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					Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 7:00 p.m.
   Little Theater Roosevelt Hall

                                  Welcome ........................Dr. W. Hubert Keen, President
                                  Provost Address ................................Dr. Beverly L. Kahn
                                  FAME Award ...................................Dr. Beverly L. Kahn
                             Presented to Paul McHugh, Technology & CISCO Teacher, East Islip High School

Mr. Mc Hugh was nominated for this recognition by Farmingdale student, Stephanie Cuce. Ms. Cuce stated, “Some people teach for the
sake of a job. Mr. McHugh teaches because he has a passion. His passion is to help each one of his students succeed. Often he would
dedicate days to having his students research careers, colleges and their future. He was a positive influence in the lives of many students.”

                    Presentation of Student Awards for Academic Excellence
                                                 Dr. W. Hubert Keen, President
                                                   Dr. Beverly Kahn, Provost

                                                    Dr. Frank Pellegrini, Dean
                                                   School of Arts and Sciences

                                             Dr. Eleanor Fapohunda, Associate Dean
                                                   School of Arts and Sciences

                                                 Dr. Lorraine Greenwald, Dean
                                                       School of Business

                                        Dr. Francine Federman, Acting Associate Dean
                                                      School of Business

                                                   Dr. Kamal Shahrabi, Dean
                                               School of Engineering Technologies

                                     Professor Socrates Thanasas, Acting Assistant Dean
                                             School of Engineering Technologies

                                                 Dr. Marie Hayden-Miles, Dean
                                                   School of Health Sciences

                                                  Dr. Veronica Henry, Dean
                                         Long Island Educational Opportunity Center

                                                        Concluding Remarks
                                                         Dr. Beverly Kahn


Light refreshments will be served in the Multipurpose Room (Roosevelt Hall) at the conclusion of the program.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                            1                     Student awardS     For   aCademiC exCellenCe
                            Student Awards for Academic Excellence
Each year Farmingdale State College bestows “Awards for Academic Excellence” on two students in each major who have been selected
by their faculty as truly outstanding. The primary consideration for selection is the student’s overall grade point average in coursework
completed at Farmingdale. Additional consideration is given to exceptional performance in areas including research, internships, special
student projects, and contribution to departmental clubs and honor societies.

   School of Arts & Sciences                               Ornamental                                 Computer Engineering
                                                    Horticulture General (AAS)                          Technology (BS)
           Applied Math (BS)                             Melissa Carvalho                                Keith R. Manta
           Michael J. Gleason                           Lisa Reichenberger                              Brandon Worster
             Thomas Zona
                                                    Ornamental Horticulture                           Electrical Engineering
             Bioscience (BS)                      Landscape Development (AAS)                            Technology (BS)
             Melissa Jensen                               Jeffrey Howe                                  Joseph M. Roubal
             John Tesoriero                             Angelika Swantek                              Jefferson Urgiles-Ortiz

            Criminal Justice                         Horticultural Technology                Facility Management Technology (BS)
         Law Enforcement (AS)                           Management (BT)                               Thomas DeBenedetto
            Roger Clement                                Brian Hoffmann
          Samantha Hesselbach                                                                      Manufacturing Engineering
                                                   Visual Communications (BT)                          Technology (BS)
          Security Systems (BS)                            Nicole Cappai                                Timothy Resig
           Stephanie M. Cuce                              Alfred Mercado                                Lucas Sanjuan
           Krzysztof Pasternak
                                                                                                     Mechanical Engineering
     Liberal Arts & Sciences (AA)
                                                        School of                                       Technology (BS)
          Kimberly Evansen                        Engineering Technology                               Fernando Cousin
            Evan Goldblatt                                                                              Parminder Singh
                                                        Aeronautical Science
 Professional Communications (BS)                      Professional Pilot (BS)                       Mechanical Engineering
           Gregory Patriss                                Lindsay Arnott                                Technology (AS)
             Scott Stasio                               Marcin Gajdziszewski                            Charles Dempsey
                                                                                                      Paula Molina-Canales
        Technology Studies (BS)                    Aviation Administration (BS)
            Ryan E. Hodges                                 Steven Young
           Raymond J. Flatley                                                                   School of Health Sciences
                                                   Engineering Technology (BS)                         Dental Hygiene (AS)
        School of Business                                Casey J. Moisa                                   Lindsay Leo
                                                       Carolyn E. Kennedy                               Jessica McDonald
     Business Administration (AS)
          Matthew Hochman                            Construction Mgmt. Engr.                          Dental Hygiene (BS)
          Danielle Escalante                              Technology (BS)                              Corinne Owenburg
                                                          Angelo J. Cecere                               Marie Yuliano
      Business Management (BS)                        Stratis M. Christodoulou
            Stephany Silva                                                                    Medical Laboratory Technology (AS)
             Eilish Fusto                             Automotive Management                             Michael Badner
                                                          Technology (BS)                              Christina DaSilva
      Computer Programming &                              Dipinder Bakshi
       Information Systems (BS)                                                                           Nursing (AS)
           Stacey L. Gensch                        Automotive Technology (AAS)                         Catherine Baccelliere
             Sean J. Small                               John Conforti                                   Dawna Scheich
                                                        Michael V. Nichols

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                          2                    Student awardS     For   aCademiC exCellenCe
                                                  School of Arts & Sciences

Applied Math (BS)
Michael J. Gleason
Michael Gleason transferred to Farmingdale State College from SUNY Geneseo. Farmingdale, he said, “represented a new start for me.”
He worked hard and made sure he excelled in his academic endeavors. According to Michael, “it was quite a pleasure to see my efforts
pay off … I found professors, such as Prof. Losito, who really believed in me and helped me achieve great feats. I took on a job at A&J
Process Service along side school and I have been employed there for the last year and a half. Beginning school at Farmingdale was a new
chapter in my life as I really began to hone in on the potential that I always had.”

