team while serving as an integral member of the Content Management Committee
    defining the next generation service offering for the company.
    Achieved 100% retention of all Tier 1 customers, including during the Telecom ‘bubble’ of 2000-2002.

                                    OTHER CAREER EXPERIENCE
                       VISUAL NETWORKS, INC.  NETRIX, INC.  DECISYS, INC.  TYMNET, INC.

                                FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tallahassee, Florida
    Bachelor of Science in Communications for Business, Minors in Computer Science, Marketing, and Psychology

Description: Christopher Nicoll is a seasoned marketing communications professional focused on the now-generation of users, enterprises and technologies – 4G, Cloud, Social.