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                                     Walking the talk ...
CHRIS ADAMS, PASTOR                         AUGUST 2012

                                               Note from Pastor Chris

                                               Christian Education;
                                               Fellowship Ministry;
                                               Membership MInistry

                                               Membership continued;
                                               Worship MInistry

                                               August Birthdays

                                               Benevolence &
The Good News

        A note from Pastor Chris                                                                                                    HILLSBORO
    Do not be conformed to this present world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may test and ap-
                   prove what is the will of God – what is good and well-pleasing and perfect. -Romans 12:2
   It’s that time of the year again; time to go back to school! It’s hard to believe for many of us
that grew up in a time when school never started until after Labor Day, but no more. By the time
most of you read this edition of The Good News, children in Davidson County will be back in                                              Chris Adams
school and children in Williamson County and other municipalities are soon to follow.                                                      Pastor
   Several years ago, one of the office supply stores came up with a very clever commercial.
They co-opted a popular Christmas carol, "It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" sung by                                         Rev Hudson Neely
Andy Williams, to sell back-to-school supplies. The commercial featured images of parents                                          Minister of Discipleship
dancing through the aisles of the store singing and celebrating that summer was officially over,
while their children looked with long faces of disdain on the whole affair. It is a very funny com-                                      Amy Dillon
mercial that brought back memories of my own mother telling her friends when we were young                                         Director of Children and
that our vacation was over and hers was just beginning. Clearly back-to-school brings different                                        Family Ministry
reactions depending on your perspective.
   For Presbyterians especially, but all the people of God as well, I want to suggest that celebra-                                    Shawn Cothran
tion and joy is definitely in order each time the school bell rings for another year. As a denomina-                                Director of Youth and
tion we have always focused our energy and our resources on public education. One of the first                                      Young Adult Ministry
public colleges in America was the Presbyterian College of New Jersey, which later would be-
come Princeton University. Presbyterian clergy are arguably the most educated church leaders in                                         Stephen Nix
the world, a point not of pride or arrogance, but instead one that demonstrates the Presbyterian                                 Director of Music Ministry
emphasis on education. We believe in education to be certain. The question however is... why?
   Why would we celebrate education? Why should we continue to fund education and public                                                Tim Gmeiner
schools? Why should we continue to insist that our church leaders be educated, both clergy and                                         Church Organist
lay leaders? The answer is, as Paul wrote in Romans, to "be transformed by the renewing of your
mind, so that you may test and approve what is the will of God."                                                                       Linda Diguette
   Pablo Freire was a Minister of Education for Brazil, as well as a philosopher. History has yet
to fully evaluate his controversial support for socialism and even his influence on the creation of
                                                                                                                                      Pastoral Assistant
liberation theology. What is clear, however, was that Freire understood the importance of educa-
tion. In a South American society in which a wealthy elitist class of the few controlled virtually                                     Alice O Dwyer
all of society for the many, Freire argued successfully for education as that which would balance                                  Child Care Coordinator
the scales.
   "Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the                                            Janie Hay
younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes                                       Office Manager
the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with
reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world."                                                          Gloria Shiavi
   - Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed                                                                                           Office Assistant
   Presbyterians have always understood education as that which would most effectively trans-
form the world in which we live. It is that primary activity that allows those without power and                                        Carole Shean
influence to access new opportunities and to reshape culture and society. Education is what                                        Financial Administrator
changes world views and societies from the bottom-up sometimes turning the tide on those with
power and control intent on preserving the status quo. It is without a doubt the most transforma-                                       Cynthia White
tive activity we have in our arsenal as the people of God.                                                                     Director of Creative Care Center
   Thus we support education, not for education sake or to be arrogant or prideful. The church
celebrates education as that means to transform the world more and more into what God would                                         Stephanie Hasbrouck
have. It is an act of justice, and kindness and humility, as not only Paul would have argued, but                                  The Good News Editor
as the prophet Micah would also have asserted as our mission in response to God. Education is
primary for all people to have access to the abundant life God would provide. Perhaps as those                                     General Information:
who always placed a high emphasis on education, this focus on education for all is our gift to the                                 Telephone:
rest of the church?                                                                                                              Email: gloria@hpcnashville org
   So let’s celebrate education this month with all our teachers and students. Tell a teacher thank                                         Web site:
you. Encourage a student. Send a care package to someone in college. Just a couple of ideas...                             
   Indeed it is "the most wonderful time of the year!" It is a time when young and old alike gather                                The Good News deadline:
in classrooms all across our city, our state, and our nation and begin again another year of educa-                            Good News items will be accepted
tion. It is again the season of our transformation when more and more the will of God becomes                                   until the third Sunday of each
known. It is the blessing of the renewing of our minds. Praise God for Education!                                                month for publication in the
                                                          Chris +                                                                 following month s edition

