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Willkie Farr & Gallagher
[Joann Chang]
For attorneys looking to have the best possible time while practicing in the Big Apple, Willkie Farr is basically as good as it gets.

Founded in 1889 in New York City, the firm            the low end described as being approachable           the cost of living in New York.
of Willkie Farr & Gallagher has a reputation          and the high end as downright rambunctious.
for having one of the most intelligent and            The absence of a billable hours requirement           Jobs
sophisticated groups of attorneys in the city.        has not decreased the long hours put in by
With a political history that includes name           associates at Willkie, yet the firm has been          Willkie Farr & Gallagher currently has sev-
partner Wendell Willkie’s run against FDR             known to encourage a balanced lifestyle and           eral openings in its Manhattan and Wash-
in the 1940 presidential election, as well as         to remind its workaholic associates to take           ington D.C. offices, including opportunities
recruiting former New York governor Mario             vacations and days off.                               for experienced bankruptcy, corporate,
Cuomo as a partner, the firm’s 540 attorney                                                                 litigation, and tax associates. More informa-
team have a high standard to uphold. Profes-          To get recruited at this friendly and well-           tion regarding attorney positions at Willkie
sionally, Willkie Farr is famous for handling         established firm, try graduating from a top           Farr can be found in the LawCrossing job
large M & A, bankruptcy, and litigation cases.        ten law school. Willkie has been known to             database.
                                                      favor the top schools in the Northeast and
Although Willkie Farr has offices in eight            usually doesn’t stray too far from them when
worldwide locations, the firm seems to share          hiring first-years and summer associates.
a special connection with New York City.              But the firm will also consider the very best
Local luminaries like Donald Trump and cur-           candidates regional to their offices. For
rent mayor Michael Bloomberg have found               example, the New York office has a sprinkling
Willkie Farr to be the firm to hire for their         of Brooklyn, St. John’s, and Fordham law
business troubles. Indeed, Willkie has as-            school graduates. In general, the firm looks
sisted the Donald in the restructuring of sev-        for candidates who are bright as well as
eral of his properties, including the Taj Mahal       socially competent. Yet with such stellar as-
and the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino. Besides           sociates to choose from, Willkie Farr seems
its New York and Washington D.C. offices,             to be inconsistent when it comes to partner
the firm also has a substantial presence in           prospects. This year, seven associates were
Europe. Its Paris office, which has been open         raised to the illustrious title of partner; while
since 1921, has contributed greatly to the            in 2003, the firm elevated only two of its as-
European M & A scene. One of its superstar            sociates.
lawyers, Daniel Payan, recently made it onto
The Lawyer’s “The Hot 100” list of influential        Once hired, associates are free to enjoy some
European lawyers.                                     of the best perks around. The many ben-
                                                      efits afforded to Willkie associates include
Despite falling into the category of large-           subsidized health club membership, bonuses
sized firms, Willkie Farr seems to be immune          for earning an MBA or a clerkship and four
to the dreariness that befalls so many simi-          weeks of vacation time. First-years are
larly-situated firms. Describing the associ-          paid the usual competitive Manhattan rate
ates as being friendly at this firm is a huge         of $125,000, with some associates feeling
understatement. A wide spectrum of associ-            additionally compensated by their happy
ate personalities exists at Willkie Farr, with        workplace and others feeling slightly poor by


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