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					 events calendar                                                  Alumni Notes
                                                                  Compiled and edited by Wendy Cunningham and

Save the Date!
D&E’s Got Fun, Fun, Fun for Alumni                                1935
                                                                  Rachel Montgomery, Director of Alumni Relations
                                                                                        70th Reunion

                                                                                        at Homecoming
                                                                                        October 14-16, 2005
and Friends This Summer and Fall

These events are in the planning stage. Please check our
web site, for details on these             Pauline O’Kernick is still enjoying retirement after 35 years
                                                                  in the consumer finance business at Fidelity Finance
events two months before the scheduled date.

                                                                  Company in Elkins.
July 30          The 4th Annual Senator Basketball Golf
                 Location: The exclusive Raven Golf Club at
                 Snowshoe Mountain Resort.                        Jane Armentrout Maxwell and her sister, Nancy
                                                                  Armentrout Lang, ’47 have been living in Salem, Virginia
                 Time: 12:30 p.m. shot gun start

                                                                  for 12 years. They live near Jane’s two sons and their families.
                 Cost: $125.00 per player. Proceeds to benefit
                 D&E Men’s Basketball                                                   65th Reunion

                                                                                        at Homecoming
                 For more information contact: Amrit Rayfield,                          October 14-16, 2005
                 Head Men’s Basketball Coach (304) 637-1279.
October 14-16    Homecoming!
                 Get ready to celebrate! It’s a Black Tie         Mary Margaret Carroll Woodward Morrison married
                 celebration, plus 21 reunions for you and your   Noel Morrison on August 4, 2004. They are looking forward
                 D&E friends. Mark your calendars and make        to traveling, beginning with a cruise to Alaska in June.
                 plans to mark a new century with D&E!            Libraries are still of great interest and they have seen some
                                                                  outstanding ones. She states retirement is a great life so long

                 Class Reunions                                   as their health continues to be good.
                 1995 - 10 years
                 1990 - 15 years                                                       60th Reunion

                 1985 - 20 years                                                       at Homecoming
                                                                                       October 14-16, 2005
                 1980 - 25 years
                 1975 - 30 years
                 1970 - 35 years
                 1965 - 40 years
                 1960 - 45 years                                  Clarence H. Conner was fortunate to share the excitement
                 1955 - 50 years                                  of attending Dr. Talbot’s sciences classes with Sam Lanham,
                 1950 - 55 years                                  ’48 and O. Basil McGee, ’49 and many more. They had
                 1945 - 60 years                                  keys to the lab for night projects! What a wonderful group of

                 1940 - 65 years                                  people to be with - all pushed him!
                 1935 - 70 years
                 Special 1953 - 52 years
                 Greek and Athletic Reunions
                 Men’s Basketball                                 Lena Bradley Itnyre and her husband, Edwin, continue
                 Phi Mu                                           traveling. They recently returned from a wonderful 28 day
                 Zeta Tau Alpha                                   trip to Australia and New Zealand.
                 Sigma Phi Epsilon                                Betty Rohr, a Davis Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Volunteer,
                 Tau Kappa Epsilon                                extended her compassion and generosity well beyond the walls
                 Alpha Sigma Phi                                  of the hospital to touch the life of Della Myers, a Cancer Care
                 Chi Omega                                        Center patient, and gave new meaning to “open house.” In
                 Special events:                                  early fall 2004, Betty began talking with Della and soon
                 The Senators’ Ball                               discovered that she was scheduled to undergo a series of
                 (Black-tie optional banquet and dance)           radiation treatments for breast cancer but was concerned that
                 Academic Symposium                               she would not finish treatment because her home was in
                 Scenic train ride                                Marlinton, WV, which was an hour’s drive each way. Betty
                                                                  graciously and immediately opened her home to Della from
                                                                  September through the second week of October, which
                                                                  allowed her to continue the necessary radiation treatments.
24 | Davis & Elkins College Forward... Summer ’05
                                                                                                                  alumni notes
                                                                                                             Helenjane W. “Rusty” Cougan
                                                                                                             survived hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan
                                                                                                             and Jeanne! She reports she is alive and
                                                                                                             thankful that her roof was finally done in
                                                                                                             November. Now she must get work done
                                                                                                             on the inside and outside of her house.
                                                                                                             Rusty wishes a Happy and Healthy 2005
                                                                                                             to all.
                                                                                                             Dorothy Steele Stacy and her husband,
                                                                                                             Robert, celebrated their 50th wedding
                                                                                                             anniversary in July 2004. Both are retired
                                                                                                             and continue to live in sugar cane country
Margaret Purdum Goddin, ’50 and sister Elizabeth Purdum VanderEls, ’47 during their wonderful expeditions    in Clemston, Florida, the “sweetest little

in Egypt last Fall.                                                                                          town in the south.”