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                                                                                             The Good News

     Save the date

                                                                                           Mark your calendars for Aug. 24-
                                                                                        25 for our children's overnight
                                                                                        camp at NaCoMe for kids in 1st
                                                                                        through 5th grades! The theme for
                                                                                        camp is Faith Factor and will give
                                                                                        kids the opportunity to deepen their
      Sunday, Sept. 2 is Kick-off Sunday! Worship                                       faith while also deepening their
    will be at 10 a.m. immediately followed by a                                        friendships with one another
    Church-wide Picnic (and plenty of games and fun                                     through a series of games and fun
    for children and youth!)                                                            challenges. We'll be at NaCoMe
                                                                                        from Friday evening until late Sat-
      More information is coming! Make plans to                                         urday afternoon The cost per child
    join us as we kick-off a new "year" at HPC.                                         is $45 and includes lodging, meals
                                                                                        and activities! Please contact Amy
                                                                                        Dillon for more information and to


                         Book Club
  On July 30 we will meet at Lee Limbird’s
home. We’ll be discussing The Dressmaker of                                              Supper Sister will meet this month on
Khair Khana: Five Sisters, One Remarkable                                              Aug. 14 (always the second Tuesday of
Family, and the Woman Who Risked Every-                                                each month). We’re going to Taco Ma-
thing to Keep Them Safe by Gayle Tzemach                                               macita it's on 1200 Villa Place in
Lemmon.                                                                                Nashville. (Edge-Hill area) This is one
  Aug. 27 has us at Gloria Shiavi’s home. She                                          of my favorite Mexican Restaurants.
has chosen The Story of Beautiful Girl by                                              Come on and join us at 6:30 p.m.
Rachel Simon. Be careful of the title and the                                            Let me know your coming, and I’ll
author – there are lots of similar ones!                                               save you a seat. Email me at 108deb-
  On Sept. 24, we are going to meet at Linda                                 
Diguette’s. The Power of One by Bryce                                                    Bring a Friend!!!
Courtenay is the book Linda has chosen.
  Happy Reading ~ come join us!                                                                                         Deb Smith
                                 Lynne McCalla


