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                                                               BASICS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            DESIGN

Example national
                                                               BASICS                                                                                                    PRE DESIGN                                                                                                           CONCEPT DESIGN                                                                                                    DESIGN DEVELOPMENT

                                      B010                                              B020                                                               A010                             A020                                                                                       A030                            A040                                                                                     A050                            A060


                                      - Project brief                                                                                                                                        Consider Building                                                                         - Review goals
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Calculations                                                                                                          - Detailed
                                      - Objectives                                      - Site inspection                                                                                    codes, regulations                                                                          and requirements                                                                                                      - Life cycle analysis
                                                                                                                                                           Rough cost estimate                                                                                                                                         - Simulations                                                                                                             calculations
                                      - Background                                      - Site analysis                                                                                         and industry                                                                           - Qualified cost                                                                                                        - Cost calculation

             A                        - Influences
                                            Cl, AR
                                                                                        AR, ES, CS, LD, ID,
                                                                                                                                                           AR, RO, OS, CS, C
                                                                                                                                                                                              AR, EP, ME
                                                                                                                                                                                            213061, 103007,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          AR, DV, EP
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Quantifications

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           AR, EP, ES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      AR, BO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Simulation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ES, AR, SE, DS, LS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                313063, 308054
                                        T01301,T01303                                        T01303                                                         T03101,T03102,                      T02101                                                                                 T02203,T04102,T0                  T04271,T04272                                                                                T04104                        T04252

                                                                                                                                    B030                                                                          B040                                          B050                                                                       B060                                         B070                                                                        B080
                                                                                                                                    Investigation on:                        Predesign loop                                                                     Check Interfaces:                      Concept design loop                                                              Modular tuning of:                    Design development loop               - Optimise system
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   General approach                                                                                                          Design and gross
                                                                                                                                    - Urban integration                                                                                                         - Proportions                                                                                                           - Space use                                                                   solutions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   for energy supply                                                                                                         sizing of system

             B                                          from demand to goals
                                                                                                                                    - Proportion
                                                                                                                                    - Site development
                                                                                                                                        AR, RO, LD
                                                                                                                                                                   from shape to structure                           and systems

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   AR, EP, DF, BS,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Multifunctionality
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Flexibility
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                AR, SE, O, QS, TS,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              from structure to systems                          solutions

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                DT, CL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               AR, PM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    from systems to components
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Final sizing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - System operation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      AR, EP, ME, QS
                                                                                                                                         312050                                                                   213011,111014,30                                   213046                                                                213011,111014,30                                    111002                                                                 112036,313063
                                                                                                                                      T01301,T02203                                                                T02101,T02103                                                                                                               T04252                                                                                                                     T04252

                                                                                                                                                                  C030                                                                                                                        C120
                     (core team)

                                      C010                                              C020                                                                      - General dispositions                                                                                                      - Building and energy system                                                                                             C040

                                                                                                                                                                    mass/functions                                                                                                            - Spatial structure and Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - System integration
                                      Programme demand                                                                                                            - Horizontal/vertical development                                                                                           - Envelope, daylighting, solar

                                                                                          Feasibility studies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Selection of building components

             C                        and requirements

                                        Cl, AR, EP, DF                                    Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                                                  - Building periphery
                                                                                                                                                                              Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Traffic and HVAC systems
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         and materials

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           DT, AR, SE, EP, ME, DF
                                        101012,312050                                     312050,313065                                                                  T01106, T01108, T01301                                                                                                      T01106, T01108, T01301                                                                                             413016,313058,313065, 112036

                                                             D010                                                                   D020                                    D030                                  D040                                           D050                                  D060                                                                             D070                                           D080

                                                                                                                                     Set up design team                     Call in expert (e.g.                                                                  Set up / complete                                                                                                       Complete 'design
                                                              First design advice                                                                                                                                  Design'alternatives                                                                      Call in expert                                                                                                                  Call in expert

             D                                                  Cl, AR, EP, DF

                                                                                                                                      Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                                                                  jury, …)

                                                                                                                                                                             Cl, AR, EP, DF                         Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    'design team

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cl, AR, EP, DF                         Cl, AR, EP, DF

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cl, AR, EP, DF                                  Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                             101005,103007,40300                                                    101001,111002,10                       101012,100023,10                             312031                                  101001,111002,10                       101026,312031,31                                                                 101001,111002,10                                100023,103024,10
                                                                    T02101                                                           T02101,T02201                                                                T04101,T05301,T0                                    T02201                            T02201,T02103                                                                         T02201                                     T02201, T02203

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  E010                                                                                                                     E020                                                                                                                     E030

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Preliminary design                                                                                                            Concept                                                                                                            Design development

             E                                                                                                                                                                                                          approach

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cl, AR, EP, DF

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Cl, AR, EP, DF

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        213046                                                                                                                   100019                                                                                                                   100019
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    T04224,T04223                                                                                                                T01104                                                                                                             T042510, T042516

                                       F010                                              F020                                        F030                                                                         F040                                          F050                                                                       F060                                         F070                                                                        F080
                       result /

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Renewed / specified                                                                                                                                                                                Design development
                                          Contracts and                                    Project definition                         Building program                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Centred requirements
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pre-design report                            building programme                                                        Concept design report                                                                                                      report building

             F                         safeguard financing

                                        Cl, AR, EP, DF

                                                                                           Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                     requirement profile

                                                                                                                                      Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                                Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 performance profile

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                             Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        performance profiles

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cl, AR, EP, DF

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                      311006,103007,20                                  101005,311006,10300                         101005,311006,10                                                              100019,207037,20                              101005,103007,40                                                             100019,207037                              100019,111027,31                                                              100019,207037

                                                             G010                                               G020                                                                                                                     G030                                                                                                                      G040
                       steps client

                                                                                                                  Design start-up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Concept
                                                             First project initiative                                                                                                                                                    Pre-design decisions

             G                                                 Cl, AR, EP, DF

                                                                                                                 Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                                                                            Cl, AR, EP, DF

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                   103024                                       111027,405060,                                                                                                            111027, 103024                                                                                                            111027, 103024
                                                                                                          CONSTRUCTION                                                                                                                             OPERATION

                                     BUILDING DOCS                                                                EXECUTION & COMMISSIONING                                                                                                           OPERATION

                                           A070                                                                                                                 A080                                            A090                    A100

                                                  Construction                                                                                                  Commissioning plan                                                        Management and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Operation strategies
                                                   strategies                                                                                                    for energy related                                                       Maintenance plan

                                              AR,SE,EP                                                                                                           AR, ME, DS, LS,                                 AR, BO, CL, QS          BO, MS, BM, QS
                                           103018,213032,10                                                                                                     308034,300035,30                                308034,300035,30         312028, 308049,

                                           B090                                   B100                    B110                          B120
- Optimise system                                                                  Requirements upon                                     Analyse and assess
                                           Environmental criteria
  solutions                                                                           builders and          Implementation of                  impact
- Final sizing                                                                      suppliers, Call for    necessary changes              caused by project
                                             specs for tender
- System operation                                                                       tender                                                change
  AR, EP, ME, QS                            AR, EP, DF, MS,                       AR, AS, SS, CS, BS          AR, PM, CL                  AR, QS, CL, DF
  112036,313063                            103018,308020,10                       402004,103018,21          409055,300056                 409055,300056
      T04252                               T02205,T02206,T0

                                           C050                                   C060                           C070                                           C080                                            C090                           C100                                                          C110

                                                  Construction                                                       Construction supervision, Cost                                                                                                                                                           Basics for retrofit
                                                                                           Bidding                                                              Final commissioning                              Operation manuals              Management, Control, Optimisation
                                                   documents                                                           control, Quality assurance                                                                                                                                                                  design

                                              AR, SE, ME                           AR, ME, EL, BS,                            AS, CS, SS                          Cl, AR, EP, DF                                  Cl, AR, EP, DF                       Cl, AR, EP, DF                                          Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                           413016,103018,11                       402004,103018,30                          308038,208039                       308034,300035,30                                100021,308044,30               100021,308044,409055,300056,4                                 100021,409055,30

                                                                                   D090                   D100                          D110                                                                    D120                    D130                         D140

                                                                                                                                             Operational,                                                        User/operation staff                                       Adjust energy
                                                                                                          Identify and eliminate                                                                                                           Energy checks,
                                                                                         Negotiation                                    functional and energy                                                     information and                                        performance to user
                                                                                                               deficiencies                                                                                                                  Monitoring
                                                                                                                                         performance checks                                                            training                                                demand

                                                                                    Cl, AR, EP, DF          Cl, AR, EP, DF                Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                          Cl, AR, EP, DF          Cl, AR, EP, DF                  Cl, AR, EP, DF
                                                                                  402004,103018,30        312031,308038,20                308038,208039                                                         308044,308045,40              308044                      308044,400064