Thomas Zona
During his time at Farmingdale State College Thomas has excelled in a number of subjects, particularly mathematics and history. He has
consistently maintained a high Grade Point Average. In addition to his studies, Thomas is a tutor in the Nancy Thomson Mathematics
Center. His goal for the future is to pursue another degree in computer programming or computer science and ultimately find a career in
which he can apply all his knowledge and skills.

Bioscience (BS)
Melissa Jensen
Melissa Jensen is a senior in the Bioscience Curriculum with a current GPA of 3.83. She has achieved an exceptionally strong record
in her major, earning a grade of A in every curriculum course she has taken, including Bioethics, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Genetics,
Molecular Biology, and Biopharmaceutical Regulation. Melissa was invited into a very selective 6-credit Bioscience Research Internship
in the research program of Dr. Santiago-Schwarz, through which she developed expertise in such laboratory techniques as flow cytometry
(using a device that sorts and counts microscopic particles suspended in a stream of fluid), western blot (detecting specific proteins in
a sample), southern blot (checking for the presence of a DNA sequence in a DNA sample), cell culturing, and DNA isolation. She has
participated in the 10K Nike Human Race (supporting the Word Wildlife Fund and Lance Armstrong Foundation) and in the Jones
Beach 5K Race (supporting breast cancer research). She was inducted into the Golden Key Honor Society, and is currently president
of the Biology Club. Melissa’s academic and career goal is to pursue a professional degree in Medicine, and she plans to engage in
volunteer activity and to shadow a physician as she prepares to take the MCAT and proceed to graduate school.

John Tesoriero
John Tesoriero is a senior in the Bioscience Curriculum with a current GPA of 3.95. He has achieved an exceptionally strong record
in his major, earning a grade of A in every curriculum course he has taken, including Bioethics, Cell Biology, and Genetics. John has
also demonstrated outstanding ability in Chemistry, earning grades of A in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry,
and he was awarded the Outstanding General Chemistry Award by the Chemistry Department. John received the OSI Pharmaceutical
Scholarship and the Wall of Honor Scholarship, and he was inducted into the Golden Key Honor Society. John has worked in the
campus tutoring center as a Cell Biology tutor, and he is an active member of both the Biology Club and the Pre-Health Professions
Club. He recently completed a 3-credit Bioscience Internship with a dental practitioner that included training and hands-on experience
in dental procedures on practice sets of teeth. John’s academic and career goal is to pursue a professional degree in Dentistry. His
immediate plans include preparation for taking the DAT.

Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement (AS)
Roger Clement
Roger is enrolled in the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement program and has excelled in the law enforcement, criminology, and criminal
investigation courses. He is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the Nassau County Police Explorers. He is a certified Emergency Medical
Technician. He plans to attend Molloy College and to enter the police service.

Samantha Hesselbach
Samantha is enrolled in the Criminal Justice program and has a keen interest in criminology, criminalistics, and law enforcement
administration. Samantha is a Senior Girl Scout and is a recipient of the Silver Award. She has served as a volunteer at a nursing home
for the elderly, collected food for the needy at Thanksgiving, and has helped buy presents for the less fortunate at Christmas. She feels
that it is important to get good grades and plans to continue her education. Her ultimate goal is to pursue a career in the criminal
justice field.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                          3                     Student awardS     For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Security Systems (BS)
Stephanie M. Cuce
Stephanie is enrolled in the Security Systems program and has excelled in the computer security, sociology, and web development
courses. She is a photographer for the Rambler Student Newspaper, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and the National Rifle Association.
She has been on the Dean’s and President’s lists throughout her tenure at Farmingdale. She enjoys ballroom dancing, graphic design,
playing the piano, and shooting rifles competitively. She has been involved in organizing and sending Care packages to U.S. soldiers
in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as collecting donations for a local animal shelter. She plans to pursue a career in the Information
Technology field with a focus on security and to begin her studies toward a master’s degree within the next 3 years.

Krzysztof Pasternak
Krzysztof is a Security Systems student at Farmingdale and has excelled in the program’s computer forensics, computer security, and
networking courses. He served in the United States Army from 2002 to 2005, and held the rank of Sergeant. He received the Army
Commendation Medal for exceptional meritorious service while deployed in Afghanistan. He was a recipient of the CISCO scholarship
award. He is the president and owner of Sagetech Consulting Inc., which is an information technology firm. He recently completed an
internship with the U.S. Government Accountability Office in Washington, D.C. He is currently the president of the Criminal Justice/
Security Systems Club. He enjoys listening to music, working with computer security, and spending time with his lovely wife Justyna.

