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					  IHRA                                                                    Highlighting the “Hiring Incentives to
                                                                                     Restore Employment Act”
 REPorter                                                                                                              by Stanton B. Herzog
                                                                                                      Applebaum, Herzog & Associates, P.C.
                                                                                                       IHRA Accountant and Financial Consultant

          ongress has made an attempt to encourage employers to hire new employees. The basics are relatively simple. Carrying through the
          process may prove more difficult.
             In simple terms, a firm hiring a hitherto unemployed person can be exempted from paying the company half of the Social Security tax
for the rest of the calendar year of 2010. In addition, if the employee is retained for one full year from the date of hire in 2010, the employer will
receive a tax credit of $1,000 for each such employee on the company’s 2011 income tax return (to be filed in 2012).
  First of all, we need to know the definition of unemployment for purposes of hiring people who will qualify for payroll tax relief.
     1. The individual must attest in writing that he/she has been either totally unemployed or has been employed for less than 40 hours during the
previous 60 day period.
     2. They must be hired between Feb. 3, 2010, and Dec. 31, 2010.                                                            Continued on page 2 >>>>

IHRA Board of Directors Approves New Bylaws and Governance Restructure
New structure provides volunteer leaders greater flexibility and opportunity to “get involved”
 On Wednesday, May 26, the IHRA Board of Directors unanimously approved the two-month deliberations of the Bylaws Committee to completely
 restructure IHRA’s volunteer governance and rewrite its Bylaws. These changes are designed to allow the Board to take a more active role in the
 association’s activities, broaden and grow membership, encourage members to volunteer to serve on the Board without having to commit to a “life-
 time of service,” and provide flexibility to more easily deal with problems and opportunities.
   The Bylaws Committee, chaired by IHRA President, Mark Glotter, included IHRA Chairperson, Kent Kulovitz; Director, John Grob; and past
 Chairs, Donna Peake and Jay Cohen.
   The new, approved Bylaws will be sent to all IHRA members, for vote, within the next two weeks. If approved, the new Bylaws and Board Re-
 structure will become effective January 1, 2011. Here are some of the important points:
   1. “Associate Members” is an additional membership classification. A non-voting membership category, “Associate Members” could include sup-
 pliers of services and consultants to IHRA members. The Board also has the flexibility to add additional classifications as needed.
                                                                                    2. IHRA members are not subject to the payment of association debts or liability.
                              June 2010                                             3. The IHRA Board of Directors has been restructured to eliminate all references to
Tech Bits .................................................................. Page 3
                                                                                    “President,” “President-Elect,” and various “Senior Vice-Presidents.” All members
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Member Ads ..................................................... Pages 6 & 7                                                                  Continued on page 2 >>>>
Industry Show Calendar ........................................... Page 8                InternatIonal Housewares representatIves assocIatIon
                                                                       Field Sales Professionals Serving the Home • Housewares • Gourmet • Hardware Industries
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New Bylaws (continued from page 1)
of the Board will be referred to as “Directors.” There will no longer be automatic succession or “moving through the chairs.” Each year (or two),
the Board shall elect a “Chairperson” to head the Board. The Chairperson shall select four (4) Directors to serve with the Chairperson and the
Executive Director as an Executive Committee (ExCom). The four Directors will not have to commit to serving on ExCom for more than a year or
to becoming Board Chairperson, unless they want to.
  4. All IHRA rep members in good standing will be eligible to serve on the IHRA Board of Directors, even if they have served on the Board during
our first 16 years. Directors’ terms are three years and directors may serve an unlimited number of terms, but not more than two (2) consecutive
full terms. So that the Board has terms balance, new, 2011 Board Directors will be elected on a staggered basis . . . for one, two or three year initial
  These are just some of the changes. The most important thing is our need for MORE VOLUNTEERS to lead IHRA. That is the main reason
for our restructuring . . . to attract more members to get involved with the governance of their industry association.
  We hope you agree and will approve the new Bylaws AND GET INVOLVED!