                                                                                  E060                           E040                                                                                           E070                           E050

Design development
                                                                                         Contractirng                      Construction works                                                                          Occuppation                           Operation

  Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                                   CL, PM, AR, SE,                          Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                                        BO, BM, T, UO                         Cl, AR, EP, DF
      100019                                                                           213032                              308059, 308062                                                                            308045                    308045, 308044, 308048, 308049
T042510, T042516

                                           F090                                   F100                                                                          F110                                            F120                                                                   F130

Design development
                                                Confirmed                                                                                                          Commiss. report                                                                                                     Changes in building
  report building                                                                  Buildings contracts                                                                                                           Lease/use contract
                                           performance profiles                                                                                                   certificat. of build.                                                                                                      use

  Cl, AR, EP, DF                             Cl, AR, EP, DF                         Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                                Cl, AR, EP, DF                                  Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                         Cl, AR, EP, DF
  100019,207037                            100019,112036,20                             112036                                                                  308034,300035,30                                                                                                             312029

                     G050                                                         G060                                                                                                    G070

                       Definitive design
                                                                                    Buildings contract                                                                                      Building use/rent
                                                                                        decisions                                                                                               decisions

                       Cl, AR, EP, DF                                               Cl, AR, EP, DF                                                                                          Cl, AR, EP, DF
                      111027, 103024                                               112036, 103024                                                                                               103024
Actors List
Name Nr Actor
CL     1   Client
 IN    2                               Investor
DV     3                              Developer
 O     4                                 Owner
PM     5   Project manager
RO     6   Regulatory officer
DT     7   Design Team
AR     8   Architect
EP     9   Energy planner
SE    10   Structural engineer
ME    11   Mechanical engineer (HVAC)
EL    12   Electrical engineer
BS    13   Building envelope specialist
CE    14   Civil / Services engineer
GE    15   Soils Engineer / Geologist
LD    16   Landscape designer
 ID   17   Interior designer
DF    18   Design facilitator
QS    19   Quantity surveyor / Cost consultant
ES    20   Energy simulator
DS    21   Daylighting specialist
LS    22   Lighting specialist
AS    23   Acoustic specialist
CS    24   Controls specialist
TS    25   Telecom specialist
MS    26   Eco / materials specialist
ELE   27   Elevator / escalator specialist
FS    28   Fire specialist
OS    29   Other specialist
AS    30   Architect site supervisor
SS    31   Specialist site supervisor
CS    32   Construction site supervisor
GC    33   General contractor
  C   34   Contractor
SC    35   Sub-contractor
PM    36   Building products manufacturer
CA    37   Commissioning agent
BO    38   Building operator
BM    39   Building operating & maintenance staff
  T   40   Tenant
UO    41   User / Occupant

Provide all or part of financing
Manage the process of site acquisition, project development, design & construction
Own all or part of the building; could also be investor or developer or buy later.
Retained by developer to organize whole process, incl. site and project development, design & construction
Represents local authority in interpretation of regulations

Professional architect, usually in charge of overall design process
Supports improved energy performance by proposing design approaches to design team
Designs the building structure
Designs HVAC and plumbing systems
Designs electrical systems
Assesses features & proposes measures to improve building envelope performance
Designs infrastructure, such as sewers & roads on site
Assesses site for soil and foundation issues, undertakes remedial action
Designs site improvements and landscaping
Designs interiors, especially in retail or office buildings; usually directly for tenants
Facilitates the design process through management techniques
Calculates quantitities and costs
Undertakes energy simulations
Assesses features & proposes measures to improve daylighting performance
Designs artificial lighting systems, for architect and/or for tenants
Assesses features & proposes measures to improve acoustics & reduce noise
Designs automated building control systems
Designs building telecom systems
Assesses features & proposes measures to improve environmental performance of building materials
Designs building elevator and/or escalator systems
Assesses features & proposes measures to improve building fire safety performance
Could include specialists in retail, hotel, hospital design etc., or other specialized technical system.
Supervises construction on behalf of architect
Supervises construction / installation of a specialized system
Supervises construction on behalf of contractor
Main contractor, who uses sub-contractors

Specialized contractors retained by general contractor
Producer and vendor of building materials or manufactured products
Designs and executes commissioning plan, to ensure that design intent is fulfilled
Responsible for overall operation of the building, on behalf of the owner
Responsible for routine operations and maintenance
Responsible for lease for all or part of a building
Uses the spaces within a building, either as a worker, resident or visitor

        L1 p1keyissue Problem
INDEX (ID n°)   KID                    bspE       Reason1 Reason2 Reason3

100019   1   0   19 Interim results               Actors possibly    Lacking
                    and decision                  pursue own         leadership
                    making in the                 interests, which   qualities of the
                    process                       are not            team leader.
                                                  disclosed to the
100021   1   0   21 Operating staff               Requirements    Selection
                    competence                    and             criterions for
                    and interest in               interrelations  the personnel
                    the building                  are not         are not
                    performance                   sufficiently    sufficiently
                    monitoring.                   explained       specific.
100023   1   0   23 Changes of the                Demand for      Increasing
                    roles and                     more wholistic  complexity in
                    functions of                  and complex     designing and
                    engineers and                 services        realization
                    architects in                                 tasks.
101001   1   1    1 Actors key                    Minimal further Post education
                    competences in                education.      not relevant to
                    such area like                                the main topics
                    ment or
                    are insufficient

101003   1   1    3 Teamleader                    Inadequate         The teamleader
                    management                    training or        is
                    efficacy                      experience level   overburdened
                                                  for team           with addional
                                                  management.        tasks

101005   1   1    5 Consensus                     Every actor only   The design task
                    level on                      argues on the      is not
                    sustainability                basis of his       sufficiently
                    goals.                        subject-specific   detailed.

101012   1   1   12 Availability of               By lack of         Despite
                    external experts              motivation as      previous
                    during early                  well as lack of    positive
                    design phases.                basic              experiences, It
                                                  investigation,     is not yet
                                                  the basis to       common to
                                                  involve external   have an
                                                  experts is         external
                                                  missing.           support advice
                                                                     during the early
                                                                     design stage

                                              Page 5

101022   1   1   22 Uncontrolled            Changes of       External
                      changes in            project goals or influences lead
                      team                  priorities.      to new basic
                      composition                            design
                      during the                             conditions.
                      course of the
                      design and

101025   1   1   25 Inclusion of            Due to time and      Tight budget
                      engineers and         financial            prevents the
                      architects into       constraints, it is   involvement of
                      early design          rare that            additional
                      process.              energy/environ       experts.
                                            consultants are
                                            hired by the
                                            client at the
                                            very early
         1   1   26 Psychological           stages.
                                            Additional           The contractual
                      impact on core        experts are          relations are in
                      team because          often seen           this case not
                      of inclusion of       primarily as         often clear
                      outsiders             competitors          enough
                                            and not as
101053   1   1   53 Contractor              Contractors do
                      resistance to         not generally
                      adoption of new       like to work on
                      technologies          projects in
                      and practice          which
                                            are new to them

103007   1   3    7 Willingness of          Cost aspects         A so tight time
                      the client to         exclusively          frame prevents
                      support an            dominate the         for an
                      environmentally       planning             environmentally
                      conscious             decisions.           friendly a
                      design                                     design process

104056   1   4   56

103018   1   3   18 Cooperation of          Interdisciplinary
                      entreprises for       cooperation is
                      environmental         not yet state of
                      goals                 the art.

                                        Page 6

103024   1   3    24 Confrontation           Actors are not      Individuals
                     and conflict of         in the adequate     have conflicting
                     interest                technical or        goals and/or
                                             contractual         interests in
                                             position in         their mandate
                                             order to remove
                                             the conflicts.

111002   1   11    2 Interdisciplinary       Until now, such     Actors
                     and                     skills were not     experiences
                     communication           asked to the        and main
                     skills do not           actors.             activity focus
                     correspond to                               are one-sided -
                     the project                                 either
                     reqirements.                                theoretical or
111009   1   11    9 Communication           International       Very different
                     problems due            composition of      background
                     to different            the design- and     and fields of
                     background              realisation         activity
                     leading to              team.
                     different use of
                     concepts and
111014   1   11   14 definitions.
                     Engineers               Different           Engineers have
                     ability to              subject-specific    not been
                     present and             point of views      trained enough
                     argue their             and priorities of   in arguing on a
                     design                  the actors.         high abstract
                     concepts                                    level

111027   1   11   27 Degree of               Client structure
                     transparency in         does not allow
                     client decision-        transparent and
                     making                  predictable

112036   1   12   36 No assignment           Saving of        Short design
                     for execution           planning costs   and realisation
                     drawings by                              duration
                     direct contract                          without much
                     to a general                             consideration
203015   2   3    15 Client                  Refusal on the Client equating
                     acceptance of           basis of         innovation with
                     energy efficient        superficial cost risk
                     and innovative          arguments.

