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Advance Solutions That Eliminate The Need For
     Breaking the Chains of the Supply Chain
At RDS, we offer both new in box solutions and secondary market sourcing.

Why does this matter? In an ideal world, traditional supply chain vendors and OEM
distributors would always deliver on time and to spec, but in reality this isn't always
a given.

Sales contracts, especially for Government customers, can take time to be
approved. And while it would be nice if all vendors could hold product indefinitely
while you are waiting for approval, by the time your project becomes a reality there
are often other factors at play.
             What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
•   Delays - You may run into long manufacturer lead times or have to wait for product
    because another customer has bought up the existing supply.

•   Nature - The Japanese Tsunami, for example, threw modem and chip production
    schedules off for months last year.

•   End of Sale or End of Life Issues - Sometimes projects get delayed so long that your
    preferred product doesn't even technically exist anymore. Your quote could become
    obsolete due to the EOL and EOS schedules of some OEMs or if the product
    manufacturer gets bought out or goes out of business.

•   Financing – Times are tough and not all vendors, even OEMs, are able to extend Net 45
    terms or navigate Ariba billing.
      RDS: Your Technology Solution Partner
Here at RDS, we don't look at challenging sales scenarios as roadblocks, nor do we
make them your problem.
We specialize in making the seemingly impossible into a reality and thrive on
exactly these sorts of challenges. Long OEM lead times? We will scour the
secondary market for existing product, call out an all points bulletin to our
consignment partners and generally go to the ends of the earth to gather up product
in time to meet your customer's deadlines. End of sale? It's not the end of the world.
We specialize in locating the obsolete, and can sometimes even find your no longer
manufactured product still "new in box." Will these extraordinary efforts work every
single time? Not always - we are, after all, only human. But, will your other supply
chain partners go to these lengths for you?
                         Pre-staging Services
You've heard the old saying "good enough for government work." But the truth of the
matter is that providing services for government customers requires talent, finesse, and
crackerjack project management skills. You have deadlines to meet, product coming in
from several locations and vendors, and stressed out techs at the staging end. However,
with multiple providers come multiple ways of doing things, such as inconsistent part
numbers and packaging.
That's why we offer full service "pre-staging" solutions - working with your planning and
staging teams to get to know your project from birth to grave. We maintain a complete
database of proprietary part numbers (such as AT&T "ISE" numbers for cabling and
accessories) and are very flexible and responsive to your staging teams packing and
delivery needs.
If the project's needs change midcourse, we can turn on a dime and we keep in constant
communication with your team to make sure that all changes in schedule or delivery
needs are communicated regularly.
                          Custom Cabling
RDS offers a full catalog of custom and standard network and fiber patch cables
and adapters and maintains an up to date version of AT&T’s internal ISE numbering
system so we can be sure the right cable is ordered every time.

Custom lengths are not a problem, and we are happy to work with your design team
to solve patch cable “mysteries” when dealing with older or proprietary equipment
that uses non-standard cabling.

Need patch cables fast? We can help! We offer expedited shipping on request and,
in an emergency, will work to arrange weekend, Counter to Counter, or same day
delivery when possible.
            CPE & Out-Of-Band Solutions

  At RDS, what we don't have is a failure to communicate.

We offer a full range of GSA listed Out Of Band and CPE gear,
including modems, routers, and CSU/DSU equipment, satellite and
microwave radio gear, cabling, racks, and hardware.

We carry products from Multitech, U.S. Robotics, Zhone/Paradyne,
Cisco, Juniper, Verilink, Larscom, Adtran, Tellabs and many other
manufacturers. And if we can’t find something, we can probably repair
it, so don’t hesitate to ask.
              Remote Network Management
                 & Power Solutions
• RDS can provide a number of Remote Site Management solutions, including the
  Baytech DS and DS-RP series Out Of Band console devices, as well as
  solutions from Dataprobe and Raritan.

• RDS offers a full range of power management devices, including rack and
  standalone UPS solutions, surge protection, and voltage regulators by Furman,
  APC, and others.

• We are also proud distributor of Multi-Link’s robust, affordable and easy to
  deploy line sharing devices and remote power control solutions.
                    IT & TELEPHONY

While we specialize in enterprise level communications technology,
we at RDS are well equipped to fill your office networking and
communications needs too.

That’s why we partner with such best of class companies as Dell,
Plantronics & Polycom to deliver quality and consistency to your
server room, your conference room or anywhere in the office.
                  TELECOM / CENTRAL OFFICE
When it comes to Telecom Central Office Product, you really are known by the
company you keep. The manufacturers that keep the nation’s communications
backbone running also make up the “backbone” of our inventory. These include
Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Tellabs, Fujitsu, ADC, NEC, Siemens, Westell, Marconi,
Symmetricom, Charles Industries, Ciena, Riverstone and more.

 Over the years companies merge and names can change, so if you don't see a
manufacturer here that you are looking for, odds are that we can still track it down.
RDS can get the equipment you need whether it is trailing-edge or bleeding-edge
                          NETWORK SPARES
RDS offers a comprehensive network spares management program to help our
customers maintain 100% network uptime.

 Our sparing solutions can include on-site or off-site warehousing options, testing,
refurbishment, repair, restocking, advance replacement and logistical support.

We offer both refurbished and new equipment as spares, depending on our
customers’ program requirements. Using refurbished equipment when permissible
helps reduce the total cost of spares, is good for the environment, and can be
priceless when locating hard to find or obsolete equipment.
                          Emergency Sourcing
If you absolutely, positively need product next day, never fear. We will do everything in our
power to make it happen so you can be a hero to your customer.

At RDS we specialize in rapid response and it is not unusual for us to fulfill orders within a 24
hour turn around time or sometimes even same day! We also offer an after hours service.

While we can’t always fill every emergency request, if we can’t help you, and know someone
who can, we will offer you a referral.
                   Testing & Repairs

RDS provides repair services from the schematic to the
system test level on wire line, wireless, voice, data, and
optical equipment. We have the engineers, resources, and
relationships to ensure your repair needs are met quickly,
reliably, and cost-effectively. Our repair services allow you
to leverage your assets for greater ROI and operational
                      Warranty Service

We stand behind the product we sell, offering one to three year
repair/replacement warranties on most product and advance
replacement services whenever possible.

We also go a step beyond the standard warranty procedures, working
with our OEM partners and test/repair technicians to identify and
eliminate issues when multiple failures occur.

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• CPE & Out Of Band      • Network Spares
  Solutions              • Emergency Sourcing
• Remote Network
                         • Testing & Repairs
  Management & Power
  Solutions              • Warranty Service
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