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                                                          Conta Shawn Taylor Zelm  man,
                                                                         s,        4216
                                                          Apt Orthodontics 703-727-4

                                                                       Youth Baske
                                                    Kim Prince, Dulles Y         etball

                 A      HODONTICS SOLE SPONS
                 APT ORTH            E     SOR OF

                           LLES YOU
                         DUL            SKETBAL
                                  UTH BAS     LL
        D        n         brates Ten Years of Co
        Dr. Kolman Apt Celeb          Y                  Support in A
                                                ommunity S          Ashburn

                 ptember 20, 2011) – Apt Orthodo ntics and D Kolman Apt proudly
(Ashburn, Va., Sep         ,         A                     Dr.                y

      r          2012 Dulles Youth Bas
sponsor the 2011-2         s                    sociation, a part of the Ashburn
                                     sketball Ass                      e

                   n.       hodontics se
Athletic Association Apt Orth                     ren, teens, and adults in Ashburn
                                       erves childr                    s          n

      rndon utilizing the mos advanced orthodont technolo
and Her                     st       d         tic      ogy. Ashburn Athletic

       tion is a non-profit org
Associat                                 d          o                     al
                              ganization dedicated to providing recreationa and

       tive sports to the youth of Loudou County f
competit                                un       from the ag of 5 to 15. Based in

      n,         D         th       all      tion has ser
Ashburn Va., the Dulles Yout Basketba Associat                    than 3,000
                                                        rved more t

        ildren over the years.
local chi

                    ant      o                     doun County commun
       “It is importa to me to give back to the Loud                           ulles
                                                                    nity. The Du

                 A                    shburn Athle Associa
Youth Basketball Association and the As          etic                           en
                                                         ation give local childre a

safe, competitive environment to learn th game of basketball, stated loc orthodontist
                            t           he                  ,”         cal

Dr. Kolm Apt.

      For 25 years, Dr. Apt has earned a reputation for his honesty, high standards,

and work ethic. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics and was

an original member of the Center for Facial Rehabilitation at Fairfax Hospital. He is a

member and Secretary/Treasurer of the Angel Society of Orthodontics and is an

attending clinical instructor at Washington Hospital Center’s Department of Orthodontics

in Washington, D.C. Dr. Apt is also a Premier Invisalign Provider.

      “The Dulles Youth Basketball Association thanks Dr. Apt for his commitment to

youth sports in our community,” stated Kevin Prince, V.P. Operations, Ashburn Athletic

Association. “Our team, Apt Orthodontics and the Dulles Youth Basketball Association,

working together may uncover the next LeBron James in Loudoun County.”

      For more information about Dr. Apt and Apt Orthodontics, visit, 703-729-9060. For more information about the Dulles Youth

Basketball Association, contact Kim Prince at 703-629-4746,


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