                                                       Edward A. Sheakley and his wife,                                              52nd Reunion
                                                                                                                                     at Homecoming
                                                       Angela, are enjoying retirement. Their                                        October 14-16, 2005
                                                       three sons are doing fine. One son is                 Rita Kyle Thomas taught in Virginia for
Ralph R. Booth has retired after 10 years              married with 2 sons of his own. Edward                5 years; worked at The Upper Room in
of part-time teaching at the University of             states he has some great memories from                Tennessee for 1 year and, taught in

Delaware, WV Wesleyan, Alderson                        D&E.                                                  Maryland for 14 years. She finally moved
Broaddus and D&E. He now wonders how                                                                         back to West Virginia where she taught 2

he had time to work before retirement.                                                                       years at the Lewisburg Community College,
                        55th Reunion                                                                         1 year at the local high school, and
                        at Homecoming                  Cecil G. Layman, Jr. was inducted into                substituted for a couple more years. She
                        October 14-16, 2005                                                                  worked in sales for a short time and finally
                                                       the Virginia High School League Hall of
Margaret Purdum Goddin, and her                        Fame in the fall of 2003.                             transcribed psychological reports for her
sister, Elizabeth Purdum                                                                                     husband who had his own private practice.
VanderEls,’47, visited Egypt during the                                                                      Presently, she is a homemaker keeping busy
fall of 2004, concentrating on its ancient                                                                   with other activities.
and modern cultures. They were able to
experience so much on this trip, including
artifacts of King Tut, Kufu Pyramid, the
Sphinx, Luxor and Karnak, the Valley of
the Kings, including the Ramses II temples
and tomb, the Valley of the Queens and
other notable sites. They were most
impressed by the fact that these ancient
structures, particularly those of Ramses II,
retain much of their original carvings and
colors. Once they left the Cairo area they
visited the Fortress which stands on the
location of Alexander’s famous lighthouse
and took a four-day leisurely boat trip up
the Nile. They felt safe throughout their
trip for the Egyptian government provided
guards for them in large cities. Elizabeth
and Margaret’s trip was particularly
enhanced by their Sunni Muslim
archaeologist who related from his life as an
archaeologist many facts they otherwise
would not have known. “It was the                      The McKenzie family gathered for John’s 75th birthday. Front row l-r: grandson, Gabe McKenzie,
                                                       granddaughter Hannah McKenzie, dog, Jock, Tish Davis McKenzie, ’55 and birthday boy, John McKenzie,
experience of a lifetime.”
                                                       ’55, son Shawn McKenzie. Back row, left to right: Daughter Tara McKenzie Sandercock, ’80, and husband
                                                       Steve Sandercock, ’82, grandson Jeremy Sandercock, son Scot McKenzie, ’96, daughter-in-law, Diane
                                                       McKenzie, son Skye McKenzie, granddaughter Bridget Murray with great-granddaughter Caitlin Murray, and
                                                       daughter-in-law Shawn McKenzie.

                                                                                                                  Davis & Elkins College |               25
 alumni notes
  Please help us find 1954
                                                                                       Almeda Shimer Huffaker and her
                                                                                       husband, Jim, became grandparents on July
                                                                                       4, 2004. The identical twin girls weighed
         these        Eleanore Loeffler Bernard and her                                in at 2 lbs. when born. They came home
  missing members celebrateFred J. Bernard, ’55 will
                              their 25th wedding anniversary
                                                                                       on September 28, which was their original
                                                                                       due date, and are now doing fine. Their
                 of the                 on August 8, 2005. They attended D&E’s         parents are Peter and Kate Anderson

  Class of 1955                         100th anniversary in 2004 because it made
                                        them feel younger! They hope to see
                                                                                       Huffaker of Los Angeles, California.

