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									Artiste                Title
Aimee Mann             Whatever
Aimee Mann             I'm with stupid
American Hifi          American Hifi
Amps, The              Pacer
Ash                    1997
Ash                    Free all angels
Autour De Lucie        Immobile
Bad Religion           Stranger than fiction
Bad Religion           The grey race
Barenaked Ladies       Disc One
Beautiful South, The   Blue is the colour
Beatles, The           One
Belle & Sebastian      The boy with the arab strap
Belle & Sebastian      Tigermilk
Belle & Sebastian      Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant
Belly                  King
Belly                  Gut feeling
Belly                  Live and hungry
Blake Babies           Nicely, nicely
Blake Babies           Earwig
Blake Babies           Innocence and experience
Blake Babies           Sunburn
Blake Babies           Rosy jack world
Blake Babies           God bless the blake babies
Blink 182              Enema of the state
Blink 182              The Tom, Mark and Travis show
Blink 182              Take off your pants and jackets
Bloodhound Gang        Hooray for boobies
Blur                   Blur
Bob Mould              Bob Mould
Bon Jovi               Best of
Breeders, The          Pod
Breeders, The          Last splash
Breeders, The          Double trouble
Breeders, The          Title TK
Buffalo Tom            Let me come over
Cake Fashion           Fashion nugget
Cake                   Prolonging the magic
Candyskins, The        Fun
Cardigans, The         First band on the moon
Carpernters            Yesterday once more
Catatonia              International Velvet
Catatonia              Equally cursed and bless
Catatonia              Paper scissors stone
Catherine Wheel        Happy days
Chantel Kreviazuk      Under these rocks and stones
Chantel Kreviazuk      Colour moving and still
Coldplay               Parachutes
Concave Scream         Erratic
Concave Scream         Three
Coors, The             Unplugged
Cranberries, The       Everybody else is doing it so why can't we
Cranberries, The       No need to argue
Cranberries, The       To the faithful departed
Cranberries, The       Bury the hatchet
Cranberries, The       Wakw up and smell the coffee
Cure, The                             Galore
Dinosaur Jr                           Hand it over
Dire Straits                          Sultans of swing
Echobelly                             Lustra
Elastica                              Elastica
Eleanor McEvoy                        Eleanor McEvoy
Eve 6                                 Horoscope
Everclear                             So much for the afterglow
Faith No More                         The real thing
Faith No More                         Introduce yourself
Fat Boy Slim                          You've come a long way
Fat Boy Slim                          Halfway between the gutter and the stars
Foo Fighters                          Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters                          The colour and the shape
Foo Fighters                          Nothing left to lose
Frente!                               Marvin the album
Funland                               Sweetness
Fuzzy                                 Fuzzy
Fuzzy                                 Electric juices
Fuzzy                                 Hurray for everything
Galaxie 500                           On fire
GoGo's                                Return to the valley of the GoGo's
Goo Goo Dolls                         SuperstarCarWash
Green Day                             Dookie
Garbage                               Version 2.0
Garbage                               Beautiful garbage
Geraldine Fibbers, The                Butch
Gorillaz                              Gorillaz
Guided By Voices                      Guided By Voices Mag Earwhig
Guided By Voices                      Guided By Voices Do the collapse
Heather Nova                          Siren
Heather Nova                          Wonderlust
Helium                                The dirt of luck
Hole                                  Celebrity skin
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions   Bavarian fruit bread
Howard Jones                          Best of
Humpback Oak                          Pain stained morning
Humpback Oak                          Ghostfather
Humpback Oak                          Sideasideb
Idaho                                 This way out
Imperial Teen                         What is not to love
Indigo Girls                          Indigo Girls
Indigo Girls                          Nomads indians saints
Indigo Girls                          Swamp Ophelia
Indigo Girls                          Shaming of the sun
Indigo Girls                          1200 Curfews
Indigo Girls                          Come on now social
Indigo Girls                          History of us
Jewel                                 Pieces of you
Jewel                                 Spirit
Jewel                                 Joy! A holiday collection
Jewel                                 This way
Jimmy Eat World                       Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World                       Clarity
Jimmy Eat World                       Bleed american
Juliana Hatfield                      Hey babe
Juliana Hatfield Three, The           Become what you are Juliana Hatfield
Juliana Hatfield               Only everything
Juliana Hatfield               Beautiful creature
Juliana Hatfield               Bed
Juliana Hatfield               Total system failure
Juliana Hatfield               You don't own me
K's Choice                     Paradise in me
K's Choice                     Cocoon crash
K's Choice                     Live
Kelly Deal 6000                Go to the sugar altar
Kenickie                       At the club
Kristen Hersh                  Hips and makers
L7                             Bricks are heavy
Lemonheads                     Its a shame about Ray
Lemonheads                     Come on feel
Lemonheads                     Car button cloth
Lemonheads                     Squeeze me please me
Leona Naess                    Comatised
Letters To Cleo                Aurora glory
Letters To Cleo                Sister
Letters To Cleo                Go!