Liberal Arts & Sciences (AA)
Kimberly Evansen
Kimberly Evensen is currently a Liberal Arts and Sciences student at Farmingdale State College. During her freshman year at
Farmingdale, she received the Academic Excellence Award, and in March 2009 she was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor
Society. In addition to her studies, she volunteers at Good Samaritan Hospital and is shadowing a Physician Assistant in the OB/GYN
field. She was recently accepted into Touro College, where she will be studying to become a Physician’s Assistant. In her spare time, she
enjoys playing the guitar, going to Met’s games and traveling.

Evan Goldblatt
Evan Dana Goldblatt entered the college in fall 2006 as a liberal arts major. He has taken a number of courses in the discipline of
history, including courses on the Industrial Revolution, the United States, Russia, Germany, and Modern World History. His course
work also includes international politics and other social sciences. He is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the 2008
recipient of the Liberal Arts Outstanding Student in History Award. Evan has achieved recognition on the President’s List every semester
he has attended Farmingdale. In the summer of 2008, he attended Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic where he took courses
in Jewish History and Central European Politics. He hopes to attend the College of William and Mary next spring where he will major in
Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Professional Communications (BS)
Gregory Patriss
Greg has earned a 3.97 GPA, and he completed his most outstanding work in his Shakespeare class and in Journalism and
Communication Theory coursework, all of which require careful, analytical research and writing skills. Greg has worked on both The
Rambler newspaper and the Ram.Page online paper as a reporter and in layout and design. He completed an internship writing a blog
for the Islanders. Off-campus he enjoys playing the guitar and has begun volunteer work for the Lady of Angels parish in Brooklyn. In
the summer, Greg will earn certification as a nutritionist, and in the fall, he will begin work on a master’s degree in Special Education at
Dowling College, where he will have an academic scholarship.

Scott Stasio
Scott maintained a GPA of 3.94 and is one of our finest creative writers. He has participated in the Raynor Wallace Poetry Contest and
has read stories for two open mic events on campus. He also completed a very successful internship at the Long Island Press where his
articles were published regularly. After graduation Scott plans to travel over the summer and then seek a job in publishing and eventually
attend law school.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                            4                     Student awardS      For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Technology Studies (BS)
Ryan E. Hodges
Ryan is a good example of academic excellence - He has been inducted into the Golden Key Honor Society and has also received
numerous scholarships. He has a GPA of 3.83 which puts him on the President’s list. His schedule mostly consists of courses in the
History and Sociology areas of study because he is intrigued by the way technology effects urban development, city structures and the
growth in society. His goals are to become a certified Social Studies teacher and he wishes Farmingdale had a History Bachelors Program.
His future plans are to attend either SUNY Old Westbury or C. W. Post to get his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in History Education.

Raymond J. Flatley
Raymond has an A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences and a B.S. in Technology Studies. He received both at Farmingdale State College and
his GPA is 3.7. He has taken economics, business and aviation courses, he is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa and is currently working
at Plainview Old Bethpage School District doing clerical work. He is looking forward to working for the Long Island Railroad.

                                                        School of Business

Business Administration (AS)
Matthew Hochman
It is with great pleasure that the Department of Business Management presents the award for academic excellence to Matt. The pool of
qualified recipients was very broad and deep but only a few names rose to the surface and Matt was among them receiving overwhelming
support from the faculty. It is our sincere hope that Matt will remain with the department for his bachelors degree studies so that we can
continue to benefit from his enthusiasm and insights.

Danielle Escalante
Danielle has been attending Farmingdale while maintaining her full-time employment in the insurance industry. While she has
kept mostly to a full-time schedule, she is best described as a highly motivated, part-time student. Danielle has really shined as she
has approached her final semester. She has found the opportunity to focus her studies and develop a niche for herself through an
independent study project focusing primarily on the changing requirements and strategic decisions that smaller companies make
in identifying and managing group health programs. Through her work relationships and her knowledge of the field, Danielle has
developed a project that will find its way into group presentations for Long Island and regional business associations. The Faculty of the
Department of Business Management are thrilled to have Danielle as one of their own!

Business Management (BS)
Stephany Silva
Stephany found herself at Farmingdale. While a fantastic academic student, she struggled to define her future and grasp her interests.
After finding human resources, Stephany found her stride. Stephany has jumped into the world of HR and organizational psychology
full force with senior projects, independent study and internship. In her senior project, she has shined in completing a research task
that is on par with a graduate project in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. We fully expect that this work will result in a scholarly
publication upon completion. Stephany is planning to attend graduate school for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and hopes to
begin her career in human resources. We have no doubt that she will be a great success in the field.

