Outline for Cross Examination Style Debate

					Outline for Cross Examination Style Debate
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Outline of a Debate
Speech Time Purpose
1AC 8 min • Establish affirmative advocacy of resolution. Prewritten speech.
             • There is a problem that could be solved (significance, harms).
             • The status quo is not going to solve this problem (inherency).
             • Give a specific proposal of what ought to be done (plan).
             • Show that the plan will solve the problem (solvency).
CX    3 min • 2N Cross-examines 1A.
             • Ask questions to clarify their arguments.
             • Ask questions to set up our arguments to come.
             • Be polite.
1NC 8 min • Attacks affirmative and begins laying out additional issues.
             • Make arguments against the specifics of the case (case
             • Argue that if the plan is adopted bad things will happen
             • Argue that the fundamental assumptions of the affirmative team
             are flawed (critique).
             • Argue that the plan is not a representation of the topic
             • Argue that there would be a better alternative to the plan
CX    3 min • 1A cross-examines 1N.
2AC 8 min • Defend affirmative positions, attack negative positions, last
             chance to introduce new issues for the affirmative.
             • Argue that the disadvantages are really reasons to vote
             affirmative. (turns)
             • Argue that the counterplan and the affirmative plan can co-exist
CX    3min. • First negative cross-examines second affirmative.
2NC 8 min • Attack affirmative positions; defend negative positions.
             • Last chance to introduce new issues for the negative.
             • 2NC and 1NR should cover different issues (division of labor).
CX    3 min • 2A cross-examines 2N.
1NR 4 min • Attack affirmative positions.
             • Defend negative positions
1AR 4 min • Answer all negative issues.
             • Defend all positions.
2NR 4 min • Weight the issues.
2AR 4 min • Weight the issues.

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