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									Region    Competitors            Region                    Core offereing    Price            Description                            Special
                                                                                                                                     explains various
                                                                                                                                     additional costs
                                                                             $200-$275                                               associated with
                                                                             (ft2) pre-                                              building. Includes a
                                                           GlideHouse,       designed                                                budget builder, and
                                                           MKSolaire,        homes, $275-                                            gives advice on
                                                           Sidebreeze,       $400 for                                                financing options.
                                                           Sunset            Custom                                                  mkd_budget_builder.xl
          MKD                    CA, HA, OR, WA, CO        BreezeHouse       Projects     built in 10-14 months                      s

                                                                                             Marmol Radziner Prefab combines
                                                                                             the efficiency of factory-built homes
                                                                                             with the benefits of custom
                                                                                             residential design. Our green
                                                                                             homes are not a kit of parts – we
                                                                                             build the prefab modules in our own
                                                                                             factory and ship them complete
                                                                             smallest        with your choice of pre-installed
                                                                             option: base    interior and exterior finishes,
                                                                             price of        flooring, appliances, and more. We
                                                                             $211,800        can oversee the entire process,         very contemporary
                                                                             biggest option: from design to delivery and             style. Recycled steel.
                                                                             base price of   installation, so no additional          Can construct and
          Marmol Radziner        Los Angeles, CA           5 models.         $780,800        contractor is required.                 design interiors.
                                                                                             clean modern aesthetic with             communities, and
                                                                                             seamlessly integrated                   residences. Traveling
          Jennifer Siegel/Office                                                             environmentally-friendly materials      EcoLab. You tube
          of Mobile Design       Venice, CA                ShowHouse                     240 and technologies. Showhouse             video of process
                                                                                             We build homes created by world-
                                                                                             class architects, which feature
                                                                                             warm, modern design, functional
                                                                                             amenities, and great price value.
                                                                                             Our homes include natural, non-
                                                                                             toxic and sustainably-derived
                                                                                             materials; and they're made in
                                                                                             specially equipped factories that
                                                                                             ensure unsurpassed quality, lower
                                                                                             construction cost and waste, and        have LEED point scale
                                                           3 homes by two                    shorten schedules. The result of all    associated with the
                                                           different                         this: healthier, happier homes that     house to rate your

                                                           architects. offers                have a dramatically smaller             home. first home
                                                           homes and                         ecological footprint than most new      certified LEED platinum
          Living Homes           santa monica, ca          communities        ???            homes.                                  in April.

                                                                                              simple, straigh-forward designs,
                                                                                              ideal classroom layout, a strong
                                                                                              sense of aesthetics and a practical
                                                                                              requirement that the design allow
                                                                                              for the efficient packaging and        distaster focus. Need
                                 targets disaster areas,                     they claim it is transportation of component parts      for quick, permanent
          Project Frog           quick classrooms          DragonFly, Turtle low              for easy on-site assembly.             structures.
                                                                                  provides professional services on
                                                                                  building projects throughout the US
                                                                                  with a focus on the Northeast. Our
                                                                                  architects, engineers, developers,      offers seven different
                                                                                  builders, and construction process      services: the Green
                                                                                  experts bring to Hickory the            Leveraging Program;
                                                                                  experience of over 8000 units of         the Quality Modular
                                                                                  housing, including single- and multi-   Building Task Force;
                                                                                  family; mid-rise, urban and rural;       the Green Financiers
                                                                                  affordable and high-end; new and        Forum;
                                                                                  rehab. Our work is currently             the Construction
                                                                                  focused on affordable housing and       Process Partnering
                                                                                  transit-oriented development            Program;
                                                                                  (TOD). We also consult on light          the Eco-Dynamic™
                                                                                  commercial buildings and other          Specification
                                                                                  small-scale projects including           the Sustainable Power
                                                                                  administrative centers, civic           Program; and
                                                multi-projects,                   buildings, and organizational            Research &
            Hickory Consortium    Harvard, MA   Erie Ellington                    headquarters.                           Development

                                                                                                                          SmartSpace wins "Best
                                                                                                                          of Show" in Modular

                                                modular                                                                   Building Institute's
                                                classrooms,                                                               newly introduced
                                                GREEN, LEED,                                                              Green Building Design
            Trimuph Smart Space Littleton, MA   and CUSTOM        ??                                                      category