                                        everyone this fall.                            Phil Inglee was recently appointed by
  If you know where any of these                                                       California Governor Arnold
  individuals are please contact the                        50th Reunion               Schwarzenegger and confirmed by the
                                                            at Homecoming              California Senate to the Board of Prison
  alumni office at (304) 637-1341 or                        October 14-16, 2005
                                                                                       Terms. Inglee has served as a commissioner The 1955     John and Tish Davis McKenzie                   on the Orange County Parole Board since
  reunion committee would like to see   celebrated John’s 75th birthday at Deerfield   2001.
  them for their 50th reunion this      Village in Canaan Valley, WV, last July
  October.                              with many friends and family who came
                                        from all over the country. The birthday

  Mr. Hormoz Adle                       cookout was enjoyed by all.
                                                                                       The Tavern restaurant played host to a mini Sig-Ep
  Dr. Frank Bryan                                                                      reunion for (from l to r) Bob Holmes, Bill Walter,
  Mr. William Crines                                                                   Jim Meyers and Ed Hart, all of the class of 1962.

  Mr. Harold Cross
                                        George R. Triplett recently wrote the
  Mr. Feore Demario                     book “Our Proud Mountain Roots and
  Mr. Rodrigo Espinal                   Heritage” describing his proud mountain
                                        family, life, roots and growing up in the
  Mr. Richard Flage

                                        mountains of WV and the Celtic heritage.
  Mr. Alan Fox
  Mr. Eduardo Gaffron
  Mr. Manuel Garcia
  Mr. Gerald Gray                       Ruth A. Lautenbach Keck has five
                                        wonderful grandchildren and is preaching
  Mr. John Halloran                     at two small churches.
  Mr. Edward Jacobs
                                        Maynard C. Nugent now has six
  Mrs. Barbara Barbour Johannsen        grandchildren with the birth of a

  Mr. Kenneth Karcher                   granddaughter in November.
  Mr. Harley Lake, Jr.
  Mr. Stanley Macko
  Mr. Mostafa Nasr                      Mariwyn McClain Smith and husband,
  Mr. Louis Neira                       George A. Smith ’61, sold The Parsons
  Mrs. Alberta Pearson                  Advocate in August. Mariwyn was the
                                        editor, and she and George were co-
  Mr. Fernando Pulido                   publishers. Mariwyn’s family had owned
  Mr. George Schmidt                    The Parsons Advocate since 1943.
  Mrs. Ruth Deitz Sides                 Ruth Herbert Gnagey has completed
  Mr. James Silcox                      her first two years of ministry at the
  Mr. Edward Smits                      Emerson Unitarian Universalist Chapel in
                                        Ellisville, MD. Ruth and her husband,
  Mrs. Virginia Bell Tiano              William, intend to continue their ministry
  Mr. Enrique Uribe                     in a semi-retired way beginning in June.
  Mr. Luis Villasmil
  Mr. William Wagner
  Mr. Thomas Watson

26 | Davis & Elkins College Forward... Summer ’05
                                                                                                    alumni notes
1960                  45th Reunion
                                               1967                                             1970                   35th Reunion

                      at Homecoming                                                                                    at Homecoming
                      October 14-16, 2005                                                                              October 14-16, 2005
Joan Larkin Huke is currently working          J. William Kokie and Joanne Loeffler
for D.R. Horton, America’s largest builder,    Kokie have two grandchildren, Will (age 2
and selling townhouses in Woodbridge,          1/2) and Nick (age 14 months). Joanne
VA. She spends her free time with her 3-       continues to be the director of Resident         David A. Coombs and wife, Linda A.
year-old grandson, Brandon.                    Services at Blakehurst. Bill works for PSA       Schacht Coombs, are building their
                                               Financial Center and is Parish Associate at      retirement home in Hot Springs Village,
Richard L. Huggins is in his second year       Christ Our King in Bel Air, Maryland. In         Arkansas. They intend to retire in 2005.
as Interim Pastor in Auburndale, Florida.      August 2004, Bill and Joanne had a life          Both of their children married this past
Being a pastor has not kept him from his       changing experience when they went on a          year.
love of acting. Dick is still making

                                               two-week mission trip to Kenya, Africa.
commercials and doing improv theatre. He                                                        Grace Ellen Gray Krechel has been
also recently began his third year doing                                                        promoted to supervisor of Child &
executive training for Price-Waterhouse-                                                        Adolescent Services for Georgetown Office

