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February 2012
President: Dr Charles Lipp

Dear Members and Parents

Our 2012 year commenced with a very well supported Presentation Evening held at the
Mellish Rugby Club. Congratulations to all Trophy winners. Please make sure you have
them engraved for the year. Thank you to all who made this is a very enjoyable evening.

I am very pleased to report that our membership has remained the same as 2011 and
hopefully will increase throughout the year to give us a very healthy membership.
Thank you to all who signed the Gift Aid which will benefit our club funds.
Most importantly please remember your Help Form date which will be confirmed as soon
as possible.

Training and competitions have now started very early for the Tetrathletes with excellent
results. Everyone is very welcome to join in this discipline, just check on the website for all
the information including training sessions, or contact Neil Smith.

Rallies, Show Jump and Cross Country trainings are now booked and taking place.
Please book in early to avoid disappointment. All dates are now on the discipline
websites. If you are entering Inter-Branch and Area competitions this year please make
sure you have read the 2012 Pony Club discipline rule books (available at all rallies).

Unfortunately at the moment we have no one organising our Games members. Anyone
who is interested in taking on this discipline please contact me or Alison.
A big thank you to Alison for her organisation and for keeping us up to date with the latest

Moving further into the year our Junior and Senior Camp will again take place at Southwell
Racecourse from Monday August 20th until Friday August 24th. Booking forms will be
available in May.

I now look forward to another very happy and successful year, and thank all the committee
for their time and dedication they give on your behalf.

District Commissioner:                                          Hon. Secretary:
Mrs Judy Simpson,                                               Alison Turner
The Chestnuts, Mill Lane,                                       Belton View Farm, Hall Lane,
Orston, Notts, NG13 9NE                                         Harrowby, Grantham, Lincs,
Tel: 01949 850044                                               NG31 9HA
                                                                Tel: 01476 561269

Tack and Turn Out for Rallies

This will be used for judging each rally as from 1 January 2012
You will be marked at each rally you attend. Below is a guide for you to see what you will
be marked on. This will sort out the good from the very good!! At the end of the year at
the awards night there will be prizes for members who top the league table.
T&T will only be required at general, show-jumping, dressage, cross country and mounted
games rallies. There will be no T&T marked at team training but you must wear the
appropriate clothing. The dress code for a rider still applies at all unmounted rallies but you
will not be marked on it.

• Please ensure that all jewellery, including earrings are removed whenever mounted.
Back protectors should be bought to all rallies just in case they are needed.


1.   Shirt, tie & pony club sweatshirts. (Long sleeve shirts - tucked in and tie straight)
2.   Clean cream or coloured jods. (Coloured jods must be black or navy).
3.   Clean boots and joddy clips or half chaps
4.   Gloves (not required for mounted games)
5.   Hairnet (girls), general neatness, hats and silks straight.


1. Groomed
2. Hoof oil
3. Tail tangle free and clean
4. Eyes, nose and dock clean
5. Plaited (you don’t have to plait, but you will loose a mark if not plaited). Mounted
games don’t need to plait as this is in the rulebook.


1. Bridle clean
2. Saddle clean
3. Clean white/brown/black/navy/purple numnah & girth (not purple girth) – no logos on
numnah, only official SNHPC ONES ALLOWED
4. Clean stirrup treads
5. Tack fitted correctly (ie throat lash, noseband)

     Wednesday 7th March - Open to all – ½ hour flat, ½ hour SJ £16
Kirsty & Jean Brackenhurst 1 hour sessions starting at 5.30. Last session 7.30
      Thursday 8th March - Indoor XC Training Caroline Moore at Vale View £25
1 hour sessions – 6.15 & 7.15 Suitable for those jumping 90cm or above FULL
      Saturday 10th March Senior SJ Rally 85cm + Kirsty – Collingham £16
      Saturday 17th March – Junior/Novice Rally – Hannah Kirkhill & Laura Jarvis ½
       hour flat, ½ hour SJ Brackenhurst £16
      Wednesday 21st March Senior Rally SJ/XC – Kirsty & Kate Walters
       Brackenhurst £16
      Sunday 25th March Junior SJ Rally 55cm-80cm Kirsty Collingham £16
      Thursday 5th April – Dressage Rally – Andrew & Laura Jarvis – Brackenhurst
11am-3pm Novice & Junior test practice – Laura/Jean, 3pm-6pm Intermediate & Open
with Andrew. £16
      Tuesday 10th April – Mixed Rally - Trent Valley 1 hour sessions £16 times tbc
      Tuesday 10th April XC Training – Osberton – Mark Cavell. Fee & times tbc
Suitable for those jumping 80cm or above and confident to ride across open country


