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                  Landed! Catching up on live Oz #phdchat scroll back in the cab. Thanks to everyone, esp @EvaAlisic for
thesiswhisperer   a great session :-)                                                                                         7/3/2012 11:15
                  Totally missed #oz #phdchat with @thesiswhisperer + @evaalisic tonight. 2.5yo would _not_ go to
tseenkhoo         sleep. #grrr                                                                                                7/3/2012 11:03
                  in NZ a website to search for funding called breakout, but your institution needs to belong to get access
ai1sa             to it #phdchat                                                                                              7/3/2012 10:30
Alicia_McCoy      Better late than never! Catching up on #phdchat                                                             7/3/2012 10:30
                  Interesting RT "@ai1sa: other organisations also offer funding opps, but sometimes exclude phd study
theodoreterry     #phdchat"                                                                                                   7/3/2012 10:27
ai1sa             other organisations also offer funding opps, but sometimes exclude phd study #phdchat                       7/3/2012 10:17
                  cathay pacific funded travel to my 1st international confernece via community travel grant- research
ai1sa             was with a not4profit agency #phdchat                                                                       7/3/2012 10:16
                  even when giving a paper, and all funding is by my uni where i study, the uni where i work now has a
ai1sa             problem releasing me !!! #phdchat                                                                           7/3/2012 10:06
ai1sa             @IClaudiad sad but true, also when studying internationally some exclusions occur #phdchat                  7/3/2012 10:04
                  RT @thesiswhisperer: My top tip. If you are cashed up enough and doing lots of travel, check out
Glenda_C_         special deals from Unis - like lounge membership #phdchat                                                    7/3/2012 9:51
                  RT @RhythmicDeets: My Uni will only fund travel 2 conferences where papers are 2x blind peer
Glenda_C_         reviewed + published. This eliminates many opportunities. #PhDChat                                           7/3/2012 9:48
                  @witty_knitter only with dept approval and it's not easy , at least at ANU. But get u re part time , is a
dooolism          life choice I guess #phdchat                                                                                 7/3/2012 9:27
KezNoo            @RhythmicDeets omg intense! #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 9:25
                  RT @KezNoo: @EvaAlisic yeah there's a london consulate grant thingy too I think... vague memory
AlienConsulate    #phdchat                                                                                                     7/3/2012 9:24
                  That was my first #PhDchat. Thanks everyone, and especially @thesiswhisperer & @EvaAlisic - really
PhDgirlVietnam    helpful stuff!                                                                                               7/3/2012 9:21
                  Blocked in time to get going on an article today & tomorrow. Finding it hard to get started. Prob need
trishmorgan       to disconnect wifi! #phdchat                                                                                  7/3/2012 9:19
                  Alternative funding for conferences again quite important for part timers as many traditional sources
IClaudiad         are not open to us. #phdchat.                                                                                 7/3/2012 9:16
                  @riotk @EvaAlisic @riotk @EvaAlisic That's really encouraging - I'm so lost with that stuff so far.
PhDgirlVietnam    #PhDchat                                                                                                      7/3/2012 9:15
                  RT @keith_wilson: One third of graduates working in low-skilled jobs: I wonder
DigitalHigherEd   what the figure is for PhD graduates? #highered #phdchat                                                      7/3/2012 9:15
                  My Uni will only fund travel 2 conferences where papers are 2x blind peer reviewed + published. This
RhythmicDeets     eliminates many opportunities. #PhDChat                                                                       7/3/2012 9:14
EvaAlisic         And lots of luck to organise & then lots of fun to be abroad! #phdchat                                        7/3/2012 9:14
                  Seriously consider tip about "non traditional" options for funding conference travel#phdchat ! Will
IClaudiad         people share what works in future ?                                                                           7/3/2012 9:13
                  RT @witty_knitter: @thesiswhisperer @boredpostdoc the thing I liked best about @evaAlisic's TW post
PhDgirlVietnam    was her sense of being able to make things happen #phdchat                                                    7/3/2012 9:12
                  Last thought about the great tips by many of you: If you have time please put links in comments to post
EvaAlisic         @thesiswhisperer's blog? #phdchat                                                                             7/3/2012 9:12
RhythmicDeets     @EvaAlisic Nice to meet you! Thanks for co-hosting #PhDChat tonight. #High5toEva                              7/3/2012 9:12
BoredPostdoc      @EvaAlisic Good idea if you can afford to fund it yourself though. #phdchat                                   7/3/2012 9:10
                  Ride to work seems shorter this morning thanks to all taking part in #phdchat. Thanks to @EvaAlisic &
IClaudiad         all! Loads to read as I was late.                                                                             7/3/2012 9:10
                  Hi all, I need to go... :-( Thanks for the great chat! And hope to see you at lots of confs & international
EvaAlisic         exchanges etc :-) ! #phdchat                                                                                  7/3/2012 9:10
orientalhotel     @EvaAlisic Thanks for running #phdchat good tips all round. Plotting my next o/s adventure….                7/3/2012 9:09
                  @thesiswhisperer @dalereardon Personally, going to conference without presenting is waste of time &
yusunbin          money. Students short of both! #phdchat                                                                       7/3/2012 9:09
                  @EvaAlisic unfortunately things are not very organized in Italy; I am searching now abroad for
lygidakis         opportunities #phdchat                                                                                        7/3/2012 9:09
                How did I come into #PhDChat so late tonight... was the time changed... or is daylight savings now over
RhythmicDeets   in Melbourne. #Confused #PhDChat                                                                           7/3/2012 9:09
                @EvaAlisic @hanimutm @RhythmicDeets True. But a LOT of funding schemes I've seen will only give
BoredPostdoc    you money if you get an oral. #phdchat                                                                     7/3/2012 9:09
                @witty_knitter understandable cuz f/t tend to not work more than a couple of hours so they need APA
dooolism        to survive ! #phdchat                                                                                      7/3/2012 9:09
dayangnas       Most national research institute also give funding for internship #phdchat                                 7/3/2012 9:08
EvaAlisic       @BoredPostdoc (not for you but for PhD students in your field I mean) #phdchat                             7/3/2012 9:08
                #phdchat Hi/bye Aussie phdchatters I was late, working 10.5 hr teaching & prep day. Can take weekend
lindathestar    off now, Port Fairy Music here I come!                                                                     7/3/2012 9:08
                @BoredPostdoc Maybe try to attend anyway and organise something with international PhD's, that
EvaAlisic       way you can still build a network. #phdchat                                                                7/3/2012 9:07
                @KezNoo Thanks Kerrie! Crowdfunding for a phd really seems interesting! I will definitely look into that
lygidakis       #phdchat                                                                                                   7/3/2012 9:07
KezNoo          your not the only one! :D RT @andanin: Did I miss the aussie #phdchat? #phdchat                            7/3/2012 9:07
                @RhythmicDeets @hanimutm @EvaAlisic Sure it can be valid research, but in my field, it wouldn't get
BoredPostdoc    accepted for confy presentation #phdchat                                                                   7/3/2012 9:06
                @BoredPostdoc @hanimutm @EvaAlisic If you make Lit Review connections not previously
RhythmicDeets   investigated, it can be cutting edge research. #PhDChat                                                    7/3/2012 9:06
                @BoredPostdoc @hanimutm @RhythmicDeets I was thinking about posters. In my field a careful case
EvaAlisic       or set-up of trial can be presented #phdchat                                                               7/3/2012 9:06
                @BoredPostdoc @EvaAlisic @RhythmicDeets I've been successful presenting lit review findings at
lindathestar    conferences #phdchat                                                                                       7/3/2012 9:05
andanin         Did I miss the aussie #phdchat?                                                                            7/3/2012 9:05
                Thanks so much for live chat! Feel connected and energised and have a little more know how! Good
SSTVW           luck everyone! #phdchat                                                                                    7/3/2012 9:04
                @lindathestar @thesiswhisperer yep think it's in @EvaAlisic 's guest post?
