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									             List of System Definition Options in beginning (before 'Q') of script file for micromagnetics program
             Think of this as a hierarchical menu: col. C has the top-level option, etc.
Order in fileMeaning is arbitrary, only order is significant)               Sub-char
                                                                     Character ( sub-sub-char              Sorting: Export Data has
       300 end of input data or block                                !      !
        10 comment                                                   #
        80 Rest of parameters: MinCS,l,gamma,alpha,ktperV            &
             demag factor (x,y,z directions)                         d
        50 Display block                                             D
               Exchange constant(text                                D      E
               H_external display                                    D      H
               M-vector style                                        D      M
               text display (x,y,text)                               D      t
               time display                                          D      T
               Vector style for H,etc                                D      V
             fmm: max angle, order                                   f
             Field display at cells                                  F
             Geometry block (call parsebuild for submenu)            G
               Multilayer build (recursively calls parsebuild)       G      M
                                                                     G      R
               Rectangle build (calls rect->setup); line has SHowM flag, corners
                 Amplitude & phase of spin wave                      G      R       A
                 Divide rectangle                                    G      R       D
                 demag factors (only if undivided)                   G      R       d
                                                                     G      R
                 Exchange constant A (form=isotropic/anisotropic; A=scalar/vector   E            .
                                                                     G      R       H
                 Field gradient (or Fourier component)-lists Sinus[3],kVector,Amplitude
                 Initial magnetization direction                     G      R       I
                 Anisotropy K of rect                                G      R       K
                 layered anisotropy (#layers,Hk, end for each )      G      R       K            l
                 power law anisotropy (line has exponent, etc.)      G      R       K            p
                 constant anisotropy                                 G      R       K            c
                 levelToDisplay (display faces: 0=smallest)          G      R       l
                 Landau-Lifshitz damping alpha                       G      R       L
                 mToDisplay (level of cell to display M)             G      R       m
                 M_saturation for rectangle                          G      R       M
       150       overall rotation (quaternion)                       G      R       Q
                                                                     G      R
                 Spin torque: aJ,bJ(fieldlike), M_p: dM/dt=-aJ*MxMxMp/Ms-bJ*MxMp    S
                 size to display (display if smaller or = this)      G      R       s
       130       Wave vector nx,ny,nz (units 2pi/L) of spin wave     G      R       W
                                                                     G      R        in
                 exchange coupling, interlayer: give name of other layer, energy X J/m^2 (<0 for antiferromagnetic)
                                                                     G      R       X1
                   "1-way" version of exchange, for "motor". See "X1hange" in twist.script
             game mode: set field limit                              g
        20 initial condition file name                               i
        30 run ID                                                    I
             layered System (no FMM)                                 l
             Landscape contours                                      L
SCRIPT2 NOW 2 now: MagnetostaticsInclude (omitted if commented out)  M
             mode submenu: index, Hval,IncFactor                     m
               term in mode                                          m      T
               mode field display                                    m      F       has rect, posn,WhichComps,WhereLabel,length
       100 System size (Nx,Ny,Nz) in units of smallest cell size N
             OneDimensional system: OneD_dir=x,y,z                   O
        40 printout controls Psetup,Pcpt                             p
       110 Periodicity Px,Py,Pz (=1 if periodic)                     P
    Enter graphics                                          Q
    Recursively loop cells to set CellFromID and spin waveU  M's   DELETE!
    Version                                                 V
230 Watched cell block                                      W
      Show Anisotropy field                                 W      A
      local field "H"(no exchange, anisotropy)              W      H
      magnetostatic field                                   W      M
      set position Wx,Wy,Wz                                 W      P
      total field "Htot"(incl. exchange, anisotropy,random) W      T
      exchange field                                        W      X
    Xtra display elements (after main geometry              X
     Exchange const (of watched rect)                       X      A
     text                                                   X      t
     Time                                                   X      T
     H_external                                             X      H
     Energy                                                 X      E
     local fields                                           X      L

    SUPERSEDED:                                                        Unused as 1st-column letter: b,g,k,n,o,Q,q,t,u,V,
 90 System size (Lx,Ly,Lz) in nm                          L
    recursive FMM parameters (angle, data files, what to calculate)
 70 Saturation magnetization Ms                           M
  Sorting: Export Data has BLANK after E, NOT empty cell