206040   2   6    40 Effect of time          Important dates
                     constraints on          must be kept.

                                         Page 7

207033   2   7    33 Adequacy of               New building
                       budget for              concepts and
                       additional              related systems
                       supervision             components
                       during                  need detailed
                       execution.              supervision.

207037   2   7    37 Vulnerability of          Budget
                       energy relevant         constraints lead
                       components to           to a
                       building budget         reassessment
                       constraints             of the design

208039   2   8    39 Subsitution of            In the price
                       substandard             pressure on
                       components in           components
                       place of original       enterprises try
                       bid                     to substitute
                       Weighting               specified items External forces
213011   2   13   11
                       (relative               priorities      are in
                       importance) of          already         contradiction to
                       the energy - and        specified       sustainability
                       sustainability          during the task concepts and
                       related goals           definition.     goals.
                       not specified

213032   2   13   32 Realisation of            Total- or          Priority cost
                       sustainable             General-           driven design of
                       project goals           Contractors do     General- or
                       with Total- or          not all have       Total-
                       General-                fundamental        Contractor.
                       Contractors.            energy and

213042   2   13   42 Weak definition           Definition of
                       of sustainablity        performance
                       goals.                  goals requires a
                                               general culture
                                               and experience
                                               of the design
                                               team which is
                                               not always
213043   2   13   43 Extreme                   Exaggerated      Unflexible laws Exaggerated
                       comfort                 and not          and rules.      security margin
                       requirements            controlled ideas                 in design
                       lead to overzing        of the client or
                       of heating and          the user.

                                           Page 8

213046   2   13   46 Design for              Client /
                     flexible building       Designer do not
                     utilization             know about
                     against                 future building
                     optimized and           users and their
                     sustainable             requirements.
213061   2   13   61 Constraints and         In some
                     limitations by          situations,
                     building code           technical
                     regulations are         regulations do
                     in conflict to          not allow the
                     sustainable             development of
                     project goals.
                     Completeness            energy efficient Details and
                                             In many
300035   3   0    35
                       of service            innovative       specifications
                       handbooks for         projects,        for the systems
                       buildings and         contractors are use in
                       systems               not in a         operation are
                                             position to      only partially
300056   3   0    56 Changes made            Users
                     to systems after        expectations
                     construction            regarding
                     alter the               comfort
                     intended                changed.
300066   3   0    66 between
                     Insufficient            Costs and time Excessive
                     specification of        pressure during confidence in
                     the building            specifications manufacturers.
                     envelope in             for tender.

300067   3   0    67 Natural or              Users not
                     hybride                 properly
                     ventilation             informed or not
                     systems often           motivated to
                     wrongly                 operate the
                     operated.               system.
307041   3   7    41 Lack of                 Extensive         New findings
                     extensive               studies in the    and results
                     studies at              Predesign         from the
                     preparatory             phase delay the   studies can
                     stage of the            construction      give
                     design                  and utilization   unexpected
                     (environmental                            turns to the
308020   3   8    20 Specific study          For many
                     for cost                innovative
                     estimation of           system
                     innovative              solutions,
                     design                  assessment
                     solutions.              cannot be
                                             based on
                                             catalogs or

                                         Page 9

308034   3   8   34 Level of               The user has        A functional
                    importance             many other          check and
                    given to energy        priorities during   perhaps the
                    relevant               commissioning       related
                    aspects during         than energy.        corrections
                    building                                   were not
                    commissioning                              explicitly
                    and checking of                            assigned

308038   3   8   38 Quality control        Enterprises not     Inadequate staff   Contractors try
                    during                 conversant with     provision to the   to mask
                    execution.             realisation         sufficient         mistakes during
                                           details or          perception of      implementation
                                           important           the control        consciously.
                                           quality issues.     function.

308044   3   8   44 Lack of                The building        A possible
                    monitoring of          doesn't attain      optimization of
                    real energy            the originally      building use is
                    consumption            planned             excluded
                    values against         performance.        upfront by the
                    design or                                  client
308045   3   8   45 Inadequate             Requirements
                    specification          upon the use of
                    and selection          High
                    process of             performance
                    building               Buildings are
                    operator.              not considered
                                           as criteria for
                                           the operator

308048   3   8   48 Partial                Different level
                    commissioning          of the
                    of                     completion
                    systems/compo          between
                    nents with             separate
                    testing,               disciplines
                    measurment of
308049   3   8   49 power analysis
                    Lack of                Commissioning       Long
                    (measurment)           and testing of      monitoring
                    of seasonal            naturally           periods to
                    influences on          supported           assess
                    naturally              HVAC-systems        seasonal
                    supported              cannot be           influences is
308054   3   8   54 Inadequate             The simulation      Simulation of
                    validation of          of complex          complex
                    energy efficient       systems is          systems require
                    design                 expensive.          special
                    solutions by                               competences
                    lack of

                                       Page 10

308059   3   8    59 Lacking Quality         Without
                       assurance and         simulation
                       control in            tools, a secured
                       relation to the       judgment of the
                       energy concept        energy
                       quality               concepts is
                                             possible only

308062   3   8    62 Development             Market not able
                       and use of new        to offer the
                       building              required
                       components/sy         systems/compo
                       stems in the          nents at an
                       frame of the
                       Insufficient          affordable price Contractors
                                             The energy
311006   3   11    6
                       description of        concept is       tend to choose
                       the                   neither          "easier
                       interrelations        described orally solutions" in
                       between the           nor explicit in  the sense of
                       energy systems        the drawings.    solutions which
                                                              are simpler to
                                                              execute or

312028   3   12   28 Continuity and          Frequent actor     Parallel project Inadequate
                       concistency of        changes            treatment.       documentation
                       project and                                               of the planning
                       design                                                    processes.

312029   3   12   29 Inadequate              Changes from       Reports and
                       documentation         the execution      protocols are
                       of design             drawings are       regarded as
                       changes               not                additional
                                             documented         burden.

312031   3   12   31 Frequent                Basic legal        The client did
                       changes of            requirement not    not define
                       design basics,        checked during     suitable
                       requirements or       the process        reqirement
                       structure                                profile neither
                       during design                            goal catalog for
                       process                                  the project.

                                         Page 11

312050   3   12   50 Incomplete              The client is not
                       utilization and       able to specify
                       functional            his
                       program.              requirements
                                             with enough

312051   3   12   51 Incomplete              Application for      Meaningful
                       analysis and          incentives or        basics and
                       documentation         subsidies in         analyses are
                       of basics.            various              not performed
                                             programmes,          because of time
                                             require detailed     and financial
312052   3   12   52 Inadequate or           documentation
                                             No effective         constraints
                     insufficient            method for the
                     documentation           whole team to
                     of process-             document the
                     relevant                design process
                     optimization            is available
313047   3   13   47 Additional              New solutions        Lacking
                     design                  are not part of      practiceal
                     expenditure of          "standard            experience,
                     ambitious               solution"            and/or difficult
                     energy efficient        catalogue and        access
                     and                     therefore            /knowledge
                     sustainabilty           require more         about
                     oriented                work to be           simulation
                     projects.               implemented.         tools.

313057   3   13   57 No update of            Thedesigners
                       design                don't have any
                       documents in          more access to
                       spite of              the design
                       structural            documents
                       changes after         because they
                       Development of        are the property
313058   3   13   58
                       a basis to            solutions which
                       compare and           have to be
                       assess                compared are
                       alternative           different in their
                       design                level of
                       solutions.            development
                                             and detailling.
313063   3   13   63 Uncertainty for         New design
                       design margin         solutions do
                       of innovative,        not have readily
                       naturally             available
                       supported             reference
                       HVAC-Systems.         values to
                                             compare with

                                         Page 12

313065   3   13   65 Multiple                 Wrong
                     functions for            optimization
                     one element              strategies.
                     (e.g. ventilation,
                     lighting, …) are
                     in conflict

400064   4   0    64 Drastically              Changes of
                     changing                 technical
                     internal gains           infrastructure
                     because of               and equipment
                     users influence.         in course of
         4   2     4 Contractors              project design
                     reject the               not sufficiently
                     guarantee for            detailed,
                     innovative               leaving "grey
                     systems                  areas" to the
                     because of lack          entreprises
                     of reference

403008   4   3     8 Consciousness            The client does    Not enough
                     level for the            not have any       explicit town-
                     long-term,               feeling for the    planning
                     structural and           image and          requirements
                     spatial impacts          impact in the      and
                     on the urban             urban context      specifications
                     context.                                    to drive the
403013   4   3    13 Construction             Traditional fee    Innovative
                     and system               structure          solutions and
                     costs-related            doesn`t support    simplifications
                     fee structure            the working of     are correlated
                     holds back the           number of          with reduced
                     work out of              alternative        fees instead of
                     alternative              design             premium for
                     design                   solutions for      advanced
                     solutions                achievement of     solutions.