riotk           #phdchat                                                                                                   7/3/2012 9:04
KezNoo          @EvaAlisic yeah there's a london consulate grant thingy too I think... vague memory #phdchat             7/3/2012 9:04
                @hanimutm @BoredPostdoc @EvaAlisic It depends how you analyse/write up the Literature Review.
RhythmicDeets   Can be valid research too. #PhDChat                                                                      7/3/2012 9:03
                RT @thesiswhisperer: @ScientistMags @MickMorrison re: "waste of time" argument my reply is "I
MickMorrison    don't have time NOT to be in social media" #evangelist #phdchat                                          7/3/2012 9:03
                @hanimutm @RhythmicDeets @EvaAlisic Exactly. The abstract would probably be rejected outright in
BoredPostdoc    my field. #phdchat                                                                                       7/3/2012 9:03
                @EvaAlisic @KezNoo The Fulbright Scholars program? I know that funds US/Australian travel both
orientalhotel   ways. #phdchat                                                                                           7/3/2012 9:03

EvaAlisic       Now that is a real pro tip! By @orientalhotel: Learn about funding via people's online CV's #phdchat     7/3/2012 9:03
drdzwol         #phdchat @EvaAlisic thanks evac it has been really useful tonight for me. Things to think about          7/3/2012 9:03
                #phdchat I write 'fan' emails to authors of articles I'm impressed with, introducing myself. Have made
lindathestar    friends thus way #networkingtip                                                                          7/3/2012 9:02
                @EvaAlisic @RhythmicDeets Also highly unlikely that an abstract like that would even get approved for
BoredPostdoc    presentation by organisers. #phdchat                                                                     7/3/2012 9:02
                @KezNoo And I have heard of the American-Australian foundation/association, but haven't looked into
EvaAlisic       it.. #phdchat                                                                                            7/3/2012 9:02

hanimutm        @RhythmicDeets @BoredPostdoc @EvaAlisic #PhDChat. Most conferences want data to b presentd               7/3/2012 9:01
EvaAlisic       @ScientistMags Thanks for joining! #phdchat                                                              7/3/2012 9:01
SSTVW           @orientalhotel That is really switched on. Good one.:) #phdchat                                          7/3/2012 9:01
                Almost the end of the live #phdchat already (that is, I have to go in about 10min) :-( any pressing
EvaAlisic       questions? #phdchat                                                                                      7/3/2012 9:01
                Have to leave #phdchat. Have to go back to my day job that pays the bills. Just used up a lunch break
ScientistMags   for this.                                                                                                7/3/2012 9:00
                Another way I found funding was looking at the CVs/past grants lists of people who work in my area.
orientalhotel   Lots of that online now #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:59
KezNoo          Asialink also have funding for OS trips... (sorry if you've already mentioned this) #phdchat               7/3/2012 8:59
lindathestar    @riotk @thesiswhisperer Isn't there some sort of academic house exchange system? #phdchat                  7/3/2012 8:58
dooolism        @KezNoo PhDs of the world , unite ! :) #phdchat #phdunionize                                               7/3/2012 8:58

jasmine_z       @dooolism haha! i like that. my APA stipends are hardly enough to pay the rent in Canberra. #phdchat       7/3/2012 8:58
                @riotk Had a Dutch uni scholarship & organised accom. myself, but that was for a year. Often unis have
EvaAlisic       options for short visits tho #phdchat                                                                      7/3/2012 8:58
                RT @npmaven: Research diary helped contain many of my early messes - as I explored directions, tried
jengilbertis    on questions, etc. Helped me focus later. #phdchat                                                         7/3/2012 8:57
                @dooolism great idea!!! our uni also has a limit of work hours that is lower than other uni's=unfair!!!
KezNoo          #phdchat                                                                                                   7/3/2012 8:57
                @EvaAlisic @SSTVW also do I have to consider leaving the kids and wife behind to be able to do this? Is
riotk           there a way to bring them? #phdchat                                                                        7/3/2012 8:57
                RT @EvaAlisic: I also think people often see only the 'big mountain', while forgetting they just have to
katmduffy       start with the first step (not my quote). #phdchat                                                         7/3/2012 8:56
                RT @BoredPostdoc: I see too many people who say "oh, I couldn't possibly talk to X about funding".
Simonleighuk    Bullshit. It's the only way you'll get anywhere. #phdchat                                                  7/3/2012 8:56
katmduffy       Looking forward to catching up on #phdchat during my coffee break-looked like an interesting one.          7/3/2012 8:56
                @EvaAlisic I was student rep after all looking out for students but I couldn't apply myself in the end
ScientistMags   because I couldn't go. #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:56
                Me too MT @iClaudiad As PhD researcher, i use twitter mainly to feel connected to other researchers.