hComps,WhereLabel,length_fudge,|, where WhichCOmps=-1(none),0,1,2(x,y,z),3(all); WhereLabel=1(tip),0(tail)
n letter: b,g,k,n,o,Q,q,t,u,V,v, w,x,y,Z
             List of commands after Q in Script file for micromagnetics program
             Think of this as a hierarchical menu: col. C has the top-level option, etc.
Order in fileMeaning is arbitrary, only order is significant)                 Sub-char
                                                                         Character ( sub-sub-char   Sorting: Export Data has
             Increment (vector, for H, etc.)                             +
       300 end of input data or block                                    !    !
        10 comment                                                       #
             2nd Export file (see also E)                                2
             Algorithm: Heun, DampingFinite                              A
             Bigness of vectors (field & M)                              B
             set one cell's initial M vector & ShowH                     c
             Constraint block                                            C
             set dt value, & multiple for display                        d
             Export Data (gives interval, 0 if no file)                  E
                Write to file                                            E    F
                Write to console                                         E    C
                H(at watched cell)                                       E    H
                m(total), dir (=0,1,2 for x,y,z)                         E    m
                M (at watched cell)                                      E    M
                Perp (to given axis) comp of mTot; give axis             E    P
                Spherical coords (theta, phi) @ watched                  E    S
                Volume integrals                                         E    V
                mDot=dm/dt (mDotDir=0,1,2=x,y,z)                         E    d
       240 Final Check                                                   F
       260 end of final check                                            F    !
             Error allowed                                               F    E
       250 expected value of M                                           F    M
             field,which to display at cells                             f
             H_Field: set bias, pulsed fields (spacially uniform)        H
                AC field                                                 H    A
        60 Bias magnetic field Hx,Hy,Hz (i.e. constant)                  H    B
                Field of moving media grain                              H    M
                                                                         H    P
                pulsed field in single direction; see next # line or readme for details
             hysteresis line (max H, nudge, Nsteps)                      h
             Limits: ErrRot, convergence Tol.                            L
             Kernel calculation                                          K
             Mode value reset                                            M
             movie filename to read                                      m
             Normal modes calculate                                      N
             Orbit calculation (fill sphere with orbits)                 O
             Pause mode initially (stepping)                             P
             Quit program                                                Q
             Run simulation                                              R
       180 Kikuchi exact soln; set time-time to equator?                 R    K
       210 read # precession periods                                     R    n
       220 read # of dt's                                                R    N
       190 Spin wave case: give # periods                                R    p
       200 tstop value                                                   R    T
             Stray (magnetoStatic) fields include (calcs partners) S
       170 Tolerance (max rotation)                                      T
             UpdateFields (calls CalcAllFromM)                           U
             Wait for user to hit right arrow to start                   W
             zero out time (set t=0 even if read in t>0)                 z
Extras, need rethink where these go, if anywhere (were in Scriptfile1):
            calculate kernels                                      f      K
            NoInterRectKernels (use mpoles between rects)          f      N
            read ext potential                                     f      e
            External potential calculation (&stop)                 f      E
Sorting: Export Data has BLANK after E, NOT empty cell
List of key presses that can be used during simulation
                            (handled in display.cpp, myKeyPressCB)           not case sensitive usually
                     "Modifiable" column: code N means Numerical, i.e. lower case decreases, shift increases, ctrl makes it zer
                            code C means control version pre-empted by field displays (zxcvbnm<>?)
                            code L means laptop keypad (=8,u,o,k keys)
Key(                        Meaning
Home                        restart the movie from the beginning;
left-arrow                  read the movie in backward direction
Down-arrow                  pause simulation (or movie, if playing one) -- that is, -> & down act like VCR controls
right-arrow                 read the movie in forward direction; step forward in calculation
Keypad down-arrow (2)       decrease y of selected object        keypad is at far right -- need NumLock
Keypad left-arrow (4)       decrease x of selected object        On laptop with no keyboard, see U etc.
Keypad right-arrow (6)      increase x of selected object        So far, "selected object" is only bias field.
Keypad up-arrow (8)         increase y of selected object
Keypad +                    increase z of selected object
Keypad -                    decrease z of selected object
> or period          C      increase movie speed
< or comma                  decrease movie speed
+ (regular + sign)          increase transparency of faces
- (minus sign)              decrease transparency of faces
A                    N      change damping alpha ("N" means lower case decreases, shift key increases, control->0)
b                    C
c                    C      (means control-c pre-empted by control sequence listed at bottom)
E                    N      change exchange A (e=decrease)
F                           stop conv?increase mDot_want
F                    N      Field-like torque (IF watchedCell->rect->SpinTorque)
D                           decrease mDot_want                   "
G                           reverse sign of mDot_want            "
H                    N      change temperature ("Heat",'h' cools)
m                    C
n                    C
p                           pause mode/not pause (toggle) after each frame (allows stepping through)
q                           terminate run, read next script command
Q                           completely exit the program
K                    L      decrease y of selected object        use these if no keypad
U                    L      decrease x of selected object
O                    L      increase x of selected object
R                           rotate M of watched cell, about x
S                    N      Slonczewski torque aJ
T                    N      change time increment dt
v                    C
w                           write snapshot (cell magnetizations)
X                    C      Xport data at this time (also writes to console)
Z                    C      freeze field            Zhu added:
8                    L      increase y of selected object
/ or ?               C      increase z of selected object
;                           decrease z of selected object
[                           halve xyz increment
]                           double xyz increment
Raise/lower keys (A,E,..) modified by:
shift                       in N mode, increase value 1 dB (without shift, decreases); if zero, set to default
control             in N mode, set value to zero
1..4                Decrease mode amplitude
F1..F4              increase mode amplitude
F5 (&shift etc)     change face colors via console window
control-bottomrow   field display (all cells) modes:
control-z           external field
control-x           magstatic
control-c           exchange
control-v           anisotropy
control-b           deterministic
control-n           random
control-m           Delta-M
control-<           scale/2
control->           scale*2
control-?           display zero (no field arrows)

Break               This is caught by debugger, don't use
alt                 seems to be caught by ExaminerViewer, makes icons at right flash; don't use
F12                 seems to be caught by compiler
, shift increases, ctrl makes it zero. Example: A for alpha.

ike VCR controls

increases, control->0)

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