Coopers in New Jersey.                                                                          of Waccamau Center for Mental Health.
                                               At the request of the Ambassador of              She and her husband, Glenn R. Krechel,

                                               Romania to the United States, Charles            welcomed their 3rd grandchild in February.
                                               H. Potter, II developed and displayed an
                                               exhibit of Kingdom of Romania orders,
Robert T. Holmes, Bill Walter, Jim             medals, and decorations for the National
Meyers, and Ed Hart had their own mini         Day celebration on December 1, 2004.
Sig Ep reunion at The Tavern on St.            Charles used reference sources from his          Daniel J. Armstrong retired from the
Simons Island, GA, where they had a great      library and items from his personal              Virginia Department of Corrections after
time with lunch, drinks, and numerous          collection of international orders, medals       31 years and is presently in the ministry,

stories about their fraternity years.          and decorations to prepare the exhibit.          serving two churches in the Virginia
                                               This was displayed in the grand salon of the     Annual Conference of the United
                                               residence of the ambassador on embassy           Methodist Church.
                                               row in Washington, D.C., and described to        John L. Caracciolo is currently serving
Phillip Bussey extends best wishes to all      a wide range of military officers from           with the United States Agency for
1963 grads and reports if you missed the       France, Hungary, Germany, Spain, and             International Development in the Republic
2004 reunion, you missed a lot of fun and      Romania. Charles has collected and               of Armenia, where he is the Mission’s
the chance to tell the old lies as well as a   studied international, as well as U.S.,          Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise
                                               medals, orders, and decorations since he

few new ones.                                                                                   Development Advisor in the Office of
                                               was a junior in high school, and provided        Economic Restructuring & Energy. John’s
                     40th Reunion              the very first public display for the U.S. Air   career in international development has
                     at Homecoming             Force R.O.T.C. Commander at D&E for an
                     October 14-16, 2005                                                        spanned 30 years and numerous countries
                                               armed forces day celebration during the          worldwide. He and his wife, Olga, are

Richard W. Bendy and E. Joanne                 1960s.                                           expecting triplets and their son, Roberto,
Person Bendy ’66 thoroughly enjoyed                                                             competed as an athlete during the summer
the 100-year celebration. Everything was                                                        Athens Olympics in the 1500 meter race.
outstanding, especially the Saturday                                                            John is proud to say that he is a graduate of
morning symposiums!                                                                             D&E and was a member of D&E’s National
                                               Richard D. Craig and wife, Marcia
David E. Clapp is still leading nature trips   Davies Craig, ’71, celebrated their 35th         Championship soccer teams.
for the Smithsonian. He headed to              wedding anniversary. Upon graduation,            Joseph E. Filer, IV is the pastor of the
Antarctica in January 2005. David also         Richard received his M.A. from Loyola and        First Presbyterian Church in Oil City, PA.
works for Massachusetts Audubon but is         Ph.D. from Catholic University. He is            He shares his life with wife, Kate Irish Filer,
doing more and more consulting with golf       presently employed as the Associate              who is also an ordained Presbyterian
courses and habitat management.                Director of Patuxent Institution and is a        minister, and a soft-coated Wheaten
                                               licensed psychologist and a licensed             Terrier, Duffy.
Carolyn Ekins Heasley has two                  counselor specializing in criminal and
beautiful grandchildren, Catherine Mai Ly      forensic work. Marcia is an RN and has
and Grace Tien Ly, who live near her,          worked for a number of years in Mount
bringing new delights every week.              Washington Hospital’s neonatal unit.
                                               Richard and Marcia have two sons,
                                               Richard, a federal marshal, and Stephen, a
                                               police officer. They also have two