RhythmicDeets   Alleviates isolation of PT PhD #phdchat                                                                    7/3/2012 8:56
                @EvaAlisic @SSTVW Did you have a scholarship that you kept getting in france? How did you do
riotk           accommodation? #phdchat                                                                                    7/3/2012 8:56
                RT @BoredPostdoc: I got my first postdoc by talking to someone at a conference. They called me 3
katmduffy       months later and asked me if I wanted a job. #phdchat                                                      7/3/2012 8:55
                All you Aussie PHDs out there , can't we unionize and try to push the APA above poverty levels ?
dooolism        #phdchat                                                                                                   7/3/2012 8:55
EvaAlisic       @KezNoo Great tip Kerrie! #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:54
                RT @KezNoo: sorry coming in late... there is also funding possibilies through crowdsourcing...
RhythmicDeets    #phdchat                                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:54
                @ScientistMags Haha, that may well be the most pro-active way of going about it; create the fund!
EvaAlisic       #phdchat                                                                                                   7/3/2012 8:54
drdzwol         #phdchat it's good to connect on here and get ideas                                                        7/3/2012 8:54
                @SSTVW Thank you - was just tweeting about france! Also it looks like we have similar research
riotk           interests #phdchat                                                                                         7/3/2012 8:53
KezNoo          @RhythmicDeets same at UWS though there is a yrly limit #phdchat                                           7/3/2012 8:53
                @KezNoo @lygidakis I really like the idea of crowd funding for phd/academic travel, have you actually
orientalhotel   done it? #curious #phdchat                                                                                 7/3/2012 8:53
                @SSTVW @riotk I am a francophile actually :-) Studied in Grenoble for a year, loooved the mountains,
EvaAlisic       good food & people! #phdchat                                                                               7/3/2012 8:53
                @RhythmicDeets @BoredPostdoc @EvaAlisic 20 min talk, 10 min intro, 5 min questions. Doesn't leave
reneewebs       a lot time for heaps of results! #phdchat                                                                  7/3/2012 8:53
                @orientalhotel yeah there are good ones like that , and sometimes they subsidize air travel , have to be
dooolism        a solid paper tho #phdchat                                                                                 7/3/2012 8:53

KezNoo          @lygidakis there are other sites around that are more project specfic... hard work though. #phdchat        7/3/2012 8:52
                My University [#QUT] provides $$$ to all PHD Students, to support conference travel and research
RhythmicDeets   dissemination. #Generous #PhDChat                                                                          7/3/2012 8:52
                I've created travel grants while sitting on a committee for PhD students and the like. Create your own
ScientistMags   funding opportunities. #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:52
                @RhythmicDeets Good tip! Present a lit review, outline of an experiment/trial, discuss ethics or a case.
EvaAlisic       All possible in 1st year #phdchat                                                                          7/3/2012 8:52
                @lygidakis sorry I meant crowdfunding! *blushing* like this - fund your own way
KezNoo          with support! #phdchat                                                                                     7/3/2012 8:51
                 @reneewebs @drdzwol And my impression is that also in other domains they like those active people
EvaAlisic        with overseas experience! #phdchat                                                                               7/3/2012 8:50
                 @dooolism Yes! I found european conferences were more likely to fund and not have any rego, just
orientalhotel    needed airfare #phdchat                                                                                          7/3/2012 8:50
                 For francophiles
SSTVW            #phdchat #grant                                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:50
                 @EvaAlisic half of doing a phd has been learning how to do a phd (not the actual research, just forms,
riotk            lists, panels, schols etc) #phdchat                                                                              7/3/2012 8:50
lygidakis        @KezNoo How does that work Kerrie? #phdchat                                                                      7/3/2012 8:50
sarahthesheepu   @thesiswhisperer lounge membership! you'd be lucky to get your seat paid for in the UK #phdchat                  7/3/2012 8:50
                 @lygidakis It is... do you have a grants officer you could get in touch with? They often have very good
EvaAlisic        advice! #phdchat                                                                                                 7/3/2012 8:49
                 RT @keith_wilson: One third of graduates working in low-skilled jobs: I wonder
ranilillanjum    what the figure is for PhD graduates? #highered #phdchat                                                         7/3/2012 8:49
                 #phdchat keep your head up for conferences that partially fund speakers travel costs. Another idea is to
dooolism         unionize and demand higher APA !                                                                                 7/3/2012 8:49
                 @BoredPostdoc @EvaAlisic An option is to present Lit Review at a Conference. Don't need to wait until
RhythmicDeets    data collection + analysis. #PhDChat                                                                             7/3/2012 8:49
                 @EvaAlisic As a matter of fact an incubator / seeder such as those for startup companies would be
lygidakis        really helpful for orientation! #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:49
                 sorry coming in late... there is also funding possibilies through crowdsourcing...