Linkin Park                    Hybrid theory
Lisa Germano                   On the way down from the moon palace
Lisa Germano                   Excerpts from a love circus and small heads e.p.
Lisa Germano                   Slide
Lisa Loeb And Nine Stories     Tails
Lisa Loeb                      Firecracker
Lisa Loeb                      Cake and pie
Liz Phair                      Exile in guyville
Liz Phair                      Whipsmart
Liz Phair                      Whitechocolatespaceegg
Liz Phair                      Sessions at West 54th street
Lori Carson                    Where it goes
Lori Carson                    Everything I touch turns wild
Lori Carson                    Stars
Lori Carson                    House in the weeds
Lush                           Lovelife
Luscios Jackson                Fever in fever out
Magnapop                       Rubbing doesn't help
Manic Street Preachers         Street preaching
Mansun                         Little kix
Mark Kozelek                   Rock and roll singer
Mark Kozelek                   What's next to the moon
Mary Lou Lord                  Mary Lou Lord
Mary Lou Lord                  Got no shadow
Matthew Sweet                  Girlfriend
Matthew Sweet                  Blue sky on mars
Matthew Sweet                  100% fun
Matthew Sweet                  In reverse
Matthew Sweet                  Shape shifter
Mazzy Star                     She hangs brightly
Mazzy Star                     Among my swan
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The   Don't know how to party
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The   Let's face it
Motley Crue                    Dr Feelgood
Muffs, The                     Blonder and blonder
Murmurs, The                   The Murmurs
Murmurs, The                   Blender
Neds Atomic Dustbin      Bite
Neds Atomic Dustbin      God fodder
Neds Atomic Dustbin      Brainbloodvolume
Neds Atomic Dustbin      Radioactive
Neds Atomic Dustbin      Are you normal?
Neds Atomic Dustbin      0.522
New Order                Substance
New Order                Get ready
Heilds, The              If you lived here you'd be home now
Nina Gordon              Tonight and the rest of my life
Nirvana                  Bleach
Nirvana                  Nevermind
Nirvana                  Incesticide
Nirvana                  In utero
Nirvana                  From the muddy banks of the wishka
Nirvana                  Unplugged in NY
Nirvana                  Smells like punk spirit
No Doubt                 Tragic kingdom
No Doubt                 Rock Steady
Offspring                Smash
Offspring                Americana
Offspring                Conspiracy of one
OMD                      Singles
Padres                   Night
Paula Cole               Harbinger
Paula Cole               This fire
Pixies                   Bossonova
Poe                      Hello
Poe                      Haunted
Poison                   Swallow this live
Red House Painters       Down colourful hill
Red House Painters       Shock me e.p.
