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NIT 03 of EE 12-13


									                                                                Govt. of West Bengal
                                                          Office of the Executive Engineer
                                           Malda Arsenic Area W/S Division, P.H. Engineering Directorate,
                                             Doulatpur PHE-Complex, P.O. Maliha, Dist.Malda-732102.

Memo. No. 659              /MAAD                                                                                Dated, Malda the 11-7-2012.

                                    NOTICE INVITING TENDER N.I.T. NO. 03 /EE/MAAD OF 2012-2013.

            Sealed Tenders are in approriate Form/Formate as prescribed by the Department are hereby invited for the following works by the
Executive Engineer-I, Malda Arsenic Area Water Supply Division, public Health Engineering Directorate, Doulatpur, PHED- Complex, P.O.
Maliha,Dist. Malda.
 S.L.                                                                                Estimatd
                                     Name of the Work                                               Earnest Money      Time of Completion.
 No.                                                                                  Amount
  1                                          2                                            3                 4                   5
       Supplying and installation of Chlorinator with relative accessories in
       Mathurapur Water Treatment Plant Northern Sector & Dariapur Water
  1                                                                                Rs. 1,197,025.00 Rs. 23,941.00             75days
       Treatment Plant , Southern Sector under Malda Arsenic Area W/S Divn.
       Development of Water Supply and covering of uncovered area by Laying
  2 of UPVC pipe line at Sekhpura village of Mathurapur distribution zone            Rs. 655,559.00 Rs. 13,111.00             60days
       under Malda Arsenic Area W/S Divn. PHED.
       Day to Day Operation and Up-Keeping of Site Office-cum-Water Collection
       Centre (LUKOCHURI) and its premises under Malda Arsenic Area W/S
  3                                                                                  Rs. 869,265.00 Rs. 17,385.00            365days
       Division, PHED providing all necessary
       man-holding supports and services to Visitors’ ( For 365 days.)
   ELIGIBILITY:-    For All works-working contractor of this directorate having credential in similar type of work in a single
                           order/experiance in Operation & Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant.
  Price if Tender          Price of WBF No.       Last date of              Last date of     last date of issue Last date of   Date and time of
    Document                  2911(i)/(ii)       application for              issue for          of Tender      submission of opening of Tender.
                                               Tender Documents             permission             Papers:      Tender Paper.
           1                       2                      3                      4                    5                     6                     7
 Rs. 200 for sl.-1, & 3,
                                                   23-7-2012               24.7.2012             25.7.2012             27.7.2012            27.7.2012.
           &                    Rs. 5.00
   Rs. 100/- for Sl. 2                            Upto 5.00p.m.          upto 4.00 p.m.        Upto 4.00p.m.         upto 3.00p.m.          At 3.30p.m.

         In case office faces sudden closure due to reason beyond the scope of control & understanding any of the last dates as scheduled above
         may be extended upto the next working day without further separate notice , if the undersigned feels it to be so necessary.

   1     The Tenders received by the specified date and time will be opend on 27.7.2012 at 3.30p.m. in presence of the Tenders or their
         authorized representatives.
   2     Tender to be placed in sealed covers and superscribed with the name of work and NIT/SL Number.
   3     Tenders will have to satisfy the Tendering Authority with proof of their experiences supported by Performance Certificate/ Enlistment
         Certificate/ Resourcefulness while submitting application of Tender papers. No. work order will be treated as credential payment
         certificate for last successive three years shall be produced in support of eligibility.
   4     The Tender Documents/ Papers shall normally consists of Notice Inviting Tender, Schedule & Specification. appropriate W.B.F.2911(i)/(ii)
         special conditions's drawing etc. if /when relevant as a part of Tender Document.
   5     After granting the permission towards issue of Tender paper by the undersigned the same will vailable on payment of usual charges
         upto the date and time mentioned above from the office of the Executive Engineer, Malda Arsenic Area W/S Divn. PHED.