                                                                                                    Davis & Elkins College |              27
  alumni notes
Robert D. Nicoll married his wife,
Nancy, in September, 2003. They
currently live in Eagle River, Alaska.
They share 2 sons and 1 daughter. Since
graduating from D&E in 1972, Bob went
on to earn his M.A. in Counseling from
WVU in ’74. He then opened a private
practice counseling service in Bozeman,
MT, until he moved to Anna, IL, in
1977 and worked as a counselor for a
community mental health agency. He
left the counseling profession in 1984 to
own a Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlour
restaurant in Springfield, IL. In 1987 he
relocated to Denver, CO, and became a
Financial Planner with IDS Financial
Services - American Express until 1989
when he moved to Phoenix, AZ, and
worked with Tony Robbins doing
personal growth seminars, sales training,           TKE brothers, (left to right) Russell Channell '90, Mark Elkin '90, Brad Scheck '92, and Jon Gracey '89 came
and motivational speaking. In 1994 he               out to help celebrate Brad Scheck’s wedding day.
moved again to Monroe, LA, and

worked as a physician recruiter for a
placement firm until 1999. Bob wasn’t               William L. Turner, Jr., was recently
finished seeing the country yet, for in             appointed as director of volunteers with the
1999 he sold Cellular phone service in              District of Columbia Public Library
Ruston, LA; then, in 2002, he moved to              (November 2004), after 4+ years as                       K. Travis Adams and his wife, Kathy, are
Dallas, TX, working in Pipeline                     assistant dean of the School of Library &                still living and ministering in the
Construction Management until                       Information Science at Catholic                          mountains of North Georgia after 15 years.
relocating to Alaska in August of 2004.             University, and is the newly elected                     Their sons have left the nest: Carter, the
He currently is the sales manager for the           president of the Friends of the Arlington                oldest, is teaching in France; Collin is
State of Alaska for an internet                     County (VA) Public Library (December                     starting Seminary at Columbia in the fall;

Yellowpages company in Anchorage, and               2004).                                                   and Clayton is in his first year of college at
his wife, Nancy, is a property manager                                                                       Tusculum. Clayton was the youngest
with a local real estate company. Bob                                                                        delegate in the country at the Democratic
encourages everyone, “if you have ever                                                                       Convention in Boston this past summer.
thought of visiting Alaska... DO IT!!                                                                        Travis states life is good but in constant
                                                    J.P. LadyHawk Freeman has moved

You will be forever grateful for the                                                                         flux.
experience.”                                        from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas with
                                                    her partner Joanne Marie Clark. They are
                                                    planning to marry in Massachusetts this
                                                    July. LadyHawk would love to hear from
                                                    her D&E friends. She can be reached at                   James H. Garrett is the director of
                                                    5913 Amber Station Ave., Las Vegas,                      volunteer services for The Salvation Army
                                                    NV 89131.                                                in Louisville, Kentucky. The Salvation
                                                                                                             Army utilizes the services of 10,000
                                                    Geoffrey H. Walker is currently                          volunteers contributing nearly 100,000
                                                    enjoying a solo law practice in sunny                    hours of work each year.
                                                    Phoenix, Arizona. He states that Dr.
                                                    Phillips V. Brooks was the finest teacher he             Karen S. Cowen Long and husband,
                                                                                                             Edwin L. Long, ’80 continue to live in

                                                    ever had.
                    Nancy and Bob Nicoll ‘72                                                                 Haymarket, Virginia. Ed is a greens
                    on their first anniversary at
                    their new home in Eagle
                                                                             30th Reunion                    superintendent at Stonewall Golf Club,
                                                                             at Homecoming                   and Karen is a college guidance associate
                    River, Alaska.                                           October 14-16, 2005
                                                                                                             director at Highland School Their
                                                    Judith A. Shatchko Cornman recently                      daughter, Laura, is a biology major in
                                                    started a new job as administrative assistant            college, and daughter, Sarah, is in the 9th
                                                    to the superintendent of the Northeast                   grade.
                                                    Region of the Free Methodist Church of
                                                    North America. She also continues to
                                                    serve as administrator at Allegheny Free
                                                    Methodist Church.

28 | Davis & Elkins College Forward... Summer ’05
                                                                                                   alumni notes
1979                                            1985                20th Reunion
                                                                    at Homecoming
                                                                    October 14-16, 2005
Cynthia Horton Pierson is in her 2nd                                                          Cindy Gochenour Arnold and husband,
year as a teaching assistant at the                                                           Pete Arnold, are thrilled to welcome
Burlington County Institute of Technology,                                                    daughter Hana LeGarde Arnold to their
in the Geoscience & Remote Sensing,             John S. Moyer is the manager of men’s         family. She was born on January 10, 2005.

(formerly Environmental Studies),               suits at Boscov’s Department Store in         Hana joins big brother Hayden (2).

