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									  Possible impact of the Green Paper proposals
  User notes

 Thank you for completing this survey, which is being undertaken on behalf of the Law Society by Otterburn Legal Consulting LLP.

 The survey is being undertaken to examine the potential impact of the Government's legal aid reforms on the finances of solicitors' firms.

 Please provide your contact details at the end of the questionnaire in case Andrew Otterburn has any queries with your answers.                     eg: if your financial year end is
 Please base your answers on your latest accounts or your forecast for the current year - whichever gives the best
                                                                                                                                                     March or April you are 9
 view of your firm's current financial position.                                                                                                     months through the current
                                                                                                                                                     year. It would be better, if you
 It is fine to use estimates.                                                                                                                        are able, to base your answers
                                                                                                                                                     on a forecast for the current
 Please enter information in the yellow cells
 These cells contain formulae

 The survey is confidential and the Law Society staff will not see individual responses or know the identity of firms that have taken part.

 The questionnaire is available as either an Excel document or a pdf file. It should either be emailed back to Andrew Otterburn or:
 DX to:
 Otterburn Legal Consulting LLP
 Post to:
 1 Holme View Park, Holmfirth, HD9 3HS

 If you have any difficulty completing the survey or if you need any guidance please contact Andrew Otterburn on 01484 682928 or email him at:

  Questionnaire deadline extended to 4th February 2011                                                                                Any queries call
                                                                                                                                      01484 682928
1 Your firm

  Where are you based? Which town or city?

  What is your financial year end?

  Are your answers based on:
     your latest accounts - ie, the period referred to above - if so,
     please tick
     an estimate for current year - if so please indicate period (eg. 12
     months to 31st March 2011)

2 Headcount                                                                             Latest or current year

  Equity partners/members                                                                                                             Please enter full
  Salaried & fixed share partners/members                                                                                             time equivalents


  Other solicitors

  Other qualified fee earners (Legal Executives/ Barristers)

  Unqualified fee earners / case workers

  Trainee solicitors

  Other fee earners

  Total fee earning staff                                                                                            0

  Secretaries, support staff, and other administrators in departments

  Central staff (reception, accounts, practice manager, etc)

  Total                                                                                                              0

3 Income & expenditure                                                                  Latest or current year

  Income                                                                                           £
  Fee income                                                                                                                           All figures
                                                                                                                                       should exclude
  Other income (including interest received on client and other                                                                        VAT
  Total income                                                                                  0

  Salaries, NIC, pensions, etc
  Sub-contract freelance /agency staff (eg police station accredited
  Non assigned counsel


  Professional indemnity insurance

  All other overheads (including training)

  Total expenditure                                                                             0

  Profit                                                                                        0

  What was the salary of your highest paid employed fee earner?
  (including any bonus)

  If the rent above is not a commercial rent please provide the
  current market rent

  How many chargeable hours do you typically expect your fee
  earners to achieve?
4 Please analyse your firm's fees:                                     Latest or current year

  Family                                                                                                 Approximate
                                                                                                         figures are fine

  Welfare benefits


  Immigration (legal aid)

  Immigration (privately funded)

  Clinical negligence

  Personal injury



  Other litigation

  Residential property

  Probate, wills and trusts

  Commercial property

  Corporate and commercial

                                                                                                        This should equal
                                                                                                0       the total fees

5 If your firm undertakes family work:                                 Latest or current year

  Please analyse your fees:                                                      £
  Public law family                                                                                     Approximate
                                                                                                        figures are fine
  Legal aid private law finance and children

  Legal aid domestic violence

  Privately paying family


  Please estimate the % of private law ancillary relief and children                                %
  and family where violence is not present

6 If your firm undertakes immigration work:

  Please estimate what % of your legal aid immigration work is for                                  %
  clients that are in detention

7 If your firm undertakes criminal work:
   Please analyse your fees:

   Police station and magistrates court                                                             Approximate
                                                                                                    figures are fine
   Crown Court


   Other crime


 8 Impact of the Green paper

   What do you anticipate will be the impact of the proposals on your firm?

   Do you anticipate fees and salaries will increase or fall as a result? Please quantify

   What do you consider the impact of the proposals will be on clients?

 9 Bank and partner capital

   At your last financial year end:
   What was the total of the Partners’ capital and current accounts at
   the year-end?
                                                                                                      Show an overdraft in
   What was the balance on office account?

   What is your bank overdraft facility?

10 Contact details

   Your name

   Your firm



   Please email this to
City       year end    accounts       forecast       equity         salaried
       0      1/1/1904            0              0            0.0              0.0
consultants other sols     other qual   unqual         trainees         othe f e
         0.0           0.0          0.0          0.0              0.0              0.0
total f e         secs         central                       fees
                                               total headcount          interest
            0.0          0.0             0.0             0.0        -              -
total income salaries     sub-contract non-assigned rent       PI
          -           -           -            -           -        -
overheads   total exp    profit       salary       rent       hours
        -            -            -            -          -           -
family       debt       WB       housing                     immig private
                                               immig legal aid
         -          -        -             -           -             -
clin neg       PI       crime       empl       other lit       res prop
           -        -           -          -               -              -
probate       comm prop   corp       other                      LA
                                                 total fee analysispublic
          -          -           -           -             -             -
LA private                              total family
             dom violence privately paying             No dom viol %Detention %
         -           -             -             -            -             -
Police stn   crown court   vhcc       other crime   total crime   capital
         -           -            -            -              -             -
overdraft   facility       impact                    clients
                                        fees & overheads           name
        -              -            0              0           0          0
firm       email       telephone
       0           0               0

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