Join the Women in Prayer group for lunch Aug. 6                                       Thanks from Paula
                                                                                         Your prayers, e-mails, cards, calls and flow-
  The Women in Prayer Small Group is inviting interested HPC women and friends        ers sustained me and my family before, during
to a fellowship luncheon Thursday, Aug. 16 at noon at the home of Julia Harrell. We   and after my mothers death on June 14. I can
will spend our time getting to know one another and bringing each other up on our     only attempt to express to you what a differ-
summer happenings. Call me to let me know if you can join us and call me or Peggy     ence you made at a very difficult time in our
Boss for more information. Please consider joining us for this fellowship luncheon    lives. Your love and prayers rippled out among
time!!                                                                                (and I’m sure beyond) my family and I will al-
                                                                      Julia Harrell   ways be grateful to you.
                                                                                                                Love, Paula Yelverton
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The Good News
 Red Cross Blood Drive update from Paula Yelverton
    The Blood Drive on July 1 was wonderful! The Red Cross          donate if there was a shortage and I ever needed a transfusion.
 staff was delighted that we exceeded our goal of 20 pints by       WOW! Did I ever need blood! Over the course of 9 months, I
 giving 23 pints! Thanks to all who participated including all      had at least 2-3 blood transfusions or infusions each week and
 our donors and signer-uppers (Anita Bondurant, Peggy Boss          more in the hospital.
 and Gloria Shiavi).                                                  A huge thanks goes out to my cousin, Marcia Pope, for initi-
    Here’s the letter from Christine Ingram that I lifted an ex-    ating the blood donor account for me to receive credit for
 cerpt from during the Moment for Mission regarding the blood       blood donated, often by friends of friends and family. I never
 drive:                                                             realized the tremendous expense of a blood transfusion. I don’t
    Hillsboro Family and Friends,                                   know if all of the donors know the enormous contribution they
    A few weeks ago, Paula and I were discussing the upcoming       were giving.
 blood drive in July at HPC. I was immediately reminded of my         I can never begin to repay those unselfish participants for
 extremely positive first-hand experience with blood donations.     the "Gift" of blood and the "Gift" of life! I am eternally grateful
 The generosity of blood donors is absolutely amazing! During       for the privilege to have a second chance to live and enjoy life
 my battle with leukemia, I received a tremendous amount of         with my family and friends.
 blood. There are no words descriptive enough to express my ut-       Truly God is good, life is good and your blood donation is so
 most gratitude to the caring blood donors.                         very good. Thank you for your precious gifts. Please find it in
    Over the years I’ve hear the media plea for blood donations.    your heart to give blood often because your gift may be the one
 At that time I truly did not realize the huge impact this impor-   to help save a life! May God bless you.
 tant cause has for the recipient. I remember thinking of a few                                   With deepest gratitude and love,
 Hillsboro members who have O blood and hoping they would                                                           Christine Ingram


                                                                                              Music Department
                                                                                             Wednesday, Aug. 1: Choir Re-
                                                                                             hearsal 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                             Sunday, Aug. 5: Choir Call 9:30
                                                                                             Wednesday, Aug. 8: Band Re-
                                                                                             hearsal 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                             Sunday, Aug. 12: Band Call @
                                                                                             Spruce Street (TBA)
                                                                                             Wednesday, Aug. 15: No Choir
                                                                                             Sunday, Aug. 19: Choir Call 9:30
                                                                                             Wednesday, Aug. 22: Band Re-
                                                                                             Sunday, Aug. 26: Band Call 8:45
                                                                                             Wednesday, Aug. 29: Choir Re-
                                                                                             hearsal,6:30 p.m. /Band Rehearsal
                                                                                             7:30 p.m.
                                                                                             Sunday, Sept. 2: Band Call 8:45
A cool treat                                                                                 a.m.
                                                                                             Choir Call 9:30 a.m.
As part of our celebration of God's work at Hillsboro on July 15,                            (Schedule subject to change based
Pastor Chris surprised the congregation with snow cones after                                on volunteer availability.)
church.                                                                                                              Stephen Nix

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                                                                                                           The Good News

                         Happy Birthday!
         August 1                                       August 10                                         August 20
        John Lewis                                   Becky McNamee                                       Michael Ross
                                                      Avery Martin
         August 2                                     Jody Burton                                          August 21
         Bill Moon                                                                                        R. J. Phillippi
         Elisa Lord                                      August 11
                                                      Lydia Spragens                                    August 22
        August 3                                                                                    Danni Gail Jackson
       Mark McCaw                                         August 12                                    Tom Grizzle
                                                        Jackie Morris
     August 4                                           Cindi Dingler                                     August 24
   Dwight James                                                                                          Katie Beasley
   Heydn Ericson                                          August 13
    Ron Arildsen                                          Sally Miller                                     August 25
  Whitney Jackson                                        Joy Strange                                       Rick Locker
  Emme Mittlesdorf
                                                         August 15                                          August 27
     August 5                                          Regat Legesse                                       Louetta Hix
   Debbie Holley                                        Gloria Shiavi
Mary Ev Bedenbaugh                                                                                       August 28
                                                           August 16                                    J. C. McCaw
        August 6                                          Noah Swan                                    Nancy Johnson
        John Hitt                                                                                      Hudson Neely
      Lindsey Lord                                        August 17
                                                         Chris Ryans                                      August 30
      August 7                                                                                         Isabelle Steinert
  Mary Ann Arildsen                                     August 18
   Alice O’Dwyer                                      Carolyn Warren                                      August 31
                                                       Woody Gant                                        Mark Rogers
      August 9                                         Stephen Nix                                      Teresa Walters
    Mollie Dingler
   Adrianne Center                                       August 19
    John Caldwell                                    Joicelyn Gregory
     Ben Grizzle                                     Cham Johnston
                                                        Jerry Fink