                                                                                                                          They use the energy
                                                                                                                          audit software.
                                                                                                                          interesting financing
                                                                                                                          options. Independence
                                                                                                                          Energy Homes offers
                                                                                                                          architectural design for
                                                                                                                          homeowners and
                                                                                                                          design & energy
                                                                                                                          consulting for
                                                                                                                          developers. We
                                                                                                                          specialize in energy
                                                                                                                          efficiency, zero energy,
                                                                                                                          and green design for
            Independence Energy                 stick buit, custom varies, work   once modular, now regular homes.        residential new
            Homes               boston, ma      designs            with clients   Works internationally.                  construction projects.
                                located in DE, architect in
                                NJ. 13 shipping points.
                                * Atwater, CA
Midwest, south,
                                   * Houston, TX *
                                Jackson, MS * Lubbock,                                                                                    a part of Northern
mountain west
                                TX * Matton, IL *                                                                                         Steel International.
                                Oklahoma City, OK *                                                                                       Not necessarily green
                                Omaha, NE      * Phoenix,                                                                                 building per se, but
                                AZ * Richmond, VA *                                                                                       claims eco principles
                                Rome, NY * Salt Lake                                                                                      because of their use of
                                City, UT * Tallapoosa,                                                                                    steel, modular built
                  EcoContempo   GA * Tampa, FL                7 distinct layouts call for pricing                                         frames.

                                                                                                    EcoCottages provide instant "off-
                                                                                                    grid" housing & shelter solutions
                                                                                                    that are designed to easily ship and
                                                                                                    assemble virtually anywhere.
                                                                                                    EcoCottages begin with an all steel
                                                                                                    insulated design, utilizing pre-
                                                                                                    engineered, pre-cut, pre-drilled &
                                                                                                    pre-marked pieces by the factory.
                                                                                                    This allows users to quickly and
                                                                                                    efficiently assemble the system on-
                                                                                                    site. Solar power, wind generator,
                                                              4 styles. Not                         rainwater harvesting, and biolet off-
                                                              comtemporary.                         grid toilets are available. Please
                                                              More cottage                          contact us for a simple solution to   offering limited time
                  EcoCottages   same shipping points          style              call for pricing   your project needs.                   free shiping

                                                                                                    H-Haus models are the ultimate
                                                                                                    showcase of intelligent home design
                                                                                                    for the 21st century. The
                                                                                                    architecturally modern home
                                                                                                    designs from H-Haus, LLC is
                                                              8 options,                            introducing elegant living paired
                                                              includes guest                        with eco-friendly designs adopted
                                                              homes and                             from European housing standards
                  H-Haus        Santa Fe???                   garages!!!!        ???                to the American Market.
                                                              communities,                          a prefab arc company that
                                                              homes, yoga                           highlights efficencies of modular
                  V2            phoenix, az                   studios,           200 ft2            design
                  Green Roof    phoenix, az                                                         green residences and communites     LEED standards
                                                                                                                                 The ecoMOD project is
                                                                                           rain water collection system solar    embedded in the
                                                                                           hot water heater passive solar        curriculum of the
                                                                                           design daylighting natural            University of Virginia,
                                                                                           ventilation structural insulated      and is intended to
                                                                                           panels modular construction energy    create well-built homes
                                                                                           star appliances low/no VOC interior   that cost less to live in,
                                                                                           materials sustainably harvested       minimize damage to
                                                                                           wood floor energy/water/climate       the environment and
                EcoMOD (UVA)          Charlottesville, VA                                  monitoring system                     appreciate over time.
                                                                                                                                 NC Healthy Built
                                                                                           Small builder of modular homes in     Homes Certified. Will
                                                                                           the Asheville area. Designs and       not deliver >60 mins
                                                                                           coordinates the construction, but     from Asheville.
                                                            Standard       Standard        the homes are built by an outside     Customers can do the
                                                            modular        modular plans   manufacturer. Homes are built to      finishing work
                                                            floorplans,    start at        meet Energy Star and NC Healthy       themselves to save
                Innova Homes          Asheville, NC         custom plans   $100/sq ft.     Built Homes specifications            money.

                                                                                                                              The miniHome uses
                                                                                                                             1/100th the
                                                                                         Sit back, and hopefully watch it    electricity,1/10th the
                                                                                         transform the both trailer park and fuel, 1/10th the
                                                                                         suburb into the new American        materials,and 1/10th
                                                                                         landscape of affordable, green      the water of the
International   Mini-Home             toronto,canada        mobile home         $107,640 domestic architecture.              average, 2000sf home.

                Additional Sources:                                                        fabzonehome.htm

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