KezNoo            #phdchat                                                                                                        7/3/2012 8:49
                 @drdzwol I think it is still relevant. I'm not in a traditional academic setting and I agree with a lot that's
reneewebs        being said #phdchat                                                                                              7/3/2012 8:49
lygidakis        @EvaAlisic I'm trying to find my way into, but it's quite difficult to get oriented #phdchat                     7/3/2012 8:48
                 @thesiswhisperer @boredpostdoc the thing I liked best about @evaAlisic's TW post was her sense of
witty_knitter    being able to make things happen #phdchat                                                                        7/3/2012 8:48
                In Oz there is @PhilanthropyAus who have a register. Often your uni will have an account with them
EvaAlisic       #phdchat                                                                                                    7/3/2012 8:48
orientalhotel   I have a friend who is scottish and got a small travel grant from Sean Connery #truestory #phdchat          7/3/2012 8:47
                @riotk We have this "Foundations Book" which is published each year in the Netherlands. It includes
EvaAlisic       both large & small funds #phdchat                                                                           7/3/2012 8:47
                #phdchat but does doing these things put you on trajectory for academia. Not all of us want to go
drdzwol         there!                                                                                                      7/3/2012 8:46
                RT @thesiswhisperer: Thanks to @onekind for pointing out that you can use to
RhythmicDeets   follow the #phdchat hashtag (35 minutes to go!)                                                             7/3/2012 8:46
                Even the smallest societies/assoc offer student travel grants RT @EvaAlisicMy funding tip - try several
reneewebs       sources @orientalhotel #phdchat                                                                             7/3/2012 8:46
                @EvaAlisic That's usually impractical in my field where it can take 2 years to get enough data to be able
BoredPostdoc    to present. #phdchat                                                                                        7/3/2012 8:46
                Also go and talk to your scholarships people at your uni, they want you to have money. They found me
orientalhotel   funds I didn't know about #phdchat                                                                          7/3/2012 8:46
                @lygidakis Have you looked at the EU funds already? They have intra-EU and extra-EU opportunities
EvaAlisic       #phdchat                                                                                                    7/3/2012 8:45

orientalhotel   @riotk @EvaAlisic Through schols databases, word of mouth, mailing lists, intense googling! #phdchat        7/3/2012 8:45
                @BoredPostdoc I would try and to an international conf quite early in your PhD, exactly to start some
EvaAlisic       of these contacts for later.. #phdchat                                                                      7/3/2012 8:44
                #phdchat have never thought of going os and getting funding for it. I always think I need to fund things
drdzwol         myself :)                                                                                                   7/3/2012 8:44
riotk           @orientalhotel @EvaAlisic Impressive. How did you find the sources? #phdchat                                7/3/2012 8:44
                Often foreign embassy websites will list funding/study opps for students e.g. this is french one
orientalhotel #phdchat                                                                               7/3/2012 8:44
                @thesiswhisperer We'll miss you!! Have a good trip!! Maybe we're still going when you arrive ;)
EvaAlisic       #phdchat                                                                                                    7/3/2012 8:43
riotk             @thesiswhisperer @rmit Hooray for 37! Also just, thank you. I'm a big #fan #phdchat                        7/3/2012 8:43
                  I got my first postdoc by talking to someone at a conference. They called me 3 months later and asked
BoredPostdoc      me if I wanted a job. #phdchat                                                                             7/3/2012 8:43
                  I also found that there are quite a few smaller funds who want to help out students to go abroad
EvaAlisic         (Dutch though..) #phdchat                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:43
                  One third of graduates working in low-skilled jobs: I wonder what the figure is for
keith_wilson      PhD graduates? #highered #phdchat                                                                          7/3/2012 8:43
                  There's an expectation in my field that you'll attend at least 1 overseas confy during your PhD
BoredPostdoc      candidature. Make the most of it! #phdchat                                                                 7/3/2012 8:42
EvaAlisic         My funding tip would also be to try several sources @orientalhotel #phdchat                                7/3/2012 8:42
                  lol! RT @thesiswhisperer: AmandaMichelle I was born in Tasmania! Lovely place. Scar where they took
AmandaMichelle    off the extra head :-) #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:42
                  Love to stay for the end of live #phdchat but I actually have to log off and get on a plane! Over to you
thesiswhisperer   @EvaAlisic!                                                                                                7/3/2012 8:42
                  @thesiswhisperer Ten years to do a grad cert & post grad dip (and have two kids). 37 and starting at
riotk             the bottom again. BUT LOVE IT #phdchat                                                                     7/3/2012 8:42
                  @ScientistMags switcheroo - I am trying to do less industry/government conferences and more
reneewebs         academic. It's not a $$ issue for me #phdchat                                                              7/3/2012 8:42
                  RT @EvaAlisic: I also think people often see only the 'big mountain', while forgetting they just have to
mark_carrigan     start with the first step (not my quote). #phdchat                                                         7/3/2012 8:42
                  RT @salma_patel: As a PhD researcher/academic, what do you use twitter for? Describe with keywords
Chris_Goulden     please. Please RT #phdchat #highered                                                                       7/3/2012 8:41
EvaAlisic         @jochau Chatting with incoming students and academics is a good approach yes! #phdchat                     7/3/2012 8:41
                  @EvaAlisic My best funding tip was not to try and get all the money from one source. I used 6 grants
orientalhotel     for my first o/s trip. #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:41
                  @riotk average age of PhD students @rmit is 37 though, you are not alone with these issues at least
thesiswhisperer   #phdchat                                                                                                   7/3/2012 8:40
EvaAlisic         @cdtavijit Wow, now that is an example of being determined! #phdchat                                       7/3/2012 8:40
                  #phdchat I find it helps to talk to OS academics and students who come to visit- they can link you up
jochau            with ppl back home                                                                                        7/3/2012 8:40
                  @riotk same - I remember asking about doing a PhD at uni orientation day and being laughed at
thesiswhisperer   #phdchat Only got there late in life...                                                                   7/3/2012 8:40
                  That would be really helpful actually! > RT @EvaAlisic: Should we be talking some more about
lygidakis         funding? #phdchat                                                                                         7/3/2012 8:40
                  Hello! I just noticed my phone going bonkers & saw all the #PhDChat tweets coming through. Sorry I'm
RhythmicDeets     late. I though we were starting at 7pm?                                                                   7/3/2012 8:40
                  @thesiswhisperer how to get an invite from a university?! ie not so big uni... a small institution?