Eilish Fusto
Eilish began her academic career in 1974. In fall 2006 she entered her Bachelor’s program in Management Technology at Farmingdale.
Since arriving at Farmingdale, she has balanced the demands of work, family and education while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA.
She was inducted into both the Sigma Beta Delta and Golden Key Honor Societies signifying both her academic and extracurricular
commitments. Her faculty describes her work as “perfectly executed” and “very creative” with support from faculty across the college. It
is with great pleasure that we see Eilish, as a model for academic diligence and drive, succeed in completing her Bachelors Degree.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                           5                      Student awardS     For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Computer Programming & Information Systems (BS)
Stacey L. Gensch
Stacey Gensch is an outstanding student with a current grade point average of 3.98. She has excelled not only in her BCS classes, but
also, in her extra-curricular activities. Her coursework has included courses such as HTML, JavaScript, XML, Visual Basic, and PHP.
Having completed these courses, Stacey was able to get an internship at Primedia. Using the skills and knowledge that she obtained
at Farmingdale State College, Stacey assists the company in designing and updating websites. Stacey feels that it is very important for
students to get involved in extra-curricular activities. With this in mind, Stacey is currently the vice president of Sigma Beta Delta Honor
Society. While a member of this society, she volunteered to help with the fall 2008 open house. She also designed the honor society’s
sweatshirts and apparel. Stacey designed an ad in the Aitia Magazine. The ad was honoring Dr. Marrone’s article, “Theodore Roosevelt,
His Family, Long Island, and Farmingdale State College”. She is also actively involved with the Golden Key Honor Society. Upon
graduation, Stacey plans on working in the field of web design.

Sean J. Small
Sean has excelled as a Computer Programming and Information Systems student. He has concentrated on the Web Development track,
and this knowledge allowed him to complete an internship, where he designed a website and developed a database system for a retail
optical store. Sean has also excelled in his service to the department. He has been the President of the Computer Technology Club for
3 years and Vice President for his freshman year. He has also been the President of the Finance and Accounting Society since 2005. As
President of the Computer Technology Club, he arranged for speakers from companies such as Invision/MindShift and Microsoft. Sean
has also organized several food drive collections for Island Harvest with the cooperation of the Farmingdale BCS Department. Right
now he is working with Island Harvest for this year’s Easter/Passover Food Drive Collection. Sean plans to attend graduate school at
C.W. Post Campus – Long Island University for his Master of Science Degree in Information Systems this coming fall. After completing
his Master’s degree, he would like to continue to pursue a doctorate degree. Sean would like to teach at a university and do research in
the area of web analytics and internet advertising.

Ornamental Horticulture – General (AAS)
Melissa Carvalho
Melissa Carvalho graduated with her Associate’s in Ornamental Horticulture this past January and is continuing for her Bachelors
degree in Horticultural Technology Management as a part-time student. She devotes her time as the current secretary of the Horticulture
Club on campus. She has also served two summers as a garden intern in the horticultural teaching gardens at Farmingdale State.
Melissa is currently assisting Dr. Jonathan Lehrer with creating a database of trees and shrubs that will help future students in their study
of woody plants. Melissa has become a certified pesticide technician and currently works for an organic plant health care company. She’s
looking forward to becoming a certified arborist and spending her life in the horticulture industry.

Lisa Reichenberger
Lisa Reichenberger celebrates her reinvention in the field of Ornamental Horticulture. With a previous background in Fine Arts,
including a BFA from the Pratt Institute and an initial career in editorial photo editing, Lisa’s life has turned a complete 360°. Lisa
completed the requirements for her Associates degree in Ornamental Horticulture maintaining a cumulative 4.0 GPA. She was a
recipient of the Home Depot scholarship award of 2007/08 as well as the Garden Writer’s Foundation Association general scholarship
in 2009. While going to school, Lisa gained some full-time horticulture experience working at a Farmingdale garden center. She is
currently working her way through the thorny bramble of the rose garden arbor at Old Westbury Gardens and looks forward to the less
treacherous world of the walled garden there. Her future focus includes continued public garden work while dabbling in garden writing,
and, quite possibly, a far off horticultural therapy career.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                            6                     Student awardS      For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Ornamental Horticulture - Landscape Development (AAS)
Jeffrey Howe
Jeff Howe is an aspiring landscape architect currently enrolled in the A.A.S. Landscape Development program at Farmingdale State
College. Since his childhood, when he spent long hours playing in his grandfather’s potato fields, Jeff has maintained a firm love for
horticulture and landscape design. In response to this passion, Jeff has worked for the past five summers tending to estate gardens
on the south fork of Long Island, particularly in Quogue and Westhampton. Still unsatisfied with his horticultural background, the
obvious next step was to turn a summer job into a lifelong career. Now in his junior year of college, Jeff will be receiving his A.A.S
degree in Ornamental Horticulture – Landscape Development this spring. He will continue with the Bachelor of Technology program
for Horticultural Technology Management. Jeff has been the recipient of scholarships from the Matinecock Garden Club, and the
Long Island Horticultural Society. He is also the recipient of the Scotts Miracle-Gro scholarship. Ultimately, Jeff’s goal is to continue
his education until he receives his Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture. Finally, always ambitious, Jeff hopes that he can one
day use the education that he is pursuing at Farmingdale to open his own design business, and eventually employ future graduates of
Farmingdale’s unique Ornamental Horticulture program.