Herzog (continued from page 1)
     3. They can’t be hired to replace a present worker unless that worker quits voluntarily or was fired for cause.
     4. Your mother-in-law does not qualify, nor does any other family member.
     5. Household employees do not count
  The employer will be allowed to reduce his form 941 payroll tax returns by the 6.2 percent for the above-qualified workers for the year 2010. Note
that the rest of taxes are due; the employer must withhold all taxes (including FICA) from the employee, and the firm owes the Medicare tax. That
1.45 percent is NOT forgiven. The employee will not be adversely affected upon retirement because of the reduced taxes paid on his/her behalf.
Since the law’s effective start date has already passed, it is likely that first quarter payroll taxes will not be changed, but any credit due the employer
for the first quarter can be deducted from the second quarter return.
  Obviously, the greatest benefit to be derived from this law comes right now and in the immediate future. The longer into 2010 the employer goes
before hiring, the less benefit will be obtained under a provision that ends Dec. 31st.
  The $1,000 that can be realized in 2012 is a nice bonus from the government for employees who can be integrated into the system, but there are
a lot of wages paid before an employer achieves the reward. However, an employee hired in December and retained through 2011 would qualify
the employer for the $1,000 credit even though the 6.2 percent payroll credit would probably not be worth very much.
  The bill also extended the added benefits of Section 179 (first year write-off of new assets) through 2010. The deduction amount will remain at
$250,000 of new assets rather than reverting to the 1999 level of $100,000.

Stanton B. Herzog, CPA, principal in the firm of Applebaum, Herzog & Associates, P.C., Northbrook, Ill., serves as IHRA’s accountant and
is a regular contributor to The IHRA REPorter. He is available to speak at group meetings on a variety of financial and tax-related topics.
He also participates in Expert Access, the program that offers telephone consultations to IHRA members.
  You can call Stan Herzog at 847-564-1040, fax him at 847-564-1041, or e-mail him at

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Tech Bit 46 - Save Your Files to the Cloud                                                                                 Here’s a continuing
Back in the good old days when backups were done on tapes, there was a lot of discussion of off-site backups. The
idea was if your building burnt down, you’d still have a copy of the data you could use to recover your system.          feature in The REPorter
   Most people are lucky if they even have a backup, much less one that is off-site. But, when you think of disasters          “Tech Bits”
like the fires in California, floods in the Midwest, and hurricanes in the Southeast, there is a very real chance of you
losing your primary computer.
   And of course if your primary computer is a laptop, you could lose it (or have stolen) anywhere you take it. Ac-
cording to a Dell/Gartner study, Over 12,000 laptops are lost or go missing in U.S. airports each week, 70% of those
returned to lost and found are never reclaimed.
   So are you prepared if disaster destroys your primary computer (and perhaps where it lives)?
   There is a new place to save your files, those in the “know” call it the cloud—aka the Internet.
   There are a number of websites you can register with to save your files on their servers on the Internet, most with
software that makes it as easy as dragging and dropping the files just like you would in Windows Explorer. Some
even offer automatic backup programs. Some alternatives you might want to look at are: (2 GB free, used to be 25); ($5 per month for unlimited storage);           Gregg Marshall, CPMR, CSP, is (25 GB free)                                                                                a speaker, author and consultant.
   The advantages of these services are their low cost, often free, and ease of use. Plus you have access to your           He can be reached by e-mail at
                                                                                                                 , or
files from anywhere in the world.
                                                                                                                                   visit his website at
   However, don’t depend only on web backup for your critical data. Several of these services, failing to find a viable
business model, have gone out of business, effectively deleting your data. I would still recommend a traditional backup
to supplement the on-line backup. Between the two you stand a really good chance of recovering your important
   I am a firm believer that you can’t have enough backups. Even though I am pretty good about backups, there are still times when I’ve lost data (or downloaded
programs) when something goes horribly wrong.
Tech Bit 47 - Wiki Your Company
Unless you’ve been living under an Internet rock, you’ve probably heard about Wikipedia ( It is a great source of information on just
about anything, with 2,915,098 articles. And, despite being crowd sourced by volunteers, it has been shown to be as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica.
Most companies have information silos. One person knows a tidbit of information, someone else knows another. Rarely does any small to medium business
engage in what is known as knowledge management. Actually, rarely does any company.
  The term wiki comes from the Hawaiian word for fast. Wiki’s are easy to set up; many are free, open source software. For a comparison of wiki software there’s
a table on, no surprise here, Wikipedia at
  There are also services, ranging from free to subscription, that don’t even require you to set up or host your own wiki:
  You could begin with company policies. Usually there are one or two people responsible for keeping them up to date. It might be human resources (an editable
version of your personnel manual), but more useful policies might be shipping, backorders, etc.
  But the real power of a wiki comes when you can get a group of “regular” employees to contribute hard learned knowledge. For instance, sales people could share
what kind of pitches work best with different kinds of customers. Or production people could record tips and tricks on how to make a widget faster or easier.
  The ultimate power of a wiki is when you can get several companies to collaborate. When we were manufacturers’ representatives, one of the frustrations we
had were calls from vendor sales managers telling us someone else in the country was doing better than we were. My question was always “what are they doing
differently?” Why can’t the various reps document their successes (and failures since they are good learning tools too) on a common, private wiki?
  One challenge with wikis is getting people to participate. Wikipedia, the mother of all wikis, knows that 1.8% of users have written more than 72% of all articles.
Your goal should be to have a majority of your community contribute something. Some contributors will generate most of the content, but you really want everyone
you can to add a little something. It might take some incentives.
  Wikis are a powerful way to capture knowledge within your company. They are fast. So what is keeping you from setting up a wiki for your company?
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“War Stories from the Field”
by REP X, The Unknown Schlepper