dadaisland        #phdchat how to propose a pres #phdchat                                                                   7/3/2012 8:39
thesiswhisperer   @cdtavijit @RhythmicDeets I have yet to experience the cupcakes! #missingout #phdchat                     7/3/2012 8:39
                  @thesiswhisperer @EvaAlisic haha. I wrote 615 applications and applied 35 universities for funding
cdtavijit         before getting a yes from QUT. #phdchat                                                                   7/3/2012 8:39
thesiswhisperer   @BoredPostdoc it's all work baby :-) #phdchat                                                             7/3/2012 8:39
                  @reneewebs yes indeed - they often offer group rates for things like lounge, gym membership and car
thesiswhisperer   hire #phdchat                                                                                             7/3/2012 8:38
EvaAlisic         @BoredPostdoc didn't know that, thanks for the tip! #phdchat                                              7/3/2012 8:38
                  @thesiswhisperer lol... i'm realizing you & the rest of the gang may have NO idea what cartoon i'm
AmandaMichelle    talking about... #USlimitations #phdchat                                                                  7/3/2012 8:38

EvaAlisic         Should we be talking some more about funding? Or other questions about getting abroad? #phdchat           7/3/2012 8:38
                  #phdchat what I find most difficult is connecting to consultants who write in your field. Don't want to
drdzwol           be pushy                                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:38
                  @thesiswhisperer If you're THAT cashed up, drop in on conferences that attract industry and
ScientistMags     government interest as well as academic #phdchat                                                          7/3/2012 8:38
                  @thesiswhisperer And remember...Qantas Club membership can be a tax deduction if your travel is
BoredPostdoc      "work related". #phdchat                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:38
reneewebs         @thesiswhisperer tell me more! you can get cheaper lounge access through uni? #phdchat                    7/3/2012 8:37
                  @AmandaMichelle I was born in Tasmania! Lovely place. Scar where they took off the extra head :-)
thesiswhisperer   #phdchat                                                                                                     7/3/2012 8:37
                  @EvaAlisic As you said, adding the country+young researcher is a great tip too =D And I try to have the
cdtavijit         second reply ready in draft #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:37
                  I also think people often see only the 'big mountain', while forgetting they just have to start with the
EvaAlisic         first step (not my quote). #phdchat                                                                          7/3/2012 8:37
                  Thanks to discount rate for Qantas club offered through @rmit I am coming to live #phdchat from the
thesiswhisperer   lounge in Canberra.                                                                                          7/3/2012 8:36
                  My top tip. If you are cashed up enough and doing lots of travel, check out special deals from Unis - like
thesiswhisperer   lounge membership #phdchat                                                                                   7/3/2012 8:36
                  @thesiswhisperer @RhythmicDeets haha, you should have seen the cupcake she made for us the next
cdtavijit         day. Anyone will be regular #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:35
                  @salma_patel sharing papers, crowd sourcing ideas, testing ideas, engaging people in research,
mgoat73           identifying zeitgeist #phdchat #highered                                                                     7/3/2012 8:35
                  @BoredPostdoc agreed - being passive is not the way to get what you want or need in academia
thesiswhisperer   #phdchat                                                                                                     7/3/2012 8:35
                  @thesiswhisperer *sings* down to tas-ma-ni-a! down to tas-ma-ni-a! #phdchat (i never leave when i
AmandaMichelle    say i am, lol)                                                                                               7/3/2012 8:34
                  This. It works. RT @BoredPostdoc My tip for #phdchat travel? Have no shame. Talk to everyone, hit
ScientistMags     everyone up for funding opportunities.                                                                       7/3/2012 8:34
                  @EvaAlisic I do spend good amount of time to do the subject line. Because thats the first thing people
cdtavijit         look. Not good = mail unread #phdchat                                                                        7/3/2012 8:34
                  @orientalhotel Can highly recommend Uni House at ANU as family friendly accomodation - 2
thesiswhisperer   bedrooms, kitchen and dining! #party #phdchat                                                                7/3/2012 8:34
                  @orientalhotel I've said it out loud now (best way to make seemingly impossible things happen) thx for
riotk             the encouragement #phdchat                                                                                   7/3/2012 8:34
EvaAlisic         @riotk You'll find a way! But can understand the *sigh* #phdchat                                             7/3/2012 8:34
                  I see too many people who say "oh, I couldn't possibly talk to X about funding". Bullshit. It's the only
BoredPostdoc      way you'll get anywhere. #phdchat                                                                          7/3/2012 8:33
thesiswhisperer   @cdtavijit @RhythmicDeets I'm in awe dude :-) #phdchat                                                     7/3/2012 8:33
thesiswhisperer   @riotk *sigh* indeed #phdchat                                                                              7/3/2012 8:33
                  My tip for #phdchat travel? Have no shame. Talk to everyone, hit everyone up for funding
BoredPostdoc      opportunities.                                                                                             7/3/2012 8:32
                  @thesiswhisperer I've been wanting to do a phd since I was 15. Ironic that now I'm here I'm deeply
riotk             restricted #phdchat                                                                                        7/3/2012 8:32
                  @_JamesFarrell @Deakin #phdchat is on now (an hour earlier this month due to me being in transit
thesiswhisperer   between canberra and melbourne)                                                                            7/3/2012 8:32
                  RT @_JamesFarrell: Looking forward to #phdchat tonight; last one gave rise to @Deakin Geelong
MsCastan          #shutupandwrite - 9.30 Fridays at the Lake House. See you there?                                           7/3/2012 8:32
                  @thesiswhisperer Yes. @RhythmicDeets were very impressed that i went within 12 hours of landing in
cdtavijit         Australia. I was just free haha #phdchat                                                                   7/3/2012 8:32
                  @thesiswhisperer in a perfect world our whole family could go, the kids would be bilingual, and we'd
riotk             have an academic house swap #phdchat                                                                       7/3/2012 8:32
                  @_JamesFarrell @thesiswhisperer Your supervisor is first stop, or anyone you might ask for a reference
orientalhotel     from. #phdchat                                                                                             7/3/2012 8:31
                  @reneewebs @thesiswhisperer @MickMorrison There's that and some people work on stuff tied up in
ScientistMags     confidentiality agreements. #phdchat                                                                       7/3/2012 8:31
thesiswhisperer   @MickMorrison Hopefully see you next live #phdchat :-)                                                     7/3/2012 8:31

lexaneale         RT @thesiswhisperer Things you may not have known about 'ibid' ... #phdchat           7/3/2012 8:31
thesiswhisperer   @AmandaMichelle go where sorry? #phdchat Hard to concentrate and listen for boarding call... :-)           7/3/2012 8:31
                  Looking forward to #phdchat tonight; last one gave rise to @Deakin Geelong #shutupandwrite - 9.30
_JamesFarrell     Fridays at the Lake House. See you there?                                                                  7/3/2012 8:31
                  @riotk Exactly! Various french orgs/unis offer funding for students to go there, not always to look at
orientalhotel     specific collections #phdchat                                                                              7/3/2012 8:30
                  @MickMorrison I'm in science communication so in this field they're important but in other fields you
ScientistMags     need to really sell those. #phdchat                                                                        7/3/2012 8:30
                  @thesiswhisperer @riotk Agreed, that complicates things. On the other hand,sometimes works well in
EvaAlisic         holiday season (summer in FR!) #phdchat                                                                    7/3/2012 8:30
riotk             @drdzwol be careful I may just take you up on that #phdchat                                                7/3/2012 8:30
MickMorrison      Sorry, got to run! Just getting interesting too, thanks :) #phdchat                                        7/3/2012 8:30
                  +1 RT @thesiswhisperer: @riotk ... people with children and partners have limited mobility - moving
reneewebs         schools / jobs a big deal #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:29
                  @thesiswhisperer @riotk Some research institutions accommodate partners and (less often) children,
orientalhotel     found US more likely to. #phdchat                                                                          7/3/2012 8:29

AmandaMichelle    but i'm not s'posed to be awake right now, lol. *waves to #phdchat & all the usual suspects* g'nite all!   7/3/2012 8:29
                  @riotk In the end I have accepted that I have less career opportunities as a result, but a happier life
thesiswhisperer   #phdchat Twitter and blog helps me                                                                         7/3/2012 8:29
                  @orientalhotel Also how amazing to be immersed, learn some french, and have a go at reading
riotk             untranslated versions of their work #phdchat                                                               7/3/2012 8:29
_JamesFarrell     @thesiswhisperer Who's the best person/people to get these intro letters from? #phdchat                    7/3/2012 8:29
                  i've wanted to go there since i noticed it on a map sometime during elementary school. and then, of
AmandaMichelle    course, the cartoon came out... #phdchat                                                                   7/3/2012 8:28
                  @ScientistMags evidence in the form of outreach, blog visits, and larger media opps. not important?