If your birthday is not included, please call Gloria in the church office so she can update our records. We don’t want to leave you out!

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The Good News

Benevolence Committee meeting update
                                                            LISA TAYLOR, KAREN STEVENS, LINDA KILPATRICK,
                                                            DAVID GREGORY AND LEE LIMBIRD, LEADERS LEADERS

   The Benevolence Committee had it's June 19 meeting at The          youths in Nashville will be homeless. The Oasis Center gives
Oasis Center on Charlotte Avenue.                                     kids refuge and guidance and opportunity. They meet kids on
   Lisa Wooley, Executive Director of The Rooftop Ministry            their own level with no hidden agenda.. They offer counseling as
spoke to us about the good that this small ministry does in our       well as a place to rest, wash clothes and recharge. They have
community. In 2006, many congregations were receiving rental          classrooms; help guide students who want college to achieve that
assistance requests from outside their congregations. Since there     goal.
was not single resource for this growing problem, 15 churches           Each of us probably were impressed by a different aspects. The
pooled their funds to help those needing rental assistance. Now       most fun is the bicycle shop where kids build their own bike
there are more then twice that number of churches. Last year they     from old one. Mark told of a boy who now plays soccer rather
helped 576 people. They also work in tandem with other organi-        then stay home and watch TV. The soccer field was 2 miles from
zations like Help Link Nashville (formerly Big Brothers) who          his house - too far to walk, but with his bike he can get there. I
help people with utility bills. When HPC gets calls for rent assis-   cannot do justice to all their great works here, but we at Hillsboro
tance, Janie and Gloria refer them to Rooftop.                        can be proud that we help support this ministry as well as
   After our meeting, Mark Dunnkerly, Vice President of Devel-        Rooftop.
opment gave us a tour of the Oasis Center. I wish you all could
have been with us to see all the wonderful works this organiza-                                    Linda Kilpatrick and Karen Stevens
tion does for the youth of Nashville. Mark explained that 1 in 5                                              Benevolence Committee