(All names are kept secret, to protect us all)

Got your own “War Story”? The funnier, the stranger; the one with
real chutzpah, the better! Let us know at:

GOING                       .   .   .   .   Going    .   .   .   .   Gone

           No stories . . . sorry.

 It was fun, but . . . no more.

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                                     Manufacturers Seeking IHRA Field Sales Professionals
Products: Clothes Hangers with non-slip-coating.           Products: Yukon Grip is an adhesive washer that              Products: The ZIPIT - The World’s 1st & Only Bat-
Keeps garment on hanger; nothing falling down.
Available in various colors like silver, glamour-glitter
                                                           locks the bolt and nut in a secured position so your
                                                           seat remains fastened against the toilet, in other
                                                                                                                        tery Operated Blister Pack Manufacturers:
                                                                                                                                                   Opener. The ZIPIT has
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and pastels. Subject to newYou Looking for
                      Are German Chemicals                                      Are You Looking
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Regulation; coatings exclude danger to health.
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MAWA GMBH                                                  CENTOCO MANUFACTURING CORP.
                   Performance-Proven,                     P.O. Box 32872 Performance-Proven,                                             Performance-Proven,
                                                                                                                        14000 Military Trail, Suite 204B
Hohenwarter Str. 100                                                                                                    Delray Beach FL 33071
            Field Sales Professionals?                     Detroit MI Field Sales Professionals?                                  Field
                                                                                                                        (800) 471-1367 Sales Professionals?
85276 Pfaffenhofen/llm                                                48232-0872
Bavaria, Germany                                           (800) 265-3666 • Fax: (519) 945-7281
fon: 0049 8441 800-0 • fax: 0049 8441 764 21     
                                                              Instant HOT Lines . . .                                   Contact: Robert Schmeizer, President
     Instant HOT Lines . . .                                  Contact: Kevin Parent                                         Instant HOT Lines . . .
     A onetime eMail that
Contact: Mrs. Gabriele Kaiser                                A onetime eMail that
                                                           eMail:                                 A onetime eMail that
     provides immediate information                           provides immediate information                               provides immediate information
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    on your line, only,
Territories: All U.S.A. to reps in
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    specific territories or throughout the world              specific territories or throughout the world                 specific territories or throughout the world
Commission Rate: TBD                                       Nat’l Sales: NA                                              Nat’l Sales: $10,000,000
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Seeking Sales Through: Wholesalers, Retail,                         eMail:                                        eMail:
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             Field Sales Professionals?                                                                                            Field Sales Professionals?
Contact: Nicky Stockman, Sales Manager                     JELLY GEAR COMPANY                                           Contact: Bernard Rome
eMail:                                  P.O. Box 37                                                  eMail:
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                                                           West Hempstead Lines . . .                                     Instant HOT Lines . . .
Territories: TX, LA, AL, FL, VA, NY, NJ, WI, GA, MI, MD,
                                                              A 575-4272 Fax: (516)
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CURRENTLY DOING BUSINESS IN THE USA:                       Territories: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico                          Years in Business: 3
Direct. Not currently using reps.
                                                           Commission Rate: TBD                                         Channels currently sold: Direct to Gift Shops,
CHANNELS INTO WHICH(800) 315-7430Online
       Call IHRA at CURRENTLY SELL:                             Call IHRA at (800) 315-7430
                                                           Years in Business: 60                                            Call IHRA Shops
                                                                                                                        Airport News & Giftat (800) 315-7430
Store (, drop shipping includ-
ing,, www.front-                    eMail:
                                                           Channels currently sold: Through direct factory              Seeking eMail: Catalogs,
                                                                                                                                Sales Through: Wholesalers,
                                                                                                                        Housewares, Bookstores, Stationers, Supermarkets Using fulfillment house in Denver, CO.
                                                           sales to wholesalers and/or other manufacturers                  
                                                           Seeking Sales Through: Reps selling to Retailers
The listing of a manufacturer is not an endorsement by IHRA, it being the obligation of each member to make their own evaluation.                                     Page 5
     Manufacturers: Contact These Performance-Proven, Multiple-Line, Field Sales Professionals
           to learn how they can profitably bring your products and programs to market.