403017   4   3    17 No willingness           Short-term high    External
                     neither feeling          yields appear      environmental
                     for necessity to         more lucratively   costs don't find
                     invest to                than long-term     any
                     achieve low              economic           consideration
                     running costs.           advantages.        by the clients
         4   5    60 Necessary                Standard           calculation.
                     tasks for the            contracts do
                     inventory of the         not allow
                     building                 sufficient time
                     requirement are          allocation for
                     not sufficiently         the tasks

                                          Page 13

409030   4   9    30 Execution of            Financially
                     the builidng            advantageous
                     programme               execution by
                     inventory as            students or
                     pure                    laymen without
                     "documentation          sufficient
                     ", without              technical
                     required                instruction or
                     expertise               qualification
409055   4   9    55 Pollutant               Lacking proof
                     burdens on the          methods for
                     property / in the       certain
                     building are not        pollutants.
                     tested or
                     discovered too
413010   4   13   10 Lacking of              Inadequate     Deregulation
                     criterions in           assessments of trends by
                     laws / norms for        the economic   authorities
                     implementation          effects.
                     of sustainability
413016   4   13   16 goals in the
                     Low                     Recent            Architects and
                     acceptance for          development in    other designers
                     the integration         material          have not yet
                     of technical            science and its   included the
                     solutions into          application has   technical
                     the                     increased the     improvement in
                     architecture.           number of         their routine
                                             possible          practice (e.g.
                                             solutions for     high
                                             building          performance
                                             envelope          glazings, ..)
end                                          hvac etc.

                                         Page 14

Impact1 Impact2                       Impact3 Solution Solution Solution                              Related
                                              1        2        3                                     Problem 1

The trust          Confusion                  Intervention of
relationship in    about further              the team leader
the team is        development of             or the client to
disturbed.         design.                    find the facts.

The building       Possibilities to           Develop            Ensure a proper    Develop
monitoring         the optimization           specifications     transition and     monitoring
doesn't allow to   of the building            which allow the    training period    concepts with a
assess the         use are not                client to select   for the building   low chance for
building           recognized and             the building       operator staff.    errors.
concept.           are not                    operators by
                                              Prepare            Consistently
                                              individual         keep up further
                                              contractual        education
                                              agreements         duties.
                                              between client,
Frustration and    Leads often to a           Client deals       Complementing      Consider the
tensions among     fall back on               with lacking       the team at an     possibility of
the team           very                       competence of      early stage of     replacing some
members            conventional               the actors by      the process        actors.
because of the     solutions.                 getting more
inability to                                  external
translate the                                 consulting
sustainability                                advice
objectives into
concepts and
Structural                                    The client         Relief by
organizational                                should             delegation of
difficulties                                  consider how       partial tasks to
hamper the                                    his structure      external actors.
essential team                                can help
work                                          overcome the
Engineers and                                 Change the       Set up a             Provoke
architects                                    team in its      documented           discussions
developing                                    composition.     agreement            within the team
solutions which                                                which serves as      until a real
do not match                                                   a reference to       agreement is
                                                               all actors and       reached
                                                               can be revised
Design process     Missing                    Architect and/or if necessary
starts on          essential                  other actors
inadequate         sustainable                should argue
prerequisite       project goals.             with the client
                                              about the
                                              necessity of
                                              external advice

                                                 Page 15

Irreversible       Design            Delay and         Fix
decisions are      solutions         information       contractually
taken without      change in a       loss in the       the involvement
having scanned     more              design process.   of the actors as
all the possible   conventional                        per the design
solutions.         direction and                       and realization
                   are no longer                       stages
                   based on the
                   building or
                   energy concept.
Unsatisfactory                                         Early inclusion
design and                                             of
implementation.                                        environmentally
                                                       experts in the
                                                       process has a
                                                       very high

Additional                                             Let the team        Explain with
tensions in the                                        know                great detail the
team hinder the                                        (contractually      advisor's role to
project to                                             too) that a         all team
progress                                               negative            members -
effectively                                            attitude in the     especially the
                                                       cooperation         objectives and
Solutions are                                          Apply very strict
either changed                                         qualification
in their                                               rules for the
implementation                                         entreprises.
or poorly

Demotivation of There no                               The client and      An external and
the design      chance for the                         the architect       independent
team.           team, even if it                       should first        advisor should
                is self driven                         agree on the        be hired by the
                and motivated,                         importance of       client and
                to design a                            energy/environ      assist the client
                successfull                            mentally            and architect to
                building.                              conscious           select the
                                                       design process.     design team

Ambitious                                              Develop very        Inform and try
projects fail                                          detailed and        to motivate the
because of the                                         stringent           contractors and
imperfect                                              specifications,     if necessary
realization of                                         which force the     add specific
the concept                                            contractors to      clauses in the
                                                       take care.          contracts.

                                                          Page 16

It is likely that                       When selecting     Use the MCDM
hidden agendas                          the design         Method to sort
of some team                            team's,            out conflicts of
members drive                           potential          interest.
the design                              conflicts of
process in an                           interest must
inadequate                              be considered
direction.                              as a selection
The lack of                             Intensify                              specifi
interdisciplinary                       communicative                          comments
knowledge                               and technical
doesn't allow                           inclusion of the
the team to                             relevant actors
develop the
Continuous                              Development of     Develop and
misunderstandi                          a                  use more
ng on used                              comprehensible     pictorial and
terms possibly                          glossary as        graphic
leading to                              common             communication
inconclusive                            communication      means.
work and later                          platform for
fall back toand
Architects          Design              each participant
                                        Develop team       Consider and
client initiate     solutions have      management         get process
the initial         to be found by      techniques to      moderation to
design process      the engineers       assist             ease the
without inputs      as "retrofit" and   engineers in       discussion
from engineers      not as              describing their
                    integrated          concepts
Lacking             solutions
                    The extra work      Changes have Use the MCDM-
security for the load due to            to be discussed Method.
designers and changes has               with all
weakened trust. not been                concerned
                 discussed and          actors as well
                 is therefore felt      as their
                 as unjustified.        consequences

No                  Low quality of      Make the           Pay extra
consideration       built solutions     clients            attention on
of energy- and      with the            conscious          supervision and
resource            possible need       about to this      quality
efficient system    of retrofit later   aspect.            management.
Team members                            Try to explain     Visit
loose their                             innovations as     "successful"
motivation and                          a way to get       buildings and
fall back on                            answers to         talk to satisfied
easier and more                         design             users.
conventional                            questions, and
design initiated
Already                                 not just per se
                                        Reduction of
concepts                                ambigous goals
development                             which can be
must be                                 reached then
discarded, or                           within the given
stopped.                                time budget.

                                           Page 17

Ambitious                                             Identify as early   Check again
concepts fail                                         as possible         negotiation
because of                                            specific            possibilities
inadequate                                            requirements        with the client.
supervision                                           for execution of
                                                      non standard

Ambitious           By the "leaving   All             Use methods         Discuss cost
design goals        out" of certain   "superfluous"   like MCDM-          saving and
become              components        and             method (Multi-      shifting
obsolete.           inadequate        "dispensable"   Criteria-           strategies
                    results can       components of   Decision-           between
                    occur.            the design      Making) before      investment,
                                      concept are     sacrifice of high   running and
                                      suppressed      energy              maintenance
                                                      performance         cost.
Quality losses                                        Provide             Includeunambig
occur with                                            stringent           uous quality
effects on the                                        comparison          reqirements
longevity and                                         procedure and       consistently
the daily use of                                      very tight          into bids.
Over or                                               specifications
                                                      Evaluate and        Analysis of the
undersizing of                                        compare             building and
systems and/or                                        carefully the       energy concept
installation of                                       building            (simulation
additional                                            programme and       tools) and
system/compon                                         the                 identification of
ents.                                                 environmental       the weak points
In wide areas of                                      Choose              Hire external
the building                                          candidate           energy advisor
sector,                                               contractors         to accompany
sustainability                                        with external       the process.
goals are poorly                                      assistance.
because of

Difficulties with                                     Visit similar       Study               Detailling of
the                                                   buildings to        guidelines to       goals during
implementation                                        collect actual      get some            the design
of "weak"                                             numbers and         reference           progress and
criterions into                                       facts.              values.             revision if
actual design                                                                                 necessary.