   Zimbabwe News:
   The following is a note to you from
Paddington, the wonderful man who man-
ages our Village Hope projects in far away
Zimbabwe. Can't you just feel his joy as
he observes the old man pictured below,
returning from his long walk to market?
The poultry project, Paddington is de-
scribing was initiated by a generous dona-
tion from one single family .... coupled
with all of Paddington's and Alice's tire-
less work with the people in the surround-
ing community ... We are making life
better for many, many of God's children!
    From Paddington:
   "I captured the old man as he was com-
ing from a shopping spree as a result of      keeping the 50 day old chicks and buying       get energized to push more and more. We
the poultry project. My heart leaped and I    the second batch until now that they are       thank the Almighty Father for all the good
am very grateful for your tireless efforts    realizing profit from the venture. It is       that we see in our community manifesting
that are now yielding visible results. See-   pleasing that our aims of continuity and       as a result of your tireless efforts."
ing the old man with a bag full of things     community transformation are bearing
and two blankets in his hands, I felt the     fruits in sight of all. Who can despise the       A group is traveling to Zimbabwe im-
impact of the noble initiatives that you      day of small things? It is from the small      mediately after Christmas and will return
have supported. It is pleasing to see a       that we realize the big. The big that you      the first week of January...if you are inter-
smile on the face of the community coming     passed down to us we divided into the          ested in joining us, please contact Keri
as a result of an act of kindness. The com-   small each community member could              Cannon for more information. Tickets will
munity members are now realizing income       manage and now they can find their way         likely be purchased by the end of August
from the poultry project.                     into managing the big.                         and we would love to share the joys of
   The members of the community have            From a seed we all expect harvest and        traveling to Zimbabwe with you!!!
managed to produce out of the lessons         as we see the community reaping from the
that we passed down to them and they can      seed that you managed to pass down to                                      All that is good,
stand with their shoulders high. From         them. Our hearts receive warmth and we                                                  Keri
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                                                                                                  The Good News
Friends Life holds community yard                                                           Benevolence tour
sale Sept. 21-22, items needed
                                                                                               The Benevolence Committee is plan-
                                                                                            ning a HPC bus tour on Monday, Au-
                                                                                            gust 13 from 9:00 'til 3:00. The purpose
    FRIENDS LIFE COMMUNITY YARD SALE will be held September 21 & 22.                        is to visit some of the fine ministries
 Volunteers are needed and we hope you’ll join in the fun! We’d love to have you be         HPC supports. Among them are Mon-
 part of any of the following: Join the committee to plan and organize the event; be        roe Harding, Friends Life, Nations
 at the Friends House as items are dropped off to sort and price; work the actual sale      Ministry Center, Safe Haven, Second
 and help clean up.                                                                         Harvest, and Martha O'Bryan Center.
    Of course our most urgent need are items to sell: furniture, electronics, clothing,        We invite all that would be interested
 books, toys, jewelry and any other items you no longer need! (Please, no mattresses        to see the good works that happen in
 or box springs.) Please call Friends Life at 730-9370 to arrange to drop off your do-      Nashville and why we support these
 nations no later than September 14. Friends Life will benefit from 100 percent of          ministries. David Dingler will be our
 your donations and you will receive a letter of thanks for your tax-free donation.         driver. There will be more details to fol-
 Please see Gloria Shiavi if you’d like more information.                                   low. Please save the date and plan to
                                                                                            join us. You can make a 'reservation' or
                                                                                            get additional information by contact-

A rewarding volunteer opportunity for women
                                                                                            ing Linda Kilpatrick
                                                                                  , 371-0405 or
                                                                                            Karen Stevens,

                                                                                               Luke 14:12
   Our congregation financially supports Better Decisions, a nonprofit organization

that teaches decision-making skills to inmates at the Tennessee Prison for Women.
Would you like to experience first-hand the satisfaction that comes from mentoring an
incarcerated woman throughout the 8-week program?
   The commitment involves attending the volunteer training weekend Sept. 8-9 (9
a.m. -4 p.m. on Saturday, 1-5 p.m. on Sunday), meeting with your inmate partner for
one hour weekly during the weeks Sept. 16-Nov. 4, and attending graduation at 6 p.m.
on Nov. 12. You can register online at Deadline is Aug. 15.           Hillsboro had the privilege of serving
   Please note that the volunteer training weekend occurs just once a year. If you’re in-   at Luke 14:12 twice in the last month.
terested in being part of this potentially life-changing program, but can’t make the           June 29 was a 5th Friday and therefore
                                                                                            without usual volunteers. We served 238
Sept. 8-9 training, you’ll have to wait until September 2013 to participate.
                                                                                            men and women a hardy meal of turkey
   For more information, please contact Executive Director Kathy Masulis at betterde-       and dressing with corn and fresh fruit.