Angelika Swantek
Angelika has taken many detours in her life before finally finding Ornamental Horticulture. She attended Hofstra University majoring
in Speech Therapy, graduated, then got married and had 3 children. She has been a brownie leader, class mom, classroom helper,
baseball coach, chauffeur, dietician and homework helper, cheerleader and advocate for her children. Through it all, her garden was
her refuge. When her oldest children were in high school she found a job working at a school for handicapped children. For the eight
years she worked there, her favorite place was the greenhouse and the garden courtyard. She often thought she would love to work in
that environment. When her last child began college, she decided it was time for her to do what she wanted. That is when she enrolled
in the Ornamental Horticulture program at FSC. She has been a summer garden intern, a straight “A” student, the treasurer of the
Horticulture Club, a friend and mentor to her fellow students and an inspiration to many. Angelika has become a CNLP (Certified
Nursery Landscape Professional) and is a member of several horticultural organizations. She and a fellow student have recently started a
business as garden coaches. In her spare time, Angelika also serves as the recording secretary for the Long Island Horticultural Society.

Horticultural Technology Management (BT)
Brian Hoffmann
Brian has been trying to pursue an educational and career path in the green industry since his freshmen year in high school. Just before
graduating North Shore High School in Glen Head, New York, his plan was to attend college to study turf management. Financial
issues had arisen, and he was unable to truly follow his calling. He was persuaded to work towards a degree in business management,
which seemed to fit the situation at hand. He earned his degree, and after a year of working behind a desk, he wanted to “branch-out”
of his small indoor working space. Brian decided to keep his mind open and explore the world of horticulture. He is very glad that he
followed his instinct. He is currently working as Second Assistant Superintendent responsible for maintaining the irrigation system and
grounds at a country club. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Horticultural Technology Management, Brian hopes to become a
superintendent of a golf course or head grounds keeper of a large and lush botanical garden.

Visual Communications (BT)
Nicole Cappai
Nicole Cappai is a dedicated and hardworking student who excelled in every aspect of her career at Farmingdale. She received very high
marks not only in her Visual Communications classes but also in her liberal arts courses as well. While in school, she and her teammates
were finalists in the Best of Long Island Advertising competition that is sponsored every year by the Long Island Ad Club. Throughout
her career at Farmingdale State College she carried a full load of courses while also working in the printing industry. She brought this
professionalism to the classroom and executed her work at a superior level. Nicole will continue in the field of Visual Communications
as a graphic designer.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                           7                     Student awardS      For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Alfred Mercado
Alfred is the type of student who consistently goes above and beyond the classroom assignment. His willingness to follow directives, his
tireless work and his unique talents have produced A+ results in so many of his art projects executed at Farmingdale. Alfred has taken
an interest in his art history research beyond the courses to further explore the works of Raphael. His public speaking class was recently
entertained with an enthusiastic lecture about Raphael. Alfred has served as president of the art club for the past academic year. He
began in the art club two years ago as a quiet introverted participant but has quickly blossomed into a true leader and confident club
president this year. Within the Art Club, Alfred has personally volunteered his time and talents to contribute four murals for the set
designs for the theatre department’s production of “Nunsense”. He also created three large paintings for the exterior of the Children’s
Daycare Center. As the Art Club President, he is currently working on an upcoming theatre production set, several large landscape
murals and an ink drawing of the old log cabin for the Alumni Association’s “Alumni Weekend” pro bono. Alfred has organized
several fund-raising events within the art club that have led to a planned trip to London to study the great art abroad with the Art Club
from April 6-13 2009. Alfred’s latest passionate interest has led him to explore the current British design work. Alfred’s outstanding
accomplishments are certainly merit worthy, and you will be very satisfied with a recipient so fitting for an award in academic excellence
as Alfred Mercado.

                                             School of Engineering Technologies
Aeronautical Science-Professional Pilot (BS)
Lindsay Arnott
Lindsay Arnott has developed into a well-rounded aviation professional with a vast experience in flight operations. Lindsay has excelled
both academically and professionally. Lindsay achieved a GPA of 3.6 while working at a local flight school and pursuing her own flying
aspiration. Lindsay obtained a private and commercial certificate and instrument and multi engine rating. In addition to her pilot
certificates, Lindsay earned a Certified Dispatchers certificate. An airline dispatcher is a very challenging position that requires someone
to use good judgment and possess the ability to make sound aeronautical decisions. Lindsay has been working for 5 years as a Certified
Dispatcher for an air carrier operator.

Marcin Gajdziszewski
Marcin Gajdziszewski entered into the Professional Pilot program in the spring of 2006. Through hard work and commitment Marcin
rose to the challenge and obtained all of his pilot certificates and ratings to meet his graduation requirements in a relatively short period
of time. By the end of August 2008, just over two and a half years from his first flight, Marcin obtained his Certified Flight Instructors
certificate. While juggling an intense flight training schedule, school and working as a store manager, Marcin achieved an impressive
GPA of 3.8. Marcin was also a founding member of our Flight Team and holds the position of Events Coordinator. Today, Marcin is
employed as a certified flight instructor at the Farmingdale State College Aviation Center. Marcin conducts himself as a professional
with a positive outlook; he is an inspiration to future flight students.

Aviation Administration (BS)
Steven Young
After receiving his degree from Farmingdale last January, Steven was commissioned into the US Air Force as a Second Lieutenant and is
currently serving at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi.

