Fire Safety Evacuation Floor Plans by pptfiles


									                     BUILDING FACILITY OPERATIONS


Floor plans depicting evacuation routes to be followed in the event of fire or other
emergency must be posted in units/departments.

There are two options for evacuation floor plans:

1. Some units/departments have wall-mounted plastic signage in hallways and corridors
depicting emergency evacuation routes. Locations of nearby signage must be noted on
your Fire and Safety Tackboard. A sign that can be customized for your tackboard
can be accessed via the Safety Management Services/Fire Safety web link

2. Units/departments that do not have plastic signage (or who do but wish to post
additional signage) can obtain floor plans by contacting:

Jeri Dentel in Facilities Services by phone 936-2554 or email

After you receive a copy of your floor plan, you must draw in the correct legend details,
such as corridors, exit stairs, fire pull alarms, etc.

See following document as a guide for drawing legend details.


1. Post the floor plan so that it is oriented to match the actual layout of the

2. Add the legend to the floor plan so that staff know the meaning of the symbols. A
legend that may be printed and placed next to your floor plan can be accessed on-line via
the Safety Management Services link.

For questions about U-M hospitals and health centers fire and fire drill procedures,
contact Les Misher at 764-4427 or via email

Incident Management:
        Refer to ACS (Ambulatory Care Services) web site Incident Management section:
        Obtain floor plan of building from Jeri Dentel, . Develop a site
        specific Fire Evacuation and Incident Management Plan

       Submit floor plan and Incident Management Plan to Cynthia Couchman to be
       loaded into ACS Incident Management web site. Also submit copy to Bob
       Reynolds and Les Misher (Fire and Safety)

Patient Safety Reporting:
       Notify Risk Management, Elaine Commiskey, 3-5456,
       with new location code

Weather Radio:
       Contact Safety Management to obtain a weather radio or for reprogramming.
       Jan Latch, , 4-4427 or
Matthew Walter,, 5-7907
Additional information on a variety of Safety Management issues can be found via the
Safety Management Services web link


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