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									                   Arrow Valley Lake
                     Fishing Rules

   Fishing in day light hours only. No bivvies or tents.
   Fish are not to be taken from the fishery
   Carp are not to be retained
   Peanuts and bloodworm are not permitted
   No surface baits
   Barbless hooks only
   Fishing from specified pegs only
   Children less than 12 years are not permitted unless
    accompanied by adult.
   Please take away any broken line/tackle and

The Borough of Redditch reserves the right to alter and
or extend these rules or to suspend all or any part thereof
without prior notice being given.

The Borough of Redditch accepts no liability for any
injury, loss or damage to the person or property of the
permit holder, or any third party, arising directly or
indirectly out of angling at the lake.

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