MickMorrison      #phdchat                                                                                                   7/3/2012 8:28
                  @riotk I am moving house the day after tomorrow and settling thesiswhisperer Jnr in a new school is
thesiswhisperer   daunting #phdchat                                                                                          7/3/2012 8:28
                  @orientalhotel @MickMorrison I happened to do a slide before that might be helpful to promote
cdtavijit         twitter in edu. #phdchat                                                              7/3/2012 8:28
                  @MickMorrison I agree, I try to relate outcomes from it, like people I have met or networked with,
orientalhotel     things I've discovered #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:28
                  RT @thesiswhisperer: Tomorrow's live Australian #phdchat will be on travel - how to raise money and
Michellecatanza   make contacts to study overseas for part of your degree.                                                      7/3/2012 8:28
                  @riotk you raise an important issue - people with children and partners have limited mobility - moving
thesiswhisperer   schools / jobs a big deal #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:28
                  @thesiswhisperer yup, agreed. Silly to ignore it, Deans are starting to notice it too, see the potential I
MickMorrison      think. #phdchat                                                                                               7/3/2012 8:28
                  TASMANIA!!! RT @drdzwol: #phdchat I'm in Tasmania so not many people to hang out with & work full
AmandaMichelle    time so limits my networking opp's                                                                            7/3/2012 8:28
                  RT @annaegardner: #phdchat Is communal research (ie lab-based science) easier to travel with, the
ScientistMags     student being able to contribute more to other projects?                                                      7/3/2012 8:28
                  @thesiswhisperer @MickMorrison That argument doesn't work. You need evidence to show that there
ScientistMags     is a point to social media. #phdchat                                                                          7/3/2012 8:27
drdzwol           @riotk #phdchat happy to come over as nanny!                                                                  7/3/2012 8:27
                  @orientalhotel that's a common reason I've heard. Not seen as useful or important. The point is, it's
MickMorrison      outreach and that's critical #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:27
                  @ScientistMags @MickMorrison re: "waste of time" argument my reply is "I don't have time NOT to be
thesiswhisperer   in social media" #evangelist #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:26
                  @orientalhotel @mickmorrison I know that feeling ... see my blog post "ouch" if you like
EvaAlisic ... #phdchat                                                                             7/3/2012 8:26
                  @riotk Sounds like a great reason to me. there is a lot to be said for being in the place that the stuff
orientalhotel     you work on comes from #phdchat                                                                               7/3/2012 8:26
                  #phdchat I'm in Tasmania so not many people to hang out with & work full time so limits my
drdzwol           networking opp's                                                                                              7/3/2012 8:26
                  @cdtavijit @EvaAlisic excellent tip - you are clearly a pro at this :-) Is it true that you went to shut up
thesiswhisperer   and write in Brisbane? #phdchat                                                                               7/3/2012 8:26
                  @cdtavijit Nice, makes me think of the one I used in Australia "opportunity for young researcher?" or
EvaAlisic         something like that.. #phdchat                                                                                7/3/2012 8:25
riotk             Also what would I do with the kids? #phdchat                                                                  7/3/2012 8:25
                  I just want to go to France because I'm up to my elbows in Kristeva, Irigaray, and Cixous. Not sure it's a
riotk             good enough reason #phdchat                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:25
                  @MickMorrison There can be many reasons why people don't take to social media. Privacy concerns,
ScientistMags     seen as waste of time, etc. #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:25
                  @riotk nice 'keywords' - they are those are the characteristics I try to bring to my workplace
thesiswhisperer   demeanour too #phdchat - openness to others                                                                  7/3/2012 8:25
                  @MickMorrison I wish I knew, I was trying to sell twitter to some academics in my area today and just
orientalhotel     got :-| faces #phdchat                                                                                       7/3/2012 8:25
                  @thesiswhisperer @dadaisland I was thinking about the smallest step you might already have made in
EvaAlisic         making contact (1/2) #phdchat                                                                                7/3/2012 8:23
riotk             ...being open, friendly and brave (and bringing cake to RPPs) is working extremely well #phdchat             7/3/2012 8:23
                  RT @Goannatree: Productivity Tools for Academics, Grad Students, and Scholars -
DaveyG520         #phdchat #engchat                                                                                            7/3/2012 8:23
                  @ScientistMags @SSTVW I second that - sometimes finding the best lists is hard - insider knowledge.
