Exercise_ by dandanhuanghuang


									     Exercise 3

Fonio husker machine factory Income

                                                                    Fonio husker
                                                                    machine 80%
                                            manufacturing &
                                            Distribution 90%
                                                                   Other types of
                                                                   machines 10%
                       Total Income

                                                                  Maintenance 5%

                                              Service 10%
                                                                    assistance &
                                                                     advising 5%

Fonio husker machine factory Expenses

                                       Raw material (59 %)                             Electricity &
                                                                                    communications 2%)
                                      Consumption fees (3%)
                                                                                        Water (1%)

                                        Maintenance (4%)

Total Expenses                                                                         Travel (0.5%)
(Year 1 out of 5)                      Amortissement (5%)

                                                                                      Promoting (2%)
                                      Travel promoting (3%)

                                           Staff (24%)                                    (0.5%)

                                        Office supplies (2%)

Critical Success Factors

            The fonio husker machine is a technological innovation known as the first one in
             the world.
            The distribution of the machine will benefit in particular women, for it would
             reduce the time of the fonio transformation process.
            The machine is an instrument designed to revitalize the fonio agricultural sector,
             and arouse the interest of NGOs and governments working in domains such as
             food security, malnutrition and women’s promotion.
            The satisfaction of machine users (The machine is already successfully operating
             in 8 countries)
   The fonio husker machine can be installed anywhere in Sahelian zones including
    non electrified areas
   The easy maintenance and manipulation of the machine
   The participation of the staff to programs benefiting producers and processing

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