Program. She is also on the Board of            Harrisburg, PA.
Directors of Pompeston Creek Watershed
Association, and in her 5th year of work to
restore the local snapping turtle population.
Cynthia’s daughter, Liz, graduated from                                                       Carrie L. O’Connor Martin and her
high school in June with honors, winning        Holly Jack Conrad and husband,                husband, Alexander, are proud to
the National Women’s Environmental              Matthew, are thrilled to welcome their        announce the birth of their daughter, Drew
Leadership Award, and is currently a            son, William “Will” Matthew Conrad, to        Elizabeth, on December 12, 2003. She was
                                                their family. Will was born on                welcomed home by big sister, Alex, now 5

student at Unity College in Maine.
                                                December 30, 2004.                            years old. Carrie would like to extend
                     25th Reunion                                                             congratulations to Dennis and Ginny Hupp
                                                Jonathan Gracey had a little TKE              on the birth of their triplets and say hello
                     at Homecoming
                     October 14-16, 2005        reunion with Russell Channell, ’90 and        to all her ZTA sisters!
Susan D. Byrd Lubert retired in 2000            Mark Elkin, ’90 as they all came out to
from the high tech industry and is enjoying     celebrate the marriage of TKE brother         Jason Gatt and wife, Daisy DeWeese-
human resources consulting and spending         Brad Scheck, ’92 to Lori Pelkey in            Gatt, ’95, send warm wishes to all D&E

more time with her teenage boys. Susan          Chestertown, MD, on September 25, 2004.       friends! They have moved, and their new
would love to hear from her long-lost                                                         address is 1721 Spot Lane, Carolina Beach,
                                                                    15th Reunion              NC 28428. Daisy is currently a global

friends at                                      at Homecoming
                                                                    October 14-16, 2005       project manager for a breast cancer project,
                                                                                              and Jason is a senior project cost analyst.
                                                David F. Kelley and his wife, Vanessa, are    Both Jason and Daisy work for PPD in
                                                the proud parents of Edward Richard born      Williamstown, NC.
Mary “Debbie” Payne Fragale opened              July 6, 2004.
her new business, D3 Details, in 2004. She      Cynthia S. Reed Ramsay married Dan
traveled to New York, Tennessee, South          Ramsay in Beaver, PA, on September 5,         It didn’t take long for newborn Hana LeGarde
Carolina, and Georgia to put together a         1998. They now live in Seattle, WA, with      Arnold to start getting flowers. Hana was born on
unique line of jewelry and handbags.            their two children, Benjamin, born July 10,   January 10, 2005 to Pete, ’91 and Cindy
Peter E. Zelov and his wife, Suzanne,           1999, and Molly, born September 24, 2002.     Gochenour Arnold, ’91.

welcomed a new baby girl on May 22,


Karen Cost Wilmoth was recently
elected to City Council for Elkins, WV.
She took office on April 1, 2005, and will
serve a four-year term. She is also currently
serving as Assistant District Governor for
Rotary District 7530, a position she will

hold until June, 2007.

Lee S. Whitacre is enjoying life with his
family and keeps busy with the opening of
a new business, Route 37 Self Storage,
LLC, in September of 2001.

                                                                                                   Davis & Elkins College |                 29
  alumni notes
R. Kent Taylor, II recently received his
Master’s degree in Business Administration
and is currently employed by the Federal
Bureau of Prisons in South Carolina. His                                                                    Rebecca A. Dennis recently accepted

email address is                                                                       the position of Regional Sales Manager at
                                                                                                            Kenra LLC, which is recognized as one of
                     10th Reunion                                                                           the top five growing brands in the salon
                     at Homecoming                                                                          industry, according to a 1999 research
                     October 14-16, 2005
                                                                                                            study. She will be based in Columbus,
Rob Kerns and wife, Lisa, are happy to                                                                      Ohio. Rebecca invites classmates and
announce the birth of their daughter,                                                                       friends to email her at

Liethean “Thea” Ann Kerns, born on                                                                
January 17, 2005.
Kimberly S. Landis is a real estate broker
and the owner of Landis Realty, with three
offices in Canaan Valley, and one in                                                                        AIC Gail M. Rasor is stationed at the
Morgantown. She also has two sons, Tyler,                                                                   U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado

age 6, and Alex, age 2.                                                                                     Springs, CO, with Security Forces.