Monday 20th August – Friday 24th August 2012

Junior and Senior Camp will be held at Southwell Racecourse again this year. Once again
there will be the opportunity to ‘race’ on the racecourse and we hope that camp will be a
great place to make friends, learn plenty and have lots of fun. The exact details of camp
are still being finalised but camp will be filled with lots of different activities for everyone to

It is a requirement of the Racecourse that all horses and ponies hold a valid flu/tetanus
vaccination certificate.
Last year we trained many of our riders through the Pony Club test structure with tests take from E
Level right up to AH level. This year we plan to do the same so if you are interested in taking tests
please can you contact Suzanne Green – or 07899 962029
stating the name of the child, and which test they wish to take. Please note tests must be done in
order from E (at the bottom of the test ladder). The lower tests can be organised and run by Jean,
others we have to bring external instructors in. The B test and upwards are fixed area dates which
will be circulated shortly, but normally there is one at Easter, August and October. Tests above C
plus are via recommendation from the DC/Chief Instructor. We would also like to know who would
like to do a young instructors course. This is really for the older riders who as a minimum have
done their C plus.

D test aim: To have a basic understanding of ponies. To achieve confidence in handling and riding a pony.
To improve and enjoy learning about ponies

D+aim :To be working towards developing a balanced seat independent of the reins. As of January 2010,
Members have to pass their D+ Test before taking their C Test.

C test aim: To understand the importance of, and to be working towards a secure correct balanced seat,
independent of the reins. To understand why a correct seat is important. To apply simple aids correctly. To
have a knowledge of the care and working of a pony off grass. To be in control of the pony on the roads and
in the countryside. To have a proper regard for country lore.

C + test aim. To become an educated and practical rider. To ride over fences at all paces. To gain practical
experience and knowledge of the care of a stabled pony and of a pony at grass. To be capable of riding a
well-mannered pony out hunting and in all Pony Club activities. To ride intelligently and with due regard for
others on the roads and in the country, and with a knowledge of pace, distance and discipline when riding
alone and in groups. As of January 2010, Members have to pass their C+ Test before taking their B Test

B Test aim: (care element) to gain practical experience and knowledge of the care of a stabled horse/pony
and of a horse/pony at grass. To look after these before, during and after the day's hunting, eventing or

B Test aim: (riding element) to become an effective rider who knows the reasons for what he or she is
doing. To know the Scales of Training. To understand the Scales and provide a staircase of training
suitable for all horses and ponies. To be able to maintain a horse's way of going. To ride over fences at all
paces. To be capable of riding a well-mannered horse or pony out hunting, in horse trials, or on a long
distance ride. To ride intelligently and with due regard for others in the country, with a knowledge of pace,
distance and discipline when riding alone and in groups. Members holding the full B Test are allowed direct
entry to BHS Stage III.

Lunging test To be able to work the horse for exercise on the lunge.

Coaching Certificates To give candidates a sound base of coaching knowledge, to enable them to teach a
group of riders up to C standard and a group of C+ standard for horse care

AH The Pony Club A Test is the highest Test within The Pony Club structure. It is recognised world wide and
is very much sought after! The AH Test is the Stable Management phase of the A Test. Those who have
passed B (horse & pony care) Test only and have been recommended after an assessment by an AH
examiner can also take the Test.

A testThe Pony Club A Test is the highest Test within The Pony Club structure. It is recognized world wide
and is very much sought after!
Hopefully you have started to prepare for the coming season and to help and assist you we will be
holding a number of rallies and course training sessions prior to and during the season. For the
more seasoned members who are intending to put their names forward for the team show jumping
selection, we recommend you attend the assessment and training sessions available so Kirsty can
assess your ability for the appropriate team.

If you are interested in joining the teams for the first time, it is not as daunting as you may imagine
and this year for the members wishing to jump up to 80cm, we are holding a “Have A Go” day
where Kirsty will coach members individually around the course and assess their ability for
potential teams.

To compete in the teams members need to have the ability to complete a course in the relevant class
heights. Please note the majority of 10 & under classes are between 60cm – 65cm in the first
round with only a couple of clubs running 55cm classes.

If you require further information concerning teams please do not hesitate to contact myself or any
of the committee members. Contact details can be found on the website in the Show Jumping

Training, Rallies & Assessment Dates with Kirsty

Sat 10th Mar       Show Jumping Rally 85cm & above at Collingham
Sun 25th Mar       Show Jumping Rally 55cm - 80cm at Collingham
Sat 7th Apr        Team SJ Assessment (85cm - 1.10m) at Collingham
Sat 14th Apr       Team SJ “Have A Go” day (55cm - 80cm) at Collingham
Sat 21st Apr       SJ Team Grass Training (55cm - 1.10m) at Tithby

Rallies, please enter the in the normal way with entry slips to Alison Turner.
Training, assessments etc, entry details will be sent by email out nearer the time.

