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					Frequently Asked Questions

   •   How do I arrange to work with the Core?

Please contact Ruth or Natalie who will discuss your project with you and let you
know if we can help. Our enquiry form can be found as an Attachment at the left of
this webpage.

   •   How do I know which mass spectrometer is suitable for my work?

You would decide to use GC if you have volatile analytes, whereas for LC, your
sample must be able to be ionised. In terms of MS, you would choose a triple
quadrupole if your analyte is within a dirty matrix as this type of system can filter out
noise. The QTrap is advantageous if you need to learn structural information about
your analyte of interest.

   •   Can I measure "unknowns" eg contaminants?

It is possible with us to help to identify the compound, but to quantify them you need a
chemically synthesised standard. If this is not available commercially we can offer a
support for chemical synthesis.

   •   Can we conduct proteomic analysis on these systems?

Yes to some extent, but these instruments are better suited to small molecules rather
than large proteins. We can put you in touch with other groups who can help you.