Oversized           Discrimination                    Explain the         Discussion with
plants and          of naturally                      interrelation       the users to
therefore high      supported                         between             better
investments         systems                           requirements,       understand
and operation       against purely                    investment and      actual comfort
cost.               mechanical                        operation costs     requirements
                    driven plants.                    to the client.

                                                         Page 18

By fear of lack                        Develop precise    Assess
of flexibility,                        requirements       carefully
high                                   by use of          flexibility needs
performance                            simulation         against design
systems are                            tools.             solutions and
rejected.                                                 constraints
Solutions                              Develop an
rejected only on                       argumentation
the basis of                           based on a
regulations                            solid technical
                                       dossier and use
Service            The operators       leewaysthat the
                                       Specify to
handbooks          understanding       the
missing            of functional       coordination
                   interrelations in   and control of
                   the building is     quality and
                   not developed       completeness
The change of                          Perform
requirements                           analysis of the
generates a                            interactions of
chain of further                       additional
necessary                              components
interventions                          before the
Actual envelope Expensive              intervention
                                       Specify and
has much         updates.              implement
higher                                 checking of
transmission                           envelope
and air                                quality be
infiltration                           testing (e.g.
losses than                            building under
planned.                               pressure and
Indoor climate                         measurment)
                                       Motivation and
of the building                        follow-up of the
is                                     users especially
unsatisfactory.                        at early stages
                                       of the building
The lack of        Design related      Examination of    Set the
environmental      basic data and      the               environmental
studies does       facts will be       synchronization   studies in
not allow a        recognized too      between           relation to the
qualified          late. There is no   studies and       building
selection and      chance of           design process.   programme and
building           integration into                      requirements
Uncertainty on                         Try to get actual Get a potential
the budget                             cost figures      supplier or
estimate by lack                       and technical     enterprise to
of detailed                            problems of       offer the
analysis (sizing                       already existing development of
and costing)                           similar           a realistic
                                       systems.          costing of the

                                          Page 19

HVAC-Systems        The
and other           comissioning of
energy related      systems and/or
systems are         installation
commissioned        should be
suboptimally or     specified and
don't perform       assigned
as planned          explicitly as a
                    task in
Important           Intensive           Motivation of
details while       detailling and      the
executing may       exhausting          craftsperson
have an impact      description of      through an
on the              energy-relevant     appropriate
performance of      building parts.     inclusion into
the                                     the design and
components/sy                           the design
stems and                               concept.
on the building
Existing            Install a           Specifiy the     Train the
optimization        building energy     monitoring task building
potentials are      management          as a contract    operating staff
not                 system which        item for the
implemented         allows regular      building
                    performance         operating staff.

The selected        Definition of       Prepare a
building            exclusion           competitive
operator does       criterias, which    bidding for
not have the        deal with the       building
knowledge to        qualification of    operation
manage              the enterprise      concept
efficiently the     as well as of its
building energy     staff
related aspects

Deficiencies        Optimisation        Provide
occur after final   and                 incentives and
comissioning        synchronisation     further
or even become      of individual       advantages in
visible only        partial             connection with
during              commissioning       building
utilization.                            labelling and
Seasonal            Develop a           certification.
unsteady            schedule for
performance of      testing of
the HVAC-           system
Systems             behaviour for
because of          the various
Comparison          Inclusion of        Development of
and                 qualified           a common
assessment of       experts for         understanding
alternatives        simulation and      of the
solutions are       analysis tasks.     assessment
either                                  methods

                       Page 20

Costly and high                        Use dynamic
constraints                            simulations and
related                                other tools to
modification                           assess the
after                                  concept design
commissioning                          during the

If the new         Testing and         Abandon risky      Provide a fall-
component          certification of    approach and       back position
cannot be          the new             find alternative   on a more
sourced, phe       components          safer solutions    conventional
project reaches    must be                                system/material
a dead end,/ and
Deviations         performed           Specify and        in the should
lacks with                             check            be willing to
jeopardise the                         performance of   pay for a follow-
design concept                         elements and     up by the
altogether.                            systems.         design team
                                                        execution (even
                                                        in the case of
                                                        transfer of
                                                        to the
The                                    The same         Concepts and
projectdiverges                        actors do        decisions must
(qualitatively                         accompany the be documented
and                                    project from the in such a way
quantitatively)                        first design     that they can be
from the                               studies up to    understood by
original design.                       the realisation new team
                                       (this requires   members at
                                       some additional anytime.

It may happen,     Poor basis for      Improve            Allow sufficient
that solutions     possible            documentation      resources for
which were         changes later in    methods and        documentation
proposed,          the building life   tools.             tasks.
analysed and       cycle
rejected are
introduced in
the design.
Unclear design Set up of clear         Inform the
basics slow the targets is held        client about the
project design up and delayed.         risks, impacts
process                                and
                                       of changes on
                                       the building

                                          Page 21

Fundamental                      Get the             Use check lists,
changes, that                    functional          user interview
essentially have                 programm            and feasibility
an effect on the                 completed and       studies to
budget, are                      reviewed before     specify the
likely to occur                  any further         requirements.
in a later design                process of
or realization                   design is
phases.                          initiated.

The planners                     Stress the          Shifting of
must substitute                  importance of       some of the
unknown basic                    preliminary         studies in
conditions with                  studies. It         following
assumptions                      allows to           phases with
and                              progress faster     time related
Refusal of                       later in the
                                 Organise and        consequences
suggested                        develop a
solutions ,                      documentation
because they                     framework at
cannot be                        the begining of
sufficiently                     the project.
understood by                    Discuss also
the decision-
Keeping the     Delay in basic   about early in
                                 Invest              Delegation of      Fees for          as an
project         design           design              the simulation     additional work   example
schedule is     decisions        development         tasks to           should be         of
difficult                        including           external           discussed in
                                 simulations and     experts.           the team and
                                 mock-up                                negociated with
                                 models to                              the client
                                 assess various                         (keeping in
                                 solutions.                             mind the other

Uncontrolled                     Contractual
changes to the                   relation with the
original design                  design team
leading to muvh                  ensuring a
higher energy                    follow-up after
consumption.                     building
Solutions                        commissioning
pursued                          development of
without serious                  designs
evaluation                       variations with
potentially                      the same level
leading to                       of detailling.
ultimate failure.

Due to                           Evaluation of
numerous                         technical facts
poorly designed                  of comparable
example, there                   reference
is a risk of an                  installations.
oversizing and
possibly the
introduction of

                                    Page 22

Individual                                             Functional                                              312065_3
element                                                schemes must
functions                                              be checked in
overlap each                                           interdisciplinary
other and cause                                        and potential
negative effects                                       conflicts
on the entire                                          identified

Systems which                                          Oversizing of
have been sized                                        ventilation
according to                                           systems
very tight                                             (natural or
specifications                                         mechanical)
may not cope
Client must pay                                        Design must to
                                                       does not leadbe
extra costs for                                        specified in
entreprise                                             detail and
accepted                                               guarantee
solution or                                            explicitly
modification                                           mentioned in
                                                       the bidding
Development of                                         Establishment       Develop
inadequate                                             of clear design     appropriate
design in                                              guidelines for      guidelines for
regard to the                                          the urban           the design
urban context                                          integration for     development
                                                       buildings in
Engineers are      Engineers often   Conventional      Explain to the      Ensure fees
not inclined to    use risks as a    non optimal       client which        which matches
work on            reason, not to    solutions are     advantages he       common
numerous           reduce            likely to be      has through the     solutions level
alternative        investments for   preferred         investment in       even if it`s
solutions.         the building -    without any       early design        planned to
                   infrastructure.   verification on   phases              build simply
                                     its impact on     analysis.           and thrifty ( if
                                     sustainability                        investments are
                                     goals                                 reduced, too).

High financial  Poor basis for a                       Demonstrate to      Systematically     Change basic
and technical   resale or a                            the client (and     document and       conditions of
expenditure for renewed rental.                        to the              assess             calculation by
modernization                                          engineers if        alternative        inclusion of
and                                                    necessary) that     solutions          external
maintenance                                            life cycle costs    integrating        environmental
Lacking                                                of a building
                                                       Add specific        investment and     costs.
decision basis                                         contractual
for the concept                                        clauses and
development                                            resources to
and                                                    allow for
assessement                                            required tasks
                                                       to be performed

                                                          Page 23

The inventory is     In principle,
inadequate as a      building
basis for the        programme
design               requirement
                     should be
                     executed under
                     direction of the
Healths              Elaborate
impairments          analysis about
during               the site history
construction or
later utilization.