Competition Dates (know at this time)

Sat 5th May - Rufford Team SJ                         Sun 22nd Jul - Area SJ (Lincoln Show Ground)

Sun 13th May - Quorn Team SJ                          Fri 27th Jul   -     Hickstead SJ Final

Sun 27th May - Grove Team SJ                          16th - 17th Aug - Pony Club Championships

Tue 5th Jun   -   Belvoir Team SJ (Hickstead Q)       18th - 19th Aug - Pony Club Championships

Sun 10th Jun - Cottesmore Team SJ                     Thu 30th Aug - Burghley HT Team SJ

Sat 30th Jun -    South Notts Team SJ                 Sat 8th Sep    -    Barlow Team SJ

Sat 7th Jul   -   South Trent Team SJ                 Sun 14th Oct       - Fitzwilliam Team SJ

After the assessments, please confirm your competition availability with your team co-ordinator by

We look forward to seeing old and new faces at the trainings and competitions.

Philip Selby
The South Notts branch team of “Teters” look forward to welcoming even more members
for the 2012 season.

The Tetrathlon includes 4 disciplines – Shooting, Running, Swimming and Cross County
Riding. The competitions take place across weekends in spring and summer and we take
all members who want to compete. The whole aim of the Tet is to have fun and there is a
great friendship across all competitors and families across Area 6. All age groups take part
from 5 to 25.


Takes place each Wednesday at Radcliffe-on-Trent pool. Sessions will continue as before with younger
swimmers from 6-7pm, and older swimmers from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Nigel will tell parents when he feels children should move from the first to second session. All are welcome
to come at all levels of swimming ability. Adults are welcome to swim for the last half hour.

Shooting & Running

We are back at Bingham Leisure Centre on the Friday nights below - starting with shooting at 7pm in the
wooden hall. Then running on the track ( with lights ) at 8pm.

     24th February
     9th March
     23rd March
     20th April
     4th May
     18th May
     1st June
     15th June
     29th June
     13th July

Competition Dates

  26/02/2012 - South Trent Tri - Shepshed
  01/04/2012 - Quorn Tri - Ratcliffe College

  14 & 15/04/2012 -   Barlow Tet - Osburton (new venue) and Worksop college
  28 & 29/04/2012 -   Fitz Tet - New venue for XC & Oundle
  26 & 27/05/2012 -   South Notts / Belvoir Tet - Newton & Grantham (inc Area 6 Junior champs )
  23 & 24/06/2012 -   Quorn etc - Aylesford
  28 & 29/07/2012 -   Area 6 Qualifier - Aylesford / Oakham

   Championship Dates
  16 & 17th June - Junior Inter Regional Championships - Milton Keynes ( Selection based on Area 6
Juniour Champs )
  10, 11 & 12th August - Regional Championship - North Yorkshire
   21, 22 & 23rd August - National Championships - Hartpury ( midweek Tuesday to Thursday )

Best Regards
Neil Smith
Tel: 0773 639 8717
For those who have never evented, Pony Club Eventing goes through all the levels from
the very diddy (8 years or less) to the open level. The format is a short dressage test,
difficulty depending on the level, show jumping round followed by the cross–country.
Level 1 – Junior or early training and fences will be around 60cm in height. Dressage can
be called or even lead in some cases.
Level 2 – Junior or early training and should be around 75cm
There are quite a few Junior and Novice events around such as the Burghley, Cottesmore,
South Notts at the end of the summer. Keep looking on the Area 6 site and I will also try
and put the dates on the eventing page of SNPC.
Level 3 – Novice and this is the level for Novice Challenge
         SJ – up to 95cm
         XC – up to 90cm
Level 4 - Intermediate
         SJ – up to 1.05m
         XC – up to 1.00
Level 5 – Open
         SJ – 1.15
         XC- 1.10
Full rules and heights of fences can be found in the Eventing Rule Book which can be
purchased from Judy or the Pony Club Bookshop. Back Protectors and armbands are
Spring is nearly here and it will soon be time to get out on the xc course. Our One Day
Event is one of the earliest in the pony club calendar on the 31st March at Danethorpe.
We hope you will all be fit and ready to go by then The team behind the event and I will
endeavour to design you an inviting warm up to the 2012 season.
I would like all those interested in eventing to keep me informed. I will then email you an
event form. Please send me your contact details to This is essential as
it will be used to help select the teams for Area. If possible I will try and organize teams at
the branch competitions, but I will need to know if you are entered and for which classes
as I would prefer not to have to do this last minute on the day. It would be nice to get a full
complement of teams and individuals out for area which is in July.

