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									Customs Around the World

Traveling to another country can be an unforgettable
experience: first of all, because you can learn many
cultural aspects of the country you are visiting.
Second, because if you don’t make a good plan of
your visit, it could become a nightmare. In this web
quest we are going to recreate a travel to a foreign
country and the most important cultural aspects to
keep in mind while traveling abroad.

You and two of your partners are traveling to a foreign
country for vacation. For this reason, you need to plan
your trip very carefully. You will find out about ways to
greet people or things you need to do or avoid when
addressing people, places to visit, and food. At the
end of the activity, you will have to create a power
point presentation to show the different aspects you
found out about your trip.

In order to carry out this activity you will form groups
of three people. Below you will find in detail what the
function of each person is. At the end of the activity,
the group will get together and share the information.
Finally, you will create a short presentation in order to
show your partners the results of your research.
                     Traveler 1
You will look for information regarding the ways to greet or
address people: how to say hello and good bye; how to greet
somebody for the first time, how to address the person (name,
last name), what things you should do or avoid when interacting
with people. For this purpose, you will have to visit these web
sites. Keep in mind the following aspects.
Here you have some links you will use to carry out this activity
                     Traveler 2
In order to help your partners with the planning of your trip, you
will find about the places to go sightseeing. When are they
open? How much does it cost to visit them? Any special
recommendations? Also make sure you know how to get there.
Here you have some links you will use to carry out this activity.
                       Traveler 3
Your job will be to look for the typical food of this country. What do
they eat regularly? Also, Find out which are the restaurants you could
visit. Remember to take care of your budget. Also take into account
the customs about tipping in restaurants.
Here you have some links you will use to carry out this activity.

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