Clients,             Promotion of
designer and         the voluntary
enterprises are      realization of
not pushed by        sustainability
legal aspects to     goals through
develop optimal
Ambitious            incentives.
                     The team           An external
energy-saving        should visit       advisor may
or solar-            some buildings     also help in the
technical            successfully       initial stages to
solutions            integrating new    open up the
cannot be            technologies.      "space of
realized.                               possible

                        Page 24

Issue       Issue       Reason 1   Reason 2   Reason 3   Impact 1   Impact 2   Impact 3   Recommen
Related     Related                                                                       d.
Problem 2   Problem 3                                                                     Solution 1

101005_2                           101005_2                         101005_2

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312065_3 312065_3   312065_3 312065_3   312065_3 312065_3

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Recommen Recommen
d.         d.
Solution 2 Solution 3


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           Page 43
                                                                                                                                                                                         Country of
                                  Methods / Tool Category   Index   Name / Link                                         Short Description of Purpose / Characteristic         Language
                       1          Information
                      1.1         Handbooks                 01101   Bertelsmann Baukatalog                              Building component catalog with contact adresses G               D

                                                            01102   COMPASS elements                                    Daylighting component catalog                         E          CEC
                                                            01103   Neuffert Design Components                          General component specifications                      D, E       International
                                                            01104   Integral Design with building simulation            Application of simulation tools in the integral       ?          CH
                                                                    programmes                                          design process with short descriptions
                                                            01105   Handbook for passive and hybride solar              Basic description of technolgies and concepts for     E          International
                                                                    commercial buildings                                solar commercial buildings
                                                            01106   "Alle Hus er Solfangere"                            Solar design of buildings                             N          N
                                                            01107   "Glassgårdshåndboka"                                Design of atrium buildings                            N          N
                                                            01108   Handbook on solar air systems, IEA Tak 19           Design guidelines, nomogramms, system                 E          International
                                                            01109   Schwarz: Ecology in Building (handbook)             Recommendations for building materials                G          CH
                      1.2         Product description       01201   Gravivent, ADO company                              Gravity driven return air cooling device              G, E       D

                                                            01202   PVC freies Bauen                                    PVC free material list for building construction      G          D
                                                            01203   Ökologische Baustoffe                               Ecological recommended material list                  G          D
                      1.3         Case Studies              01301   IEA Case Stories Booklet                            Example decription of 13 design storeys               E          International
                                                                                                                        and buildings
                                                            01302   IEA Task 11 short report (also Norwegian version)                                                         E, N       Internat./N

                                                            01303   IEA Case studies on passive and hybride solar       55 example buidlings with concept and size            E          International
                                                                    commercial buildings                                descriptions
                                                            01304   IEA Case studies on buildings with solar air        20 example buildings with solar air concepts          E          International
                       2          Guidelines / Checklists
                      2.1         Checklists                02101   SIA-Checkliste für energiegerechtes,                Checklist format for energy efficient environmental   G          CH, D
                                                                    ökologisches Planen und Bauen                       design
                                                            02102   GRIP veileder                                       same ?????????                                        N          N
                                                            02103   Passivhaus Checklist                                Checklist for components and construction of low      G          D
                                                                                                                        energy residential buildings
                                                            02104   Ökotest ?, Stiftungs-Warentest 12/99                Material and components test evaluations by           G          D
                                                                                                                        journals or institutions
                      2.2         Guidelines                02201   TOP Team orientiertes Planen                        Team-oriented design guidelines for actors and        G          CH
                                                            02202   Building Details Catalogue                                                                                ?N         N
                                                            02203   Umweltmanagement von Hochbauprojekten               Ducumentation of the design process for               G          CH
                                                            02204   Energiesparendes Planen im Hochbau                  Design criteria for low energy building design        G          D
                                                            02205   PVC free products                                                                                                    D
                                                            02206   Ökologische Baustoffe                               Ecological recommended material list                  G          D

                       3          Requirements
                      3.1         Laws and                  03101   Energiesparverordnung                               Heating energy demand regulation including            G          D
                                                                                                                        process efficiency

sol°id°ar Günter Löhnert Berlin                                                                                                                                                                          7/30/2012 - page 44 of 53
                                                          03102   Energiegesetze Bund / Kantone                                                       G         CH
                                                          03103   Verordnung Kantone / Gemeinden                                                      G         CH
                      3.2         Standards               03201   DIN 1946                         Design guidelines for mechanical ventilated and    G         D
                                                                                                   cooled spaces
                                                          03202   ASHRAE 55                        Thermal comfort                                    E         US
                                                          03203   ASHRAE 62                        Indoor air quality                                 E         US
                                                          03204   ASHRAE 90.1                      Energy efficiency                                  E         US
                                                          03205   Arbeitsplatzverordnung           Regulation of working place environmental          G         D
                                                          03206   Wärmeschutznachweis              Heating demand documentation for the building      D         D
                      3.3         Voluntary               03301   Energiepass                      Heating demand calculation                         D         D
                                                          03302   Energienachweis oblig.                                                                        CH
                                                                  gem. 0602 / 0603
                                                          03303   Blauer Enge Label                Blauer Engel label for environmental friendly      D         D
                                                          03304   "Svanemerket"                                                                                 N
                                                          03305   Passive Haus Komponenten Label   Prooved component for the passive house            G         D
                       4          Evaluation support
                      4.1         Assessment              04101   GBC                              Green Building Challenge, GBC                      E         CA / Internat.
                                                          04102   BREEAM                                                                              E         UK
                                                          04103   LEED                                                                                E         USA
                                                          04104   Ecopro                           Building material embeded energy evaluation        G         D
                                                          04105   Økoprofil                                                                           N         N
                                                          04106   Legoe                            Design and evaluation support
                      4.2         Simulation and
                                  analytical tools
                      4.2.1       Visualisation and       04211   Sombrero                         Hourly shading profile for free defined area       G         D
                                  shading studies
                                                          04212   Sunorb                           Estimation of shading, overhangs by sun position

                      4.2.2       Steady state building   04221   EBSYS                            Energy consultance tool                            G
                                                          04222   WBi832                           Calculation of LEK values                          G         AU
                                                          04223   LESOSAI                          Monthly energy balances, passive solar systems     E, F, G   CH

                                                          04224   ARCHPASS                         Monthly energy balances,                           E         D

                      4.2.3       Thermal systems         04231   TSOL                             Instationary solar thermal systems for DHW and     G         D
                                                                                                   process heat

sol°id°ar Günter Löhnert Berlin                                                                                                                                              7/30/2012 - page 45 of 53
                                                          04232    POLYSUN                Dimensioning and energy output simulation for     G   CH
                                                                                          solar thermal systems

                                                          04233    SHW                    Solar heating and domestic hot water                  AU

                      4.2.4       PV system               04241    PV-chart               Evaluation tool for photovoltaic systems              D
                      4.2.5       Dynamic building load   04251    BLAST                  Building Loads Analysis and System                    USA
                                  simulation                                              Thermodynamics
                                                          04252    DOE-2                  Department of Energy                                  USA
                                                          04253    SUNCODE, SERIRES       SERI Residential Energy Software                      USA

                                                          04254    DEROB-LTH              Dynamic Energy Response of Buildings                  DK
                                                          04255    SMILE                  Research Development                                  D

                                                          04256    SMILE                  Dynamic cooling load calculation following VDI        D
                                                                                          2078, single zone model

                      4.2.6       Dynamic building        042510   WAEBED                 Calculation of the heating demand                     AU
                                      load simulation
                                                          042511   GEBA                   Summer behaviour, heating load and demand             AU
                                                                                          calculation tool
                                                          042512   Program pakage TWDWI   Heating demand calculation                            AU

                                                          042513   ENERGY 10              Energy, daylighting evaluation and optimisation       USA

                                                          042514   DK–SOLAR               dynamisches Simulationsprogramm                       D
                                                          042515   TAS                    Thermal Analysis Software                             UK

                                                          042516 TRNSYS 15.1              A Transient System Simulation Programm for            USA
                                                                                          systems and buildings

                                                          042517   BSim2000               Building simulation tool                              DK

sol°id°ar Günter Löhnert Berlin                                                                                                                       7/30/2012 - page 46 of 53
                                                     042518   HELIOS-PC                      Single zone building simulation tool                     CH