Red House Painters       Red House Painters
Red House Painters       Ocean beach
Red House Painters       Red House Painters
Red House Painters       Songs for a blue guitar
Red House Painters       Old ramon
Red House Painters       Retrospective
Red Hot Chilli Peppers   Lollapalooza 92
Red Hot Chilli Peppers   Blood sugar sex magik
REM                      Green
REM                      New adventures in hifi
REM                      Reveal
REM                      From the borderline
Rose Chronicles          Happily ever after
Sarah McLachlan          Solace
Sarah McLachlan          Touch
Sarah McLachlan          Fumbling towards ecstasy
Sarah McLachlan          Rairities b-sides
Sarah McLachlan          Freedom sessions
Sarah McLachlan          Surfacing
Sarah McLachlan          Mirrorball
Save Ferris              It means everything
Shakespear's Sister      Hormonally yours
Shawn Colvin             Whole new you
Shawn Colvin             A few small repairs
Shawn Colvin             Holiday songs and lullabies
Sheryl Crow            Live from central park
Sheryl Crow            C'mon c'mon
Sinead O'Connor        Best of
Sleater Kinney         Call the doctor
Sleater Kinney         Dig me out
Sleeper                Pleased to meet you
Sleeper                The it girl
Smashing Pumpkins      Siamese dreams
Sting & The Police     Best of
Strokes, The           Is this it
Sundays, The           Static & Silence
Suede                  Suede
Sugar                  Copper blue
Sugar                  Beaster
Sugar                  File under easy listening
Sum 41                 All killer no filler
Susanna Hoffs          When you're a boy
Suzanne Vega           Solitude standing
Suzanne Vega           Days of open hands
Suzanne Vega           Suzanne Vega
Suzanne Vega           99.5F
Suzanne Vega           Sessions at West 54th street
Suzanne Vega           Nine objects of desire
Suzanne Vega           Solitude songs
Suzanne Vega           Best of
Suzanne Vega           Songs in red and gray
10,000 Maniacs         MTV unplugged
Tanita Tikaram         Ancient heart
Tanya Donelly          Lovesongs for the underdogs
Tanya Donelly          Beautysleep
Teenage Fanclub        Grand prix
Teenage Fanclub        Thirteen
Teenage Fanclub        Songs from northern Britain
Teenage Fanclub        Howdy
Texas                  White on blond
Texas                  The hush
They Might Be Giants   John Henry
They Might Be Giants   Mink car
Third Eye Blind        Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind        Blue
This Mortal Coil       This Mortal Coil
Throwing Muses         The real ramona
Throwing Muses         The curse
Throwing Muses         Hunkpapa
Throwing Muses         Red heaven
Throwing Muses         University
Throwing Muses         Limbo
Til Tuesday            Everything's different now
Tori Amos              Little earthquakes
Tori Amos              Boys for pele
Tori Amos              Under the pink
Tori Amos              From the choigirl hotel
Tori Amos              To venus and back
Tori Amos              Strange little girls
Tori Amos              Somewhere over the rainbow
Tori Amos              Silent all these years
T'Pau                  T'Pau
Transvision Vamp     Popart
Travis               The invisible band
U2                   Happy new year
U2                   Freedom of the spirits
U2                   Unplugged
U2                   Jesus was a cool guy
U2                   The joshua tree
U2                   Achtung baby
U2                   Zooropa
U2                   Pop
U2                   Best of
U2                   All that you can't leave behind
Urge Overkill        Saturation
Velocity Girl        Copacetic
Velocity Girl        Simpatico
Veruca Salt          American Thighs
Veruca Salt          Eight arms to hold you
Veruca Salt          Resolver
Veruca Salt          Willy wonka
Wallflowers, The     Bringing down the house
Wallflowers, The     Breach
Weezer               Weezer
Weezer               Pinkerton
Weezer               Weezer
Weezer               Maladroit
Wendy James          Now ain't the time for tears
XTC                  Nonsuch
Youn Fresh Fellows   Doc Sharpie is a bad man
Title                                    Type
12 Storeys                               Original Soundtrack
Anywhere but here                        Original Soundtrack
Austin Powers                            Original Soundtrack
Buffy the vampire slayer                 Original Soundtrack
If I were a carpenter                    Tribute
Craft, The                               Original Soundtrack
Chef Aid : Southpark                     Original Soundtrack
Clueless                                 Original Soundtrack
Condo painting                           Original Soundtrack
Dazed and confused                       Various
For the masses                           Tribute
Duran Duran tribute album                Tribute
DGC Rarities Vol 1                       Various
Fathers and sons                         Original Soundtrack
Fort Apache                              Various
Legacy a tribute to Fleetwood Mac's rumours
I am Sam                                 Original Soundtrack
I know what you did last summer          Original Soundtrack