Architectural Engineering Technology (BS)
Casey J. Moisa
Casey Moisa originally became interested in the architectural field when he was about twenty. At that point he had worked for a small HVAC
company located in Cutchogue. He had worked on many large luxurious homes and became very impressed with the different types and
styles of architecture that he had seen. Through his experience of work he had decided to pursue a career in architecture. He first enrolled at
Farmingdale College in the fall of 2002. He is currently planning on graduating this spring of 2009. After he receives his degree he may try
to work at a firm located in the Hamptons working on homes and other buildings which originally inspired him to pursue his career.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                             8                     Student awardS      For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Carolyn E. Kennedy
For the past five years Carolyn has been an active student at Farmingdale State College. She has been fortunate to excel in such classes
as architectural history, theory, and design. In March 2008, her design of a Long Island Bay House won an in-class competition and is
displayed at the college. She was awarded the Gelina & McClees Foundation Scholarship for 2008/2009 as well as a scholarship from
the Transit Union Workers Authority. She is currently Vice President of the Architecture and Civil Technology Club and the Habitat for
Humanity Club and will be attending the Habitat Club’s Collegiate Challenge in New Orleans in April 2009. For the last two summers
she interned at TJF Architect in Erie, PA and received a job offer after working there for about three months. Upon graduation in May
2009, she looks forward to working in the field of Architectural Design and then going on to receive a Master’s in Design form Cornell
University from which her parents are graduates. Carolyn is looking forward to continue volunteering and becoming involved with some
form of the United States Army to support her Uncle who is currently in Bagdad and her brother who will soon be a graduate of West
Point. Architecture is an important part of her life and she looks forward to making it her career.

Construction Management Engineering Technology (BS)
Angelo J. Cecere
Angelo Cecere has excelled in all of the core classes of the Construction Management Engineering program. Angelo is planning on
taking the FE Exam in pursuit of his Professional Engineering License. He is currently working for a land surveying company and hopes
to find employment in the field of Engineering.

Stratis M. Christodoulou
Stratis is currently involved with the United States Green Building Council and is planning to become LEED certified after graduation.
Once he has completed his LEED certification he plans on either completing a Masters program in Construction Management/Civil
Engineering at MIT, Polytechnic Institute of NYU, or Drexel University or he may take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam which
will lead him to an engineering career. Stratis works as a foreman with Haddock Contracting. He carries the responsibilities of quality
control management, vender and materials management and operates a Gehl DL Series Telescopic Handler.

Automotive Management Technology (BS)
Dipinder Bakshi
Dipinder is described by his instructors as being at the top of his class. He has always been very polite, pleasant and knowledgeable. He
is the first one to offer his assistance if someone were to need a helping hand with their studies. He is the kind of person that someone
would want to hire. Dipinder graduated from the program in the winter semester and is currently working toward an MBA.

Automotive Technology (AAS)
John Conforti
John grew up in his father’s auto repair shop and learned to be an automobile technician while working with his dad. He is currently
employed by the town of Hempstead as a welder. He was a recent recipient of a scholarship from the Society of Fleet Supervisors.
John is well liked by his peers and instructors, many of whom comment on his willingness to tackle any problem and assist anyone in
need of help. After graduation, John would like to continue his education and become an automotive engineer. His hobbies are doing
work on a 1973 Corvette Stingray and experimenting with alternative fuels.

Michael V. Nichols
Mike is described by his instructors as being very innovative, articulate and willing to work with anyone whom he feels would need
assistance. He is the current president of the local chapter of the Society of Automobile Engineers Student Club (SAE). He has done
a great job in making the SAE club a professional organization. He also played a crucial role in working with other SAE students
investigating alternative fueled vehicles by attending the New York Regional SAE seminar on alternative fuels held in Carteret, NJ this
spring semester. Mike is also described as being very hands-on, diligent, thoughtful and willing to work to the end to resolve a problem.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                           9                     Student awardS     For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Keith R. Manta
Keith will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering Technology. He has maintained a very impressive overall
GPA of 3.89 and has been on the President’s or the Dean’s list every semester throughout his four years at Farmingdale State College. He
enjoys writing computer programs and his objective is to secure a position through which he can contribute to the development of new
computer-related technology.

Brandon Worster
Brandon, graduating with a dual major in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, has maintained an outstanding GPA of
3.96 as a full-time student while at the same time working a considerable number of hours per week in order to finance his education.
He has been recognized for his academic achievements by being inducted to the honor society “Epsilon Pi Tau” and the international
honor society “The Golden Key”. He has received The Newsday Continuous Improvement Award and has been the recipient of The
Association of Old Crows, Metropolitan Club Chapter Scholarship Award for two consecutive years. In addition, he has been selected to
receive the 2009 Robert Simeone Memorial Award. His objective is to secure a position where his skills and abilities will “shine”.

Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Joseph M. Roubal
Joseph has achieved an excellent academic record and has been on the President’s list throughout his four years at Farmingdale State
College. A highly motivated student with discipline and learning curiosity, he has performed exceptionally well in both analog and
digital electronics courses and has exhibited remarkable practical skills in the laboratory. He has also provided motivation to other
students in an elaborate senior project and has demonstrated excellent teamwork abilities.

