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Jeff Henkel
            Needs or desires
• People wanted to be entertained with
  listening to music or hear the news of what is
  happening in this world. Some people find the
  radio as a source to feel connected to the
• You need an antenna, a printed circuit board,
  resisters, capacitors, coils and transformers,
  transistors, integrated circuits, and speakers.
  The antenna tries to receive signals from a
  radio station so it can let you hear what’s on
  the speakers minds. The resistors limit the
  electricity flow going through the radio parts
  so it does not blow the the radio up when you
  hook it up to an outlet.
           About the creators
• Nikola tesla developed the idea of having a
  radio. Guglielmo Marconi invented the first
  radio. I would give the credit to Nikola instead
  of Guglielmo even if most give credit to
  Guglielmo .
      Problems with developing
• Only a limited number could use the
  "highway" at any one time. And since more
  than that number wanted to use it, the
  government had to parcel out the ether's use
  by license, deciding who should use it and in
  what ways. Peopl wanted to get on the
  highway so they could listen to the radio.
          Analysis of problem
• Everyone was willing to gert a license so they
  can get to the Higfhway so they can listen to
  the radio in the car. People thought that they
  should make radios not hooked up into a
  automobile system.
         4 Designing Principles
• Identify the problem- The problem is people
  just want to get a license so they can listen to
  the radio.
• Developing the solution-People thought up
  ideas to have radios not hooked up into an
  automobile system.
• Evaluating the solution- People ,to solve this
  problem, had no one way of solving this. They
  made some where it runs on batteries, some
  you plug into the wall.
• Communicating the solution-The inventors
  made different solutions to the problem.
• Book about radios

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