; Self Injury and Suicide
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Self Injury and Suicide


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									Self Injury and Suicide
   Self Injury is an unhealthy way to cope
    with emotions, stress, or traumatic events.

       Self Injury is usually not an attempt at suicide,
        but an attempt to feel better.

          Cutting: The use of a sharp object to intentionally
           cut or scratch one’s body deep enough to bleed.
          Burning: Burning oneself with lighters, matches, or

   Suicide is defined as the intentional killing
    of oneself.
                   Some Statistics
   Suicide was the 11th leading cause of death in the United
   Eighth leading cause of death for males, and 19th leading
    cause of death for females.
   The total number of suicide deaths in 2001 was 30,622.
   Suicides outnumbered homicides (20,308) by 3 to 2.
   Suicide by firearms was the most common method for both
    men and women, accounting for 55% of all suicides.
   More men than women die by suicide.
       The gender ratio is 4:1.
       73% of all suicide deaths are white males.
       80% of all firearm suicide deaths are white males.
       Among the highest rates (when categorized by gender and race)
        are suicide deaths for white men over 85, who had a rate of
              Teen Suicide

   Teen suicide was the 3rd leading cause
    of death among young adults and
    adolescents 15 to 24 years of age,
    following unintentional injuries and
            History of Suicide
   There has been a 400% increase in
    teenage suicide since 1950.

   27% of high school students have
    considered suicide at some point in their

   Of those who attempt, 1/50 is successful.
    Factors that Effect Suicide
 Divorce and Broken Families
 Stability of a Family (Location)
 Increase in Physical, Emotional, and
  Sexual Abuse
 Increased abuse of Drugs and Alcohol.
 Pressure to Succeed
 Popularized by the Media.
Why Would You Want to Die?

Most people do not want to die, they want
a solution to end emotional pain.
    Myths Associated with Suicide
   Suicide occurs with        While suicide may be
    out warning.                impulsive, it has been
                                thought about for a
                                long time.

   People talk about          Most people who
    suicide rarely do it.       commit suicide have
                                talked about it.
                   Myth, Cont…
   If you ask a person about        You will not encourage
    their suicidal thoughts,          someone, but you may
    you make encourage                give them the opportunity
    them to do it.                    to open up.

   All suicidal people want to      Suicide attempts are a
    die.                              cry for help.

   When a suicidal person           The person has
    seems calm, the danger            committed to their
    has passed.                       decision and feels relief.
                Myths, Cont…
   Suicidal comments           People under the
    while drunk or high do       influence tend to open
    not count.                   up while their
                                 inhibitions are low.

   People who commit           Depression is
    suicide are mentally         common, but extreme
    ill.                         emotional crisis can
                                 trigger suicidal
                   Myths, Cont…
   Once a person is suicidal,      Many people consider
    they will always be              suicide at one point in
    suicidal.                        their life, yet with proper
                                     support and treatment are
                                     able to move forward.

   Tendency towards                Suicide is a behavior and
    suicide is inherited.            cannot be passed,
                                     however, a behavior
                                     tends to repeat.

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