WATER TRAINING / XC Training – Seniors and Juniors
Once again I have organised training with Mark Cavell at Osberton. If you don’t already
know, Osberton is a private estate near Retford which hosts 2 BE events and other
competitions. It has the most superb going which is peat and sandy based and can
virtually always be termed “good”. We are very lucky to have the use of this facility and
have a few other provisional training dates which will be on the web site when confirmed.

The first is on 10th April and is very useful as Mark Cavell organises both still & running
water obstacles with fences up to, in/out of water. Cost tbc. Please book with Alison.
I would like to organise some sessions of riding at the correct pace for the events which
will, I hope, take place at Danethorpe Hill Race yard. This will probably be in May and I
also hope to book Sam York to run some sessions. Dates – PLEASE CHECK WEBSITE.

AREA EVENT 2012 - JULY 14/15th Burghley Park AREA 6 (OUR AREA)
More Local ODEs and Hunter Trials are :
3rd/4th March                                  Brocklesby PC ODE
10 March                                       Grove 2 Phase Event
18 March                                       Quorn Junior HT
25 March                                       Burghley HT
25 March                                       Brocklesby Senior HT
1 April                                        Quorn Senior HT
6th April                                      Arena Trial – Cottesmore
7th April                                      Belvoir Junior ODE
12th April                                     Blankney ODE
14th April                                     Burton HT
This year Pony Club are running a “YOUNG EVENT HORSE SERIES” in addition to the
Open Musto Series. Aimed at members 15 years and over on 5,6,and 7 years old
This is a points system series with points being awarded at every Level 3 competition in
which they are placed. You must have a YEH Series Card which can be downloaded or
from the Pony Club Office. Further details should be found on the PC website.
Have a great season and look forward to seeing you all.

Team Manager: Laian Chick - 01949 20052, 07850 549095

Details of dressage rallies and dressage training will be on the dressage page of the

Thursday 5th April – Dressage Rally – Andrew & Laura Jarvis – Brackenhurst £16
11am-3pm Novice & Junior test practice – Laura/Jean, 3pm-6pm Intermediate & Open
with Andrew

This year Area is on Saturday 21st July at Lincoln.

Details of training for Area will be on the website.

Inter branch Competitions
24th March 2012                                Area Dengie – South Wold North
6th April 2012                                 High Peak
11th April 2012                                Rufford – Southwell
6th May 2012                                   Cottesmore
19th May 2012                                  South Trent
3rd June 2012                                  Woodland Pytchley
28th October 2012                              Cottesmore
South Notts Hunt Branch of the Pony Club
                         Calendar 2012
    Tet Swimming – every Wednesday at Radcliffe starting 11th Jan
    Shooting & Running – every fortnight at Bingham from 27th Jan
DATE            DETAIL                    VENUE
                CAROLINE MOORE (90CM+)
                KIRSTY (85CM+)
                KIRSTY/KATE WALTERS
                KIRSTY (55CM-80CM)
                ALL – ANDREW/LAURA JARVIS
SAT 7           SENIOR SJ TEAM            COLLINGHAM
                ASSESSMENT (85CM-1.10M)
TUES 10TH       MIXED RALLY               TRENT VALLEY
                CAVELL (80CM+)
Sat26th&Sun27th South Notts/Belvoir Tet   Grantham & Newton
Sat 30th        South Notts – Team Show   Collingham
                Jumping Competition
Sat 14th/Sun 15th   AREA ONE DAY EVENT          BURGHLEY
Sat 21st            AREA DRESSAGE               LINCOLN
Sun 22nd            AREA SHOW JUMPING           LINCOLN
Sat 28th/Sun 29th   AREA TETRATHLON             AYLESFORD/OAKHAM
20th – 24th         Pony Camp                   Southwell Racecourse
21st,22nd,23rd      TET CHAMPIONSHIPS           HARTPURY
25th, 26th          NOVICE CHAMPIONSHIPS
Mon 27th Aug        South Notts One Day Event   Newton

Area 6
South Notts
                                    MEMBERS’ ADS

                             11.2hh WELSH SECTION A
                                FOR LOAN

11.2hh Grey Welsh Section A, 15 years old mare, suitable for both lead rein and first ridden.
Super looks and temperament, forward going but safe and kind. Bombproof in traffic, good to box,
shoe and clip.
She has competed very successfully, on and off lead rein, in local shows and pony club events.
Done SJ WH ODE XC Dressage and Hunted as well as enjoying pony club rallies and camp over
the last 4 years. Also super at hacking.
On loan but to remain at current livery in Epperstone as cannot bear to part with her but very sadly

                    For further information please call Joanne on 07779 355112

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