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					          International Green Projects Competition

1. School Name-SKH Fung Kei Primary School

2. Who’s who -Chow Ching Shing(6B)

               Chung Chi Ho(6A)

               Ling Ho Ting(6A)

               Shing Man Yee(6A)

               Leung Wai Yee(6A)

               Lo Chin Wang(6A)

               Law Cho Ting(6B)

               Chan Cheuk Hei(6C)

3. Who’s in charge-Leung Oi Ching

4. Location-No. 4, Tak Ting Street, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
5. Introduction-
      The environmental problems in Hong Kong at now are very serious. For example: the circumstance, of the pollutions (air
   pollution, water pollution, sounds pollution and land pollution) in Hong Kong, the landfills in Hong Kong will be full, a lot
   of dangerous refuse, etc.
      On the topic of the land pollution, the statistics of the amount of the refusals per day is 17760 tons. Most of them are come
   from housing. The statistics also says that all the landfills in Hong Kong will be full after about twelve years if the refusals
   stay the same amount.
      The air pollution is also very seriously. From about fifty years ago to now, the index of the air pollution goes higher and
   higher and has no sign. Although the Hong Kong SAR Government is still planning how to protect the environment more,
   there are still many problems to be solved. However, there are a lot of methods for solving the environmental problems.
   But there are many difficulties to practice. This needs the government, residents and organizations of aspiration’s support. We
   believe that education plays an important role in training the students to have a good environmental attitudes.
       The purpose of this project is to arouse the students to collect more relevant environmental and reference materials that
   may inspire new thinking for improving environment performance. We also hope that the students can share their study
   results to the neighbourhood.
6. Schedule-
       Nowadays, Hong Kong faces a lot of environmental problem like whether Hung Hom Peninsula should
   demolish or not; whether the government fills the sea into the land or not…The government always make a
   lot of choices that may waste resources, may destroy the environment. Moreover, there is too much discontent
   or resentment of the civilians. Therefore, the government has to make sensible choices because they may
   have a quite serious effect to all the civilians. The purpose of this project is to arouse the students that we
   must protect the environment, and also all the wild lives. If this project is used, it will be operated in S.K.H.
   Fung Kei Primary School in Hong Kong. Here is the schedule:
Months     Aims                          Activities                                  Materials
November   To learn the basic            To get the information from the general     A. Pens
           knowledge of environmental    studies textbooks, include:                 B. Erasers
           problems(circumstance of      A. Air pollution                            C. Rulers
           Hong Kong and mainland        B. Water pollution                          D. Textbooks
           China)                        C. Land pollution                           E. Notebooks
                                         D. Noise pollution
December   To let the students know that To visit some of the environmental          A.   Pens
           the environmental             facilities, include:                        B.   Erasers
           circumstance of Hong Kong 6A:South East New Territories Landfills         C.   Rulers
           more firmly and deep          6B:Drainage Services                        D.   Notebooks
                                         Department(sewage solution factories)       E.   Shuttle buses
                                         6C:Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden           F.   Bags
                                         6D:To go to not just a busy district(such   G.   Cameras
                                         as Mong Kok), but a area which has
                                         serious air and noise pollution(as
                                         above)to study
January    To have a summary after       To make Power Points about any kinds  A.         Computers
           different kinds of visits     of pollution in Hong Kong, and then   B.         Pens
                                         report them at the school hall about ten
                                                                               C.         Erasers
                                         minutes                               D.         Rulers
                                                                               E.         Notebook
                                                                               F.         Pieces of paper
February   As December                   To prepare the debate contest and the A.         Computer
                                         drama performance(The debate contest: B.         Pens
                                         to search the information The drama   C.         Erasers
                                             performance: write the draft of the        D. Rulers
                                             scenarios & make the stage properties)     E. Environmental
                                                                                           materials to make
                                                                                           the stage properties
March            To know more                  To hold a debate contest (Topic: The     A. Desks
                 environmental information     government should incinerate the         B. Chairs
                 and problems through the      dioxins at the Chemical Waste
                 debate contest                Treatment Centre in Tsing Yi)
 April           To know more                  To hold a drama performance              A. Stage properties
                 environmental information                                              B. The scenarios
                 and problems through                                                   C. The sound and the
                 performing the dramas about                                               visual effect
                 environment,& to appeal and
                 arouse the students and all
                 the civilians of Hong Kong
                 that we must always keep
                 the environmental protection
                 in our mind
 May            To let the infant in the       To hold a drama performance in a         A. As April
                 kindergarten know that the    kindergarten                             B. As April
                 importance of environmental                                            C. As April
This project may give a reference. We hope that not just the civilians in Hong Kong,   but all the people on the
Earth can protect the environment from danger.