       & International Trade, Inc.
                    P. O. Box 576
             Princeton, NJ 08542, USA
               Phone: (917) 592-5498
       Italian Cellphone: +39-335-708-0483
                                                         Representing gourmet
            Skype Phone: mavericknyusa               housewares to leading retailers
                         in the Pacific Northwest        Manufacturer’s Representatives specializing in

                                                         for over three decades.
                                                                                            Home Decor, Housewares and Gifts
                                                                                                 Primary Account Representation
                                                         We know the territory.
 Since 1986 specializing in the Sales Promotion of
 Housewares (cookware, small appliances) Home
                                                                                                           Jo-Ann Stores
  Complements (bath & kitchen furniture, faucets)
           and Gourmet Foods Sales.                        Permanent showroom:                       Illinois Wisconsin Ohio

                                                      Suite 453 Pacific Market Center
                                                                                             Professional Account Management
                                                                                                    25 Years Experience
 Also assisting manufacturers in the establishment
  of their company in the United States with local
                                                              6100 4th Ave., S.              •    Efficient Account Penetration
           domicile and all related logistics.               Seattle, WA 98108               •    Quality Customer Service
                                                                                             •    Market Trend Direction
                                                                                             •    Product Development
        Fluency in English, Italian, French                                                  •    Sales, Inventory & Profitability Analysis

       Augusto De Feo, Managing Director
                ERRECINET SRL                        __________________________                              Contact:
                 Corso Lodi, 34                                Contact:                            16W273 83rd Street, Suite D
                 I-20135 Milano
     Tel: 02-8969-5033 • Cell: 340-978-8452
                                                            Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527
                                                                                                      Phone: (630) 655-2924
                                                                     Trusted Business Partners

      Jeff Blackwell
       & Associates
  Representation - Specialized
      Retail & Military,                                       Serving the
                                                          Metro New York Area                   Specializing in
       Broker Coverage
      Food - Drug - Mass
                                                               Since 1984                   Housewares, Homestore
      Military Exchanges                                  Housewares, Tabletop,                      &
                                                             Storage/Closet                  Giftware Industries
   & Military Commissaries
                                                             Specialists at:                     Since 1973
   Hawaii Territory                                        Bed, Bath & Beyond
                                                                 Macys                  Representing Vendors in the
  Contact: Jeff Blackwell                                    49 Park Street               Six New England States                                 Montclair, NJ 07042                       &
    5136 Iroquois Ave.                                    Phone: 973.783.3338                Upstate New York
                                                          Fax:   973.783.3148
  Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96706                                                               51-13 Morgan Drive, Norwood, MA 02062
P 1-808-941-9826, F 1-808-944-2091                781-352-1400 (phone) 781-352-1450 (fax)
        Cell 1-808-232-5053
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      Manufacturers: Contact These Performance-Proven,
 Multiple-Line, Field Sales Professionals to learn how they can
   profitably bring your products and programs to market.
                                          STANLEY H. SILVER ASSOCIATES