        Room in the Inn update or at 832-8327.                                                           On July 13, we served 214 hungry peo-
                                                                                            ple red bean and rice with sausage. They
                                                                                            loved it.
                                                                                               Serving on one or both occasions were
                                                                                            Paula Yelverton, Julia and Jim Harrell,
                                                                                            Gayle Sanders, Susan Ritter, Lucy Car-
          Christmas in August                                                               roll, Joicelyn Gregory, Keltner and Deb-
  It's Christmas in August! Room In                                                         bie Locke, Lynne McCalla, Jill Reddig,
The Inn's participants have many                                                            Cathy Pallardy, Gloria Shiavi, David
needs in the hot summer months.                                                             DIngler, Ilene Maslan and myself.
Please consider donating a gift card to                                                        Did you know that Whole Foods in
Walmart or Target to help us meet                                                           Green Hills gives Luke 14:12 food on
those needs!                                                                                Tuesday and Friday mornings. Usually
                                                                                            the wonderful breads we serve, often
        Room in the Inn Benefit                                                             enough fresh fruit to make a wonderful
   Wednesday, August 22 at 7:30 PM                                                          fruit salad, vegetables that are used by
at Ingram Hall, Blair School of Music.                                                      Luke or by Room at the Inn.
In Laude of Claude: A 150th Birthday                                                           I have never worked with such a posi-
Celebration for Claude Debussy. Do-                                                         tive group of people. Come and join us
nations at the door accepted but not re-                                                    for a unique and enjoyable volunteer op-
quired.                                                                                     portunity on the second Friday of every
                            Jill Reddig                                                     month. Next month - Aug. 10.
                                                                                                                     Linda Kilpatrick

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The Good News
                                                                                                             4710 Charlotte Avenue. Or feel free to contact us
  Notes of thanks                                                                                            about other ways we can partner together.
                                                                                                                                            Chris Lovingood,
                                                                                                                       Executive Director, Rooftop Ministry
 Dear Friends at Hillsboro Presbyterian,              rian has been a key partner as we have grown in
    Thank you very much for your recent gift.         the last five years to serve more refugee families.    Dear Hillsboro,
 Through supporting the Martha O’Bryan Center,        We are so thankful for your partnership in our            On behalf of the entire Rooftop Board, I
 you play an essential part in our work to help en-   ministry to Nashville’s newcomers.                     would like to thank the congregation of Hillsboro
 able families overcome the challenges of extreme        So far in 2012, we have continued to serve          Presbyterian Church for their continued and gen-
 poverty, and I am most grateful.                     refugee children through our kindergarten readi-       erous support of Rooftop! We are so grateful to
    The success of our work depends on private        ness program and will have 17 children I our           receive your donation of $1,000.
 contributions. Gifts enable us to sustain and        after-school program this summer. We’ve en-               Over the past three months, Rooftop has been
 strengthen our role as a proven leader in            rolled about 40 refugee children in Barefoot Re-       in a time of transition. Our board is working hard
 Nashville. We continue to develop innovative         public Summer Camp, VBS at Hillsboro                   to review and update all of our policies and pro-
 strategies in education from pre-K through high      Presbyterian and Critter Camp at the Human So-         cedures. I’ve been reaching out and visiting with
 school, as well as programs in parenting educa-      ciety.                                                 as many of our congregations as possible.
 tion and job preparedness. These, together with         This May we have added a Job Coach to our              Applications are in for our Executive Director
 our many services in community development           staff. Her position will provide employment            position and interviews have begun. We hope to
 and counseling, enable us to provide a compre-       placement services to refugees who have had a          hire someone this Summer. The need in
 hensive system for helping children grow up to       hard time finding employment. This addition            Nashville continues to grow and thanks to you
 be healthy, wee-educated, and productive adults.     strengthens the growing slate of offerings as we       and others the Rooftop funds are also continuing
    Your contribution is an investment in a prom-     seek to serve the whole refugee on their journey       to grow. Every time Cathy sees a client she lets
 ising future for the most vulnerable families in     to genuine self-sufficiency.                           them know this is a gift from churches in the
 our city, and I deeply appreciate your support.         To date we have also offered three citizenship      area. Together we are making a difference!
            Marsha Edwards, President and CEO         preparation classes to assist refugees in taking          Thank you again for joining us in partnership
                                                      the citizenship exam as they hope to become US         as we continue to grow in the community and
 Dear Hillsboro Presbyterian Church,                  citizens. More than 40 have participated in this       bring hope to those in need.
   Thank you so much for your recent gift in sup-     program.                                                                                      Lisa Wooley
 port our outreach programs to refugees— the             Again, thank you for your support. We would                     Rooftop Interim Executive Director
 newcomer and the stranger. Hillsboro Presbyte-       love to have you visit our new Refugee Center at