thesiswhisperer   Supervisors should share theirs #phdchat                                                                     7/3/2012 8:23
                  Thanks everyone - it's a daunting feeling knowing there's all these unspoken rules. Feel generally
riotk             clueless, but am finding that... #phdchat                                                                    7/3/2012 8:23
thesiswhisperer   @annaegardner not sure, @ScientistMags might have some thoughts on that? #phdchat                            7/3/2012 8:22
EvaAlisic         @ScientistMags Nice one! #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:22
                  I have a Q. for PhDs; there's low uptake of twitter in my field, what do you think stops PhDs from taking
MickMorrison      to social media? #phdchat                                                                                    7/3/2012 8:22
                  @dadaisland it can take the form of both - trading papers with people a good way to build conversation
thesiswhisperer   leading to opportunities #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:21
                  #phdchat Is communal research (ie lab-based science) easier to travel with, the student being able to
annaegardner      contribute more to other projects?                                                                           7/3/2012 8:21
                  @riotk Don't let it worry you, I found as long as I was polite most academics responded. Your spvr &
orientalhotel     others should have advice too #phdchat                                                                       7/3/2012 8:20
                  @thesiswhisperer Exactly; and those approachable persons are also the ones you would like to work
EvaAlisic         with abroad. #phdchat                                                                                     7/3/2012 8:20
                  @SSTVW Beyond conference alert, I find that by joining professional organisations and/or getting on
ScientistMags     email lists helps. #phdchat                                                                               7/3/2012 8:20
                  #phdchat I often send things from work and people seem to take me more seriously. Cheeky I suppose
drdzwol           but useful                                                                                                7/3/2012 8:20
                  @SSTVW #phdchat Twitter an excellent source of latest conference information, also discipline specific,
thesiswhisperer   discussion email lists #phdchat                                                                           7/3/2012 8:20
                  But this story has a happy ending and now my panel has an amazing woman on it so hooray for brave
riotk             emails I say #phdchat                                                                                     7/3/2012 8:19
dadaisland        @thesiswhisperer @evaalisic hi! introductions to people or texts/papers? I am lost. #phdchat              7/3/2012 8:19
EvaAlisic         @drdzwol Thank you! Great to see you here #phdchat                                                        7/3/2012 8:19
                  @thesiswhisperer @orientalhotel sorry, I was thinking more about my experiences at conferences and
reneewebs         in person rather than via email #phdchat                                                                  7/3/2012 8:19
                  @thesiswhisperer @reneewebs Yes can be v formal, and also I find European academics sometimes
orientalhotel     much less engaged with email #phdchat                                                                     7/3/2012 8:19
                  @riotk that's great - and probably the kind of person you want on your panel too: approachable
thesiswhisperer   #phdchat                                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:19
MickMorrison      @riotk that's great, more students should do that. It can be intimidating asking though! #phdchat         7/3/2012 8:18
                  I'm in my first year and was worried about hierarchies and doing the wrong thing without knowing I
riotk             was doing it #phdchat                                                                                     7/3/2012 8:18
                  @reneewebs @orientalhotel I did not know that #phdchat - but I always use honorifics the first time I
thesiswhisperer   email someone and see how they reply                                                                      7/3/2012 8:18
                  First time #phdchat here. Newish tweeter too. How to find the right conferences? Beyond conference
SSTVW             alert? Tweet help?                                                                                        7/3/2012 8:18
drdzwol           #phdchat thanks guys still new on this thing. Enjoyed eva's video on using tweet                          7/3/2012 8:18
EvaAlisic         @riotk That's a great example :-) well done! #phdchat                                                     7/3/2012 8:17
EvaAlisic         @thesiswhisperer agreed! #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:17
                  I recently approached a senior academic re a panel proposal through email and she agreed to join my
riotk             panel #phdchat                                                                                                 7/3/2012 8:17
EvaAlisic         @reneewebs I think I would always start formally yes #phdchat                                                  7/3/2012 8:16
                  @thesiswhisperer Normally I will google site specific search and related keywords like collaboration,
cdtavijit         international, exchange etc #phdchat                                                                           7/3/2012 8:16
                  @drdzwol @evaalisic it's amazing what people will offer if you just ask I find (fyi, if you include
thesiswhisperer   #phdchat others can 'see' you)                                                                                 7/3/2012 8:16
                  @orientalhotel agree, European academics usually prefer to be addressed 'Prof, Dr, etc" whereas
reneewebs         Aussies are cool with first names #PhDchat                                                                     7/3/2012 8:15
                  Anyone who felt shy at first and overcame it wants to share tips? I think I would always look very
EvaAlisic         seriously at enthusiastic email #phdchat                                                                       7/3/2012 8:15
thesiswhisperer   It's weird doing #phdchat with one eye on the departure board in the Qantas lounge #distracting                7/3/2012 8:14
                  RT@NSRiazat @TransformShop: Distributed research needs collaborative researchers
RMITsgr " #phdchat                                                                                 7/3/2012 8:14
                  You just have to try and stay in the same circles as best you can, attend the same conferences,
MickMorrison      seminars etc if possible (2/2) #phdchat                                                                        7/3/2012 8:13
                  #phdchat @thesiswhisperer @EvaAlisic ... I have used twitter to do that too ... cool way to engage with
njhoughton        an abstract of the abstract !                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:13
                  @ScientistMags I use twitter like that all the time. Thanks to twitter I had great breakfast companions
thesiswhisperer   today at ANU :-) #phdchat                                                                                      7/3/2012 8:13
                  I also think that academics really do like it when a PhD student is pro-active about visiting their group (I
EvaAlisic         do)! #phdchat                                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:13
                  Re intros be aware of different hierarchies in diff academic settings. I found europe more conservative
orientalhotel     & sometimes email not ideal #phdchat                                                                           7/3/2012 8:12
                  IMHO, a supervisor should support PhDs with making connections, they should link you to others
MickMorrison      (despite being busy!) (1/2) #phdchat                                                                           7/3/2012 8:12
EvaAlisic         @ScientistMags Great tip! #phdchat                                                                             7/3/2012 8:11
thesiswhisperer   @cdtavijit where would you find such information usually? Departmental websites? #phdchat                      7/3/2012 8:11
                  @thesiswhisperer I've used Twitter as a means of networking before arriving at a conference and avoid
ScientistMags     early awkwardness. #phdchat                                                                               7/3/2012 8:10
                  @orientalhotel You know, it's never occurred to me to do that! But it's an excellent idea, esp if you
thesiswhisperer   need them in a hurry #phdchat                                                                             7/3/2012 8:10
                  #phdchat @npmaven ... I have journals from 2 yrs ago that are only now becoming useful - at the time
njhoughton        full of weird 'stuff' ( and dead-ends)                                                                    7/3/2012 8:10
                  Yes good points @cdtavijit and @orientalhotel! When you do 'cold' emails: do them very carefully,
EvaAlisic         almost like a short application #phdchat                                                                  7/3/2012 8:10
                  RT @salma_patel: As a PhD researcher/academic, what do you use twitter for? Describe with keywords