                                                     042519   ANSYS/FLOTRAN                  Finite element calculation method mainly used for        D
                                                                                             construction issues, with thermal bridge
                                                                                             evaluation application
                                                     042520 Energi i bygninger                                                                        N
                                                     042521 FRES                                                                                      N
                                                     042522 Trnslite                         Thermal simulation tool                                  D
                      4.2.7       Daylighting         04261 Radiance                         Detailled daylighting simulation tool with               USA
                                                                                             photorealistic output
                                                     04262    Superlite                      Simplified daylighting evaluation tool                   USA
                      4.2.8       Fluid dynamics     04271    Flovent                        Simplified fluid dynamic simulation, finite volume       USA
                                                     04272    Fluent                         Detailled fluid dynamic simulation tool, finite          USA
                                                                                             volume method
                                                     04273    FIDAP                          Detailled fluid dynamic simulation tool, finite          USA
                                                                                             element method
                                                     02474    Comis 3.1                      Network fluid flow model
                      4.3         Test methods       04301    Blower Door Test               Building tightness test method                           International
                                                     04302    Thermographic Analysis         Infrared photographie for identifying thermal            International
                                                                                             bridges and leeks
                                                     04303    PASSYS facade tests            Outdoor test facilities and test methods for facade      D
                                                     04304    k-Wert Messung nach DIN ????   Laboratory test method to determine the             G    D
                                                                                             thermal U-value
                       5          Design Process Support
                      5.1         Communication      05101    Intesol                        Organisation platform for information exchange in G      D
                                                                                             the design process
                                                     05102    Internet project pages         Information exchange on project specific web         E   USA
                      5.2         Management and     05201    Mindmapper                     Structure drawing program for structuring            E   USA
                                                                                             porcesses, informations and interrelations
                                                     05202    Mindmanager, Superbrain
                                                     05203    Niku portfolio
                      5.3         Decision support   05301    MCDM 23                        Computer tool for multi criteria decision making     E   International
                                                     05302    QFD                            Decision making support tool                         E   Fin.

sol°id°ar Günter Löhnert Berlin                                                                                                                                       7/30/2012 - page 47 of 53
                                  Contact person, Address

                                  Bertelsmann Verlag, Frankfurt

                                  University of Athens

                                  EMPA Dübendorf, CH

                                  James & James

                                  NAL, Oslo, N
                                  NAL, Oslo, N
                                  James & James

                                  ADO company, 60210 Frankfurt, Lüfterstrasse 3

                                  ifib, University Karlsruhe
                                  collected by Esbensen, Kopenhagen DK

                                  James and James, London

                                  ETH Zürich


                                  GRIP, Oslo, N
                                  Passiv Haus Institut, Darmstadt

                                  Stiftung Warentest, Öko-Test

                                  Byggforsk, Oslo, N
                                  Amt für Bundesbauten

                                  Hessisches Umweltministerium

                                  ifib, University Karlsruhe

sol°id°ar Günter Löhnert Berlin                                                   7/30/2012 - page 48 of 53

                                  Prof.Hauser, Gesamthochschule Kassel

                                  Passiv Haus Institut, Darmstadt

                                  Nils Larsson / Ray Cole

                                  ifib Karlsruhe
                                  GRIP, Oslo, N

                                  Universität Siegen

                                  Joanneum, Institut für
                                  Informationssysteme und Institut für Energieforschung
                                  new version in progress
                                  EPFL, Leso Institut, Lausanne

                                  TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik GmbH Nobelstr. 15, D-70569 Stuttgart,
                                  Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Valentin,
                                  Köpernickerstr. 9, D-10997 Berlin,
                                  Tel: +49-30-617917-80
                                  Fax: +49-30-617917-11

sol°id°ar Günter Löhnert Berlin                                                                     7/30/2012 - page 49 of 53
                                  Arbeitsgemeinschaft ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE, H.v. Türlin Strasse 5,
                                  A-9500 Villach,
                                  Tel. +43 (04242) 23224,
                                  Fax +43 (04242) 23224-1,, email: arge-

                                  Institut für Wärmetechnik, TU Graz; o. Univ. Prof. Dr. techn. D.I.
                                  Wolfgang Streicher,

                                  Building Systems Laboratory,

                                  National Energy Software Center,
                                  Mainframe Version: Energy Science and Technology Software Center
                                  P.O. Box 1020, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Suncode – PC 5.7: Kaija
                                  Berleman, Ecotope, Inc;
                                  2812 East Madison Street,
                                  Seattle, Washington
                                  Technische Hochschule Lund,
                                  TU Berlin, Institut für Energietechnik, http://buran.fb10.tu-
                                  TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik GmbH
                                  Curiestr. 2, D-70569 Stuttgart,

                                  Institut für Hochbau, TU Wien,
                                  Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Klaus Krec,

                                  Büro für Bauphysik, Schönberg am Kamp Wien, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Klaus
                                  Institut für Wärmetechnik, TU Graz;
                                  o. Univ. Prof. Dr. techn. Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Halozan,
                                  o. Univ. Prof. Dr. techn. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Streicher
                                  Sustainable Buildings Industry Council und NREL,
                                  Delzer Kybernetik, Ritterstr. 51, D-79541 Lörrach
                                  EDSL (Enviromental Design Solutions Limited);
                                  Ifes (Institut für angewandte Energiesimulation und Facility Management

                                  TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik GmbH Nobelstr. 15,
                                  D-70569 Stuttgart,
                                  Danish Building Research Institute Postboks 119,
                                  DK-2970 Horsholm Dänemark,
                                  Tel: +45-4286-5533, Fax: +45-4286-7535,

sol°id°ar Günter Löhnert Berlin                                                                             7/30/2012 - page 50 of 53
                                  econzept Energieberatung GmbH, Wiesentalstr. 29, 79115 Freiburg;
                                  Tel: 0761/4016627,

                                  CAD-FEM GmbH, Marktplatz 2, D-85567 Grafing, Tel: ++49 (0)8092-
                                  7005-0, Fax:: ++49 (0)8092-7005-77,,
                                  Skarland Press, N
                                  Skarland Press, N

                                  LBL Daylighting group,

                                  University Stuttgart, Institut für Thermodynamik und Wärmetechnik

                                  ifib Karlsruhe

                                  Cephrem Inc.

                                  SimTech Systems Inc., E-mail:

                                  SimTech Systems Inc., E-mail:
                                  VTT, Finland

sol°id°ar Günter Löhnert Berlin                                                                       7/30/2012 - page 51 of 53
            A                                                                                    B                                                                               C                                                                                    D
      Label Activity / Subject       Actors        Issues                       Tools      Label Activity / Subject       Actors       Issues                     Tools    Label Activity / Subject        Actors        Issues                       Tools     Label Activity / Subject
010   A010 Rough cost estimate       AR, RO, OS,   213011,308020,207037         T03101,T03 B010 - Project brief           Cl, AR       409030                     T01301,T C010 Programme demand           Cl, AR, EP,   101012,312050                          D010 First design advice
                                     CS, C                                      102,             - Objectives                                                     01303          and requirements          DF
                                                                                T042510,         - Background
                                                                                T042511,         - Influences
020   A020 Consider Building         AR, EP, ME    213061, 103007, 104056,      T02101      B020 - Site inspection        AR, ES, CS, 409030                      T01303    C020 Feasibility studies       Cl, AR, EP,   312050,313065                          D020 Set up design team
           codes, regulations                      103018                                        - Site analysis          LD, ID, DF                                                                       DF                                                        (alternatives)
           and industry

030   A030 - Review goals            AR, DV, EP    308020                       T02203,T04 B030     Investigation on:     AR, RO, LD   312050                     T01301,T C030 - General dispositions     Cl, AR, EP,   413016,313058,313065         T01106,   D030 Call in expert (e.g. jury,
             and requirements                                                   102,T04101          - Urban integration                                           02203           mass/functions           DF                                         T01108,        …)
           - Qualified cost                                                                         - Proportion                                                                - Horizontal/vertical                                                 T01301
             estimation                                                                             - Site development                                                          development
                                                                                                                                                                                - Building periphery

040   A040 - Calculations            AR, EP, ES    308020,207037,308054,31306 T04271,T04 B040 General approach            AR, EP, DF, 213011,111014,308020,21303 T02101,T C040 - System integration        DT, AR, SE, 413016,313058,313065,          T04261,T D040 Design'alternatives
           - Simulations                           3                          272             for energy supply           BS, ES, DS 2,213043,308049,308054,308 02103          - Selection of building     EP, ME, DF 112036                          04262
           - Quantifications                                                                  and systems                             059,213061,313063                        components
                                                                                                                                                                                 and materials
050   A050 - Life cycle analysis     AR, BO        308020,207037                T04104      B050 Check Interfaces:        AR, SE, O, 213046                                 C050 Construction              AR, SE, ME    413016,103018,112036,20703             D050 Set up / complete
           - Cost calculation                                                                    - Proportions            QS, TS, CS,                                            documents                               7,308038,208039,312050,313                  'design team
                                                                                                 - Multifunctionality     EL                                                                                             058,308062,313065,300066
                                                                                                 - Flexibility