June Session Report
                                                                   AND SCOTT BRUNETTE, LEADERS

   The following actions were taken by Session        behalf of the Team a motion was made and               passed.
at our June stated meeting. For questions or          seconded by Linda Smith to approve a pro-                 4. Rebecca Swan moved to amend the date
concerns, contact the church office of Chris          posal from Corner Audio and Video, a division          for Kickoff Sunday from August 19, 2012 to
Adams, Moderator.                                     of Corner Music, Inc. to acquire two re-               September 2, 2012. The motion was seconded
   1. Pastor Chris Adams reported for the Fi-         tractable screens for the sanctuary to be placed       and passed.
nance Team on the Invest in the Mission Cam-          at the front of the sanctuary but not covering            5. A pastoral care model and graphic was
paign. $200,000 was necessary to cover the            the Cross, and one non-retractable screen to be        distributed by Hudson Neely on behalf of the
projected and actual deficit for the balance of       installed in the rear of the sanctuary, with the       Membership Team. The goal of the model is to
the 2012 fiscal year. $255,000 has been raised        total cost of the acquisition and installation not     develop a target for congregational care with
of which $225,000 has been received. Pastor           exceed $20,000. There was a lengthy discus-            an emphasis on small groups or life groups and
Adams will submit a call to all members thank-        sion regarding the source for funding, utility         grass roots pastoral care. There was an ex-
ing them for the support of the program. There        and timing of approval. The question was               tended description of ministerial staff rotation
will be a celebration of the successful cam-          called and the motion passed.                          and the utilization of Membership Teams and
paign on July 15, 2012. Special thanks were              3. Rebecca Swan reported for the Christian          Prayer Teams. The Membership Team will
offered to Finance Team members Brock Kidd,           Education Team regarding a proposal to insti-          continue to explore and discuss the possibility
Sam Davis, Mark Dodson and Thompson                   tute a Wednesday night program entitled                of instituting the role of Deacon at HPC. This
Smith.                                                "Hillsboro Theological Seminary" with four,            item will be discussed at further Session Meet-
   2. Ben Hall reported for the Media Team re-        four week terms, 21 Wednesday night pro-               ings.
garding the screen projector project for the          grams with extra events for undesignated                  6. Pastor Chris Adams reported on the need
sanctuary. After meetings and surveys of cur-         Wednesday nights, the program to commence              to appoint a corporate agent. The motion was
rent use it was determined that 68% of Protes-        on September 5, 2012 and to carry forward              made to appoint Carol Shean as corporate
tant churches currently utilize screens in their      though May 2013. Dinner would be provided.             agent. A second was received by Jody
services. The projection screens have a utility       After discussion, a motion to approve the              Grantham. The motion passed.
for both the early and late services at HPC. On       Christian Education Team’s recommendations