   6     No Tender form will be be issued unless valid certificate of VAT/Sales Tax, ,PAN Card/ I.T. and Professional Tax are produced.
   7     The rate is to be quopted both in figures and in words.
   8     The rate quoted shall be considered as inclusive of all related Taxes, Cess and other incidental charges to the work.
   9     Before submitting any Tender. Tenderers are to satisfy themeselves by actual visit to site as regards to the local conditions also about
         other matters allied to the execution of the said work.
 10.     Earnetst Money to be submitted with the Tender in any of the following forms duly drawn / pledged in out of
         (i) By challan to be credited to the Head of Accounts- "8443- Civil-Deposit P.W.D. Revenue Deposit".
         (ii) Demand Draft or Deposit at Call on any Local Schedule Bank.
 11.     The Tenders who will sign in Tender on behalf of a company or firm should also produce the valid registered documents in respect of their company.
 12.    The Successful Tenderer shall have to execute an Agreement Bond in W.B.F. No. 2911-(i)/(ii) which will be available with other documents from the
        office of the Executive Engineer, Malda Arsenic Area W/s Divn. PHED at the time of executing Agreement Bond in the forms as mentioned in SL. No.
 13.    The Tender accepting authority does not bound himself to accept the lowest or any Tender and reserves the right to reject in part or full any / all the
        Tender received or to split up the work into different groups without assigning any reason thereto.
 14.    The rate of the Tender shall remain valid a period of (six) months from the date of opening of this Tender or during the contractual period whichever is
 15.    The Tenders are requested to be present during opening of the Tenders so that any subsequent Bid may be held on the same day without separate Notice, if feel so necessar

 16.    The Tenders may submit the Tender Papers in sealed cover in the office of the undersigned at stipulated date & time.
 17.    The undersigned also reserves the right to issue Tender papers as per desired criteria.
 18.    Permission shallbe issued against any application sent by post.
 19.    All works to be carried out as per I.S. Specification and direction of E.I.C.
 20.    The Tenderers will have to note that the successful Tenderer shall have to deposit @ 2% of the Tendered amount as Security of the woek and the
        recovery whould be made under:-
        (a) An additional Security shall be deducted from progressive bills @ 8% of the each such bill, so that the total Security Deposit including the Earnest
        Money amounting to 10% of the total value of the work actually done.
        (b) Earnest money already deposit will be convered as Security Deposit.
  21    Any Corrigendum / Addendum/Further Call Notice , if necessary for this N.I.T. may be circulated through this office Notice Board only.

  22    For any detail, this office may be contacted during office hours and show our site"".
  23    Working and Enlisted Contractor those who not yet commenced the work after repeated communication by this office, will be reserved for issue of
        Tender Paper with the discretion of the Tender Authority.
  24    It is customary to submkit / exhibit the Labour Licens Certificate registered under provision of contract labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act. 1970 by
        the Agency as applicable.
  25    Convassing in connection with Tender is strictly prohibited and Tenderers who resort to canvassing shall be subjecting to rejection.

                                                                                                                     Executive Engineer
                                                                                                             Malda Ars. Area W/S Div, PHED.

Memo. No.       659 /           /MAAD                                                                         Dated, Malda, the 11-7-2012.

        Copy forwarded for information and wide circulation through office Notice board to:-
  1     The Superintending Engineer, North Bengal Circle-II, P.H. Engineering Dte., Malda.
  2     The Executive Engineer, Malda Division,/ Malda Mechanical Division, P.H. Engineering Dte., Malda.
  3     The Assistant Engineer , MAAD./ Malda Sadar/Malda RWS/Chanchal, Sub-Division, P.H. Engineering Dte., Malda.
  4     The Divisional Accounts Officer Gr-II/ Estimator/ Cashier, Malda Arsenic Area W/S Division, P.H. Engineering Dte., Malda.

                                                                                                                     Executive Engineer
                                                                                                             Malda Ars. Area W/S Div, PHED.


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