Kerouac - Kiss joy darkness              Various
A life less ordinary                     Original Soundtrack
Lilith Fair Vol 1                        Various
Lilith Fair Vol 2                        Various
Lilith Fair Vol 3                        Various
Magnolia                                 Original Soundtrack
My so called life                        Original Soundtrack
No alternative                           Various
No boundaries                            Various
Rare on air Vol 1                        Various
Rare on air Vol 2                        Various
Rare on air Vol 3                        Various
Rare on air Vol 4                        Various
Reality bites                            Original Soundtrack
Return of the grevious angel             Tribute
Safe and sound                           Various
Saturday morning                         Various
Shanti project collection                Various
She Sings                                Various
Stealing beauty                          Original Soundtrack
Tank girl                                Original Soundtrack
Trainspotting                            Original Soundtrack
Twin town                                Original Soundtrack
Twister                                  Original Soundtrack
Volume 13                                Various
Wedding singer                           Original Soundtrack
What's up Matador                        Various
X-Files                                  Original Soundtrack
Testimonial dinner - The songs of XTC    Tribute

A very special Christmas 3               Various
A very special Christmas 5               Various
Cool Christmas                           Various
Just say Noel                            Various
You sleigh me                            Various
Christmas songs                          Various
Artiste                           Title
Aimee Mann                        Stupid thing
Beautiful South                   Don't marry her
Belly                             Gepetto
Belly                             Seal my fate - U.S. radio
Belly                             Seal my fate - live
Belly                             Moon
Belly                             Now they'll sleep
Blind Melon                       No rain
Bonnie Raitt                      I can't make you love me
Blues Traveller                   Runaround
Bon Jovi                          In these arms
Breeders, The                     Divine hammer
Chemical Brothers, The            It began in Afrika
Coldplay                          The blue room e.p.
Coors, The                        Rainy day
Def Leppard                       Have you ever needed someone so bad
Def Leppard                       Miss you in a heartbeat
Faith No More                     Songs to make love to
Gun                               Word up
Juliana Hatfield                  Forever baby
Juliana Hatfield                  I see you
Juliana Hatfield                  My sister
Juliana Hatfield                  For the birds e.p.
Juliana Hatfield                  Spin the bottle
Juliana Hatfield                  Universal heartbeat
Lemonheads, The                   Into your arms
Lemonheads, The                   It's all true
Live                              Lakini's juice
Liz Phair                         Juvenilia
Lovemongers, The                  Battle of evermore
Manic Street Preachers            From despair to nowhere
Manic Street Preachers            Theme from MASH
Mr Big                            Just take my heart
Neds Atomic Dustbin               So I married an axe murderer
Neds Atomic Dustbin               All I ask of myself is that I hold together
No Doubt                          Spiderwebs
Oasis                             D'you know what I mean
Paula Cole                        Where have all the cowboys gone
Rancid                            Timebomb
Red Hot Chili Peppers             Give it away
Rembrandts, The                   I'll be there for you
Sarah McLachlan                   Good enough
Scarlet                           Independent love song
Shamen                            Eberneezer Goode
Sheryl Crow                       Strong enough
Shane McGowan & Sinead O'Connor   Haunted
Space                             The ballad of Tom Jones
Sleeper                           Statuesque
Stiltskin                         Inside
Suede                             Beautiful ones
Tanya Donelly                     Sliding and diving
Tanya Donelly                     Pretty deep
Tanya Donelly                     The bright light disc one
Tanya Donelly                     The bright light disc two
Teenage Fanclub                   Mellow doubt
Tori Amos                         Spark
Tori Amos                       Crucify
Tripping Daisy                  I got a girl
Veruca Salt                     Blow it out your ass
Voice of the Beehive            Man in the moon
Voice of the Beehive            Radio 1 session
Vonda Shepard & Emily Sailers   Baby don't you break my heart slow
Wedding Present, The            10.11.12
Weezer                          El Scorcho
Weezer                          The good life
Wendy James                     The nameless one

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