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                                                                                            The Good News
Financial Report                                                                                 JUNE 2012
                                                                                    Following is a summary of the Hillsboro
  By the time you read this you will     Treasurer’s Report                        Church's financial operations for the total
                                                                                   year compared to the budget and the prior
have heard the results of our mid-year                                                     year for the same period.
Invest In The Mission campaign by
phone, by letter, and in person but                                                2012              2012           2011
here are the results one more time. We    OPERATING FUNDS:
                                         Revenues:                            ACTUAL               BUDGET          ACTUAL
set out with the goal of raising $200
                                         General Fund Contributions           $579,654            $361,820          $345,365
Thousand over and above current giv-
                                         Building Fund Contributions              2,775              390               2,855
ing to cover our forecasted shortage
                                         Other Income                            35,743             33,180            36,871
for 2012. The campaign result as of
                                         Total Revenues                         $618,172          $395,390          $385,091
this writing, July 13, is that the HPC
congregation committed $255 Thou-
                                         Operating Expenses                    $481,969              $475,271        $344,246
sand to Invest In The Mission, and we
                                         Benevolence                             29,285               33,650           37,931
have already received $225 Thousand
                                         Capital Improvements                        0                 5,000                0
of the commitment. Here’s our origi-
                                         Total Expenses                        $511,254              $513,921        $382,177
nal 2012 budget and the revised 2012
                                         Net Cash Gain (Deficit)               $106,919               (118,531)         2,913
budget reflecting the campaign re-
  Original Full-Year 2012 Budget/
   Revised Full-Year 2012 Budget                                                           BANK BALANCES:
  $ 803,444                                                                         Total Cash available        $316,011
  $ 1,058,444                                                                       Total market securities    $175,043
  $ 994,585                                                                         Less: Designated Accounts $(258,983)
  $ 994,585                                                                         Net Cash for Operations $232,071
  $ (191,141)                                                                       Benevolence Checking $ 26,934
                                                                                    BE Money Market               $ 16,004
  $ 63,559
  This is great news! And it is also                                                Total Benevolence           $ 42,938
great news that our staff and commit-
tees have managed expenses exactly
to budget through June this year.
                                         have our 2013 budget complete before       thanks for the faithfulness everyone
These results mean that we have now
                                         the 2013 Stewardship campaign to be        has shown in giving their time, talents,
recovered all of the $109 Thousand in
                                         undertaken in November and Decem-          and money to HPC.
savings that we had spent earlier this
                                         ber. This will allow us to specifically
year, and we are forecasting that we
                                         set out our 2013 giving target and to                                Jody Grantham
will end 2012 with $63 Thousand
                                         conduct our 2013 Stewardship cam-
more in our piggy bank than when we
                                         paign with that goal in mind.
started 2012.
                                           What Do We Do Now? – Let’s keep
  Finances Going Forward – While
                                         meeting our giving commitments for
we will continue to be prudent with
                                         the rest of year so that HPC can re-
our spending for the remainder of
                                         main stable and fully prepared for the
2012 our primary focus is now turn-
                                         great things God has planned for us to
ing to budget planning for 2013. For
                                         do. As always we extend sincere
this planning cycle we are aiming to
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The Good News
          Departmental Expenses vs. Budget
                                        2012 YTD           2012         REMAIN          PERCENT         2011 YTD
                                                                      BUDGET                            ACTUAL
 DIVISION                              ACTUAL         BUDGET                           SPENT

Pastoral Compensation             $112,372          $177,577          $65,205            63%            $50,191
Christian Education               $11,686           $27,665           $15,979            42%            $6,834
Worship                           $3,533            $14,760           $11,227            24%            $3,868
Fellowship/Community              $3,239            $5,000            $1,761             65%            $1,052
Office Administration             $40,279           $77,740           $37,461            52%            $39,174
Wednesday Night Dinner/Program*   $6,279            $12,240           $5,961             51%            $4,730
Evangelism                        $219              $6,000            $5,781             4%             $575
Membership                        $1,491            $3,200            $1,709             47%            $262
Stewardship/Finance               $0                $350              $350               0%             $0
Media                             $6,934            $11,500           $4,566             60%            $2,854
Building & Grounds                $53,786           $64,700           $10,914            83%            $32,941
Day-to-Day Operating              $46,049           $104,640          $58,591            44%            $40,899
Benevolence                       $29,285           $72,100           $42,815            41%            $37,931
Non-Pastoral Compensation         $196,102          $407,114          $211,012           48%            $160,867

Subtotals                         $511,254          $984,586          $473,332           52%            $382,177

Capital Improvements              $0                $10,000            $10,000            0%            $0

Total                             $511,254          $994,586           $483,332           51%           $382,177
 Target Percent YTD                                                                       50%
 Monthly Average Expense          $85,209

                                                               * Wednesday Night Programs now under Christian Education
 Projected Expense 2011           1,022,507

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