 Representing Housewares,
 Tabletop and Giftware to all
Major and Independent retailers              National Sales Organization
       in New England                      Providing Coverage Throughout
       and Upstate NY                       The United States and Canada
         for 20 years                         Coverage in the Categories of
                                              Housewares; Lawn & Garden;
                                                   Hardware; Patio;
          Contact:                               Christmas & Electrical
                                                      Stan Silver
                                                   412 Woodbury Drive
440 Totten Pond Road Suite 100                     Wyckokk, NJ 07481
      Waltham, MA 02451                   Tel: 201-848-9229 • Fax: 201-848-8525
     Phone 781-890-0111                

                   Tel: 781-806-5129   Fax: 781-806-5131
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                                                    2010 CALENDAR OF EVENTS

June                                           21 - 24                                 13 - 17
5-8                                            Seattle Gift Show                       New York Home Fashions Market
NACDS Marketplace                              Seattle WA                              New York NY
San Diego CA
                                               September                               October
4-9                                            3-7                                     12 - 15
General Merchandise Marketing Conference       International Home Furnishings Market   New York Tabletop Market
Orlando FL                                     High Point, NC                          New York NY

13 - 16                                        11 - 13
Las Vegas Gift & Home                          Atlanta Gift Market & Gourmet Market
Las Vegas NV                                   Atlanta GA

14 - 16                                        11 - 13
NeoCon World’s Trade Fair                      Dallas Total Home & Gift Market
Chicago IL                                     Dallas TX

23 - 29                                        13 - 17
Dallas Total Home & Gift Market                Las Vegas Market
Dallas TX                                      Las Vegas NV

27 - 29
Fancy Food Show
New York NY

14 - 21
Atlanta Int’l Gift & Home Furnishings Market
Atlanta GA

7 - 11
San Francisco Int’l Gift Fair
San Francisco CA

14 - 19
New York International Gift Fair
& Gourmet Show
New York NY

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IHRA MEMBERS:                                                                              2010 IHRA Officers, Directors & Staff
Want to know more about RepCare group insurance?                           Officers
Just find your business home state and call Pat Brown or John Doyle.       Chairman:                   Kent Kulovitz
Call PAT BROWN at 800-854-4636 if your business is in:                     President:                  Mark Glotter
Arizona         Kansas              Nevada                Texas            Founding President:         Steve Grossman, CPMR
Arkansas        Louisiana           New Mexico            Utah             Executive Director:         Bill Weiner
California      Minnesota           North Dakota          Washington
Idaho           Missouri            Oklahoma              Wisconsin
Illinois        Montana             Oregon                Wyoming          Directors
Iowa            Nebraska            South Dakota                            Robert Bachner     Jacob Bang-Knudsen, CPMR
                                                                            John Grob     Linda Krol      Seth Lapine
Call JOHN DOYLE at 888-243-0174 if your business is in:
                                                                            Morey McFarren
Alabama           Kentucky            New Hampshire       South Carolina
Connecticut       Maine               New Jersey          Tennessee
Colorado          Maryland            New York            Virginia         Past Chairs
Delaware          Massachusetts       North Carolina      Vermont           John M. Clampitt             Donna Peake
Florida           Michigan            Ohio                West Virginia     Steve Grossman, CPMR         Jim Adams
Georgia           Mississippi         Pennsylvania                          Jay L. Cohen                 James Ayotte
Indiana           Missouri            Rhode Island                          Tom Rooney                   David Silberstein
                                                                            Peter Bang-Knudsen

Home • Housewares • Gourmet • Hardware                                     Staff
                                                                           Administrative Assistant:     Stephanie Baron
Multiple-Line, Field Sales Professional:                                   Financial Director:           Myra Weiner

If you’re not a member of IHRA, you owe it to                                                          IHRA
yourself to join the organization that is your voice in
the industry and the manufacturers’ resource for                                                 The
         Well-Qualified, Performance-Proven,                                     InternatIonal Housewares representatIves assocIatIon
              Field Sales Professionals
For complete information about “first-timer”
membership and an application, contact us at:
               847.748.8269 • 800.315.7430
                    Fax: 847.748.8273
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