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7 Sided Polygon


									                            7 Sided Polygon
7 Sided Polygon

In mathematics we deal with many types of shapes, the most important shape is polygon.
There are the several examples that are comes under the polygon, such as triangle,
rectangles, square, rhombus and many more.

Polygons are the shapes that widely used in geometry. Polygons are the Flat shapes that
have closed circuits or closed chain which formed when two or more straight lines joined

In the Euclidean geometry polygon can be consider as the 2 D shape that is formed when the
number of lines segments are joined top each other. In the Polygons, the line segments are
called the edges.

Polygon may be regular and irregular polygon. The 7 Sided Polygon is also a regular type of
polygon. Some polygons uses the equiangular and equilateral property, so these types of
polygons are comes under in the regular polygon.

To be more precise the regular polygons are the polygons in which all the sides and all the
angles are same when we do the measure.

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The 7 Sided Polygon is also known as the heptagon. We can use either 7 Sided Polygon or
heptagon, both the matters same.

The simple definition of the 7 Sided regular Polygon or heptagon is that, a polygon that consist
seven side and all seven sides and seven angles are equal.

In the shape of heptagon or 7 Sided Polygon the number of line segments and number of
vertex point are equal. It is also a property of polygon.

In 7 Sided Polygon all the line segments mean normally they will be seven are joined with the
separate - 2 vertex point means seven line segments and seven vertex point.

One line segment for one vertex point, second line segment with second vertex point and so

Another name of heptagon or 7 Sided Polygon is Septagon. In 7 Sided Polygon we can
measure the

each angle whereas the all angles are similar to each other just we have to determine the
value of one angle after that rest of all angles will be same.

We use the formula for finding the value of an angle,

(side – 2) * 180 / side

, Where side tells the total number of sides. By applying the above formula we can easily get
the value of an angle in the regular polygon. Let’s see the process of obtaining the angle's

ð (7 – 2) * 180o / 7

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ð 5 * 180o / 7

ð 128.5714o

So we got the value of an angle in the 7 sided regular polygon. The value is 128.5714o or in
round figure it is 129o.

Or the formula can be like this 180 (n) – 360 / n

180 * 7 – 360 / 7

1260 – 360 / 7

900 / 7 = 128.5714o or in round figure 129o

The 7 sided polygon cannot be constructed easily only with the help of compass. It has to use
the marked ruler, compass, straightedge and the trisector.

Polygon construction with the help of this method is known as the Neusis constructed. We can
also find the area of the polygon, the numbers of diagonal and the numbers of triangle in the
polygon.                                                  Page No. :- 4/4
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