Jefferson Urgiles-Ortiz
Jefferson transferred to Farmingdale State College as a junior in the Bachelor of Science program in Electrical Engineering Technology and
has maintained an excellent GPA of 3.76. He is a highly motivated, mature and respectful student. However, what has impressed many of
his professors is his determination to meet every challenge. “He never gives up” is the way they describe him. His career goal is to work in
the field of Electrical Engineering Technology where his knowledge and skills will be utilized. He also plans to pursue graduate studies.

Facility Management Technology (BS)
Thomas DeBenedetto
Thomas is on the Dean’s List and President’s List (3.87 GPA). He is a three-time recipient of the Richard Overton Scholarship Recipient
of the Forest Laboratories Scholarship. Currently, he is employed as a project assistant by a large property management company in
Midtown Manhattan.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS)
Timothy Resig
Timothy is the Founder of Farmingdale Society of Student Engineers (FSSE) which included Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) student chapters. Timothy assembled and tested electro spinning (nano-fiber)
production laboratory; trained on the operation, troubleshooted and repaired surface mount technology (SMT) equipment; operated
computerized wire bonding equipment; set up computerized stress and strain analysis software and equipment. He raised funds for the
Tour-de-Cure (fundraiser for American Diabetes Association) and Relay for Life (fundraiser for American Cancer Society) every year.
American Red Cross and Lupus Foundation of America are among the other volunteer work Timothy enjoys doing on a continuous basis.
He has been on the President’s List for five semesters (3.85 GPA) and was nominated for Chancellor’s Award. He was also nominated for
a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue his Master’s Degree in New Zealand.

Lucas Sanjuan
Lucas is an international student from Colombia. He transferred from Kean University and is on the Dean’s list and President’s list (3.77
GPA). He is a member of Golden Key Honor Society and works on campus as a Student Assistant for two professors in his curriculum.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                           10                     Student awardS      For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
Fernando Cousin
Fernando is a transfer student from Nassau Community College. While studying at Farmingdale, he also worked full time at a
manufacturing company on Long Island. He is on the President’s List (4.0 GPA) and plans to go to graduate school.

Parminder Singh
Parminder already has a diploma in mechanical engineering from New Delhi, India. He has maintained a GPA of 3.93 and made it
to the President’s list. He was recognized by the Department of Mathematics at Farmingdale State College for his participation and
winning the problem solving competition and has been accepted to the Golden Key International Honors Society. Parminder works
full time as a Quality Engineer in an aerospace company in Brentwood. He plans to earn a master’s degree in engineering and conduct
research in the field of alternate energy.

Mechanical Engineering Technology (AS)
Charles Dempsey
Charles works full–time at Northrop Grumman and his main duties are sheet metal and machining fabrication as well as CNC
programming and manufacturing methods procedures.

Paula Molina-Canales
Paula is a part-time student with full-time job at Underwriters Laboratories. She plans to start Mechanical Engineering Technology B.S.
degree in the Fall of 2009.

                                                  School of Health Sciences
Dental Hygiene (AS)
Lindsay Leo
Lindsay Leo has a current GPA of 3.94. She is President of the Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association and has participated
in a number of community outreach programs including the American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile program. She presented
a Table Clinic presentation at the Greater New York Dental meeting and the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting which highlighted her
work in the area of preventive oral health care. Lindsay expects to find employment in the field of dental hygiene following graduation.

Jessica McDonald
Jessica McDonald has a current GPA of 3.96. She is Treasurer of the Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association and has
participated in a number of community outreach programs including the American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile program.
She presented a Table Clinic presentation at the Greater New York Dental meeting and the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting which
highlighted her work in the area of preventive oral health care. Jessica plans to continue her education in our Dental Hygiene Bachelor
of Science Degree Program following graduation.

Dental Hygiene (BS)
Corinne Owenburg
Corinne Owenburg is a resident of Bethpage, New York and graduated in 2007 from the Associate Degree program in Dental Hygiene.
She is currently completing her Bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene and has been very active in community service projects including
participation in the American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile program. Her practicum course internship is with Designs for
Vision, a corporation that manufactures dental loops. Following graduation Corinne is looking to utilize her dental hygiene knowledge
to find employment in the dental industry.

Marie Yuliano
Marie Yuliano, a resident of West Islip, graduated in 1991 from the Associate Degree program in Dental Hygiene. Following a number of
years practicing dental hygiene Marie has returned to Farmingdale to complete her Bachelors degree and advance her career opportunities.
Marie’s focus for her practicum course was infection control and she is presently completing an internship with North Shore Long Island
Jewish Health Care System. Following graduation Marie is planning to continue her education in a Master’s degree program.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                         11                    Student awardS      For   aCademiC exCellenCe
Medical Laboratory Technology (AS)
Michael Badner
Michael Badner has maintained a 4.0 average since enrolling at Farmingdale State College, a particularly notable achievement since
the courses taken here have all been rigorous science, math, and medical laboratory technology courses. He has found many of the
courses he has excelled in especially rewarding, such as Hematology, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, General Chemistry, and
Genetics. His extracurricular activities have included active membership in the Medical Laboratory Technology Club, participating in
such activities as planning a National Medical Laboratory Week celebration and tours of local clinical laboratories. His desire to have
a career in Medical Laboratory Science has motivated him to complete the MLT program here at Farmingdale as a means to become
licensed to practice laboratory medicine here in New York State. Michael plans to work in the clinical laboratory field as a licensed
Medical Laboratory Technician, with future plans to complete further education after gaining work experience.