                                                  Shannen Elizabeth Swartz finds comfort with her           Amanda B. Yeargan is in a supervisor
                                                  pink binky. Shannen was born on April 7, 2005, to         training program for Holiday Inn Select.
                                                  Jim and Larisa Draeger Swartz, ’00.                       She is marrying Kirk Monroe this month
Elizabeth A. King Helm wishes to say

                                                   2000                                                     2003
                                                                                                            and plans to honeymoon in Key West.
hello to the class of 1997 and hopes all are
doing well. She is still working at Ocwen,
a mortgage company. On May 8, 2004,
Beth married Thomas Eric Helm in
Daytona Beach, FL, and on December 1,              Curtis L. Metten is the assistant coach                  Jennifer L. Jones started graduate school
2004, they had a gorgeous baby boy, Eric           for Eastern Kentucky University’s women’s                last fall at Seton Hall University in their
Nicholas Helm.                                     basketball team. They were regular season                Corporate and Public Communication
                                                   champions in the Ohio Valley Conference                  Master’s Program. This is a two-year
                              And Baby makes       with a 15-1 record and won the OVC                       program and she is scheduled to graduate in
                              three! Thomas        Tournament to get an automatic bid to the                May 2006. During her first semester she
                              and Beth King                                                                 received a 3.6 gpa. Jennifer also started
                                                   NCAA Tournament, where they played
                              Helm, ’97                                                                     work as a graduate assistant for the Office
                              welcomed baby
                                                   against the No. 5 seed Arizona State in the
                                                   opening round in Fresno, California.                     of the Provost under Dr. Thomas Lindsay.
                              boy Eric Nicholas
                                                                                                            She handles speech writing for him and
                              on December 1,
                                                   Larisa Draegar Swartz along with her                     creates letters for sabbaticals and tenure
                                                   husband, Jim, are the proud parents of a                 requests. Jennifer is now settled in
                                                   little baby girl, Shannen Elizabeth Swartz.              Montclair, New Jersey, where she and her
                                                   Shannen made her debut on April 7, 2005,                 roommate live in a beautiful Victorian
Rebecca Heinzerling Passero and her                only one week past her due date. Mother                  home. In 2003, Jennifer did an internship
husband, Phil, would like to announce the          and daughter are doing fine and anxiously                with Swanson Communications and
birth of their son Philip Joseph IV, born          awaiting Daddy’s return from the Gulf War.               worked closely with fighters and has since
February 13, 2005. They bought a house                                                                      kept up with boxing. Recently, Jennifer
                                                   Aaron Taylor is the Head Athletic                        met Bert Sugar, a boxing writer/enthusiast,
and moved to New Milford, CT, in fall              Trainer & Sports Medicine Coordinator at

2004.                                                                                                       who is contracted out by HBO-PPV to
                                                   Rehabilitation Services of Danville &                    write for many fights they promote. She
                                                   Orthopedic and Sport Physical Therapy in                 was able to meet him while visiting
                                                   Danville, VA. He is also the Coordinator                 Comcast Studios during a taping of Dr.
                                                   & Conditioning Coach at Pro Form                         Steve Adubato’s show One-on-One where
After four years in the tradeshow industry,        Training. His email address is                           she was learning some production.
Stephen D. Saunders is starting his own  
business. Stephen and his wife, Sara, have
two wonderful children, Lucy, age 4, and
D.V., age 1. They hope to build their
dream home in Harman this summer.
                                                                  Jennifer Jones, ’03 enjoyed the perks
                                                                of her internship when she met boxing
                                                                            writer/enthusiast Bert Sugar.

30 | Davis & Elkins College Forward... Summer ’05
                                                                                      in memoriam
Eugene Morrissey, International Student                                            1930
                                                                                           Roscoe B. Meadows
                                                                                           Sara E. “Sally” Talbott Wagner
                          Eugene Morrissey of Belfast, County Antrim,              1932    William O. Poling
                          Northern Ireland, and an international student at        1933    A. W. Goddin
                          Davis & Elkins College, died in March from
                          injuries sustained in a recreational skiing accident.    1935    Arthur G. Roy
                          Morrissey was the son of Eugene and Mary                         Nellie S. Suesli Umbright
                          Morrissey of Belfast. In Ireland, Eugene was a           1936    Lindsey J. Phares
                          student at St. Mary’s University College. He was         1937    Elizabeth Row Ryder
                          studying at Davis & Elkins College as part of            1938    Elizabeth E. Pritt Tritt
                          Northern Ireland’s Business Education Initiative,
                          which provides one-year study programs for                       Betty A. Vilseck
                          undergraduate students from Northern Ireland at                  Elizabeth O. Rohrbough Wingfield
                          U.S. colleges and universities. In addition to his       1939    Eugenia Grace Triplett Pace
                          parents, Eugene is survived by a sister, Jennifer, and           John F. Suba