profragsdale      please. Please RT #phdchat #highered                                                                      7/3/2012 8:10
                  RT @Goannatree: Productivity Tools for Academics, Grad Students, and Scholars -
profragsdale      #phdchat #engchat                                                                                         7/3/2012 8:10
                  First time phdchat# here. Newish tweeter too. How to find the right conferences? Beyond conference
SSTVW             alert?                                                                                                    7/3/2012 8:10
                  @EvaAlisic I wonder how many PhD students feel confident to reach out via email? I can imagine some
thesiswhisperer   feel shy... #phdchat                                                                                      7/3/2012 8:09
                  If your supervisor is enthusiastic, they can help with introductions. But also other seniors at your
EvaAlisic         department may help with that #phdchat                                                                    7/3/2012 8:08
                  @thesiswhisperer for me I try to search for their past records. If they have hosted someone there's a
cdtavijit         chance. Then often cold email #phdchat                                                                    7/3/2012 8:08
                  From facebook Z. Doyle suggests: "a letter of introduction gets you access to libraries you wouldn't be
thesiswhisperer   able to get to otherwise." #phdchat                                                                       7/3/2012 8:07
                  @HarvardHealth #NPNR2012 #callforpapers #mentalhealth #Nursing & #research including #doctoral
laurabenfield     #symposium for grabs #phdchat #studentnurse                                                               7/3/2012 8:07
EvaAlisic         @MickMorrison Please do jump in! #phdchat                                                                 7/3/2012 8:07
                  Maybe a good tip is: Which international people do you already know? Did you exchange emails about
EvaAlisic         literature with someone? #phdchat                                                                         7/3/2012 8:06
                  conferences, including student conferences, are very important for #PhD networking (I hope you don't
MickMorrison      mind me jumping in!) #phdchat                                                                              7/3/2012 8:06
                  Actually generally did my introductions 'cold' , myself! But in an incremental way: which started with
EvaAlisic         chats at conferences #phdchat                                                                              7/3/2012 8:05
                  I did a number of things: thought about academics & research groups I really liked first..then chatted
EvaAlisic         with a few (senior) people.. #phdchat                                                                      7/3/2012 8:04
                  I'd imagine that many people find the idea of approaching people at other places to host them
thesiswhisperer   confronting @EvaAlisic #phdchat                                                                            7/3/2012 8:04
                  Did you just email people at other institutions 'cold' @EvaAlisic or did you ask for help with
thesiswhisperer   introductions? #phdchat                                                                                    7/3/2012 8:03
                  Thought I might start #phdchat by posing a question to my co-host @EvaAlisic: you said you started
thesiswhisperer   with no contacts. What was your strategy?                                                                  7/3/2012 8:02
                  Looks like the start of Oz live #phdchat RT @big_ben_clock BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG
thesiswhisperer   BONG BONG                                                                                                  7/3/2012 8:01
                  Oh and what's great with TweetChat: you don't have to think about including the hashtag! (after sign in
EvaAlisic         with Twitter account) #phdchat                                                                             7/3/2012 7:56
thesiswhisperer   Stocked up on Qantas lounge snacks - all ready for live #phdchat with @EvaAlisic in 10 minutes             7/3/2012 7:50
                  Luckily running live #phdchat does not involve using my actuall voice. Voice box not in good shape after
thesiswhisperer   long day of workshops at ANU.                                                                              7/3/2012 7:32
                  RT @dooolism: #phd students follow #phdchat in 45 minutes , topic is conferences and travel (or lack
LailaShentenawi   thereof )                                                                                                  7/3/2012 7:29
                  What my experiments are like: RT @waginski "White noise: R R R L L R L R R L L L beep R R L R L R L L R
seh_mc            ... silence" #myresearch #phdchat                                                                          7/3/2012 7:25
karynfulcher      I will never get sick of reading this paper: #phdchat                                 7/3/2012 7:24

onekind           @thesiswhisperer You can also use TweetChat to follow the hashtag #phdchat            7/3/2012 7:24
witty_knitter     RT @MickMorrison: PhD students out there may want to follow #phdchat in about 1 hr.                        7/3/2012 7:24
                  Otherwise you will only see popular tweets or those which have been retweeted - can make #phdchat
thesiswhisperer   hard to follow.                                                                                             7/3/2012 7:22
                  For those of you who have never done a live #phdchat before, where it says "Tweets Top / All" click 'all'
thesiswhisperer   to see the whole conversation.                                                                              7/3/2012 7:22
                  RT @WLBPostgrad: #DOP #WLBPostgrad workshop programme @dopchair
BPSConference     @occpsychuk @occdigest @PsyPAG @phdchat @HEAcademy @WFRN @BPSConference                                     7/3/2012 7:19
                  Working a kind of slow wireless network is going to make this live #phdchat a bit difficult - will be
thesiswhisperer   relying on @EvaAlisic v. much...                                                                            7/3/2012 7:17
                  @witty_knitter @dalereardon agreed! And it's more relaxing than when you have performance anxiety
thesiswhisperer   about being a speaker... #phdchat                                                                           7/3/2012 7:16
dooolism          #phd students follow #phdchat in 45 minutes , topic is conferences and travel (or lack thereof )            7/3/2012 7:13
                  @thesiswhisperer @dalereardon heaps useful! You will get ideas and meet people. You can judge your
witty_knitter     work against that of others. #phdchat                                                                       7/3/2012 7:12
EvaAlisic         RT @mickmorrison: PhD students out there may want to follow #phdchat in about 1 hr.                         7/3/2012 7:10
                  @dalereardon conferences are a great way to meet likeminds anyway, but can be hard to get uni
thesiswhisperer   funding without being a speaker #phdchat                                                                    7/3/2012 7:09
upulie            RT @MickMorrison: PhD students out there may want to follow #phdchat in about 1 hr.                         7/3/2012 7:09
                  RT @WLBPostgrad: #DOP #WLBPostgrad workshop programme @dopchair
occpsychuk        @occpsychuk @occdigest @PsyPAG @phdchat @HEAcademy @WFRN @BPSConference                                     7/3/2012 7:07
                  “@DaleReardon: @thesiswhisperer Can't make the precise time but how useful is attending a
thesiswhisperer   conference if not a speaker? #phdchat―                                                                    7/3/2012 7:07
annfinster        RT @MickMorrison: PhD students out there may want to follow #phdchat in about 1 hr.                         7/3/2012 7:07
watermelon_man    RT @MickMorrison: PhD students out there may want to follow #phdchat in about 1 hr.                         7/3/2012 7:06
MickMorrison      PhD students out there may want to follow #phdchat in about 1 hr.                                           7/3/2012 7:05
                  @thesiswhisperer Can't make the precise time but how useful is attending a conference if not a
DaleReardon       speaker? #phdchat                                                                                           7/3/2012 7:05
                  RT @thesiswhisperer: Hopefully the live Oz #phdchat will tackle funding, making contacts, practical
EvaAlisic         advice on how to make travel a part of the phd experience                                                   7/3/2012 7:03
leoniedoyle       @izaWarner #phdchat at 7pm                                                                              7/3/2012 6:57
                  We are hoping this live #phdchat will be a place to discuss and build on @EvaAlisic's post this week:
thesiswhisperer                                                                                    7/3/2012 6:56
                  I'm in the qantas lounge at canberra airport waiting for live Oz #phdchat to start at 7pm. Topic,
thesiswhisperer   appropriately enough - travel!                                                                          7/3/2012 6:52

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