Christina DaSilva
Christina Da Silva has maintained a 4.0 GPA since enrolling in the Medical Laboratory Technology program here at Farmingdale
State College. Her academic courses have included Hematology, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunohematology, and
Immunology & Serology, all of which she has thoroughly enjoyed. Her extracurricular activities have included active membership in
the Medical Laboratory Technology Club, participating in planning a National Medical Laboratory Week celebration and promoting
blood drives held on the campus. Outside of school, Christina is also involved in activities at her parish. Her present job working as
a technician in a school has influenced her to pursue her education in Medical Laboratory Technology with the intent of becoming a
licensed Medical Laboratory Technician. After graduation, Christina plans to continue her education, eventually earning her Master’s
degree. Her ultimate goal is to work in a needy community, most likely outside the United States, where she can put her skills as a
medical technician to use in improving the medical care available to local residents.

Nursing (AS)
Catherine Baccelliere
Catherine Baccelliere, who lives in Farmingdale with her daughter, has been a licensed massage therapist and a member of the New York
Medical Massage Therapists for the past five years. She decided to further her education in the health field by becoming a registered
nurse. In addition to being an outstanding student with a 3.96 GPA, Catherine has found time to participate in fund raising for such
causes as breast cancer and AIDS research, and for the March of Dimes and New York Cares organizations. She hopes to continue her
volunteer work with a more hands on approach when she becomes an RN. She is a member of the Student Nurses Association and has
recently been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She is interested in going into the mother/baby field where she hopes
to eventually combine both careers by teaching new mothers infant massage and also by creating a massage therapy program for the
premature babies in the Neonatal ICU.

Dawna Scheich
Dawna Scheich was born in Korea, grew up in Nebraska and came to Long Island at 19. She now lives in West Islip with her family.
She returned to school to become a nurse because science and math were among her favorite subjects. She also saw that nursing offers
a flexible schedule and a way to help others. Dawna has maintained a 4.0 GPA while in the Nursing Program and is a member of the
Student Nurses Association and Phi Theta Kappa. She also is very active in her community, including regularly participating in PTA
activities and volunteering at school events. She initiated a toy and food drive for families in her community so they could enjoy a happy
holiday season. She also regularly donates blood and volunteers at blood drives, as well as encouraging others to participate. In her
neighborhood she organizes food schedules among neighbors to help families struggling with crises such as cancer and deaths. She has
worked for a local pediatrician’s office for the past eight years. She enjoys emergency nursing and pediatrics. Ideally, she hopes to find a
nursing position where she can combine both interests. She also plans on pursuing further education to obtain her Bachelor’s as well as
Master’s degrees.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                           12                     Student awardS      For   aCademiC exCellenCe
                                                    College Administration

President .......................................................................................................W. Hubert Keen, BA, MS, PhD

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs ........................................ Beverly L. Kahn, AB, MA, PhD

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer ..............................George P. LaRosa, AAS, BBA, MBA

Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management ...................Lucia Cepriano, BS, MA, PhD

Vice President, Institutional Advancement ................................................................... Patrick Calabria, BA

Chief Development Officer ............................................................................Henry Sikorski, BA, MA, PhD

Affirmative Action Officer ............................................................ Dionne Walker-Belgrave, AAS, BS, MBA

Director of Communications ....................................................................................Kathryn Coley, BA, MS

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences.................................................................Frank Pellegrini, BS, MS, PhD

Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences.........................................Eleanor Fapohunda, BA, MA, PhD

Dean, School of Business ............................................................. Lorraine Greenwald, BS, MBA, MS, PhD

Acting Associate Dean, School of Business...........................Francine Federman, BS, MS, MA MPhil, PhD

Dean, School of Engineering Technologies ...................................... Kamal Shahrabi, BS, ME, MPhil, PhD

Assistant Dean, School of Engineering Technologies .................................. Socrates Thanasas, BEE, MSEE

Dean, School of Health Sciences.................................................... Marie Hayden-Miles, RN, BS, MA, PhD

Dean, Educational Opportunity Center ....................................Veronica Henry, AAS, BS, MSN, MS, EdD

Dean of Students ................................................................................ Theresa Esnes-Johnson, AAS, BS, MS

Administrative Assistant to the President ....................................................................Anita M. Pallateri, AS

                                                             Thank You!

      Special thanks to SAAE Committee: Kathy Coley, Anice DaCosta, Jonathan Goldstein, Wayne Krush and
         Cindy McCue, for their efforts in making the ceremony special for our students and their families.

F a r m i n g da l e S tat e C o l l e g e                          13                     Student awardS      For   aCademiC exCellenCe
2350 Broadhollow Road, Farmingdale, NY 11735

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