Dorothy T. Yingling, Former Trustee
                          two brothers, Matthew and Jonathan.                      1940    Isabel C. Eshelman Spiggle
                                                                                   1943    Lucille V. Currence
                                                                                   1945    Margaret Earle Baker
                                                                                           Elizabeth Hart May
Dorothy T. “Dottie” Yingling, a former D&E trustee who served from 1973 –
1980 and 1981 – 1985, died in April in Newville, Pennsylvania. A member of
                                                                                   1946    Kathryn B. McGee White
the Business and Finance Committee during her tenure on the Board,                 1947    Elthadora Pence Chenoweth
Yingling was a dedicated leader within the Presbyterian Church and an                      Louis A. Kish
accomplished businesswoman. She received her degree in business                    1948    Elwyn R. Burke
administration at age 19 from the University of Chicago and during her early               Bruce Gurd
career, taught business administration and directed the student industries
program at Park College, Missouri. Later, she joined AMP Incorporated (now
                                                                                   1949    Marilyn Winn Snelson
Tyco International) where she worked for most of her career. Yingling was          1951    Lee Right
very active within the Church, serving on the World Council of Churches in                 Rosie M. Scarfo
Geneva, Switzerland and at the Alban Institute in Washington, D.C. She was                 William D. Yount

Lindsey J. Phares, ’36, Former Trustee
preceded in death by her husband, Bill.                                            1952    Cecil Glenn “Polly” Vanscoy
                                                                                           Howard A. Waniga
                                                                                           James L. Wilson
                                                                                   1954    Richard D. Snodgrass
Lindsey J. Phares, a 1936 graduate of Davis & Elkins College and former
trustee, died in March in St. Charles, Missouri. A D&E Trustee from 1964-
                                                                                           Wilma Ellen Cresser Winter
1965 and 1968 -1972, Phares was an engineer and vice president for Raymond         1955    Elio Comis
International Corporation, an oil and gas development company that was             1956    Robert B. Henriksen
involved in the construction of the Alaskan pipeline. Born in Pendleton            1958    Elisa Hunter Symons
County, WV, and a veteran of WWII, Phares held 14 patents and was a fellow         1962    Virginia B. Bibinger Lemke
of the Houston Branch/Texas Section of the American Society of Civil
Engineers. He was awarded the honorary Doctor of Science degree by Davis &
                                                                                           Roderick S. Powell
                                                                                   1965    Thomas L. Brown

Dr. Daniel Durham Rhodes,and DeanProfessor
Elkins College in 1979.
                                                                                           Suzanne Herder
                                                                                   1969    Ronald H. Kyle
                          Former                                                   1972    Wendy Matthews Bowman
                                  of Students
                                                                                           Pamela A. Kelly Daugherty
Dr. Daniel Durham Rhodes, professor of religion and philosophy and dean of                 G. Fred DiBona Jr.
students at D&E serving the College from 1947 to 1953, died in January in          1975    Daniel F. Moats
Davidson, North Carolina. A graduate of Davidson College, Louisville               1976    Carolyn R. Lantz
Seminary, and Duke University, Rhodes also served as pastor of the Beverly,
West Virginia, Presbyterian Church during his time at D&E. He left D&E for         1979    Gary B. Pase
Davidson College in 1960, where he chaired the Religion Department for 20          1980    Timothy J. Pierson
years and was named both the J.W. Cannon Professor of Bible and Religion           1984    Peter B. "Ben" Portaro
and the Paul B. Freeland Professor of Religion. Rhodes was a member of the         2003    Logan Selby Courtillet
Executive Committee of the Presbyterian Education Association of the South         2005    Eugene Morrissey
and Advisory Council on Higher Education Presbyterian Church, U.S. He is
survived by his wife, Ethel, and six children.
                                                                                          Davis & Elkins College |   31

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