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					          Transport Accident Commission & WorkSafe
                         Contracted supplier contact details:

      Aidacare                              Endeavour Industries         
      Phone: (03) 9384 7010                 Phone: (03) 9703 2900
      Fax: (03) 9384 2088                   Fax: (03) 9702 3465

                                            Independence Australia - in
      GMS Rehabilitation                    partnership with Victorian Home                   Health Equipment (VHHE)
      Phone: 1800 060 919         
      Fax: 1300 734 998                     Phone: 1300 788 855
                                            Fax: 1300 788 811

                               Using this Equipment List:

Each worksheet contains one category of equipment. To open a category, click on the worksheet
at the bottom of the screen. Within each category are sub-headings to help you find specific
types of equipment.

You can search for specific equipment items in the following ways:
     - BY CATEGORY. Equipment List (this does not apply to the Continence List) is split into
       worksheets according to categories. See table below for an outline of each category.

     - BY USING FILTERS. Use the arrows in the top row to narrow your search. Click on the
       arrow and scroll down to select the item description, brand name or product code
       you are looking for. N.B: Product descriptions begin with the type of equipment, followed
       by it’s particular specifications (i.e. ‘Vacuum cleaner – upright’, ‘Vacuum cleaner – bagless'
       or ‘Vacuum cleaner – Hand Vacuum – high powered’

     - FIND FUNCTION press the 'CTRL' and 'F' buttons to search for particular phrases.
        i.e long handled, 8x10 cell. This can be particularly useful where similar items may
       appear under different sub-headings.

Other useful tips and hints:
     - items for purchase have blue sub-headings
     - items for hire have green sub-headings
     - manufacturer item codes have been used to create a consistent system across
        all suppliers
     - visit the website for each supplier - they have photos and additional descriptions
       of each equipment item

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                               Quick Reference Guide

Beds                                specialised beds, mattresses, pressure care
Building Fixtures                   portable pillows
                                    overlays,ramps, hand/grab rails, non slip
Clothing & Dressing                 surfaces
                                    compression garments, dressing aids,
Continence*                         cast/dressing protectors
                                    catheters, drain bags, continence briefs,
Eating & Drinking                   disposable gloves, lubricants and solutions
                                    modified cutlery, crockery, cups, adapted
Household Aids                      handles, cleaningfeeding equipment
                                    modifed enteral equipment, reaching aids,
Hygiene                             bathing adapted cooking utensils
                                    trolleys, stools/chairs/commodes, personal
Lifting & Transfer                  hoists andaids, toileting aids
                                    grooming slings, transfer boards/sheets/tubes
Scooters                            scooters, batteries, scooter safety accessories
Seating                             pressure care cushions, day chairs, recliner/tilt
Small Stock                         TENS seating supports, wheelchair backs
                                    chairs,machines, bandages, wound care,
Vehicle Accessories                 alcohol wheel dressings, braces, splints and
                                    steeringswabs, spinners, handy bars,
Vocational Aids                     harnesses, transfer aids
                                    modified workstations, adapted computer
      (TAC only)                    equipment, wrist and arm supports
Walking & Mobility                  walking frames, walking sticks, crutches,
Wheelchairs                         quadsticks
                                    power/manual wheelchairs, batteries, safety
*Independence Australia is the sole contracted supplier of continence equipment for the
TAC and WorkSafe

                 Further information - Rehabilitation Equipment:

               TAC                                        WorkSafe

TAC Equipment Policy                      WorkSafe Equipment Policy (section 10.5.12)
                                          WorkSafe Aids and Appliances Policy (section 10.5.2)

                  Further information - Continence Equipment:

               TAC                                        WorkSafe

TAC Equipment Policy                      WorkSafe Equipment Policy (section 10.5.12)
TAC Continence Prescription Form
                                          WorkSafe Aids and Appliances Policy (section 10.5.2)
(hospital discharge)
                                          WorkSafe Continence Prescription Form (hospital discharge)
                                          WorkSafe Continence Prescription Form (community)

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