060   A060 - Detailed                ES, AR, SE,   313063, 308054               T04252      B060 Design and gross         DT, CL       213011,111014,308020,21304 T04252    C060 Bidding                   AR, ME, EL, 402004,103018,308020,21303               D060 Call in expert
             calculations            DS, LS                                                      sizing of system                      3,308054,313063                                                     BS, MS,     2,308062, 112036
           - Simulation                                                                          solutions                                                                                                 AS,CS, SS
070   A070 Construction strategies   AR,SE,EP      103018,213032,101053         T01110      B070 Modular tuning of:       AR, PM       111002                               C070 Construction              AS, CS, SS    308038,208039                          D070 Complete 'design team
                                                                                                 - Space use                                                                     supervision, Cost
                                                                                                 - Construction                                                                  control, Quality
                                                                                                   elements                                                                      assurance
080   A080 Commissioning plan for    AR, ME, DS,   308034,300035,308045,30804               B080 - Optimise system        AR, EP, ME, 112036,313063               T04252    C080 Final commissioning       Cl, AR, EP,   308034,300035,308048,30804             D080 Call in expert
           energy related            LS, CS        8,308049                                        solutions              QS                                                                               DF            9,313057
                                                                                                 - Final sizing
                                                                                                 - System operation
090   A090 Operation strategies      AR, BO, CL,   308034,300035,308045,30006               B090 Environmental criteria   AR, EP, DF, 103018,308020,101053,30805 T02205,T C090 Operation manuals           Cl, AR, EP,   100021,308044,308045,40006             D090 Negotiation
                                     QS            7                                             and                      MS, AS, SS, 9                          02206,T0                                  DF            4,300067
                                                                                                 specs for tender         BO                                     2203,T02
100   A100 Management and            BO, MS, BM,   312028, 308049, 308048,                  B100 Requirements upon       AR, AS, SS, 402004,103018,213032,10105             C100 Management, Control, Cl, AR, EP,        100021,308044,409055,30005             D100 Identify and eliminate
           Maintenance plan          QS            308045                                        builders and suppliers, CS, BS      3,308059,308062                             Optimisation         DF                 6,400064,300067                             deficiencies
                                                                                                 Call for tender

110   A110 New box example                                                                  B110 Implementation of        AR, PM, CL   409055,300056                        C110 Basics for retrofit       Cl, AR, EP,   100021,409055,300056                   D110 Operational, functional
                                                                                                 necessary changes                                                               design                    DF                                                        and energy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     performance checks

120   A120                                                                                  B120 Analyse and assess       AR, QS, CL, 409055,300056                         C120 - Building and energy     Cl, AR, EP,   413016,313058,313065         T01106,   D120 User/operation staff
                                                                                                 impact                   DF                                                     system                    DF                                         T01108,        information and
                                                                                                 caused by project                                                               - Spatial structure and                                              T01301         training
                                                                                                 change                                                                          Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                 - Envelope,
                                                                                                                                                                                 daylighting, solar
                                                                                                                                                                                 - Traffic and HVAC

130   A130                                                                                  B130                                                                            C130                                                                                D130 Energy checks,
140   A140                                                                                  B140                                                                            C140                                                                                D140 Adjust energy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     performance to user
150   A150                                                                                  B150                                                                            C150                                                                                D150
160   A160                                                                                  B160                                                                            C160                                                                                D160
                                                             E                                                                           F                                                                                G
Actors           Issues                     Tools      Label Activity / Subject   Actors        Issues                    Tools    Label Activity / Subject       Actors         Issues                     Tools   Label Activity / Subject        Actors        Issues                   Tools
Cl, AR, EP, DF   101005,103007,403008,20301 T02101     E010 Preliminary design    Cl, AR, EP,   213046                    T04224,T F010 Contracts and             Cl, AR, EP,    311006,103007,203015,40301         G010 First project initiative   Cl, AR, EP,   103024                   T02201
                 5,403017,100023,103024,101                  approach             DF                                      04223          safeguard financing      DF             7,101025,207033,313047,405                                         DF
                 025,312031,207033,112036,2                                                                                                                                      060
Cl, AR, EP, DF   101001,111002,101003,10100 T02101,T E020 Concept                 Cl, AR, EP,   100019                    T01104    F020 Project definition report Cl, AR, EP,   101005,311006,103007,40300         G020 Design start-up            Cl, AR, EP,   111027,405060, 103024,
                 5,101012,403013,100023,103 02201         design'approach         DF                                                                               DF            8,111009,413010,213011,203              decision                   DF            103007
                 024,101025,101026,312028,3                                                                                                                                      015,403017,100019,101025,3
                 12031,207033,313047,101053                                                                                                                                      12029,207037,206040,307041
                 ,308054,308059,405060,                                                                                                                                          ,213042,213043,312050,3120
                 101012, 103024                                                                                                                                                  52,213061,313065, 103007

Cl, AR, EP, DF   101012,100023,103024,10102            E030 Design development    Cl, AR, EP,   100019                    T042510, F030 Building program          Cl, AR, EP,    101005,311006,103007,40300         G030 Pre-design decisions       Cl, AR, EP,   111027, 103024
                 6,313047,101053,308054,308                 approach              DF                                      T042516       requirement profile       DF             8,111009,413010,213011,203                                         DF
                 059,405060, 312031                                                                                                                                              015,413016,403017,100019,1

Cl, AR, EP, DF   312031                       T04101,T E040 Construction works    Cl, AR, EP,   308059, 308062                      F040 Pre-design report        Cl, AR, EP,    100019,207037,206040,21306         G040 Concept                    Cl, AR, EP,   111027, 103024
                                              05301,T0                            DF                                                                              DF             1                                       design'decisions           DF

Cl, AR, EP, DF   101001,111002,101003,10100 T02201     E050 Operation             Cl, AR, EP,   308045, 308044, 308048,             F050 Renewed / specified      Cl, AR, EP,    101005,103007,403008,11100         G050 Definitive design          Cl, AR, EP,   111027, 103024
                 5,403013,100023,103024,312                                       DF            308049                                   building programme       DF             9,413010,213011,203015,413              decisions                  DF
                 028,207033,313047,101053,3                                                                                              performance profile                     016,403017,100019,111027,3
                 08054,308059,405060,                                                                                                                                            12028,312029,207037,307041
                 101012                                                                                                                                                          ,213042,213043,213046,3120

Cl, AR, EP, DF   101026,312031,313047,10105 T02201,T E060 Contractirng            CL, PM, AR, 213032                                F060 Concept design report    Cl, AR, EP,    100019,207037                      G060 Buildings contract         Cl, AR, EP,   112036, 103024
                 3,308054,308059, 100023    02103                                 SE, ME, EL,                                                                     DF                                                     decisions                  DF
Cl, AR, EP, DF   101001,111002,101003,10100 T02201     E070 Occuppation           BO, BM, T,    308045                              F070 Centred requirements     Cl, AR, EP,    100019,111027,312028,31202         G070 Building use/rent          Cl, AR, EP,   103024
                 5,403013,100023,103024,101                                       UO                                                     performance profiles     DF             9,207037                                decisions                  DF
                 026,312028,207033, 101012

Cl, AR, EP, DF   100023,103024,101026,31203 T02201,    E080                       Qualified                                         F080 Design development       Cl, AR, EP,    100019,207037                      G080
                 1                          T02203                                actors ?                                               report building          DF

Cl, AR, EP, DF   402004,103018,308020,21303            E090                                                                         F090 Confirmed                Cl, AR, EP,    100019,112036,207037               G090
                 2,308038,208039,308062,                                                                                                 performance profiles     DF

Cl, AR, EP, DF   312031,308038,208039                  E100                                                                         F100 Buildings contracts      Cl, AR, EP,    112036                             G100

Cl, AR, EP, DF   308038,208039                         E110                                                                         F110 Commiss. report          Cl, AR, EP,    308034,300035,308048,31305         G110
                                                                                                                                         certificat. of build.    DF             7

Cl, AR, EP, DF   308044,308045,400064,30006            E120                                                                         F120 Lease/use contract       Cl, AR, EP,                                       G120
                 7                                                                                                                                                DF

Cl, AR, EP, DF   308044                                E130                                                                         F130 Changes in building      Cl, AR, EP,    312029                             G130
                                                                                                                                         use                      DF
Cl, AR, EP, DF   308044,400064                         E140                                                                         F140                                                                            G140

                                                       E150                                                                         F150                                                                            G150
                                                       E160                                                                         F160                                                                            G160

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